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  1. I would echo going for the tdv8, the v6 as it ages is becoming plagued with bottom end problems, which is a body off job to get to
  2. Im on there, its terrible, I am also on the e39 one which is actively moderated so no real bitchiness, this one however is bad- god forbid you have a different opinion to someone on there and the snobbery is pretty bad
  3. Yeah, I have the cd changer. I just wondered as everything else on these things need bloody coding
  4. Good job I didn't ask you to pay for them then.
  5. As above guy on fb, £80 a set, not cheap but I didn't really care how much they were
  6. are these units plug and play?
  7. Not done today, but recently, I fitted some side skirt extensions, very subtle but work well in my eyes (you can just see the thin black strips under the side skirts)
  8. ouch! more than likely one of the above as the turbo is on the left hand side of the engine as you stand in front of it
  9. I always had 55w kits in my past cars with no issues, with regards to the MOT, that is true but by now most- if not all places will pass the lights as long as the beam is right, some might mention it in the advisories, in our case the presence of the headlamp wash system is usually enough for them to just pass a car. you would be very unfortunate to fail for this these days with so many cars running HID kits
  10. mine does this too, no ill effects, seems do drive and stop as it should
  11. just does my head in, every year, 'the worst winter ever', usually followed by 'the hottest summer ever' shut up. i'll believe it when I look out the window and see penguins walking past! I love it when in the small print it says 'snow on higher ground' meaning rain for the rest of us! they cant even accurately tell me if its going to rain the next day let alone whats happening 2 months down the line!!!!!
  12. plays for someone in the Scottish premier league?..........
  13. don't we already have an oil temp gauge as such, on the outside of the rev counter?
  14. yes, I find the same, it likes to have a think before it decides that you want to get a move on, unlike sport where it feels like its straining at the lead to go and as soon as you touch the pedal, bang its off!
  15. nice result, I think its better to keep the dpf in place in the long run especially if its working well