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  1. sanjx

    Halfords discount????

    Indeed, and this is the same organisation people trust to carry out servicing on their car!
  2. sanjx

    Halfords discount????

    agree with Blobby, trade card discounts are decent. Your profile says your an elec engineer - this is a valid occupation for a free trade card I believe. Pop in to your local store with some sort of ID and they'll give you one
  3. sanjx

    Painting chrome trim

    isn't there a de-chroming tape you can use?
  4. sanjx

    PDR & detailer herts/ beds border

    Spend a couple of hours on DW and you'll learn alot. I know what you mean about the time element but it is satisfying. get yourself a scrap bonnet or door to practice on. Warning - it is addictive!
  5. sanjx

    PDR & detailer herts/ beds border

    A detailer will charge £3-400 for which you can buy alot of kit. I would consider spending some time on detailingworld and then investing say £250 in to kit including a DA and some decontamination stuff like ironx and tardis. It'll not only help you learn but also build your tool kit. I often consider having my car done but then remember I've got the kit and just need to find time to do it
  6. I think even with the air con off, if the climate is on "auto" then it'll click the air con on/off as required to keep the front screen clear. There's a sensor of some sort in the housing behind the wing mirror which detects moisture on the screen Or I could just be making that up but I'm sure its BMW that has this
  7. sanjx

    Bodged job Repair by car dealer

    ahh ok. I would be speaking with CAB about best approach. You've a decent amount of evidence and a clear evidence trail of the dealer saying no work yet the work having been completed whilst the car was in his custody.
  8. sanjx

    Bodged job Repair by car dealer

    That is quite poor but only if your looking. I would probably just get a decent bodyshop to sort it. The actual filler looks ok, just needs re-finishing. I would also see how good I could make it by running a detailing machine over it having given it a wet sand. you've nothing to lose. The garage (if they do accept) will only send it back to a similar bodyshop/smart again and then you've got 2 layers of dodgy paintwork. Then you'll end up spending money, time and headache on legal proceedings. That's without allowing for any fuel to drop/collect the car, time off work, etc... Depends how much you've been quoted and if you've any evidence of having asked if the car's had any paintwork and the dealer saying no. I would also think of what you want as the outcome, repair re-done to an unknown standard, a contribution/part payment or to reject the car.
  9. sanjx

    Elderly Folk And Phone Tariffs

    The other thing is landline telephones. Alot of older generation (who don't have broadband) continue to have landlines and pau £15/20 a month for them. I replaced my grandparents with a mobile (pay as you go) and it saved them a fortune. Also meant we could get hold of them when they where out/about, same regime with charging so winner all round.
  10. sanjx

    Bodged job Repair by car dealer

    What is the nature of the "bodged" work? I think it all depends, he may not have used a local garage but instead used a smart repair style outfit or paid cash so there's no record of the work
  11. sanjx

    BMW programming?!

    I had some coding done on mine. Used chap called Adam at DDCoding. Alot of features can be enabled on the Fxx cars. Not sure on Exx but guessing similar options available. Reference the mirror, I believe you need memory seats and the little switch for selecting left/right wing mirror for adjustment has to be towards the drivers side.
  12. sanjx

    Thoughts on the F01 7'er

    BMW warranty for 24 months (22 remaining) so I'll be leaving them in. When warranty nears the end, I'll sell and buy my next car. I like the assurance of having a warranty especially on something so complicated. If I didn't have warranty then would probably consider removal
  13. sanjx

    Thoughts on the F01 7'er

    I've had a F10 523i (2010 so 6 pot NA engine pre-LCI) sport and now have a F01 730d sport (2013 so LCI) Fire away with the questions
  14. sanjx

    I can’t wait for it to rain....

    its lovely weather this. Only down side is getting the tube where I'm most certain people purposely don't bother showering and have never heard of anti-perspirant! (however you spell it) Glad I don't have to catch the tube on a daily basis
  15. Hope you haven't booked it in to BMW yourself. You should be taking it back to the trader and let him/her have the opportunity to fix it. They may wish to use BMW or more likely they'll have a preferred local mechanic. If you start doing repairs yourself then you'll start reducing your options to claim against the trader for any faults.