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  1. E36 328i Auto Saloon

    '97 328i auto saloon in Mora Metallic with an individual leather interior, piped purple, and heated front seats (working). Car has covered 126k miles. MOT runs to 29 August 2018 - last one passed with no advisories. I bought this car in Dec '16 and it has had very occasional use since then, but lots of time and money spent improving it: - front to rear brake pipes replaced - trailing arm brake pipes replaced - rear flexi hoses replaced - front ABS sensor replaced - waterpump, thermostat and seals replaced - tensioner and belt replaced - spark plugs replaced - oil service - new ignition barrel (OEM) - bootlid wiring repaired All of the above work was carried out by Phil Crouch @ CPC. In addition, I have replaced the following: - Bilstein B4 front and rear shocks - all top mounts, bump stops, rubbers etc replaced - Purple tag rack fitted along with the proper E46 inner rods, E36 outers (new) - 4 wheel alignment - new number plates - new key from BMW - floor mats (eBay) - new battery - front bumper resprayed to remove stone chips Other: - Kenwood Bluetooth head unit I bought a set of the 16" diamond-cut alloys it left the factory with, and these are fitted with a matching set of Toys T1-Rs with plenty of tread left. It is currently sitting on a set of 15" winter wheels with winter tyres - these will be included by negotiation. The brakes had been replaced shortly before I bought the car, so they have ample life left too. Being an E36, it does have a few niggles: - I replaced the broken tail light with one that isn't for a check control car, so it flags an error - the driver's window seal is torn - replacement included - the wood centre console trim isn't great - replacement included - headlight washers leak (like they all do) - boot doesn't operate central locking - suspect a wire has been pinched again - windscreen trim is peeling at the edges - bodywork is that of a 20 year old car - a little bit of bubbling starting on one rear arch, plenty of scratches So, all things that just need a bit of time to resolve - something I'm short of, sadly! I've enjoyed this car immensely, and with the maintenance work and upgrades carried out it will suit someone who wants something they can use from Day 1, and with some time invested improve further. It definitely deserves to continue to be well looked after. £2495 Located in Berkhamsted, Herts.
  2. 1000 amps battery is an overkill?

    Should be 13.something while it's running
  3. E39 sport front bumper

    Wasn't Duncan-uk selling one?
  4. E36 328i Auto Saloon

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  12. E28 Central Locking - help needed!!

    Fix the stiff lock first, see if that helps the actuator.
  13. There are level sensors on the rear, no? I'd check they're not bent/broken - perhaps it won't fire because it thinks it's at the correct height already?
  14. AncestryDNA - has anyone tried it?

    I've tried it on my dog, if that's any use? I strongly doubt she's related to your wife though!
  15. An electric BMW with a difference

    That was their starting point for pretty much anything, but was asking in relation to an E28, yes.
  16. An electric BMW with a difference

    I've been in touch with that company. Their conversions start at £40k...
  17. 525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    This sounds familiar - I think someone else had a similar issue, although I'm buggered if I can remember who yet. Duncan's "Motronic No-Start Guide" is pretty comprehensive, and would be useful for you to work through 1) to try to isolate the cause and 2) to get much more familiar with your car - it's pinned to the top of the E28 section.
  18. 525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    No, I'm not convinced either. But that's the injector that fires when the coolant temp sensor says it needs to enrich the mixture. To understand better, is the case that the car will never start unless it is jump started, in which case it then always starts first time? If so, as Duncan says a bad connection somewhere or the battery you have isn't rated to a high enough CCA level.
  19. 525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    I'm not as familiar with the M20 as the M88, but isn't #9 the cold start injector? http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=4242-EUR-12-1985-E28-BMW-525e&diagId=13_1076
  20. Advice on an a Alpina please

    It's a recession-white four-banger with dated wheels and stripes. You can do better.
  21. 525e cold start valve help & battery mystery

    Have you got the right rating battery for the car?
  22. Advice on an a Alpina please

    You had a lucky escape there.
  23. BMWs in Modern Classics mag

    I’m saving reading this to the weekend... ...but..... look at those bloody number plates! Gives us all a bad name!
  24. Steering wheel swap

    Sure - drop me a PM.
  25. Steering wheel swap

    I've got a couple of the fine spline ones if you need one.