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  1. M5 valet today. Results

    What a beaut
  2. New e28 Purchase / steering wheel help

    That's correct as I understand it Dunc. I guess it gives you a wider choice if you really wanted to change the column. I have a coarse tech1 in my garage, but I want to keep it as have an Alpina wheel in mine and if/when I sell it I may want to put it back.
  3. New e28 Purchase / steering wheel help

    You have a steering box not a rack and not worth the aggro. I am sure you will be able to find one. I reckon £50 was pretty good, I would guess that a coarse one may be slightly dearer as less about Besides the bus wheel is cool
  4. New e28 Purchase / steering wheel help

    Hi mate, Lovely looking car Welcome to the shark club ! Coarse splines up to Sept 85 fine splines after...mine is April 85 and has coarse
  5. How many/what's your E28

  6. How many/what's your E28

    Cheers Simon, how is she running now? If you like, send me the chassis numbers and I add them
  7. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Very nice Clem, well done mate
  8. How many/what's your E28

    Just reading through this again as I have just picked up the E28 register for the car club. For those of you that are still on here and would be interested can you send me some details on your E28s for the register. Please send a mail to : "e28register@bmwcarclubgb.co.uk" Model Exterior Colour Interior Colour Chassis no. Registration Car club member y/n Any other details Cheers :)
  9. Back in an ‘M’...

    Lovely, I really like that Tom. Much more subtle than all the shouty colours you normally see. I drove this one recently at our local dealership, was good fun
  10. Car club meet Sunday

    Yes, it's a car club micro meet, at the Red Lion pub next door to ML.
  11. Car club meet Sunday

    Wow, that's a great thread. Will have to share it with my mate who owns the 911 !
  12. Car club meet Sunday

    It was nice that B7. 300k on that 911, what model is it ? I currently have the use of a 996 C4 and not sure how it would cope with intergalactic mileage...
  13. Car club meet Sunday

    I went down to a Bmw Car Club meeting at the Red Lion pub down in East Sussex at the weekend. There were quite a few 5's in attendance, although I took the M3 for a blast Here are some piccys... This was my car of the day though a stunning machine ! Were any other 5 forumites there ? A group of M5s turned up as well so some may be on here.
  14. Goblin Works Garage, thoughts?

    I really enjoy Bitchin Rides (Kindig Customs) too, seem to build nice quality machines, not always to my taste but no daft deadlines etc. The wait to get in there workshop has gone up from a year before show to 4 years now ! I will check out this Goblin works thing on catchup and see what it's like...
  15. Complicated dashboard light issue, Help please!

    You get more replies, but none make any sense Glad you got it sorted, nice when you fix something like that yourself.