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  1. M52B25 needed

    I'm looking for an M52B25. Don't need any ancillaries, just a known-good engine. Must be single-VANOS. Anyone got one for me?
  2. Studs for winter on front wheels for e39 530d?

    Which country do you live in?
  3. Best cheap anti theft solution?

    GPS trackers won't prevent theft, they'll just help find the car if it is stolen. A Dislok doesn't look pretty but it's a good visual deterrent. It depends what you're trying to achieve.
  4. Best cheap anti theft solution?

  5. V8 curiosity

    I’ve had an E39 540i, 2x Jag V8s and an Audi S4. I’d have to say that the 540i was the biggest disappointment out of the four - never really quick enough. My next V8 will be American and from the 60s or 80s, I think.
  6. security problems with ebay pa soft disc

    Start with the seller, then escalate to eBay if required.
  7. V8 curiosity

    That just had a “standard” auto box.
  8. V8 curiosity

    What have you had that could "handle a 2 cog change"?
  9. Anyone know anything about this 535?

    The body looks scruffy in the pictures, I wonder how good/bad it is in real life. Looks like it’s had a new wing hence no pinstripe and the pinstripe removed on the door where they blended the paint. Its ts had a new exhaust which hasn’t been fitted properly. If thats even a £7k car I’d be surprised.
  10. E28 Head Lights Removal question?

    Do you have an impact driver? Something like this: https://www.amazon.co.uk/TEKTON-2905-8-Inch-Manual-7-Piece/dp/B000NPPATS
  11. fictional discounts?

    Raise it with them in their section if you're not happy with it - only fair to give them right of reply.
  12. Reduced traction with winter tyres?

    Yes. Standard behaviour.
  13. 16 inch tyre and 17 inch spare?

    Speed rating.
  14. 16 inch tyre and 17 inch spare?

    That's fine.
  15. Premium rear speakers

    To close this out, I received the bare speaker pods from the US, fitted a set of JBL GTO 509C components, mounted the crossovers under the rear seat base and fitted it all back together. Looks better than the Pioneer speakers that were dangling there before, and sounds a shedload better too. It took a bit of creativity to get the JBLs to fit, but was worth it.