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  1. Hey guys I'm fairly certain this needs to be replaced in order to allow a forced regeneration - have customer's car in, bad glow relay led to blocked dpf so have replaced that but there is also a code for the fuel pre heater. I cant clear it so just like the glow relay error it cancels the force regen. Question is can it be bypassed with an inline resistor? would that make the ECU think it's intact? Assuming it's just a broken heater element inside... Secondly, does this error really prevent the force regeneration sequence? I just need to be as sure as I can be because it's a BMW only part. I'm having to be careful here because customer is moving abroad, money is tight and, well frankly I cant say for sure weather changing this part will then let the regen happen. I know you should have no codes for a force regen but I suppose if it still doesnt work after this, he will require a new DPF.
  2. Well that went well!! Sorted it now thanks guys all the same.
  3. Hey guys Is there anyone out there with F10, F20 or F30 that would be willing to let me come and read some live data so I can compare with a car I have in at Autoslave? I'd come to you. Preferably a car without EDC and ideally an F30 3 series from 2013 but really anything around that year with an ICM. Could be useful if you have lights on the dash or require codes reading ! get in touch!! 07833 990 638
  4. Hey guys can anybody help with this one - Have an F30 in (non EDC) which I'm chasing an occasional RPA failure Driving stabilisation fault. So far I've found the alternator overcharging which has been fixed (inc new battery, registered) But still very randomly it will throw the same error: RPA failure Driving Stabilisation. Looking into live data for the IMS reveals a possible lead - readings for Yaw, lateral and longitudinal acceleration are not stable at a standstill, they're all dancing around. For example longitudinal acceleration fluctuating from 0.18 - 0.46 m/s all while stationary. I'm guessing it's the same sensor within the IMS that does all those measurements? The question is firstly does this seem like a likely problem secondly would coding be able to settle these parameters? I have already tried a IMS reset (procedure you do if IMS is un mounted for repairs or replacement) The customer has been elsewhere and was very much ripped off for a replacement IMS (£2000) but the worst part - save from the fault not fixed, is to me the IMS looks secondhand to me! One other point to mention is live data for the electric power steering, one parameter (steering angle) is also fluctuating a little, personally I think the IMS may be influencing this since steering angle is calculated from information received by the IMS.
  5. dog man

    F30 320d RPA failure and drive stabilisation

    Think I've located the fault, she's massively overcharging!
  6. Hey guys haven't been on in a while hope all's well! Got an 62k F30 in with a bit of a tricky error - RPA and drive stabilisation errors but switching off and on again seems to clear it. It has been to another garage who charged nearly £2000 and didn't fix it - they say the ICM was dead. Looks to me like a second hand one has been fitted but thats another story! There are so many codes it's as if one silly fault is triggering them. They can all be cleared, nothing stays. Most live data looks ok, ABS pump in particular looks ok. Only thing that caught my eye was 15.2 v when running.....bit on the high side so possible voltage reg maybe? Spotted a post with similar issues that ended up being a dodgy door handle heater and was blowing the ABS fuse - checked that today, fuses all ok. Have the car at home so going to try some more testing tommor. I had the car in before and noticed a fluctuation in the brake pressure sensor reading (built into the ABS pump on these) but this time around it's solid as a rock. Any thoughts would be appreciated!
  7. dog man

    1997 Glacier Green 528i Touring £500 PICS

    Near Harpenden, St Albans
  8. dog man

    1997 Glacier Green 528i Touring £500 PICS

    Sorry ! For forum.5 members - £1000
  9. dog man

    1997 Glacier Green 528i Touring £500 PICS

    Hey guys the car is still available I haven't re advertised s I decided to sort all the issues out. She now runs great, I have been through the timing whilst fitting new vanos seals, headlamps have been buffed and a general tidy up, she looks really well. I will get some pics up. Anyone interested/offers I'm all ears!
  10. dog man

    1997 Glacier Green 528i Touring £500 PICS

    So externally it's very clean save for a small dent on the edge of the roof where years ago the son's basketball net/stand thingy fell on it. Also the boot springs don't hold the tailgate so theres a majestic stick! It's just had a new battery literally a week or so ago. Really needs TLC, no shudders, wobbles or anything like that but would respond well to a good clean, the paintwork is all original. Headlamps have gone the way they all do as you can see, that type of thing. I spotted the oil leak today and it is the cam cover gasket. It's got a few technical issues namely the pass seat occupancy sensor throwing the airbag light and it requires a cam sensor so it's a bit sluggish until you get the revs up. It also requires pads as the wear indicator is on. Also a service, again inspection lights on. MOT 'til Sept 2017 and it has the rather rare built in rear booster seats (like some Volvo's etc) Call me anytime on 07833 990 638
  11. Hey guys no pics but just for now, I've got a car previously owned by a good friend from the radio stn days and an ex bbc guy not to mention author! lol, anyway well looked after car with substantial history file. He owned her for 14years (with invoice for purchase etc) I think it was around £14,000. Then for the last year owned by my best man as his run around now a little tired but actually still rust free and externally pretty much perfect. Interior is fine also. Glacier Green, 166k plenty of power good gearbox etc. Nice dark green interior with really dark green leather. Roulette style alloys with winter tyres rear and I believe 'normal' fronts. Just needs TLC has bit of an oil leak as is evident after a drive (smell) but it's not cam cover as he had this done. Possibly of interest to someone as is, else I'm going to 'restore' it and market it later this month in a higher price bracket with everything taken care of. Useless without pics I know, will get them tommorrow! Pics!
  12. dog man

    2001 E39 M5

    Looks great ! GLWTS
  13. dog man

    E39 530d SE MANUAL 2000 Glacier Green £1995 SOLD

    Also waxoyle applied in the past and removing the undertray reveals a spotless bottom end! New Lemforder brake reaction bushings too.