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    E28 535i & G30 530d msport xdrive

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  1. microcar

    MI6 Fallout

    Nice to see E28 on the next Mission Impossible
  2. microcar

    Reverse Camera G30

    Had this issue on and off for awhile. Switch engine on off seems to reset it but it's annoying!
  3. microcar

    Do you use the Display Key?

    I use mine. Slip it in the trouser pocket and done. If you got one use it othervise its just a paper weight
  4. microcar

    New owner 530d xdrive

    Good choice. You will love it.
  5. microcar


    Thanks Mobilejo. No major plans tbh. Just enjoying the car. Your 540i must a beast !
  6. microcar


    Not been on the board for awhile. I have a e28 and my daily driver is a g30 530d xdrive msport. I like it.
  7. microcar

    E28 brake problems

    hi andy change the MC and this will solve the issue.
  8. microcar

    not sure on this one - question

    hi i did not do all these checks that you mentioned. i have checked the usual fluid levels, filter at bottom all seem clean and fine. it is not a major problem TBH not had time recently to have a through look. just the odd time that i turn a tight corner and power has gone from steering. onnce the revs are slightly up again power is fine. i do thinks it could be a pressure issue or maybe pump belt or pump itself. i just assumed this issue could be a common one on the e28.
  9. microcar

    not sure on this one - question

    filter is clean. my engine is 3.5LTR i may need to check PS pulleys.
  10. had a issue with power steering while i am going round a tight corner or even a drivethrough... i am driving slow then the steering will lock up... rev the car and all is fine. anything to do with pump and low pressure while revs are low? anyone had similar issues? checked pump and fluid - all seems fine...
  11. microcar

    Here we go again..

    thanks for that. i i think i will go for H&R + B6.
  12. microcar

    Here we go again..

    B6 B8 whats the difference also you can get shorts and sports... is there a ideal setup for road use and a weekend blast?
  13. microcar

    Here we go again..

    thanks for info again. i will keep you updated on what i get in NY. either way its going to cost me!
  14. microcar

    Here we go again..

    thanks for info beemerboy_530 I mainly use car for everyday travel. intresting on the psax front i might have a look at them. Gaz coilover what advantages do these have over shocks and springs?
  15. microcar

    Here we go again..

    i am looking at new shocks and lowering springs. i use apex at the mo...front is lower than rear....: i am looking at all options...H&R + Bilsteins (not sure which ones) any advice? or Coil overs. as for coil overs are they better ? what are the advantages? any help from you wizards will be great! Thanks again. David