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  1. I have got one, the leather is worn though. PM me if you are interested.
  2. See you there Jimmy.
  3. Free rides are over Chris, only taking one of mine
  4. Well volunteered Mark, I am in with possibly two others. EDIT : BTW the date is Sunday 13th August https://britishmotormuseum.co.uk/events/the-national-bmw-festival
  5. That's where mine came from, good luck
  6. Not under the forum Banner, something oxo's mate has organised.
  7. Yes, me, oxo, splondike, Trenchy24 and a few others are on a mate of oxo's stand.
  8. Well done to Mick, it was a great turn out, as said a little chilly though
  9. I did exactly that, but then bought a set of lights complete from Greece, the silicone mould idea woulh been ok, you have nothing to loose by trying, put a smear if grease in the recess 1st to stop it sticking to the light though
  10. HI Joss, I had this issue when I was putting mine together, I had toyed with the idea of making one, the idea was to use the light holder. where it seats against the body as a mould and form it was black silicone and let it set?
  11. Oh no perhaps we should abandon the whole event, gonna lose loads of sleep about some sole less 5 series not being there
  12. I would like to go possibly
  13. Mick thanks for the detailed instructions, we will aim to be with you by 9.30am and offer any assistance required. Jam172 Trenchy24 Splondike Jut535i
  14. LOL, it is an e12, looks be some Splondike add ons there, just the more tasteful ones mind