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  1. Parrot mki9100 - front speakers only

    I just had a look online for a manual, and it doesn't mention anything so perhaps I'm not remembering correctly. The manual is here if it helps: https://www.google.co.uk/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&ved=0ahUKEwimxfKa683XAhXrK8AKHeBxAbwQFggwMAI&url=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.5starcaralarms.co.nz%2Fmanuals%2Fmki9100.pdf&usg=AOvVaw1oc5sgPZ4ISPzmFE_XfxkQ
  2. Parrot mki9100 - front speakers only

    Sorry, I wasn't specific - it will use the only the front speakers for calls, but I'm fairly sure there's a setting in there to use all speakers for music.
  3. Parrot mki9100 - front speakers only

    There's a setting on the Parrot that tells it whether to use fronts only or all speakers.
  4. Electrical Woes !!

    Ignition switch is usually the culprit for random electrical faults.
  5. Finding VIN numbers online

    Great - post a link!
  6. Updated sat nav disc?

    Yes, it's absolutely possible to get updated disks - BMW release a new version every year. You can go to your local dealer's parts desk, or contact Cotswold on here.
  7. Your Thoughts On ECU Map Repository

    If these were your own proprietary maps then fine, but they’re not - you’re giving away someone else’s IP without their permission.
  8. 1795AD41-2BB5-48C4-AAC2-9795F875B509.jpeg

    From the album dan101smith

  9. dan101smith

  10. E28 rear window motors.

    Got a pair.
  11. Staying in France

    Promise me that you really did go all the way to France and drank Heineken.
  12. Guildo/doughnut

    I reckon you’ve got it installed out of alignment.
  13. M535i headliner finally fitted

    If that's a genuine BMW headliner then that's like unicorn poop - they're NLA now.
  14. Fan blades

    Red blades, black blades. Both the same part number. Which belongs with what?
  15. Child locks

    Chaps, How do you turn off the child locks for the rear doors? Not the windows, they're fine, just the ones that stop you opening the door from the inside. Ta
  16. Custom cooling system

    Need some thoughts here please from those who know more about different BMW cooling systems than I do. My car is running an M88. The thermostat housing has the take-off that goes back to the expansion tank, which in turn has a vent hose that runs to the front arch. So, the system is self-bleeding. I'd like to swap to a radiator with an integrated expansion tank (I need the space back). What could I use from another model that would work? I'd thought about an M52 radiator, but then what do I do with the vent from the thermostat housing - does the M52 rad have an input for it? Thoughts and suggestions appreciated.
  17. F40

    I was in Monaco a bit earlier (just before the Formula E) and saw the same car going round - looked like he had his young lad in the passenger seat. What a way to grow up!
  18. F40

    F50 does nothing for me, but an F40.....phwoar. I'll take a manual 550 in a dark colour thanks. Maybe like the one I talked myself out of buying a few years ago for £27k, convinced that it was never going to appreciate :'(
  19. WTD: E36 323i or 328i in any body shape !!

    It's not manual or cheap though. It's Mora, auto and >£2k.
  20. All discerning car buyers go for a silver 986 Boxster One tip - at this time of year, make it a weekly job to put your hand in the front bumper and clear the leaves, squirrels and badgers out from the rads. That'll save you replacing them in the summer.
  21. Hartys Gone

    Heart goes out to you, Mick
  22. Rear apron

    From memory, something around £300 I think for the part.
  23. Rear apron

    It’s still an option - you can buy the tail panel from BMW still, and get a bodyshop to replace.
  24. Rear apron

    Then if the back of your car looks like this, it's a welded part:
  25. Rear apron

    Do you have chrome bumpers?