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  1. Managed to get the light back together and clean up all round the front whilst it was apart. Now re-assembled: On to checking over the brakes and taking for an MOT
  2. Cheers mate. I have finally got around to starting to fix my headlight that smashed on the way to Gaydon last year. It was obviously quite hefty as it dented the chrome headlight surround as well as shattering the glass !
  3. I am up for Bromley, away for Uxbridge and may be up for Gaydon if the car club change the formula this year.
  4. Yes, hoping to make it this time Mick.
  5. Love it when new parts show up Powder coating sounds like a good idea.
  6. OMG what happened Sam ? Looks like she did a good job of protecting you ! Gutted to see mate
  7. Yeah, well pleased. I think the original was built by a chap who owned a gentelman's outfitters and he used alot of doors in the odd construction. Then my father-in-law replaced some of those walls with brick and blockwork over the years.
  8. Welcome and nice aquisition
  9. Oh, and here is my old garage for a giggle !
  10. So, I moved house just over a year ago and the new place had potential to build a decent area for storage and general tinkering so I made this part of the deal with my better half for moving to the house she wanted. The garage in place was full of asbestos panels and was in general disrepair so it needed to come down. Firstly I got the car put into storage in September with a great chap called Andy of Sussex Classic car storage and it was in some good company with a 911 GT3 and an old Aston. In terms of the build I wanted a wooden construction and a good friend of mine works for a company that build lovely oak buildings so I decided to get him to build it. The garage space is 12 x 3.5m and the workshop is 5 x 3.5m. As some of you know I had problems with it being on the boundary and to satisfy building control the boundary wall has fireboard on the inside, an exterior fireboard on the outside and hardiplank boards on the top of that - all quite costly as it's a 17m run. The Garage before had a 5.5 x 2.5 garage and a 3 x 3.5 workshop area and here it was: I then got the asbestos removed and whilst I had the specialised skip I then set about demolishing the rest of the structure. Asbestos removed: Demolition by me: I removed all the wood/plastic and glass and then handed over to the groundworks people. They demolished the rest Then they started digging the 750mm trench for the foundations: Then built the foundations It then stayed like this until the new year when my mate was free to measure up, make the building and then come and erect it. The main structure up: This is the boundary wall and you can see the fireboard. I then set about installing the Hardiplank boards with another mate. So this is what my very understanding neighbour sees. Then followed doors, guttering etc: Inside garage Inside workshop Now I set-about installing Celotex insulation and fireboard on the boundary wall and elected for OSB board for the rest of the inside and ceiling to keep the costs in check ! http://i4.photobucket.com/albums/y110/ Splondike/Man%20Cavern%20or%20Barn/20170212_162641_zps5puebtwp.jpg[/IMG] Now the insulation and boarding is up we have started the electrics (lots of lights and sockets!) and the car is back and furnishing it with my man stuff can begin... I have built a loft space in both ends and am currently moving my stuff back in. Updates to follow ! I hope you like it, as usual with me nothing is straighforward, but I love the space and it's warm and cosy with lots of space to tinker. Maybe need another BMW to fill the space
  11. Cool project
  12. I will try and do as many as I can again. Hopefully we can sort Uxbridge as it was always a good day, hopefully Bromley in the one make parking again. Miss the trackdays too, must get myself a trackable steed sorted in the next few months... I am looking
  13. Indeed
  14. I had tried to erase those memorys !!! Azmontana, see my project thread. Best of luck with your build
  15. Bloody noobs