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  1. dan101smith

    E28 front bumper

    I posted one for sale the other day...
  2. dan101smith

    Help with "Alpina" B10 cam install requested

    Sounds very similar to issues I had with an M88 - wouldn’t idle, but would sit at 4K rpm all day. That turned out to be one of the sensors in the bell housing IIRC.
  3. dan101smith

    E28 wings and front bumper

    One original Zinnober wing, one Schwartz pattern wing (never fitted). £20 each collected from Berkhamsted. Front chrome bumper. Centre is toast, corners are usable. £100 collected. No postage on these.
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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

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    From the album: dan101smith

  14. dan101smith

    Gear Lever

    Not much really - I think someone did a write-up on here.
  15. dan101smith

    Brake calipers and carriers

    About £200 from memory for the full set with carriers.
  16. dan101smith

    Gear Lever

    Yep, got the Z3 shifter on my race car
  17. dan101smith

    Brake calipers and carriers

    I had my brakes refurbished by Bigg Red, and went for their yellow passivate option - very similar to factory.
  18. dan101smith


    Owlsbury Accident Repair in Crowborough. There's a (now not very active) member who works there who knows E28s inside-out.
  19. dan101smith

    A few pics of my other cars

    Thierry and Mick-Annex, wasn't it?
  20. dan101smith

    PDR & detailer herts/ beds border

    Auto Curators or Detail My Car - neither hugely local but both very good.
  21. dan101smith

    Build 2

    Andy (Sir Anthony Regents-Park) was breaking an A/C car, wasn't he?
  22. dan101smith

    Aerosus nightmare !!

    That’s a shame - I had some really good parts off them 3ish years ago.
  23. dan101smith

    I can’t wait for it to rain....

    Either San Miguel is on 2-4-1 or they’re not your drinks.
  24. dan101smith

    Help with "Alpina" B10 cam install requested

    You bought the cam from Fritz Bitz, I assume?