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  1. You did, just a couple of posts up. It's in the post where you explain to everyone that your brother commits it, and how.
  2. So this is normal braking: When the function is selected, the vehicle is hydraulically braked from the first application of the brake by the DSC until it comes to a complete halt. And this is auto-hold: At engine standstill, the parking brake assumes the holding function. So auto-hold is the handbrake applying, from what you've posted.
  3. That's not a part of the world I'd be buying a car from.
  4. They're half worn. Not sure I see the issue here?
  5. Is that garden hose on your PAS pipe?!
  6. Supras won't fall now they can be imported into the US.
  7. I can't quite tell what age/budget you're looking at, but given pretty much the same choice I went with an E Class, and would have no hesitation in getting another.
  8. It won't help with broken links, but you can download all your images from Photobucket in one hit if you want to move them elsewhere.
  9. Get someone to inspect it for you. I don't think it looks to be in great condition in the photos.
  10. Deal.
  11. How many shekels?
  12. Where's the reset tool?
  13. OE uses a similar, but extra motor that's just behind the slatted grille under the stereo. Not a nightmare to get at.
  14. Forgive my ignorance, but does it do electric-only and if so what's the range?
  15. They're either not great photos or it's much more tired than it should be for £5k.
  16. Will they have gone by Sunday, Mick?
  17. Thule roof rack, Thule faring, Thule roof box. Mine is for practical reasons rather than cosmetic, though.
  18. 800 miles to get my new Dust Wrap fitted. Think it looks pretty authentic myself. Other than that, 4 tanks of super unleaded, one broken A/C compressor and nice to drive it again.
  19. Yeah, that'll be the alternator.
  20. I've got a spare ACO T18 grandstand ticket available. The ACO grandstand is the only one with a bar, decent toilets, showers etc. Normally only available to ACO members. Located directly opposite the pits, so you have a fantastic view of the start and finish. £105 posted.
  21. It sold on eBay in the end. (Typed as I sit in the ACO grandstand :D)
  22. Jesus, who stitched you up with those?!
  23. Sorry, you're doing it wrong. send them a recorded delivery letter outlining the faults with the car. you have to give them the opportunity to resolve them. if they fail to do that then you can reject the car for a refund. You can't shortcut the process, and recording the calls was always going to be a bad idea.
  24. Could one of you kind chaps who has cruise control please post up some photos of the various parts of the system and where, under the bonnet, they live? Much obliged!
  25. Thanks guys. I'm still yet to find any evidence of cruise fitted to a RHD M5. The issue is the routing of the cable to the lever that controls the throttle butterflies - unlike other models, it routes on from the driver's side.