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  1. Wheeler Dealers Series 14

    It’s irritating how American the show has become- it’s so far away from its home garage mechanic roots that made people like it in the first place
  2. Tesla mating display

    Saw this the other day, made me chuckle 827180BA-115D-4788-BE57-C38C98FF9D44.MP4
  3. Top bombing....

  4. E39 rear lights all the same?

    The 2002 will be a facelift so will have the led celis bars in them
  5. Engine carbon cleaning- Worth it?

    It’s interesting you had it 'cleaned' yet discovered later that the engine was still dirty inside, this is what mak s me steer clear, I’ve not yet seen enough positive reviews to look at it as nothing but a placebo treatment
  6. That's it for petrol....

    The 760 impressed me bearing in mind the weight It carries
  7. BMW Recalls

    They will still do it as it’s a safety item so it has to be done, you might find the older ones have already been done.
  8. Caliper Painting

    Please don’t hang them by the brake line............
  9. TCU Module

    I’m looking to fit a hidden switch in line that I can stop the power to the obd port when its not being used, therefore stopping any scum taking the car, and it also won’t cost a fortune
  10. That’s the X7 concept, not the X5 lol
  11. Would you sell your e39 for an e38??

    I loved my e38 728, I only got rid of it because a new job meant I lost my company van and needed a car for the commute and the 7 would have been bonkers thirsty. Id have another in a heartbeat
  12. High mileage e39 530d yes or no

    Mine was on 184k on an auto box, worked beautifully up until I sold it
  13. 535d trip to the lakes

    Everything was tight, but I double checked anyway, I think it was just a glitch, other than that- as you say, these cars are simply superb on a run and I enjoyed the drive up and thought it went rather quickly
  14. 535d trip to the lakes

    Just returned home to south London from our trip to the Lake District and what a journey companion 2 adults, a three month old with all his bits, pram, travel cot, our suitcases, car seat all swallowed with ease in the car. I thouroghly enjoyed the drive up in this car, it simply does everything so well, plodding along at 75/80 on the cruise, or needing to overtake or climb the steep hills in the Lake District, it just did it with ease. There and back with the running around in between visiting places was done on a tank and a half, about 730 miles or so, not sure on the mpg as I wasn't really looking. For committed city folk like us, the views and the place were fantastic and I'd happily do it again. We did have one scare up a particularly steep road in a high place with no phone signal up in the clouds, the steering went heavy with the active steering failure bong, then the engine started spluttering, the dash lit up like a Christmas tree, transmission warnings all over the place with nowhere to pull over out of the way. Managed to get to a lay by, turned off, not sure if it would even restart and disconnected the battery, with that many warnings something told me that was the first place to look, reconnected and started the car up and all was well again and carried on faultlessly. I can only put it down to the fact that I put a new battery in a couple days before and registered it using Carly, my concern then was that I put a 95amp battery in as that was what was in the car previously but the Carly app does not list 95, only 90 then 110 but I thought I will just go with what I can at the time which was the 90 option. Other than that the battery is charging fine and holding charge and I'm not getting any discharge messages so I'm putting it down to a hiccup. Other than that it was superb and I got out of the car feeling like I had just gone to the local shops and not just driven 5 hours. For our first proper road trip in the car I was happier than a pig in poo with it and made me realise I bought the right car! Devon next in November hopefully then maybe Scotland next year!
  15. RIP Keith (Urquattro)

    No way. He was one of the standout names I remember first seeing when I joined here all those years ago! So sorry to hear that news. Condolences to you and your family!