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  1. Looks lovely, Congrats.
  2. Aux belt snapped? Do you have breakdown cover? If it is the aux belt, you'll soon be out of battery power and be stranded.
  3. my honest opinion would be to stop and seek a garages help. These are complex motors and your going to be spending money. how you spend it is up to you, speculative parts or a strategic pin pointed expenditure through an experienced mechanic with access to the right kit. PS: i think AA covers kicks in 48 hours after taking out a policy and they carry basic diag computers on-board. RAC sub-contract out during some hours so you cant guarantee who will come out.
  4. I use a mixture of Bouncers Done and Dusted with BSD (50/50). Good gloss and amazing beading without not much effort. I use it as a drying aid rather than a QD as I wash my car most weekends so it works out well.
  5. Gave mine a quick bath. Had new tyres this week and they where under specific instructions NOT to wash it which meant finger marks and excess glue needed cleaning (as I hadn't got round to a pre-garage trip wash, normally I send it in clean so there's nothing to leave finger prints in). Gave it a few days to go off and today gave it a good scrub, well I say a good scrub, it started raining as I started so it was more a splash and dash. Interior needs a good clean, been a few weeks now due to weather and other commitments so really must get round to it. On the plus side, front Dunlop Sportmaxx GT RFT's did near 40k miles and still had over 2mm remaining. Towards the end they where noisy but I hadn't actually noticed until the new tyres where fitted and I drove the usual route home.
  6. I would try a broker. They are often able to mirror NCB and do a deal. You'l be able to wrap all your cars up in one premium and it'll probably be cheaper. I've been looking at buying a weekend car which would be our 3rd car. My NCB is on my BMW (daily driver) and the wifes on her daily driver. Brokers are coming out best value due to mirrored NCB.
  7. I would do a refurb but get all 4 re-done. Yes it's more expensive but they'll all look the same and its an opportunity to apply some C5 or other sealant. Smart repairs are noticeable when cleaning the wheel and you'll be forever knowing the repair is present.
  8. The engine code will help with diagnosing this. If it's petrol, crank/cam shaft sensors comes to mind
  9. I think it's a range thing, the range quite quickly drops off about level with the door sills so it would work in the door and as soon as you open it, your out of range. Like similar posts above, it's a pain when you want to start the car and do other bits and not drive off.
  10. I wouldn't have thought check control extends as far as fitted accessories. The car wouldn't know which bulbs should be fitted so wouldn't know what voltage it expects to see? (for example you could have double side lights instead of single units or 2 number plate lights instead of one so it would think a bulb is out). I've never hitched a trailer so wouldn't know so above is just a guess.
  11. will give you a price and also check if there's a service pack on the car. I would look at the value service and see if the dealer will price match the value service prices as the cars are fundamentally the same and it's just the age (oil hasn't changed and filters are pennies difference). My rule of thumb is £250 for oil & microfilter. £450 for oil, microfilter, air filter, spark plugs. £80 for vehicle check. £80 for brake fluid (every 2 years) and I always manage to get my services at somewhere round this price (often lower). I do need a service every 4-5 months though so my local dealer is now acustomed to what I'll be asking and give me their discounted price when I ask (must have a note on the system that I'm tight lol). I also use them for all consumables such as tyres and brakes so when they put my plate in the system, it must show my previous custom.
  12. Supply & demand also. The buy to let arena has also seen some changes of late whilst people see how the effects of brexit pan out. I think the price drop will be short lived and they'll soon start climbing again. I say climbing, most the cars don't sell for what they are advertised so maybe the asking prices are now just closer to what the card actually achieve to attract attention. Cheaper cars with good history and a nice spec are holding well so in my opinion it's just market adjustments and not a whole market shift to lower prices. I'm not investor though and my industry (civil engineering) has most certainly began to expand again with demand being through the roof. Items on a 12 week lead time historically are now 16-18 weeks and companies are being careful about growing through fear (although strategic recruitment in engineering has also increased).
  13. Could it be a duff alternator? Jump starting puts enough juice in to start the car and the alternator is keeping it just about topped up. As the battery depletes over the course of the journey, the voltage drops too low and the car cuts out. I would be checking the alternator voltage first
  14. Sorry to hear of your loss. I'm not that far in to my thirties and everytime I hear of someone I went to school or college/uni with, it really does hit home how we take life expectancy for granted.
  15. I think covered above, its water ingress. Could be a loose connector so avoid the car wash until you can have a good look at the connectors and ensure they are all seated properly. For the sake of having a dirty car for a few weeks till you find some time, you could end up with a big bill as the halo bulbs aren't replaceable so tread carefully.