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  1. I've never used Noel but only ever heard positive things. I've used driver transmissions twice with BMW's and one with a VW and each time they've been spot on.
  2. Have you considered a F30? I would be going F01 as even the basic ones have everything. The 520d you'll want to avoid the dodgy timing chain issue which means your well in to decent F30 territory or older but more well spec'd F01.
  3. Back in an ‘M’...

    Lovely colour scheme and engine to match. Congrats!
  4. Immobilizer Code

    BMW ahead of the game in the E39, would be useful now to have that feature with all the thefts of newer ones!
  5. Check out the spec on this F11!

    The plate being LX - normally isn't it police and authority vehicles (in the majority) which have an X as the second character? Wonder if it was used for VIP authority transport hence the spec?
  6. Considering a 'vert

    Had an e46 330Ci few years and wife had a B6 A4 vert 1.8t. Both nice but the A4 felt more spacious inside, however the E46 nicer to drive. Boot was tiny with roof down and doors huge! If i was looking again, I would be considering a 6 series esp when planning to be used 4 up. I'm quite tall so no one could realistically sit behind me for any length of time in the E46. What about something with a panoramic roof? Perhaps an X5 with pan roof and the 4.4 petrol engine?
  7. New Roof or Repair

    The oracle has spoken and I would be taking his advice! Would it be worth putting a velux style window in to let some light in to the loft? Or even a light tunnel to any darker area's. Also consider ventilation, would it be worthwhile putting a ventilation outlet in? We have positive input ventilation in our's and got to say, it keeps moisture down, no condensation on windows even when cooking and i don't think we could be without. I'm no ventilation engineer though!
  8. Immobilizer Code

    From memory on an old E39 I had, there was an option in the Nav screen to set a code. Can't remember what it did now but it would ask when you wanted to start the car. Perhaps the low battery triggered this? Just a thought and apologies if it's nonsense, been a while since I had an E39.
  9. F10 p/x values.

    Quite low that but there is alot of F10's being chopped in for G30's so unsurprising really that dealer value's are low. Have you tried Tootle? With such a low mileage and being so new, would be surprised if Tootle doesn't beat that. It's free and only takes a few minutes to upload your car. With regard the price of the new car, got to be some movement. Of course it depends on spec/mileage/desirability but 5% off the asking price for a used retail car should be attainable.
  10. Maybe the original plate being registered on the system is pulling some sort of loyalty discount and reflecting that the car's currently covered by warranty. I would go with the lower excess, it'll only take a couple of claims to recoup the difference and you won't be worrying about claims coming in at less than the excess for smaller items but thats just my opinion.
  11. Car feels better after service

    It could be the air filter or that throttle adaption or other settings have been reset which has made the car feel fresh. It's amazing how dirty the air filters can get with such long intervals.
  12. Help to identify Service Inclusive

    To be fair though, BMW servicing isn't that bad. I've looked at E63 AMG vs BMW M5 vs RS6 and the BMW is most certainly the cheapest from a running cost point of view. My F10 cost me very little more than a VW Passat for example. Horses for courses really but if he purchased it for the badge, atleast the residual value will be better* than a corsa SXI or whatever they are called of a similar age now and when he comes to sell it *assumption, i've always assumed anything vauxhall/citroen/peugeot depreciate very quick in comparison to BMW/Audi/Merc
  13. Upcoming Service

    2012 should be eligible for the value line servicing which gives cheaper prices. Don't forget, the prices quoted on bmw-service are indicative, you can always ask for a discount when having a number of items carried out (and play dealers off against each other).
  14. Upcoming Service

    How old is the car?