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  1. Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Cool, I'm sure they're worth a try. 3.4 or 3.6 in the 996?
  2. Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Which brand of coilovers did you get?
  3. Help..on holiday ..burst E39 rear airbag....

    5mb photo size limit if you do it properly.
  4. Recommendations for engine rebuild

    Phil Crouch in Amersham.
  5. Recommendations for engine rebuild

    Your location would help here.
  6. Staying in France

    This'll do you: https://www.chateaudecocove.com/en/
  7. M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    But not tuned M30 cost - you’re not fitting ITBs, cams, pistons, ECU etc for that money.
  8. M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    That's very left-field, and expensive to ship in from the US The sensible answer is to enjoy the M30 for what it is, or to swap in an M52B28. With the M50 manifold, BBTB and a map you're looking at 230bhp-ish for under £2k fitted.
  9. M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    An M88 refresh is about the same as all the work on the M30, but you get more power at the end of it. Yes, they're not easy to find, but they're out there.
  10. M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    Source an M88 and fit that instead. It just isn't worth the hassle and expense of trying to turn an M30 into an M88.
  11. What have you done on your E28 this week........

    I decided to prepare the M5 for some new rear speakers by completely stripping the interior. Maybe slightly over the top...
  12. Front Bumper Fitting

    You've got these on the bumper ends, right?
  13. Front Bumper Fitting

    The two front brackets slide into the groove and then you put the bolt up through from underneath. The ends have brackets on the bumper that a plastic block attaches to, and then the bolt goes through from the wing and into that plastic block.
  14. Front Bumper Fitting

    Are you talking about the body kit bumper or the standard item?
  15. Fan blades

    Red blades, black blades. Both the same part number. Which belongs with what?