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  1. microcar

    Service notifications

    Thanks for info. It's like entering a cheat code for a game on my old Nintendo. I probably give this a miss incase I screw the car up.
  2. microcar

    Engine oil level high

    Yep did the same to mine. New software updated and drained oil added new oil upto 3/4 and everything ok. Now have to go back for 1st service in 1300 miles for... Oil change lol
  3. microcar

    Service notifications

    For god sake!. thanks for info
  4. microcar

    Service notifications

    Hi all got a notification to tell me my first service (oil change) due in 1300 miles. I don’t do much miles and is there a way to turn this off until I get closer to the required service ?
  5. microcar


    Hi Jodie thank goodness everything ok at the end. Just read your post and happy you got your car back and nothing else bad happened.
  6. microcar

    Icon lights failing?

    Lol. I had my ride in BMW yesterday to fix a persistent high oil warning light issue. They did a good job, drained oil and uploaded new software. If I wanted a courtesy car I had to book weeks in advanced so you lucky. Did you know you can drive smug with a 5 series rental from Sixt for £49 a day for your formal event.
  7. microcar

    520D Mileages

    You know what... forget mpg and enjoy driving the 5. :)
  8. microcar

    520D Mileages

    Yep. This may sound odd.. I used other fuel stations and once I used Costco my mileage indicator gives me more range. I honestly think the fuel is a higher quality because I cannot understand why I get more range from Costco than any other garage.
  9. microcar

    520D Mileages

    I found that using Costco fuel (have to be a member) and it’s cheaper I do get more mpg. Been told they get fuel from Texaco.
  10. microcar

    Road noise

    If you have 20 and low profile tyres you will get more Road noise.
  11. Hi yeah very interested. They look in good condition. Why are you selling?

  12. microcar

    Icon lights failing?

    Hopefully they can replace the unit and be done with it.
  13. microcar

    No confidence at high speed

    Not really noticed any high speed unstabability. I do have xdrive not sure how much that helps in this situation. My old f10 was stable as well but the car is heavier. I’m running 20 alloys on the g30 without vdc.
  14. microcar

    Build 2

    Nice car! Love the wheels
  15. microcar

    Pick 5 options only!!

    I have adaptive lights but not used them often, wife don’t let me out after 9pm