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  1. I think his phone number is on his eBay adverts - a call is by far the best way to reach him.
  2. Lots of parts shared with the 996, and carry the premium to match. The Tip box is just a normal auto, and blunts the experience enough on a 3.2, let alone a 2.5 (I had a 3.2 Tip). They're just too risky a proposition now - lots of ways for them to go pop expensively.
  3. Unless you live in the centre of a large city, that's got the wrong gearbox. And I say that from experience.
  4. Air con on a 520i must be fairly rare, no?
  5. Is there a decent, off-the-shelf FBW conversion kit around now?
  6. I've got two cars on Classic policies: E28 M5 - Lancaster - £181pa E36 328i - Performance Direct - £197pa Both on the same terms, one worth 10x the other. Go figure.
  7. Can't he glue it back on?
  8. Malcolm, the OP in ::this thread:: did the e to I conversion. If you search his posts you might find some more info. FWIW, I'm with Duncan - save a load of hassle and start with a 528i.
  9. It was briefly available since it first went down "for maintenenance", at which point the list of parts available to order had reduced to about a third - all the nuts, bolts, washers, hose clips etc had disappeared, as had some whole groups - it didn't list any exhaust parts, for example. Hopefully they're fixing that.
  10. I emailed the Classic Shop with that exact question. Their answer is that they don't know!
  11. Christ on a bike, that's a low-rent interior.
  12. Go through the Store link at the top of the page to buy Gold Membership.
  13. It's a nicer car without tat. 2 and 5 if you need to tinker.
  14. Cheers, let me know.
  15. What year is your car, Mark?
  16. Not from that list, but do you have a pair of E36 saloon clear rears for check control?
  17. You'll need a full respray on that IMO, otherwise you'll have thirty shades of pink->red. Get the sill covers off and have a look underneath - I'd expect there's more under there than you might think. Forum member Sepia (Mark) works at Owlsbury Accident Repair, and can sort all this out for you.
  18. Nice work Jimmy. MOTd by Xmas, yeah?
  19. Phil Crouch at CPCPE.com. just bear in mind that he's hard to get by phone. Email or popping in (he's in Amersham) seem to be the best ways to contact.
  20. They're good tow cars. My old 530d did around 20k dragging a car on a trailer, didn't complain at all.
  21. Has the old e36coupe / bmwowner.com forum died? Not been there in a LONG time, but noticed it's not there any more...
  22. I've got a facelift SE version of that, and it's brilliant. Good choice, Sir.
  23. From the album dan101smith

  24. Pretty sure that whatever the check control fault is, pressing the button on the overhead panel should turn it from flashing to solidly lit. Are there any lights illuminated on the overhead panel?