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  1. Cleaned mine up for Bromley on Saturday, show was Sunday and also flipping hot !
  2. Just a tad on the hot side !
  3. No his is standard size, just filled with my stuff from the house move !
  4. Indeed, you will never have enough space... I still have another shed with a load of bits, plus an M30B34 lump, a 3.64 large case LSD, doors, boot, and 2 sets of wheels in my fathers garage !!! I need to clear out....
  5. Thanks, it's coming along ! I have now got rid of my temporary storage so a lot of stuff has gone in there that will need to be moved/sold, the workshop end is full of stuff which needs to either be sold or given away ! May post a few items on here at some point... I have power and a little lighting, but my bro in law (sparky) is doing it in his own time between work etc so it's taking a while so I still have a number of sockets and lights to go up. Started tidying outside and making it look a bit more presentable. I need to get rid of some of the extra furniture, celotex sheets, Porsche Techart wheels etc as soon as I can and then get my tools and spares organised over the winter.
  6. Whatever next, body butter on your coolant pipework Seriously...sounds like a good idea - especially if you have to leave it outside alot
  7. Sounds a nightmare Tom! You at least have control, and have a nice space to look forward to
  8. Tart!
  9. This was getting it cleaned up for the run to the Fort Nelson meet, then it got dirty thanks to a shower and wet roads on the way so now needs doing properly again. Pictured with it's new ///M buddy
  10. Was a good day, never been overtaken so much on the way to or from a meet before so that was a new experience....Racing stripes clearly do not add any bhp Was good to meet some new people and see some familiar faces More pics here: http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/topic/127454-bmws-at-fort-nelson-27th-may/#comment-1369846
  11. Here are my pics from the day. Thanks to all who turned out in the cold !!! With Jeremy (Style5) before we set off for a nice sedate drive to meet Jamie, Chris and Justin It's quick that M5.18 At the Fort
  12. Weather forecast looks a bit better now than it did earlier too
  13. Can I add an extra E28 to the list please Mick: 1. Ordnator - E28 525e - Diamantschwartz Metallic with Bridge of Weir burnt Orange leather comfort interior. 2. Mrs Ordnator - E28 525e - Zobelbraun Metallic with pearlbeige leather comfort interior. 3. Hippy - E39 Touring 4. Sharkfan - E24/E34/E38 something 5. jam172 either e28 528i or e12 M535i If it's raining the e12 starts fizzing 6. Loadmaster E39 7. trenchy24 - E28 528i (jam 172) 8. donjuan - E28 M5 9. Guy - E28 525e (informally known as Duncan) (the Eta not Guy) 10. Splondike - E28 M535i - Agate green with pearlbeige leather sports interior 11. garym535i - E28 M535i - Arctisblau Metallic with pacific cloth sport interior 12. Captain Beaky - The Little Donkey 525e - Silver with a bit of this and a little of that. 13. Mrs Beaky - An E39 possibly something else 14. Jut 535i - E28 M535i 15. weber magic - E28 (TBD) 16. abs_83 - E28 518i Alpineweise 17. BarryM - Alpina B10 V8 18. Inluvwithmy1602 - E28 525e - Zinnobar Red with black houndstooth cloth comfort interior 19. E28Ben - E28 528i 20. Panda - E28 520i Lux (M20B25 EFI) 21. Arif - E28 M535i 22. DiggedyE28 - E28 525e - Dolphin Grey 23. Style5 - E28 M5.18 with dodgy racing stripes and troublesome interior lighting
  14. Looks a nice place to sit Andy...can't beat having all that space, that's why I love my old truck I suspect Kev will be happy with your choice