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  1. Im in love with it
  2. I am mate, she got it spot on! Now she wants to go to New York!
  3. There are lots of mobile smart repair companies that specialise in this, going through your insurance will just cost you more in the long run
  4. My wife took me there for my 30th a few years back and I was in heaven, I managed to get a factory tour too- well worth it
  5. I know, what I'm saying is that your Bluetooth one wont work because the carly one uses wifi connection- not Bluetooth I've got the gen 2 one, its completely different to what you have pictured
  6. I don't think its plug and play, there will be coding to do to make the lights work, the fronts will need to be coded too and the wiring is slightly different, the dealer probably couldn't find them because he would have been putting your car details into the system which of course would be telling him its got the pre lci lights, you want to order the lci retrofit kit
  7. No other adapters will work with carly because their plug in uses a wifi connection and not Bluetooth, unlike all other generic obd plugins
  8. I really like the new show, they are doing a really good job so far, they look like they have a good relationship building and the content is pretty good so far, still not a patch on the old top gear, but they had over a decade to become friends and have the chemistry that most enjoyed
  9. yep, got it in mine aswell, noticed it after 2 months of ownership, it was one of things I was disappointed with as I thought it didn't have one unlike all my other cars
  10. I really like the colour, nothing wrong with a bit of colour in the cabin, the finish is superb too.
  11. I would echo going for the tdv8, the v6 as it ages is becoming plagued with bottom end problems, which is a body off job to get to
  12. Im on there, its terrible, I am also on the e39 one which is actively moderated so no real bitchiness, this one however is bad- god forbid you have a different opinion to someone on there and the snobbery is pretty bad
  13. Yeah, I have the cd changer. I just wondered as everything else on these things need bloody coding
  14. Good job I didn't ask you to pay for them then.