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  1. No, it doesn't have to be the V6 diesel. If you "need" that much torque on a motorway then you should think about your driving.
  2. I'll say it again - an E220 CDi is everything you need here.
  3. I can't be bothered to check (I know), but don't you just bolt the original CW&P to the Quaife ATB insert?
  4. It's got a 4WD system to prevent wheel slip. Adding in a LSD seems odd, frankly, given it's permanent 4WD. The centre diff would go pop in days if the diffs were running different ratios. They don't hold up well to different tread depths, let alone a permanent change like that.
  5. Quaife ATBs drive differently to a conventional plate LSD. I'm not a fan personally, and particularly not with that price tag.
  6. I'm pretty sure that E39 calipers don't sit correctly on an E28.
  7. How does that work? Surely you need two on an X5?
  8. E220 CDI. Save the rest for something fun.
  9. Yes, as long as the lower weight rating is sufficient for the application.
  10. Which is also a shitbox. Regretfully, I've spent too much time in both.
  11. But is a shitbox.
  12. For sale by someone else though IIRC. Recognise the plate. Those pics put me off a bit - at least use a flash!
  13. Brand new VAC oil filter adaptor plate, still sealed. It's one of ::these:: and is yours for £100 posted. It cost a fair chunk more once I'd had it shipped to the UK and paid customs! Allows you to run a remote oil filter for easy servicing and braided lines. I accidentally bought two, and I've only got a use for one!
  14. The M10 was the basis for the old F1 engines. I reckon there's some options there
  15. I'm yet to see evidence that it can. It's not that big a deal, just a nice-to-have.
  16. Just finished would be nice. I'm happy with the M5 as it is, although cruise control would be a nice addition.
  17. It would have to be the correct spec for the car. Context: Porsche mandate the fitment of 'N' spec tyres to fulfil your warranty obligations. If the dealer sold you a policy that replaced tyres with non-conforming spec ones, they'd be in a right old pickle.
  18. No, they view a tyre as a tyre. You can't claim for new ones just through wear, it's only to replace non-repairable damaged tyres, and the policy will limit the number you can claim per year (in my case two).
  19. Fancy one to do yourself? I've got a sub-100k mile Eta that could be immaculate for less than your budget all-in. Factory heated seats too
  20. I bought tyre insurance. The policy allowed for two tyres per year from memory, and the salesman's advice was that each year "accidentally" get a couple of nails stuck in a non-repairable part of a pair of tyres. Needless to say, I completely forgot all about it and have never claimed.
  21. Not without spacers, no.
  22. Get in touch with Tims, he'll have something
  23. I am sorted, thanks. In fact, I ended up buying a couple of individual wheels of eBay before a set of 5 came up, so if anyone wants one with a tyre and one without...
  24. Long shot perhaps, but I'm looking for a set of 16x7 et46 Style 25 alloys for an E36. Don't need tyres, and cosmetic condition doesn't matter particularly, as long as they're straight and true. Anyone?