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  1. I remembered you'd had and liked them while we were standing next to it on the stand! Im not to worried about the lack of power as even the turbo would be a fair bit slower than the M5 - looking forward to darting about in alight and nimble car. The car I miss most is the 318iS Touring I had from Jamie and that was light with 140bhp Picking it up from North Yorkshire on the 9th so got a nice 7 hour drive home to get to know it! Now to sit back and wait for older forum members to make wise cracks about not wrapping around a lam post on the way home.........................
  2. Brown velour is the best bit!
  3. So Dad and I thourogly enjoyed the classic car show again at the NEC last week - Richard Ps M1 was stunning and as always there was lots to drool over This year was slightly different as we accidently came home with more than we bargained for. Wed been planning on buying another car together has we haven't done a joint venture since the e28 M5 - classic car show was a good place to go to have a look at some cars on our list. TVR 3500 or Tamsin - maybe even a chimera e34 M5 perhaps lotus of some sort maybe Anyway, long story short we ended up putting deposit down on a 944 - another car we've talked about lots. Car is an early 1985 2.5 with 41k on the clock and fpsh Porsche club concours winner and in lovely condition. Comes with original alloys as well as those in the pics which are wider period alloys and has always worn the '944 FRA' plate It featured in the 924/944 bible written by Peter Morgan and there's a copy in the boot! Love the colour (Kalahari Metallic) and the awesome 80s brown velour interior. Looking forward to picking it up and enjoying some slower but nimble fun! And one of Dad looking slightly sick as we contemplate explaining this to my mum whose last words out the door were "don't buy a car!"
  4. Thank you - 13mm all round! lowered 35mm at the front on h&r
  5. My E26!

    Saw the M1 in the flesh today - looked amazing! Really awesome car!
  6. e61 M5

    Now you’ve had it on for a while - what’s the verdict?
  7. Had the M5 in for a tidy up and a few details: Front bumper re-sprayed Kidney and side grills sprayed contrasting body coloured / frozen black Black M5 badge Detailed + ppf on back bumper Engine steam cleaned Full wheel refurb Oh, and the engine cover done to match the Indianapolis red leather Took to many pics but sorry not sorry!!
  8. e61 M5

    Wagons rule! Just ordered and H&S zaust myself and waiting for the call that it's ready. Glad you're happy with the sound as its made it easier to placate my wife who kept saying "you've never even heard it!"
  9. M5 Touring update

    You on bmw M5 group on fb - useful bunch
  10. M5 Touring update

    I missed a whole debate on modding! Sorry guys! this is the first car where I've felt the oem wheels really do it justice. They're BBS and have a lovely concave on them. i did fall in love with some rotiforms but they turned out to be 2K a wheel!
  11. M5 Touring update

    Ha! Yes, managed 364 days longer crash free with this M5.............
  12. M5 Touring update

    You'll be the first to know Dennis!
  13. M5 Touring update

    Every morning I start it up and let it warm up - I can hear it going through it's warm up tune as I do my teeth - makes me grin every time. It's incredibly comfy and the ride is beautifully supple. The seats are gorgeous and mine has the bmw individual Hi-fi which is epic. I always drive it in manual - either paddles or stick - auto really is as bad as they say! Thing is It's not a chore and you're connected to one of the greatest engines ever built! Took me about 6 months to learn to pull off smoothly but now I can town driving is a doddle. Obviously 11-13mpg round town isn't great but you get used to it and I've bought an xc90 on lpg for family work so M5 is down to my commute and playing which is maybe 100-200 miles a month. When you want it to be it is epic though! Go go out regularly with a mate in an f10 M5 and obviously he roasts me for low down grunt, but I've noticed he often has his window down so he can hear the V10! If it's not coming across already - I love it! Was really worried it wasn't going to feel special every day, it hasn't disappointed in the slightest!
  14. M5 Touring update

    Ha! Always wanting more you Dennis! Maybe be when the right wheels turn up but for now it looks pretty much spot on.
  15. Not been around for a while. Had the Touring a year now - love it completely. Not sure we'll ever part! Most work has been preventative maintenance like having the big end bearings done and a few bits tidied up. Also lowered the front on h&r springs and replaced all the chrome with black.