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  1. Thanks for this very useful info!
  2. thanks ,does anyone have an info on how to change the glow plug control module as i cannot find much info on this on the internet?
  3. the car is 2010 F10 530d with the N57 engine I did a Carly diagnostic check and got the following fault code: DTC Code: 28CE00-Receive LIN-bus communication of the glow plug GSG i erased the code but it came back after a short drive could someone help with interpretation? I have no engine mil/cel lights on and the car drives well .
  4. the Carly Gen 2 adaptor for Android is on amazon for 43.
  5. the Carly generation 2 Wi-Fi adaptor for iPhone will cost you £57.30 from amazon delivered and the Carly lite app is free from the app store-this is a basic app which only allows one free diagnostic report is a taster to buy the buy the carly pro app. if you get the Carly pro app which can do coding from app store it will cost £44 so the total investment is around £100 if you want diagnostics and coding from Carly. I suppose if you use it one or twice it would pay for itself. ps-the vcds is a fantastic tool for vw,audi,skoda and seat.!
  6. I always do a yearly oil and filter change regardless of mileage covered but never reset the service indicator unless its flags up on i-drive. Also did the the same on my previous e39 530d as well for many years.
  7. update -I gave my indy garage 6.5 litres of Castrol edge 0w30 for an oil service and the oil level on i-drive now reads max but is half way between the min and max mark on the dipstick. so it appears the total oil capacity is indeed 7 litres and that is also what my indy said after looking on cardata .
  8. so I think it will be 6.5 litres.
  9. i see your car is an E61 2004 530 sport -would 7 litres be correct for the F10 model?
  10. The car is a F10 530d 2010 model. What is the engine oil capacity for this car as I am planning to do an oil service.? (the Castrol oil website says 6.5litres and the mobil one says 7litres)
  11. i always use the ctek mx5.0 charger on the jumpstart points in the engine bay on my f10 car. it is a great piece of kit which I bought off ebay
  12. that was good info. the old school light came on today and a warning on the dash/drive to drive at moderate speeds have booked in for rear pad change tomorrow.
  13. I got the Ctek MXS 5.0 some time ago. is great charger and bought it from ebay