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  1. Get classic car insurance.......try here: or even Lancaster Insurance who have provided me with really cheap prices without any No they are: Keep a limited mileage policy and you should be paying around £300ish for the year......age does come into it but it will definitely be much, much, much better then £550 a month!
  2. Hi mate.... the CA Automotive kit works with the LED lights but you need to wire it into the positive and negative wires feeding the LED lights
  3. I used CA Automotive's wiring loom on my angle eyes on the E36 Coupe.....worked fine and there is no reason why it should not work on the E39 OEM lights......worth a try for £31??? Here is the link
  4. AC Schnitzer type I - 18"
  5. Hi Jonsey.... the induction kit BM town have is a carbon fibre one.....mine is a genuine GruppeM induction kit which is carbon fibre and K&N Cone (large speck).....comes in at around £650 .....the BM Town kit isn't bad though... it just has a smaller induction cone of another brand
  6. Like Luca said
  7. Hi Shahid...I was offered good money for your ex-sport after I fixed it up....did cost a fair bit though to fix Jonesy525isport....the induction kit sounds just right...not too loud if you're cruising but nice and throaty when you put your foot down....but not blown exhaust loud ...I got the induction kit a few years but I sold my e34 sport that I purchased it for before I put the induction kit on so it's been sitting in my garage until I finally decided to fit it....just been too originally set me back £650 but well worth it
  8. I used THIS to get rid of scratches...I've used it a lot and I highly recomend not need any machines just good old fashioned elbow grease
  9. spot on.....just need some Schnitzer mirrors now....they are hard to find and expensive when you do find them ( as I've come to learn )
  10. Imola rules beautiful'll regret selling it....what's next