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  1. dan101smith

    Standard or braided brake hoses

    Braided lines on a standard road 5 series are for show, not for function - you won't be getting the fluid hot enough to get a performance benefit. Funnily enough, most brake specialists will talk you out of fitting braided lines on a road car unless it's something really special. The braiding means that the hoses don't have as much give as a standard rubber hose, so if you hit something (or more specifically, something hits your brake hose) then it's more likely to sheer off than deflect it. All that said, they do look cool...
  2. dan101smith


    -ABS and TC light on, I believe this is a common problem. -No speedometer These two will be related. Get the fault codes read - it'll either be ABS sensors or the ABS unit. -Rust on arches Unless this is MAJOR, this won't be an MOT fail -Engine oil leak (not a slow trickle - would need topping up frequently)  I'd tackle this before anything else, in case it turns out to be something more serious than you'd imagined.
  3. dan101smith

    Your forum needs you!

    This forum is here for you, our members. We want to provide you with a great resource, a friendly environment and a way to make life-long friends, be it online or in real life. In order to do that, we have to maintain a certain standard across the forums. That means ensuring that our members adhere to our code of conduct; both in the content of their posts and any unauthorised advertising. Over the years our Moderating team has remained fairly stable, but we're at a point where some of the team have had to drop off due to other commitments. That's where you come in. We're looking for two new Moderators to join the team, plus someone to take the new role of Social Secretary. The Moderators will join the existing moderating team to help maintain the standards across all content posted on the forum. The Social Secretary will be responsible for raising the profile of the forum at the various shows, meets and events that happen each year. Be under no illusion, both of these roles will require a significant investment of time. We (the rest of the Moderators and Admins) will be there to offer help and support, but you must be happy to take control of the roles and drive them forward. Pay will be on the same rates as the rest of us get (for the avoidance of doubt: £0). But in return you will be helping to drive forward your forum. If you think you've got what it takes for either role, please send a PM to Sandip outlining how you can help, and why you think you'd be the ideal person for the job. On behalf of the Management team and the whole forum, a big thank you to anyone who can help!
  4. dan101smith

    Foot well dog crate

    I can't quite picture a cage big enough for her that would allow you to have a passenger with legs. Cages also tend to have the door at either end, so you'd end up having to put her in it, then it in the car, which doesn't sound ideal. I'd guess the closest thing would be a big pet carrier with an opening top, but again it won't leave much room for your passenger's feet.
  5. dan101smith

    BMW M specialist in Kent / East Sussex

    3 and 4 are the same place, aren't they?
  6. dan101smith

    Decent E39 M5 wanted - how much to budget?

    I’m still waiting for my commission cheque!
  7. dan101smith

    Staggered wheel set up tyre price difference

    I don't think I understand your terminology. If the difference between losing the front end irrecoverably or not is the brand of your rear tyres, I think your driving style might want some attention!
  8. dan101smith

    Staggered wheel set up tyre price difference

    The whole reason for staggered tyre sizes is to promote the front end breaking away before the rear. If you want to avoid that, put the same width front and rear.
  9. I think we've reached the tipping point now when the Chinese knock-offs will look better than the originals.
  10. dan101smith

    E28 hella lamps (main beam)

    Steradent is really good for cleaning glass. Even the E28 headlights supplied new by BMW now come with milky glass!
  11. dan101smith

    New car

    Depends how good you are.
  12. dan101smith

    E28 shadowline tail light

    This is a damaged shadowline tail light. Bought new from BMW last year, it got damaged while in the car was in the workshop. I'm sure someone will have the patience to fix the lens and get a new lamp for buttons. £35 collected from Herts.
  13. dan101smith

    E28 detachable tow bar

    Bought from Andy a few months back hoping to find something to fit it to, but that hasn't happened. Complete kit - if memory serves this is a Westfalia OEM kit. £100 collected from Herts. Won't post due to size/weight/faff.
  14. dan101smith

    Cracked block - m30 e34 535 - need a new one

    User Tims on here will likely have one (also Timothy97 on eBay).