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  1. M-Division

    E28 Lighting and Body Panels

    No, not ordered any panels yet, other stuff has gotten in the way, but I did refurb 6 sets of headlamps! I'll post something up when I get around to ordering. Cheers
  2. M-Division

    E28 M535i brake upgrade. Anyone done this before?

    It's not a genuine M5 so I can get away with running whatever is the best, most available stuff I guess. I'm just thinking when it comes to replacement discs and pads, the new stuff should be more plentiful and cheaper maybe? Are Bigg Red still the leaders in refurb?
  3. M-Division

    E28 M535i brake upgrade. Anyone done this before?

    I've read through the various e28 brake upgrade threads but are they still vaild? The reason I ask is because I have dilemma. I have a full set of e24 M635 front and rear brakes, which are in need of a refurb. My question is, should I refurbish these and fit them, or sell them and get newer, more readily available kit. I'll be running the S38/M88 engine from the donor but the car will not be near a track.
  4. M-Division

    E28 Lighting and Body Panels

    Thanks for the replies gents, I'll be ordering soon and will feedback on the quality etc.
  5. M-Division

    E28 Lighting and Body Panels

    Hi all, not much progress on my e28 build over the last year but I have started building a list of parts that I need to start ticking off. I have priced these up at my local dealer but wanted to reach out on the forum to check where the best sources are for these parts in 2018. The dealer prices are pretty high as I imagined. almost £100 each per indicator and fog lamp. Wings came in at £167 each, Front valance £210 and Upper front panel £241 and that's all with a 10% discount. Fog lamps and indicators (both Sides) Both front wings Front valance Front upper panel (the one the grille attaches to) Any guidance on this would be much appreciated. Cheers.
  6. M-Division

    What's your dream e28

    Schwartz black, M88, M5 box + LSD, M5 or E34 brakes, coilovers and style 5's....oh and e24 M635 recaro buckets. That's my dream, I have all the ingredients bar the coilovers and hopefully my dream will become reality in 2018! Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  7. M-Division

    Outer Sills needed!

    Classic Bmw shop was around €300 for a set if I remember correctly
  8. M-Division

    e28 M88

    Thanks for the tips ///M5 a few more parts made up and welded in place yesterday. A section for the front and rear of the N/S sill and the beam mounting area.
  9. M-Division

    E28 530d project

    Nice project....imagine that for a commuting wagon...mmmmmm. Check out Ivo Christov's website...he had a couple of left hookers for sale with the same conversion....he might have some pointers for you. http://www.e28.nl
  10. M-Division

    Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Gutted for you Rick. Hopefully a temporary blip but any delay at this stage is a setback. It's a pity my garage is not twice the size....we could have had them side by side!
  11. M-Division

    e28 M88

    It's a Clarke Turbo MIG 135 TE
  12. M-Division

    e28 M88

    I managed to get the new outer sill fettled and tacked into place on Sunday and tonight it's 80% welded in place. In the end I decided to weld along the length of the upper seams and on the inner edge of the inner sill where it meets the new outer sill as my test spot welds split apart pretty easily with a hammer and screwdriver so did not have confidence in them. I managed to get some really nice welds along the top seams probably helped by the nice position and being able to rest my guide hand while moving along. The ones underneath however are not pretty and a real pain in the ar$e to do lying underneath the car.
  13. M-Division

    e28 m535i & E24 635i instrument clusters...

    I'm sure I checked if my M635i clocks from the donor e24 fitted the e28...and they are same as the e28 m5 on realoem
  14. M-Division

    What's this?

    anyone know what these 2 resistor thingys are for? located just below the fuse box on N/S inner wheel well. I'd like to remove if possible but need to know what their function is. Cheers.
  15. M-Division

    e28 M88

    I might be in a position to fit my new N/S outer sill next week so I just wanted to hear from anyone who had experience in doing this. The reason I ask is that I'm not sure what approach to take. Option 1 - punch out holes along the entire length of the top edge where it meets the inner sill (covered by the door seals) and the bottom edge all the way along under the car.....then 'blob' weld and grind back. or Option 2 - seam weld along the same areas. For the bottom part I would try to weld from under the car outwards so the outer skin remains neat and will not need grinding (or so much) Or I guess I could do a combination of both....Blob welds up top and seam at the bottom. The ends where it meets the existing sill sections will be continuous weld. Any advice appreciated! Cheers.