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  1. These schemes are pure madness if you go for it, unless you were planning to swap cars anyway, then it just means you'll be putting yourself in debt needlessly, when your original car was all paid for. Just madness
  2. That would have been funny! I don't mind heights but that's just plain silly
  3. To be honest, I didn't think to look at any other options that needed activation, although I didn't see anything that would make me think 'I should tick this too' I just chose the angel eyes as dry option and nada! I will have another look when it stops raining now I know it does actually do something on a pre facelift
  4. How did you get any halo to illuminate, my pre lci doesn't do this with my Carly, I tick it to code, but no results
  5. Absolutely no way on gods green earth would I ever be up there! M legs were going to jelly just watching that 'do you feel the tower moving' well, get the f**k down then!
  6. Ive used them before, no complaints here
  7. Thanks for the heads up Steve, I will do that
  8. Just reading through this- im going to replace both pressure converters on mine as a preventative measure as mine is intermittently running little sluggish, some days it's fast as it should be and other days I feels down on power. Vac hoses have been done so these next
  9. Im in love with it
  10. I am mate, she got it spot on! Now she wants to go to New York!
  11. There are lots of mobile smart repair companies that specialise in this, going through your insurance will just cost you more in the long run
  12. My wife took me there for my 30th a few years back and I was in heaven, I managed to get a factory tour too- well worth it
  13. I know, what I'm saying is that your Bluetooth one wont work because the carly one uses wifi connection- not Bluetooth I've got the gen 2 one, its completely different to what you have pictured
  14. I don't think its plug and play, there will be coding to do to make the lights work, the fronts will need to be coded too and the wiring is slightly different, the dealer probably couldn't find them because he would have been putting your car details into the system which of course would be telling him its got the pre lci lights, you want to order the lci retrofit kit
  15. No other adapters will work with carly because their plug in uses a wifi connection and not Bluetooth, unlike all other generic obd plugins