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  1. HUD, xdrive and adaptive lights are my first choice. I can not compare with or without HK because I have them on my f10 and now on g30. Either way enjoy your car!
  2. microcar

    What ya like?

    Decided just to give my Bertha (I know i named my car) a big thumbs up today for the great composed drive in bad conditions up north. Still amazes me the 620nm torque that got me out of some hairy moments. What ya like about yours ?
  3. microcar


    Great news. Wow so many different courtesy cars. I had a e350d coupe before good car but hates corners. Look after her.
  4. microcar

    Real world mpg and range

    Roughly 36 on my 530d xdrive on eco around town and motorway. Not to shabby at all.
  5. microcar

    First service

    Thanks for info. A g30 microfilter is over £100. I'm going to independent BMW garage and they can do this for sub £300. Genuine parts and will not affect warranty. Yep it's expensive for what it is.
  6. microcar

    First service

    Good question. BMW service girl told me oil and micro filter is £380 then my next service is 18k after... I was sure she was not correct. I have a oil change due so not first service as my thread said.
  7. microcar

    First service

    Hi all just wanted to know if £380 for a oil and micro filter change coming up to 14k miles is reasonable ? I think it’s bloody expensive. I didn’t buy the service pack. Is this price normal at BMW ?
  8. microcar

    Tyres, wear and best tyres

    I run low profile Pzero runflats on 20’ wheels with m sports suspension. Let’s say it’s not the quietest Inside!my xdrive 530d has done about 13k. Still got about 5mm. Not tried non run flats because I go for the manufacture recommendations which are important.
  9. microcar

    M5 dials

    No I deer
  10. microcar

    Speed Limit Display?

    Any updates?
  11. microcar

    Service notifications

    Thanks for info. It's like entering a cheat code for a game on my old Nintendo. I probably give this a miss incase I screw the car up.
  12. microcar

    Engine oil level high

    Yep did the same to mine. New software updated and drained oil added new oil upto 3/4 and everything ok. Now have to go back for 1st service in 1300 miles for... Oil change lol
  13. microcar

    Service notifications

    For god sake!. thanks for info
  14. microcar

    Service notifications

    Hi all got a notification to tell me my first service (oil change) due in 1300 miles. I don’t do much miles and is there a way to turn this off until I get closer to the required service ?
  15. microcar


    Hi Jodie thank goodness everything ok at the end. Just read your post and happy you got your car back and nothing else bad happened.