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  1. You're not on the hook to fix every little niggle, it has to be commensurate with the age and price of the car. If it is something on a £1700 car that does not stop the car from being usable, then you don't HAVE to fix it. A split washer bottle, for example, doesn't render the car undrivable. You may choose to dip into your pocket on things like that, but the purpose of the act is not that you, as a trader, have to underwrite every niggle on every car for 6 months.
  2. Not technically all this week, and due to time constraints I've done very little of this myself, however recent work includes: - Fitting powdercoated rear beam with new subframe bushes - Replace hard brake and fuel lines - Replace OSF hard brake line - Replace fuel pump, filter and bracket with new - Fit powdercoated E34 M5 rear trailing arms, with new bushes, bearings, brake backing plates, ABS sensors - Fit powdercoated front struts with new springs, top mounts, bearings, brake backing plates, ABS sensors - Fit new brake rubber hoses front & rear - Fit new front upper and lower control arms - Fit new ARB drop links front and rear - Fit new prop centre bearing and guibo - Fit refurbished brake calipers front and rear - Fit new discs and pads front and rear - 5x new tyres - Fit new rear Shadowline tail lights - Fit new complete headlamp units, with new washer motors - Replace dodgy headlamp plug on loom - Replace headlamp wash/wipe loom - Replace gearbox & diff oil - Align bonnet correctly - Fit Momo Prototipo steering wheel and boss - MOT Next job: drive the sodding thing!
  3. Got one on the 911, and will be getting one on another car shortly. I like the early warning you get from geofencing. No, it doesn't stop the car being stolen, but it does give you a much earlier heads-up that something's wrong. The system I'm looking at is about £400 installed, but I forget the annual fee - £150ish maybe?
  4. It's one of those secret abilities an E28 has, like being able to plug in and read the ABS system.
  5. Front sensor is for diagnostics only.
  6. I think the part you're talking about Andy is 12141710668, which are the speed and reference sensors in the gearbox bellhousing.
  7. Both the sensors are the same.
  8. If you're going through the hassle of an engine swap, you may as well put an M52 into it. You'll also want a rear beam with pitman arms and a LSD. You don't need to bother going to the 210 case M535i version, a 188 will be more than adequate. Steering boxes are the same on everything except M5, so no change there.
  9. How do you block it at the firewall layer?
  10. Did I see you out and about yesterday? Somewhere in Herts I think.
  11. You don't need antivirus software to be safe, you just need to know what you're doing. This is happened to the NHS through users clicking dodgy links in emails, which they will have been told not to do but did anyway.
  12. Ransomware, apparently.
  13. How many years has this been for sale now - 6?
  14. Oooh, what code have you got?
  15. I've found that their staff are typically German in their responses, but then I deal with them at work every day anyway so maybe I'm used to it. If you haven't already, scan and send the credit card statement along with their invoice, and ask to escalate it if needs be. Last time they and I had a disagreement, it ended with them sending me a discount code to use (that has since expired). Seems like the least they could do....