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  1. sanjx

    Ordered than new 530e yet?

    haha how that cracked me up. Eggcelent idea!
  2. sanjx

    From E39 To E65 - anyone done this move?

    Absolutely, I'm still looking for the right F10 M5. I'm hoping the value's will drop further as the new G series becomes common place. The values at present where dropping by around £1k/month and the 7 will hopefully lose less so I took the plunge. Beauty of this plan being that the F01 doesn't fit in the garage but the F10 would....and the garage is empty so SWMBO has no objections to a second car (at the moment)
  3. sanjx

    From E39 To E65 - anyone done this move?

    I've just gone F10 to F01 (similiar move as E39 to E65 only a generation newer). To be honest, F01 feels better screwed together and most certainly more luxury BUT the dynamic of the 5 as a balanced machine was better. The F01 is good, can be sporty and isn't a slouch but the F10 was just everything you need for comfort, sporty and well a general all round car. Then again, i'm still getting acustomed to the F01 so I'm sure the love will grow
  4. sanjx

    1 series reverse gear

    I've found with the 1 series (I had a 118i on an 18 plate as a courtesy car last week) that hand placement was key. I struggled at first but it was because the palm of my hand was at my "normal" bmw height. I had to have almost only half my palm on the gear stick in order to get enough leverage to put it in reverse. Worth a try?
  5. sanjx

    Best courtesy car ever!

    stunning the 540i is. I really wanted one but settled on the F01 730d as it was cheaper and still suited my needs. The G series all have the same style and are finally back to looking like a line up form BMW and not a random mash up of designs. I really do think the G series styling is back to BMW of the 80's!
  6. sanjx

    Android and Spotify?

    could you not get one of those cheap eBay or other bluetooth receivers which plug in to the aux and give a universal bluetooth portal to any phone. They work quite well and i've seen them working with android using youtube, spotify and other apps. Just ensure you get one which has a forward/backward button and built in mic as you don't want to be handling your phone while driving.
  7. Cotswold who are forum sponsor and offer a discount and free P&P. There's a special sub-section for them towards the top of the home page Also have a look at BMW-Service.co.u, depending upon the age of your car, you may qualify for the value service which is discounted. On some models, it's cheaper to have the work done by BMW than it is to buy the parts so do it yourself.
  8. Sainsburys premium unleaded is decent and doesn't cost the earth. Worth keeping in mind for when fuel prices are high and vPower costs about the same as a bottle of wine - i know which I would rather have!
  9. sanjx

    Alarm System

    Talking of alarms and sorry to hi jack the thread. I've found some old posts online about E90's being fitted with a shock sensor to the original ultrasonic wiring. Anyone tried this on an Fxx model? Seem's a good idea to enhance the functionality of the alarm and it would make it easier to test the alarm (tedious way of linking my post to this thread). Link to thread http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=45815
  10. Another vote for tar remover. I used tardis soaked make up removal pads. Leave them on the weight/sticky for about 15mins before scraping off lightly.
  11. sanjx

    Thames Valley Diag Software Support

    Not that I can help with the software but have you tried the ear test? They make a faint clicking noise when working. You do have to get quite close with your ear but you'll be able to hear the difference with the faulty one. HTH
  12. sanjx

    Buying part worn tyres

    in my student days i've also relied on part worns to contribute towards keeping costs of running the cars I had down. My decent cars have always had brand new but "station" cars have had part worns. Now I i'm full time employed, I only ever buy new. Part worns have their place but eyes wide open and trustworthy places only. Plenty in Birmingham who will stamp the tyre in front of you and pass you a tissue to wipe it whilst it's still wet if you want to.
  13. Don't forget to get a couple of coats of wheel black on the rubber before putting them back on, nothing beats a tidy coat of tyre black (especially when you know the inside has been done and no one will ever see it - weird sort of satisfaction plus nourishes the rubber but don't forget the tyre valve! lol)
  14. sanjx

    Anyone identify this ?

    Didn't know that! learn something new every day
  15. sanjx

    Anyone identify this ?

    I'd be tempted to undertake a coffee table project. Looks immaculate (apart from what looks like a weight on the front?)