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  1. Thank you, feel free to pm me mate
  2. Just seen this... welcome along Sounds like you are focussing on the all the right stuff.
  3. I knew that was coming Ja Not sure I have time to arrange anything as I am off on hols soon, but will do what I can...I will start a list of those interested: 1. Splondike 2. Jam172 3. +1 4. +2
  4. Is anyone interested in going or actually going this year ? We may not have time to arrange a stand at this stage.... with that in mind does anyone have a stand a few of us can jump on ? If not someone will have to get a forum stand together
  5. Cheers for the help Si, that E36 one was the right one. My experience with them was totally different to yours, they could have done a pattern one for £300 so we went for a refurbed one, was with me within a week for £190 delivered, aircon is now ice cold once more
  6. Best of luck with it all Mick
  7. Cleaned mine up for Bromley on Saturday, show was Sunday and also flipping hot !
  8. Just a tad on the hot side !
  9. No his is standard size, just filled with my stuff from the house move !
  10. Indeed, you will never have enough space... I still have another shed with a load of bits, plus an M30B34 lump, a 3.64 large case LSD, doors, boot, and 2 sets of wheels in my fathers garage !!! I need to clear out....
  11. Thanks, it's coming along ! I have now got rid of my temporary storage so a lot of stuff has gone in there that will need to be moved/sold, the workshop end is full of stuff which needs to either be sold or given away ! May post a few items on here at some point... I have power and a little lighting, but my bro in law (sparky) is doing it in his own time between work etc so it's taking a while so I still have a number of sockets and lights to go up. Started tidying outside and making it look a bit more presentable. I need to get rid of some of the extra furniture, celotex sheets, Porsche Techart wheels etc as soon as I can and then get my tools and spares organised over the winter.
  12. Whatever next, body butter on your coolant pipework Seriously...sounds like a good idea - especially if you have to leave it outside alot
  13. Sounds a nightmare Tom! You at least have control, and have a nice space to look forward to
  14. Tart!
  15. This was getting it cleaned up for the run to the Fort Nelson meet, then it got dirty thanks to a shower and wet roads on the way so now needs doing properly again. Pictured with it's new ///M buddy