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  1. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    Mine used 1l in 16k at last top up. I think journeys have alot to do with it. I spend most my life on motorways though and I'm guessing that has some bearing on the oil consumption.
  2. Autowatch Ghost Immobiliser

    Know of quite a few people who are using it, it's a fantastic piece of kit. If my car wasn't the age/mileage it is then I would consider it for my car but a full tank doubles the value of my car now so no point. It's undetectable and if you disable it before taking it to the dealers, even they won't know it's fitted
  3. Insurance costs rising

    Chriss Knott would be my first port of call. I've recently joined them and they most certainly understand the market better than these algorythms (however you spell it lol)
  4. Builders certainly do have a different opinion on what a garage is. Mine is "double" and is bang on 5mx5.01m (5x5 is minimum to call it a double I believe?)
  5. I think they are still original. Mines a 09/2010 523i. I did have one new coil pack about a year ago but touch wood, nothing since. It does see alot of motorway miles though. Before these 10 days, it also had another week sitting so in the last 28 days, it's only been used for about 6! Makes a change to being on the road all the time but normal service resumes next week. I do use premium unleaded though, be it tesco momentum, sainsburys premium or shell v-power (although a tank full of v-power is probably now worth the same as the car!)
  6. Fired the F10 up for the first time in 10 days. I would be lieing if I said I didn't expect any issues but no, nothing. No unstable revs or stuck brakes. Let it settle for a few mins just to get fluids going and then business as usual. Might have been helped by having been in the garage all the while and not in the wind/rain.
  7. 5 year fixed offset. slightly higher interest rate at 2.19% but the offset gives us the flexibility we need. I went though Sarnie on PH though and he really did make the process easy and give some great advice.
  8. Rybrook Worcester have always been spot on although I would be tempted to try Cotswold also as they sponsor alot of forums and Ed puts alot of effort in to it.
  9. Car theft back

    The amount of cars stolen in Bham and surrounding area's is also ridiculous at the moment. Car jackings, key theft and muggings. I think most cities are having the same issue. There's a big focus on preventing them but I think more needs to be done to understand their final destination and close down the disposal routes. if they can't sell it, break it or move it on then they won't nick it...
  10. Drive Train Error Message

    If you've got BMW warranty with breakdown, i would ring them and say your stranded. BMW will provide a hire car whilst they get yours sorted (even if it means paying enterprise). Dealers will also fit you in much sooner as it'll be BMW making the booking.
  11. F10 roof rust / contamination

    Would it be worth trying a wet sand?
  12. Gave mine a wash and coat of FK1000p as it's been 6 months or so since the last and I won't have time do a winter prep for a few weeks yet. Noticed alot more tar than usual this week though which needed removal. Unsure why...
  13. Engine Fault Reduced Powrr

    Try a local independent with BMW diagnostics. I know RSJ in Moseley have the kit but they've had mixed reviews. A proper diag is going to help you massively as it'll give you an insight before you go main dealer who'll charge you £90 just to do a code read. There was also NKB Autocraft in Knowle although not sure if they are still open?
  14. F10 Coding

    There's a chap who runs DD Coding in the midlands who i believe can also do remote coding. I've seen alot of positive comments about him on facebook and amongst my friends circle. Might be worth a shot?
  15. I'm with Andrew on this one, sounds like an air leak. Could you start the car (when cool) and then spray some easy start or something along the air intake system to check if there's any unmeasured air entering the air entering the system. Next stop - turbo pipework.