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  1. sanjx

    New plates

    I'm also on short plates as mine is 5 digits. I've got similar problem with front bumper having previous been drilled but being black, it doesn't stick out so much. Waiting for some better weather and then probably have the bumper filled and painted to remove the holes but it seems quite alot (£310 just because of 4 screw holes!)
  2. I think the facelift 7 looks quite nice to be fair although it just seems quite quick for a facelift and it's quite a facelift when compared to the usual LCI changes. Just my opinion.
  3. sanjx

    Help c/heating controler packed up.

    Never heard of ifttt, thanks for the tip. Will test my google-fu abit later
  4. sanjx

    Wanted f10/f11 space saver wheel kit

    Come across some company called K.O.M on FB the other day who sells the Spacesaver sets for £200-300. Might be worth a shot. personally, running on RFTs and having breakdown cover with BMW mitigates the need but if I was buying a spare then I would consider the smallest "normal" alloy such as a 17" SE with decent tyre and just chucking that in the boot. It'll take more (much more) room granted, but it'll cost under £100 for tyre and alloy and a jack/wheel brace isn't much and they'll fit in the barrel of the alloy. Just a thought.
  5. sanjx

    Help c/heating controler packed up.

    Also got Hive but it's lack of integration with Siri on Apple is starting to bug me now. I'm often driving home out of sync with my normal timings and think "should have put heating on" but Siri can't do it.
  6. sanjx

    Retro Fitting Paddle Shifters

    I think you can swap steering wheel to one fitted with paddles and then just code it. Something I'm thinking of doing but finding a F01 heated wheel with paddle's isn't easy. One for the summer I think
  7. sanjx

    New OEM exhaust fitted advice....

    There's more to this, I would be ringing up the insurance company and telling them the repair isn't right. Most insurance companies warrant the repair for 3 years so make it their problem. Lack of power, loud exhaust noise and rushed completion of the job suggests something hasn't been fitted correctly. Ring your insurance who paid for the repair and tell them as soon as. They arranged it so they can fix it in my opinion.
  8. sanjx

    New OEM exhaust fitted advice....

    Last Feb to now for a standard E60/61 exhaust? Who repaired the car? Sounds like the it's the wrong exhaust, fitted incorrectly or something more. I would be getting it on a ramp at a specialist and asking their opinion.
  9. sanjx


    I'm having the same problem, recently purchased the cable and software from a well known auction site from a UK seller. They haven't replied yet but when they do, happy to share the fix (that's if they do or it's neg feedback time, paid extra £7 for a Uk seller hoping for better support!)
  10. sanjx

    20” Alloys

    Valid point above, check the tyre sizes. I've just put some winters on my F01 and had to go from 245/45 to 245/50 sizes to maintain speedo calibration. The 6 may have different tyre sizes to the F10/11 even if the alloy offset and rim size is the same.
  11. sanjx

    F10 Sun visor replacement DIY

    Great guide Would it be worth smashing out the remainder of the broken mirror from the old, glueing in a replacement and then putting it on eBay? Should get some money back and to be fair, it won't be far off stock as the removal of the old mirror will mean the new glued in one doesn't sit proud. Just a thought (I suggest that but if it was me, it would end up on the pile of things to fix or put on eBay and lay their for the next 12 months!)
  12. sanjx

    F07 buying advice

    The F07 and F01 have alot in common, I would be considering a F01 if the requirement for boot space isn't that much. Alot more standard features and you'll be able to pick up an AUC LCI for not much outside your budget. The comfort seats are sublime and it really is an armchair on wheels, not just for the driver and passenger but also for those in the rear seats!
  13. sanjx

    All the best....

    Happy New Year folks, hope 2019 brings with it health and wealth!
  14. sanjx

    Wiring help please

    Really should get an alternative spark in to do this for you. He/She will be able to put an external junction box and potentially T off that incoming supply to feed both light unit's if the fuse is suitable (that picture show's only a L and N so I'm guessing you've got a LED unit or something which is double insulated or whatever it's called and doesn't need an earth. Your new/additional unit may require an earth also). Our lighting has not only it's own RCB but there is also fused spurs for each light near each to allow independent isolation. You may wish to have this done also so if one light has a problem, it doesn't knock both of them out of action at the RCB Even if it's tomorrow or Monday you get someone in to do the job, they'll be able to pick up the bits and bobs required from Wickes or somewhere, nothing specialist really. External lighting is very different to external CCTV. CCTV runs of Ethernet or Co-ax and doesn't need a spark to be compliant I don't believe as it's not subject to the same rules but I'm not a spark and don't know the full rules.
  15. sanjx

    Dip/main has turned pink!

    Guessing its a Xenon headlight as they turn pink when failing. Simple bulb replacement will fix it To be sure, could swap bulb from other side to check the pink follows Many upgrades available, Osram CBI use to have good rep last time I looked in to replacement bulbs