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  1. How has the EU membership worked out for the Greeks, the Irish and the Portugese over the years? Has the promise of greater collective enrichment worked out for them? What is the future for theirs, and many other economies throughout the EU? How do those economic futures affect their Political and Financial futures of those Countries for the years and generations to come. Answer those those questions honestly and I'll ask you a few more questions about the UK's EU involvement that may help you understand why people hold a different view and perspective to you.
  2. If Muller could get through a game without trying a drop shot he could win easily.
  3. I remember my Dad telling me that my 20's would be full of invitations to engagement parties and weddings, my 30's would probably be full of childrens births and birthdays and then half way through my 40's it would be increasing amounts of funerals. He was absolutely right.
  5. Looks immense and it is pricey but although 5 Series Alpina Touring's have never been cheap, they have always been worth it. I have the Great-Grandad and Great-Great-Grandad of this model and I hope one day to get my hands on the Dad, the F11 B5 Bi-Turbo Touring, as a friend who has one has promised me first refusal when, or if, he ever moves on from it. Edit to add; Four wheel drive couldn't be avoided but completely revised front suspension including revised wishbones and re-programmed settings show Alpina has real intent to make the cars handling superb for real world driving.
  6. Too often the expectations of a long life are assumed and taken for granted; 'live each day as if it were your last' seem strong words but the notion should still be thought about no matter how well, safe and secure we may think we all are. In years as a Paramedic I can recall dozens of incidents where heart attacks, headaches, accidents and simple misunderstandings have very suddenly left families without someone who just hours and sometimes minutes before seemed in the best of health and the flush of youth. Try to always depart from your loved ones with their sure and certain knowledge that they are loved and always will be so.
  7. Looks like the Nav drive has given up and the TV tuner is running the monitor.
  8. I'm pretty sure that's not one of the cars you own Richard..... may I guess at an Audi in a rather foreign climate?
  9. 4pm on the school run in Guildford....
  10. For a lot of people this is very much secondary to Mothers Day, and perhaps rightly so? but if you get a chance, call your Dad today. I haven't been able to for six years now and even though I have the sweetest nine year old Daughter to make Fathers Day nice for me, I still miss my Dad.
  11. No picture unfortunately but the B12 was reading 36 degrees at 5pm in Surrey after its MoT; fortunately the air-con was fantastic and I was super-chilly inside.
  12. The all leather Highline interior (a la late E24's) will be sumptuous but I'm not so sure about the M88/3's marriage to the Switchable 4 Speed autobox....
  13. Envy; When your neighbour needs a hand and says he'll pick you up.....
  14. I know Simon's a Touring fan and a few years ago there was a 520i Touring that someone had dropped an M30 3.5 engine into making a one-off 535i Touring; I thought when I saw it that the M30 torque would be well suited to the Touring bodyshell and I suppose a B10 3.5 engine would provide almost 540i levels of grunt.
  15. I have seen this car a few times as the owner is a long time BMW enthusiast who I used to live near to. A set of metric rims and new tyres would see you in a lovely classic seven for high days and holidays; it's a really high spec so lots of toys and very little to mod or play with. IIRC it was on 16" Alpinas and looked stunning.
  16. Hi, Have you got a price for a lower control arm for a 635CSI/M635CSi please, offisde/right hand side and I think the part number is 3112 1 139 992? Many thanks.
  17. Have a look just in front of the gear lever; it's a display for a factory fitted Navigation System, the first I'd heard about for an E34. The car was stunning and despite a starting price of €20k eventually sold around the €7k mark. I do wish I had bought it but it sold just as I was buying the E34 B10 4.6 Touring; tough choice but I had already owned an M5 Touring and ticked it off my bucket list so the Alpina it was.....
  18. That's the one, GeorgeK had maintained it perfectly. GeorgeK, the owner, had a choice of three wheels for the car; the bi-colour pictured above, an amethyst one and a black one.
  19. There was an E34 M5 Touring in almost identical colours; it looked stunning but took an age to sell a few years ago as it was so Marmite.
  20. Interesting article on the BBC regarding the refusal of Muslim Clerics and Communities to carry out any Islamic burial ceremony on known terrorists; I don't suppose for a second it would stop all the atrocities but if it helped a few people on the edge of extremism to think and step back it would be great. It is also great to see a public re-nouncing of the extremist versions of Islam by the mainstream types; I suspect they condemn the extremist types regularly but either the threat of becoming a target themselves and the reluctance of mainstream media to give a greater voice and stage to the moderate voices means this message is too seldom heard.
  21. Unfortunately the issue of faith is intrinsic to the current terrorist threat as both prior to, and during the commiting of the act, an allegiance to a deity is very obviously vocalised by the perpetrators.
  22. Agreed a value with the Insurance Company.
  23. I'm going to be polite because I think from the question you have posted that you have some serious issues with your abilities to correctly observe more than you meant to see. What I saw what was the majority of (perhaps, I cannot confirm as the people weren't asked or interviewed) of Muslims looking incredibly bemused, puzzled, baffled and a few even amused at the spectacle that was going on. Sure, a few of the locals were very upset but in all fairness a dialogue was never attempted; a provocation was, and it succeeded. So what did this stunt achieve? Any kind of awareness for either religion or culture? Any kind of conversation? Any level of increasing understanding at all? Did it in fact just provoke further mis-understanding, alienation on both sides, and perhaps provoke further issues which may in fact lead to recent events. The stunt was stupid in the extreme, posting the video of it is pretty provocative in itself and I think you must try really hard to figure out why you did it?
  24. I'd rather drop a 3.5 M30 into an E30 for shits and giggles than pay the asking price for that.
  25. You really are seeking the depths of stupidity now aren't you? Comparing a solo psychopathic hammer-wielding murderer from 40 years ago with a present day terrorist cell with covert, encrypted communications, well-funded and resourced support network and a vulnerable weak-willed nut-case converted to carry out their bidding.