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  1. Not me man.
  2. Blimey! Ten years ago!! Still got the 525e and found a new love for it after fitting some new wheels. Happy days
  3. From the album Rob's 525e

  4. From the album Rob's 525e

  5. From the album Rob's 525e

  6. Sorted Multipin connector S500 under the speaker by the accelerator pedal was partially undone. Reconnected and we're back!!
  7. Yeah, checked that. The windows work fine when the door's open. But ignition on, doors shut, they don't work.......
  8. Yeah I found the relay. I can hear it clicking when I push the door switch. I swapped it for a new one but didn't solve the problem.... I've never heard it called that before. Let's start a club for like minded people, CSEGMClub
  9. Because my 525e is so reliable and rarely goes wrong, I hardly ever feel the need to visit bmw5 . Any way now it's broke The electric windows don't work and I cannot adjust the mirrors. Having them pack up at the same time makes me think the fault is somehow connected. They share a fuse (No6) but that's ok I've had them working momentarily and also the windows work perfectly as long as a door is open (although at speed, this can be dangerous) Any ideas??
  10. Here's a youtube vid of my 525e from 5 years ago It's still the same now. I've given up trying to sort it
  11. I had this with my gearbox in 2006. I got a replacement clutch pack from Jpat in Bristol for £62. I found all the info online and repaired it myself. Was a bit daunting but I figured I'd give it a go and it's still running today.
  12. I was there in my 525e! I can't see these pics Is one of them mine??
  13. From the album Rob's 525e