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    1987 E28 M50 Converted, 1982 E28 525i, 1995 E34 525 TDS Touring, 2000 E39 M5

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  1. Gents I am having a clear out, stuck lots of stuff on Ebay, E34 genuine roof bars, genuine Alpina E34 Front splitter, E34/E32 electric sport interior in black, E34 side skirts, plus lots of other bits, here is a link to the interior just click on my other items for sale https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332808487496 might be of interest to some of you. Thanks Leon
  2. Funny enough I asked Old Colonial Cars about my E38 with 66,000, he said he would retail it for £6995. I thought I know its low mileage but bloody hell! He does seem to move stuff though.
  3. Thanks Dan, I think I have priced it reasonably based on its condition and mileage. I was rather surprised at some of sheds out there for not a lot less!
  4. Hi Folks, Some of you may be interested in my BMW E38 740i that I have stuck on Ebay, only 66,000 from new, Alpine white with one previous owner from new. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/332598839666?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1558.l2649 It is advertised for £4250 but would be willing to accept an offer of £4000. Cheers Leon
  5. Leon-e28

    E28 Boot catch and lock assembly

    Gents, I am putting a e28 back on the road which has been in my barn for several years. I have the boot lock actuator but have lost the catch and boot lock assembly. Has anyone got them? I don't necessarily need one with a key as long as it is in the open position it should operate on the central locking, one with a key would however be a bonus. Thanks Leon
  6. Do not even think of buying these wheels http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/GENUINE-BMW-535D-19-SPYDER-ALLOY-WHEELS-5-SERIES-520-525-530-540-545i-SPIDER-/182489111049?hash=item2a7d32da09:g:H-gAAOSwXYtYtphX The chap is a complete fraudster, I agreed a price with him and travelled 125 miles from Hertfordshire to Dorset after paying him a £50 holding deposit. The wheels are absolutely shocking, he describes them as having light kerb marks, more like light grinding marks! The wheels are certainly no consistent with the photos. One of the fronts has a large flat spot on the inside. Furthermore they come off his absolutely totalled 535D which was being broken in the same yard. Stay well clear.
  7. Leon-e28

    E34 Trim

    Hi, Could you please quote me for an E34 door trim moulding part no 51131934178. Thanks Leon
  8. Leon-e28

    2003 E60 530D SE - £3150

    Hi Folks, Thought I would stick it on here before getting my time wasted on Ebay! 2003 530D SE Auto, 136,000 miles in good condition, does have age related marks and dings but still very presentable. Only 2 previous keepers, full service history. Mot'd today 04/10/2016 with no advisories. It is showing a fault with the oil level sensor, it is booked in Thursday (06/10/2016) to have this done and will be serviced at the same time as it involves draining the sump anyway. Two keys present, good tyres all round. Would make an ideal family car or daily if you have a "toy" in the garage. £3150 ono, car is in Stevenage, Herts. I will be sticking it on Ebay once the oil level sensor is done. Photos are here https://goo.gl/photos/ERXSp1yX7t15p6gX7 having trouble uploading them normally. Cheers Leon
  9. Leon-e28

    E39 M5 value's

    Well there is no denying they are on the way up, being lucky enough to own one I often have a look to see how they are doing. It appears even the rougher ones are now attracting 6-7k and a real late low mileage garage queen is now in the mid teens. Its hard to tell where they will end up but they do have the lower tax bracket on there side, they can still be worked on by owners and although sophisticated they are no where near as complex as the E60 and models thereafter. It will be interesting to watch, I do not intend on getting rid of mine! I personally would not be surprised that in 5 years a "project" E39 M5 may be at the 10K mark and the real nice low mileage examples will be well into 20k.
  10. Leon-e28

    2004 BMW 330D Sport Manual - Ac schnitzer wheels!

    Don't, it really is quite depressing! Everyday I get anywhere between 5 to 10 text messages that are in barely legible English asking me to email my "last price" to some random email address, lets have a think about that shall we!
  11. Leon-e28

    2004 BMW 330D Sport Manual - Ac schnitzer wheels!

    Cheers roofer, just getting Ali G and his mates at the moment unfortunately!
  12. Hi Folks, just stuck my E46 330D Sport on Ebay, maybe of interest to someone on here, has Ac Schnitzer type 1 monoblocks (the reason I bought it!) http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/331901913070? Cheers Leon
  13. Leon-e28

    2006 BMW 325i M SPORT

    Cheers, I would keep it but I just do t have the room. It seems to have attracted quite a bit of interest already so hopefully won't hang around.
  14. Leon-e28

    2006 BMW 325i M SPORT

    Hi Folks, Not quite a 5 series but still a nice car nevertheless! Thought I would stick it on here, may be of interest to someone. Here is the Ebay link http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/-/331838868269? Cheers Leon
  15. Leon-e28

    ive just won an e28 on ebay!

    Drove a E28 518i to Barcelona and back via the Alps 5 up and it was fantastic they are a cracking little engine.