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  1. Knocking and vibration

    Take it to a garage, ask them to put it on the ramp and check both the engine AND gearbox mounts.
  2. Knocking and vibration

    Have you checked engine and gearbox mounts?
  3. Two available, both fully working and reset to factory defaults. Comes unboxed with rack ears. Full specs available ::here:: These are £250+ each new. £75 each, plus shipping if needed.
  4. M535I Project

    Looking good!
  5. Been dismissed at Work

    Well done chap, sounded like you needed a bit of good news.
  6. M5 Touring F11. I want one !

    You worry too much what other people think, Jay. I'd like this one more if it didn't have those awful alloys.
  7. Project bites off more than can chew

    I can offer my usual zero insight, but I was wondering the other day how you were getting on with this.
  8. E28 M535i brake upgrade. Anyone done this before?

    Bigg Red did mine and did a great job. Parts availability is fine - stick a set of DS2500 on the front (they’re the same fitment pads as a Sierra Cosworth) and you’re sorted.
  9. Using a TV as second monitor - resolution

    TVs are rubbish as monitors.
  10. E28 M535i brake upgrade. Anyone done this before?

    The M635 brakes will be fine if you want to use them. As you already have them, just get them refurbished and chuck them on - they’ll do the job just fine on a road car.
  11. E39 -> W212 Merc. The E39 was slower, more thirsty, noisier, had a worse ride, spent more time needing maintenance and repairs, rustier, had worse tech, was less safe and had less load space. It definitely had a charm, and I enjoyed the 30k miles I did in it over the couple of years or so I had it, but would I go back? No chance. The Merc beats it in every way.
  12. M10/M30 are the ones, apparently.
  13. E28 527i / very special car

    Lovely looking thing - GLWTS. Mind me asking where you sourced the heated seat components from? I’m assuming from the switches that they’re not OEM BMW.
  14. You’ll need a custom prop on that.
  15. E39 M5 market

    Just read your ad. Three things would put me off as a potential buyer: 1. The rust 2. The mileage 3. The handbrake handle - when little details have been skipped, it makes people wonder what else has been missed.
  16. E39 M5 market

    Any reason why you couldn't spend the money to get the rust sorted? I'm sure yours isn't the only M5 for sale, so any reason for someone to go elsewhere will do you no favours.
  17. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Now there's a set of words that still bring me out in a cold sweat.
  18. V8 Tapping Noise

    That's the start of your engine dying. Change the tensioner - if that doesn't get rid of it, then you're looking at guides too.
  19. E28 ABS struts

    Stripped, powder coated and wonderful. Zero rust. £450 collected from Herts, or posted at cost.
  20. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Everything you've described with the separates is basically what you have in the Dock Air. I'd suggest the devil is in the detail.
  21. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Waste of time for the use case.
  22. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Sell it all and buy a Sonos.
  23. E28 M5 025 AFM

    Tested, known-good 025 AFM for an E28 M5. You'll struggle to find another! £450 collected from Herts, or posted at cost.
  24. E28 non-ABS struts

    Pair of non-ABS struts. Stripped, powder coated and lovely. Zero rust. £450 collected from Herts, or posted at cost.