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  1. That is just awesome!!!
  2. Still saying can't guarantee which one will come Surely BMW would supply the part number provided and not just supply a later one.....
  3. Oh my. That seat / dash / carpet colour combo is lovely IMO
  4. 51128148819 was the number provided, the number you have just provided pulls up the following: It doesnt say discontindued or 'ended' which is encouraging, thanks very much, i'll give it a go. Protective Mouldings 51121944184 From: 11/01/1987 To: - Weight: 0.422 kg Price: $58.33 Superseded by: 51128148819 (03/01/1994 — ) , nonexchangeable retrospectively Part 51121944184 was found on diagram: Bumper trim panel, rear Part 51121944184 was found on diagram: Bumper trim panel, rear
  5. Afternoon folks, I need to order a rear / centre bumper trim for my 520, as the car came with 5 smooth and one textured one at the rear! I have tried my local and also Cotswolds, but so far no luck on defining the difference of which one i might get prior to placing an order. Its only a 27 quid risk, but for once i would like the outcome to go my way for a change lol i have a history of taking a punt and it always goes the other way! Any wisdom folks, or anyone got a fairly fresh one sitting about gathering dust they would like to part with? Thanks Neil
  6. Just had word my instrument cluster issues are sorted, LCD / ribbon work. Once fitted and confirmed its all good i can share who fixed it. Reasonably cheap fix.
  7. Mate it's got 700 NM / 516lb! It needs the 5 speed box as the 7 speed can't take it. i have the cls 55 amg and it's a f***ing animal! Fantastic engine the 55k
  8. I've had a CLS55 AMG for the last 2 1/2 years and love it. It is the supercharged version of that engine, so quite a bit more grunt, but still a great engine. Never been overly taken with the CLK shape, but plenty would say the same about my CLS!!! It has been unbelievably reliable. Running costs / servicing so far seems quite reasonable if you shop around. eg HT leads were 800 for OEM or 300 for Bosch non OEM!
  9. Afternoon gents, sorry for the slow reply. Not been on for a while. Still for sale. Please drop me a PM if interested. Quite a bit of interest in these at the moment. Thanks Neil
  10. The rs4 is nice but 153k miles is high for a 2006.
  11. I've had them in the garage for over a year. Not in any hurry mate.
  12. I'm sure someone will be able to tell you something of more use than this, however forum member Rick_A on the forum fitted my cruise for me while i waited. He seemed to think it was a piece of cake. Didnt look like that to me but i'm a bit of an electro-spaz. So if you are stuck, you could always PM him on there. There might even be a guide on the forum....
  13. SOLD: E39 Genuine Eibach 15mm spacers Eibach part number: S90-2-15-002 4 x 15mm spacers 5 x 120, 74mm. Bought Venom Motorsport a couple of years ago. These give the E39 a really nice 'stance' (IMO) Come in original boxes, with longer wheel bolts and (i think longer locking wheel nuts - will double check) Current price on their site is £92.87 per pair + postage, so all in just under £200 for 4 - Plus the price for the longer bolts / locking nuts. Any questions, please PM me. £100 + postage (i reckon will be around £10-ish) Thanks Neil
  14. I'll take number 2 if you want to PM me your paypal, Mr Sphinx.