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  1. The grand tour

    Definitely enjoyed watching it, so good to see the three of them messing around again was great, the way they glossed over Hammond stacking it was funny. The drag race between them was eye opening, I couldn’t believe how much faster the leccy car was over a 700 odd hp lambo!!!!!!
  2. Fitting LED day time lights

    Please don’t do this, they always look absolutely terrible and even worse when one decides to stop working
  3. You sure those large gaps are not the missing trims that always seem to go missing as they only clip in. As far as I knew the radar is is a circular thing and there is just the one part of it in the grille rather than two bits
  4. What will you do in ThanksGiving Day?

    Yeah, thanks giving isn’t really a thing here so other than what we’ve seen on tv, we don’t really know
  5. Engine bay strut.

    Is it really composite? Thats intresting and annoying as one of mine has a crack in it which is slightly alarming
  6. Battery and IBS

    As you’ve bought it and winter on its way, I’d be inclined to keep the 110 battery
  7. BMW E38 740D BI-TURBO

    It was something to do with the rhd steering column being in the way and also, I suspect they probably didn’t see enough of a market for it to warrant the re engineering. Absolute shame as I would have loved one myself
  8. BMW main dealer stickers?

    Pukar are brilliant, he can do any bmw dealer stuff you want, send them a message telling him what you want and he will sort it, he did my bmw U.K. reg plates for me to replace the nasty ones that were on my e60
  9. Beautiful 21k mile E34 525i

    That is lovely
  10. It's almost upon us....

    I absolutely cannot wait for this
  11. Where to find these grilles?

    Mstyle do those
  12. I had my gearbox software looked at, and the guy said to me that the latest software can cause the gearbox to slam into gear and he’s seen a lot of cars that have been reverted to the newest- but one. Seems something to bear in mind
  13. For anyone else’s info regarding the o ring, if you order the stat from the dealer, it comes with an O ring
  14. BMW E39 Breaking Parts Left.

    Hi, do you have the head unit available?
  15. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    It’s irritating how American the show has become- it’s so far away from its home garage mechanic roots that made people like it in the first place