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  1. dan101smith

    Trackday e34s anyone ??

    Any 5er will make a compromised track car. Just enjoy it for what it is!
  2. dan101smith

    feeding car directly from 220v mains outlet?

    It'd be cheaper to buy a car that doesn't need to be constantly worked on.
  3. dan101smith

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    $1300 for a service?!
  4. dan101smith

    Improved headlights...

    I quite like my Nightbreakers. Don't forget that HIDs will be an MOT fail.
  5. dan101smith

    Top Gear to get worse.

    I think the fact that we can’t agree between us on a thread here shows how difficult it is for the BBC to get it right. Some hark back to the Clarkson, Hammond, May days, but the truth is that TGT is dying on its arse on Amazon, and is likely not to get another series after the initial contract term finishes.
  6. dan101smith

    F30 330d M Sport...

    Funny you should say that. I was out in the 911 earlier, and in the 90 mins of driving I did, I don't think I ever went above 60mph.
  7. dan101smith

    F30 330d M Sport...

    "All the car you ever need" can never be a diesel, for me. There would always have to be something petrol-powered to sit alongside it.
  8. dan101smith

    E28 M50B30 Project

    You’ll struggle to make an M50B30 if you don’t!
  9. dan101smith

    If I had the £££

    Well, it’d be ideal to shout “new money” at least.
  10. dan101smith

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    That’s really odd - I got a notification of your reply. I’m on holiday for a couple of weeks now, but will have another look when I’m back.
  11. dan101smith

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Mine too - have been since tail end of last week.
  12. dan101smith

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Hmmm. I got it working yesterday, but it looks like it has stopped again. That at means I need a bigger hammer and some downtime - i’ll find some time later in the week to give it another whack.
  13. dan101smith

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    I’ll have a look over the weekend.
  14. dan101smith

    E39 sport touring 530i

    Am I the only one who can see the grey leather?
  15. dan101smith

    Really liking this, but....

    Look again at the advert. It's fucked.