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  1. Gave mine a wash and coat of FK1000p as it's been 6 months or so since the last and I won't have time do a winter prep for a few weeks yet. Noticed alot more tar than usual this week though which needed removal. Unsure why...
  2. Try a local independent with BMW diagnostics. I know RSJ in Moseley have the kit but they've had mixed reviews. A proper diag is going to help you massively as it'll give you an insight before you go main dealer who'll charge you £90 just to do a code read. There was also NKB Autocraft in Knowle although not sure if they are still open?
  3. There's a chap who runs DD Coding in the midlands who i believe can also do remote coding. I've seen alot of positive comments about him on facebook and amongst my friends circle. Might be worth a shot?
  4. I'm with Andrew on this one, sounds like an air leak. Could you start the car (when cool) and then spray some easy start or something along the air intake system to check if there's any unmeasured air entering the air entering the system. Next stop - turbo pipework.
  5. Doesn't the latest warranty cover wear & tear inc batteries though? Think it started March 16 but can't remember. Never had time to fully research it and BMW CS wouldn't answer the question as they said i need to go my dealer. Still waiting for when I'm next in to ask.
  6. I think the older cars like mine (2010) had the old system with rubber valves which used rotational speed. The newer ones as mentioned above have metal stem and an actual sensor in the tyre hence it can get confusing when you look online about how to reset it.
  7. To be fair, it would probably be of interest to exporters who buy cars here and ship them abroad. The issues you list there will be minor compared to some of the cars exported to mainland europe, africa and other countries. The spacious interior, manual box and relatively straight forward nature of the petrol engine will all appeal to them. Gumtree/eBay tend to be their hang outs so if you can tolerate the stupidness of some users on those sites, it worth sticking it on there. Otherwise I think it's still valuable and should sell if described accurately. I would even consider evans halshaw as I saw an advert recently (can't find it now) that they'll pay £1k more than if your buying a new car from them. Might be worth investigation?
  8. A good box with installation will cost most of the £1000 budget (and thats before your factor in the modules, interior pieces, etc..). You'll be better off buying another low mileage example, swapping your interior over and selling your old one. Get a BMW warranty for the new one and you've achieved your peace of mind goal along with the interior colour for alot less heartache than the swap would cost. You could even swap your car out and buy another and then have the interior trimmed. Good trimmers will have access to BMW hide colours and be able to come up with something near to what you have now. You could even have quilted effect, different piping and any other tweaks as your interior will then be unique. Still cost less than a gearbox swap.
  9. Thanks gents, i might ask BMW when i'm next in for a price for the bolts just to see what they cost. May even be surprised to find that they are £1 each but doubt it.
  10. Andrew - Do you have to buy new bolts when fitting a new air filter? I've never done mine myself but theres 2 stretch bolts holding the bar across the top of the air filter and a label saying they are single use. I've toyed with the idea of a performance filter but having to buy bolts puts me off (they aren't expensive I'm guessing but it's more the annoyance of having to buy them!)
  11. Similar to sshooie, rather than making a new thread, thought I would update an existing. Currently preparing the car for autumn and as the wipers are (at least) 12 months old, thought I would get a new set. Usually stick to OEM but gone with Bosch today from Halfords. Initial thoughts are good, nice and quiet and even pressure on the screen. Fitting took literally 10 seconds a side. Will post again if there's any issues as they begin to age.
  12. Sad news. RIP Keith. Thoughts with the family
  13. FK1000p, doesn't need doing regularly either. I use Sonax BSD regularly to top it up (mixed 50/50 with bouncers D&D) and the FK1000 twice a year when i do a deep clean.
  14. Yep, road works and general traffic meant an average speed of around 60mph. I don't use cruise, just light throttle control and I only use premium unleaded, found that makes the car feel smoother and the economy increase generally balances out the additional cost. I don't really try, i'll just drive as conditions allow but the car tends to perform 40+mpg most the time. 450ish miles per tank (55ish litres - i fill up at around 1/4), is my rule of thumb when planning my next fuel stop.
  15. In light of recent CO2 discussions in this thread, i today burnt fuel (at a rate of 46mpg avg on the OBC) to not only propel my vehicle in a forward motion to reach a destination over 100 land miles away but to also keep me cool using some sort of wizardry built in to the car and also managed to make use of the surplus power being generated by the burning of fuel to charge not 1 but 2 mobiles! In addition, as my car has a 3litre petrol lump, it generated heat during the consumption process to aid Andrew's vision of warming the planet for better summers and generated CO2 to help feed the tree's so they are bigger and stronger and generate more heat when burnt in Andrew's house (I even drove up north to try and help the CO2 reach it's destination of Andrew's local forest )