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  1. dan101smith

    3night break suggestions please

    Ljubljana. Stunning city, great food and drink, lots of great places to visit within a short drive (lake Bled, for example).
  2. dan101smith

    E34 M5 6 speed gearbox

    Anyone got a decent 6 speed gearbox for sale?
  3. dan101smith

    Old bird looking for help to trace a part

    Glad to hear you're sorted!
  4. dan101smith

    Old bird looking for help to trace a part

    Give Tim a call on 07770 303005. He's a long standing member on here and breaks BMWs - he'll have what you need.
  5. dan101smith

    M2 Competition - likelihood of classic status?

    Not unless they’re restricting production numbers.
  6. dan101smith

    Sun Roof - Refund Post - It Has Gone.....

    We’re not wasting another thread on this.
  7. dan101smith

    Wrong size rear wheels !!

    Check in the boot to see if you've got your spare wheel fitted. There might be a 9" alloy sitting in your spare wheel well. The wider rear tyres will give you more traction but make the car understeer more. I had staggered 66s on my old Touring but ran 235 tyres front and rear, and it drove better for it. And hopefully this nonsense of referring to wheel widths as "xJ" will pass soon.
  8. dan101smith

    Touring airbags and SLS

  9. dan101smith

    Touring airbags and SLS

    As said, SE and Sport airbags are different lengths. Does it ping a fault code? There's a compressor rebuild kit available, which includes a new piston ring. I did that on my silver 530d and it made quite a difference! Don't think that would be your issue, but worth doing as maintenance.
  10. dan101smith

    Mobile broadband temp set up

    Get a Three Mifi device on a short term contract instead. If you get 4G in your area then it'll probably be faster than your wired broadband anyway.
  11. dan101smith

    Digital clock bulb replacement

    Yes, the binnacle. It's really easy to take out - two screws at the top edge, pull the steering column all the way out then wiggle it out.
  12. dan101smith

    Aftermarket Facia Problems. Sat/Nav to single DIN

    You just need the cage from a non-sat nav car, then it will fit. Sat nav cars cars need longer cables as well to account for the amp in the boot.
  13. dan101smith

    Buying part worn tyres

    I've got some lightly used tyres that have come off my car that I don't have a use for. What's wrong with someone else buying and using them?
  14. dan101smith

    Scrapyard white pen marks

    Clay bar should take it off, too.
  15. dan101smith

    Donington Park 'viewer experience'

    Great circuit to drive, as well. If the grandstand isn't megabucks then I'd say go for it, as that doesn't stop you also taking a wander round the track to other viewing points too.
  16. dan101smith

    In a Porker this summer

    I've just noticed yours is a Gen1 - most of the problems I've had wouldn't affect a Gen1, it's been Gen2 specific stuff. Either way, I'm sure there are good cars and bad cars. But I've been left unimpressed by the 997.2, and (to be completely honest) the 991.1 that has replaced it.
  17. dan101smith

    In a Porker this summer

    How many miles have you put on the 911, if it's on 60k now?
  18. dan101smith

    In a Porker this summer

    Its not the engine that’ll need the warranty - this is from experience of running one for the last 7 years.
  19. dan101smith

    Anyone know this one? B61PLE

    ...along with the missing kidney bowl trim, the washer bottle that's not attached to the rusty inner-wing mount point and the missing headlight rear panels. Looks like a car that's probably nothing particularly special but has been valeted to within an inch of its life.
  20. dan101smith

    Coming Soon for E39 owners

    Do the buttons actually work, or just light up?
  21. dan101smith

    In a Porker this summer

    Best of luck - make sure you have a good warranty!
  22. dan101smith

    Do many of you run 80s / 90s cars as regular drivers?

    I don't drive anything daily, but I'd have no qualms about using my E36 as a daily. Old enough to be interesting, modern enough to be well equipped, simple enough to fix most things with a hammer.
  23. dan101smith

    Knocking and vibration

    Take it to a garage, ask them to put it on the ramp and check both the engine AND gearbox mounts.
  24. dan101smith

    Knocking and vibration

    Have you checked engine and gearbox mounts?
  25. Two available, both fully working and reset to factory defaults. Comes unboxed with rack ears. Full specs available ::here:: These are £250+ each new. £75 each, plus shipping if needed.