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  1. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    He sounds like a guru, you should take his advice... if he read it on the internet then it's definitely true
  2. Recorded, will watch it this evening hopefully...it's around episode 4 of a new series.
  3. Splondike's M535i Project

    I use it whenever I get the chance, it goes to quite a few shows, meets and to work when the weather is nice. Mileage is limited to 3k on the policy and of course I have the M3 as well so it may be used a little less Dan.
  4. Splondike's M535i Project

    Finished putting the thread all back together now, took a while ! But it was good to be reminded of all I have been through with the car and all the work I have done !!! Here are some previously unseen shots from before I owned it circa 2005 and some comparison shots with how it is now. You can decide if it's better or worse Wearing 15 inch E34 rims back in the day... Engine bay before many ups and downs ! Original Pearl Beige cloth...
  5. Splondike's M535i Project

    I have re-one back to page 17... will plod on later. Here are a few pics from Munich Legends "Legends in the fall" meet earlier in the month.
  6. Splondike's M535i Project

    Going to start putting this thread back together since photobastard ruined it.... going to take me a while mind ! Here are some pics from the local Car Club Micro-Region meet last month.
  7. Kit's E34 535i

    Very nice old thing mate Good luck with the move !

    Amazed it's still in one piece, hope you manage to get it back mate !
  9. What have you done on your E28 this week........

    Good to see it out and about mate
  10. Here are some piccies from the day in the gallery. http://forum.bmw5.co.uk/gallery/album/798-gaydon-2017/
  11. P1170291.JPG

    From the album Gaydon 2017

  12. P1170290.JPG

    From the album Gaydon 2017