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  1. Welcome along mate
  2. II saw them a fairly recently with their newest line-up and they were great. I liked the new front man, Jet Black was too ill and old to play. Seeing Weller too in April oddly enough !
  3. Usually do when driving it Now to fix that smashed light and get it sorted for an MOT.
  4. Collected it from storage at the weekend and back in it's new home So good to drive it after so long (again) !
  5. Best of luck with the move Rick
  6. My missus has a 2003 1.3 vvti and it's been superb. We bought it with 28k and full history 4 years ago and have literally paid for servicing and tyres.
  7. Don't worry it's miles away so even if I was tempted I couldn't !
  8. I phoned up the place where mine has been in storage whilst my garage is being built. Apparently it's all ok but missing me Not as much as I am missing it though...
  9. Well he has begrudgingly accepted the Enviroboards stuff... so I will use that. Construction starts early December hopefully !
  10. Nice work My man cave is coming along slowly too... flooring looks good. I was thinking about painting my concrete, was the tiling very expensive ? it looks great btw.
  11. That stuff was suggested by BC and is even dearer than the masterboard which looks like what I am going to have to use. Just enquiring about this stuff to see if it has a BBA cerficiation. http://www.fireboards.co.uk/?gclid=CjwKEAiAr4vBBRCG36e415-_l1wSJAAatjJZ5-KAhE99Frw0P2kj0WwPD3ndZ2CTF5QcWbMgVTPVKRoC3hHw_wcB
  12. Unfortunately they won't accept either of those products... On the multiboard: "I've checked the British Gypsum website and the only semi exposed applications the board is acceptable for are eaves, canopies and carport underlining. I presume, therefore, it is not recommended where there is a risk of moisture penetration through any cladding. Please ensure that any board achieves the 30 minutes period of fire resistance and is adequate for the proposed application." On the Hardi board: "This backer board is more suited to internal applications in wet areas. The BBA Certificate only meets requirement B2. It needs to meet B3 to demonstrate the required level of fire resistance." Grrr I am asking British Gypsum direct if the Multi-board can be used under the FC cladding.
  13. ^^^ Yes it will have the Hardiplank on the top of it. All very over the top, as were the 750mm trench footings, they wanted 1m but I got them the relent slightly... it's not going anywhere in a hurry !
  14. Cheers, will suggest to building control and make sure they are happy with it.