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  1. sanjx

    Hiccuping on acceleration

    Had this once on an old E46. Check the air filter and make sure its clean and seated properly. Whilst there, check the condition of the air hoses. However, both cars with differing mileages sounds odd to have a similiar issue. Could it be fuel? Try running both low and using a different fuel station. Perhaps even a tank of premium just to rule out a bad fuel source
  2. sanjx

    F11 Steering Wheel worn leather

    what a transformation. Do keep us updated (as mentioned by others) as I'm keen to see how it holds up. Might have to see about a group buy!!
  3. sanjx

    Coding Costs

    Ahh ok @sjak92, I've never asked for anything advanced or about speed limit info so wouldn't know I'm afraid. I know theres alot of people who advertise on various selling websites who have no clue though so compared to the "general" coding market, I was impressed with Adam's knowledge.
  4. sanjx

    Coding Costs

    if that was a question for me @mudd786 then yes, he didn't charge any extra wether it was one thing you wanted done or 10. When he did my F01, he went through every item which could be coded and asked if I wanted it. Also updated splash screens, enable VIM, etc... I follow him on FB and he does various cities around the UK and advertises on his page. (Must clarify, I'm in no way related or involved with Adam's business - just a happy customer)
  5. sanjx

    Coding Costs

    i use Adam at DD Coding, very active on FB and super knowledgeable. costs about £50/session
  6. sanjx

    Help needed.

    the deposit on that particular car and for that price. If they can't provide that car for that price then they've breached the contract and your aunt is due a full refund in my opinion (and in the absence of reading the contract). If they fail to honour or give a refund then plenty of main stream trash papers like Daily Fail etc...would give her more than £200 for the story and love to run a spread on how the governments latest attack on diesels is leading to dealers not honouring deals or something or another
  7. sanjx

    2006 730D maps update

    I've seen some guy on eBay who sells genuine fakes for not alot of coins. However he does caveat some with needing the latest firmware. Do you know what firmware your iDrive is running?
  8. sanjx

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    I'm currently looking at a set of winters for the F01 as my old ones from the F10 I don't think will fit being 17's. I'm waiting to nip in to BMW though and ask if the tyre insurance will cover replacement winters and if they need to be * marked in order for the cover to extend. I loved having them on the F10 though and they really did make it a versatile car for the winter. Overtook many FWD cars stuck in the snow easily but the main benefit was the peace of mind when driving in low temps. I wouldn't drive it like normal, always being careful but the reassurance that the tyres where also on-side helped.
  9. sanjx

    It happens to all 5 series eventually !

    Someones discovered eBay...
  10. sanjx

    Rear tyres

    on the F10, rears did over 33k miles before changing (may even have been 36k but cant remember now and i change at 2mm) but they lasted aged (Dunlop Sportmaxx GT). the type and nature of journeys made a massive difference.
  11. sanjx


    I've got Chipex. It's decent, it does take some working out as it seems very simple but it's not. I was putting on too much blending solution so it was washing out the paint after I had finished wiping. Took me an hour to figure out though and I didn't have the patience to continue. There's lot of info on detailingworld about it with positive results. I ordered the large kit and extra blending solution and it was £45. However, yours looks like it has scuffed plastic so it'll catch the blending solution cloth and may drag the paint. I would do as above and consider a smart repair
  12. sanjx

    Retrofit hud screen - anyone?

    I've got HUD on my F01. The speed display is probably the best bit. I've stopped projecting the nav as I prefer looking at the dash cluster (I've got 6WB digi-dash). I couldn't be without it on the F01 as the speedo isn't very clear and the HUD gives exact speed readings. Any other car, I could probably do without
  13. gutted Once the dents have been taken out, maybe try some Chipex? I've read alot about it on various forums and took the plunge. Got a pack sat here waiting to go (it's just finding the time now!)
  14. sanjx

    Halfords discount????

    Indeed, and this is the same organisation people trust to carry out servicing on their car!
  15. sanjx

    Halfords discount????

    agree with Blobby, trade card discounts are decent. Your profile says your an elec engineer - this is a valid occupation for a free trade card I believe. Pop in to your local store with some sort of ID and they'll give you one