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  1. Help to identify Service Inclusive

    To be fair though, BMW servicing isn't that bad. I've looked at E63 AMG vs BMW M5 vs RS6 and the BMW is most certainly the cheapest from a running cost point of view. My F10 cost me very little more than a VW Passat for example. Horses for courses really but if he purchased it for the badge, atleast the residual value will be better* than a corsa SXI or whatever they are called of a similar age now and when he comes to sell it *assumption, i've always assumed anything vauxhall/citroen/peugeot depreciate very quick in comparison to BMW/Audi/Merc
  2. Upcoming Service

    2012 should be eligible for the value line servicing which gives cheaper prices. Don't forget, the prices quoted on bmw-service are indicative, you can always ask for a discount when having a number of items carried out (and play dealers off against each other).
  3. Upcoming Service

    How old is the car?
  4. Help to identify Service Inclusive

    Being AUC, it'll have warranty. Maybe ask him to speak to the dealer and see if he can pay the difference now to take it up to 2years and then get shot in 18months time? He'll lose alot of money getting shot so soon otherwise.
  5. Help to identify Service Inclusive

    bmw-service.co.uk will show it from the reg
  6. Another problem

    Agreed, put this in the F10 section for a response. What are the symptoms? Are the lights coming on? Or is it no reaction at all to pressing the button? Is it the whole seat not hearing or only 1/2? (back/bottom?)
  7. Went to see another F10 M5 having spent the week deciding which would be the best investment of my time and most likely to buy. Waste of time. Min disc thickness is 22.4, these measured 22.45 therefore the dealer won't replace them. Back tyres on 3.2mm, again AUC standard is 3mm so they won't replace them. O and I've forgotten the most important part of my experience today, the sales person had clearly been out last night as even at 1pm, he absolutely stunk of booze, was clearly struggling and wasn't in my opinion fit to be at work (didn't see the point in complaining as his boss was clearly knew he had been on a night out but they where short staffed so i'm guessing that's why he wasn't sent home). Didn't discuss figures as the car barely meets AUC standards and wasn't the one for me. Might have to pause the F10 M5 plans and just buy another F10 for the time being
  8. That seems very expensive for a BMW service. Is th quote from bmw-service.co.uk? Also have a look at https://www.rybrook.co.uk/bmw/value-service/ and see if you can get your local dealer to match the price. £399
  9. F10 Bluetooth Streaming

    Calypso - Did you ensure your phone volume was turned up? I got caught out with this too early doors and realised your phone audio volume has to be turned up. Rickz - Do you have enhanced bluetooth?
  10. Happy new year!

    Wishing everyone a brilliant 2018!
  11. Drivers wing mirror

    If the one side dimmed though it suggests there's either something wrong with the passenger side OR that it's been broken at some point and replaced with a non-dimming mirror (as the dimmer glass is horrendously expensive I believe). As suggested by Matthew, shine a torch in the rear view mirror and see how the mirrors behave. It does take a minute or so for the dimming to work so be patient, it isn't instant. Also have you tried checking the spec sheet to see if you car was spec'd with the mirrors?
  12. Drivers wing mirror

    Anti-dazzle like the rear view mirror. Should be on both wing mirrors and activated when the rear view mirror dims. Normally an option with folding mirrors I think?
  13. I ran Sport Maxx GT RFT for over 50k and can't fault them. They are also the OEM tyre I believe. Go for * marked which isn't much more so you've the BMW approved tyres. £205 seems cheap so make sure they are run flats and not the normal ones.
  14. To be fair I am looking at the cheaper end of the market. I'm sure the £40k upwards cars will be impeccable hence why i'm having some degree of patience with the search. I'm sure the new M5 being available soon is going to impact value's to a degree. There is already 0% finance deals on M3 and M4 models and i'm guessing the M5 will follow in the new year.