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  1. microcar

    Collision warning

    Has anyone here experienced the collision warning kick in then slam your brakes on then your shi*ting your pants ? . I’ve not touched the original settings when I got the car. I think they are in medium. This has happened to me twice and last time a truck was getting close but no danger. What have you all set your to or have you switched it off ?
  2. microcar

    The 7 Series then...

    Yep. I hate the fake ones. Cutting corners and saving money.
  3. microcar

    The 7 Series then...

    Love the tail pipes. I want some for mine.
  4. microcar

    Oil level above maximum warning

    Had this issue over 6 months ago. Originally I just remessured and reset in idrive and seemed to work for a few days. Once warning came back I took it in. BMW said it needed a software update and was common problem. Once this was done not had warning again. I could not tell you exact issue that caused it. Just go back to dealer they will sort it.
  5. microcar

    Wiper Speed

    Your wipers should not smack the A pillar. You must have a fault somewhere. check wiper arms are not misaligned or wrong wipers blades.
  6. microcar

    Condensation in Icon headlights

    Yep a get slight condensation on the edge but usually dissipates after a drive or warmer weather. Does everyone have same issues ?
  7. microcar

    Rattles and annoying noises

    Yep software update will sort the intermittent rear cam issue.
  8. microcar

    Alpina B5, new X5 and 8 series

    Wow what a great day out. I have not a huge fan of modern day Alpina and would rather have m5 competition. Many moons ago I regretted selling my e21 323i Alpina and tried to buy it back.
  9. microcar

    BMW Individual Visualizer

    I see. I don’t feel to bad now.
  10. microcar

    BMW Individual Visualizer

    Cool link. I wish I knew about this when I painstakingly added mperformance stuff on and going through many different pages to get want I wanted.
  11. microcar

    The 7 Series then...

    I agree the depreciation on these are horrendous. Whoever buys new need head testing. But for the second buyer you have a great value car with all the toys if you want to keep for many years. I do like the car and would consider one in a few years time.
  12. microcar

    Specification Question

    Lol. You know my ride is hot!
  13. microcar

    Specification Question

    I use my DK eveytime. Mainly to check if car is locked and also turn on heat recently instead using my phone on the wishy washy connect drive app. It has its uses I say.
  14. microcar

    530D - Buyers Regret

    First of what is your priority ? If it is just fuel economy then the 520d would be a perfect choice. The 530d is a great balance between power and enonomy and will deliver high 40 mpg which is brilliant for a 3 litre turbo. I have only done 7k miles since last September and I could of gone for a 540i we are compromised by our situation. Ideally a m5 could be ideal now...if the wife will let me
  15. microcar

    Car theft trends

    I think we have different types of car thieves these days. Some try fishing you keys through your letter box, some use the relay box trick to spoof your keyless signal then replacte the signature and the worst ones are smashing your door in and demanding keys and will do anything to get them or car jacking and dragging you out of the car. The cars taken are usually high end. I think manufacturers should have a service that will send a warning to the car and letting the driver know in so many minutes the car will switch off.... this could help minimalise thefts. Thefts are turning violent. I have added a link below about a theft when a group of scum smashed down front door to get keys and choking a man. We all have to be vigilant these days even using traditional security like stoplocks to delay them. https://www.manchestereveningnews.co.uk/news/greater-manchester-news/dad-wrestles-gang-car-thieves-15350283