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  1. cobra_mark

    Choices and more choices

    Well, Gold membership sorted, sent off company car details ready for job start in March (F10 ) have had a few enquires already so will put an add in the classifieds sometime this week.
  2. cobra_mark

    Choices and more choices

    Thanks guys, i'll get the GOLD membership sorted and hold off on the mistress, wife has mean temper Will time it with the swap over to the F10.
  3. cobra_mark

    Choices and more choices

    Okay, its company car F10 for me, 525 will be ditched, wife told me I was being sensible just need to get someting to latch my insurance on to so I don't loose all my no-claims stuff. Company cars are insured by the company What's the best palce to sell the E39 ? Not a gold member here so Pistonheads or Autotrader?
  4. cobra_mark

    Choices and more choices

    Well I would have the company car, and the 525 and the wife's Ford Focus. Currently go in to Manchester on the train and drive the sport at weekends. Don't have room for 3 cars
  5. cobra_mark

    Choices and more choices

    After getting the offer of a job which is the chance of a lifetime I find out it comes with a car. My wife points out too many cars so something has to give. Should I renegotiate for a car allowance and drive the 525? Should I flog it and drive Eco 5 series that comes with the job? Should I divorce the wife and keep both? Tough decisions!
  6. cobra_mark

    Tyre Pressure sensors

    Some plonker when fitting the previous owner a set of rear tyres fitted standard valves so my fronts are with sensors, backs normal. I have the sensors and new valves ready for the next set of rears, however how can I tell if the sensor batteries are spent, I understand they have 7 years life? Any ideas guys?
  7. cobra_mark

    Where is the 'Tracker' on my car!

    The trackers will still give off your location, like these new black boxes that younger drivers install in their cars to get lower premiums. That means your position subject to it being on is traceable. Thanks for all the pointers, didn't feel it poses a real security issue as the installations seem so bespoke. Anyway will look for the antenna and get it off my power source.
  8. cobra_mark

    Where is the 'Tracker' on my car!

    Thanks all, I will go on a voyage of discovery and start at the front working my way through the car. The unit was a tracker retrieve fitted by Tracker International. Will let you all know when I find it.
  9. I have a tracker fitted which as it has been on for over ten years slowly drains my battery (I have a brand new one). The car is fine being left for a week and in daily use starts first time however when left for a fortnight even with a solar charger just drops below the level to crank it over. Any ideas or am I going to have to search in the obvious places?
  10. I had a similar issue in my first e39, the rear cards, went but even after the cards were re-sealed the carpets had sponged up the water and took an age and lots of paper towels to get it gone. Best thing was a really hot summer that sorted it.
  11. cobra_mark

    Cold bottom no more

    Wasn't sure what caused the fuse to blow so shall monitor operation
  12. cobra_mark

    Cold bottom no more

    Finally after 18 month of owning my car I have a warm bum, actually decided to look for the reason why both heated seat lights went on then off. It was fuse 40 it was blown, was looking at an article on fuse 32 issues then thought to take a look, 30A blown. Happy and warm bottomed
  13. cobra_mark

    Chime going off when braking?

    Well I get a random chime after driving for any length of time. Was worried it was something serious but no other symptoms or indications, maybe its the safety belt reminder, and the clicker is getting worn.
  14. cobra_mark

    MOT only front tyres!

    Got through my first MOT since getting my car so was anxious so say the least, put a pait of Michelin pilots on the front and all went well. At 96k who knows what next.
  15. cobra_mark

    528i Sport breezed through another MOT

    Great news, mine is for its M.O.T. On the 23rd, two front tyres going on it, should see it through.