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  1. Don't go to another dyno - it'll be a waste of money.
  2. Been for sale for a while now. Started the far side of £10k from memory. Only another £4K to come off and it'll be at the right price.
  3. PM sent!
  4. Perfect condition, and original BMW part. £20 posted.
  5. I wonder where all the animals have been living for the past few years if every barn is chock full of cars?
  6. Put a picture of yours up.
  7. That's only an extra £3200 once you've added the VAT. It'll depend what you're putting it into, but from experience things get expensive quickly once you start doing engine swaps. There will be the labour to take your original one out, for example. Plus you'll end up buying new clutch, rad, viscous etc etc which will all add up. But it it depends on what is included in the initial quote.
  8. Pair of ABS front struts from an E28. These have had the old spring cups replaced by new ones from Schmiedman, the top section has been sleeved for extra strength and then they've been powder coated satin black. £400 for the pair.
  9. Sold.
  10. Even if you bought their most basic package at £4k+VAT, it's going to be a minimum of £8k spent before it's in the car.
  11. The coupling is knackered then.
  12. What's the part number?
  13. Hi Keith, RealOEM says saloon and touring are the same fitment. This is them: Cheers
  14. Decent, used condition. Set of four for £25 posted.
  15. Non-sunroof E39 saloon sport headlining, in good condition, along with all the handles/pillars etc. £20 collected from Herts, no postage due to size.