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  1. sharkfan

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    To add a little perspective, on snow and ice, my E39 on winters had better traction and braking than our Impreza WRX on summer tyres. A 4wd/4x4 on winters would of course be top drawer.
  2. sharkfan

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    Don't discount some of the budget brands. Years ago when I lived up t'hill in Yorkshire I popped a pair of Nankang winters just on the rear axle of my E39 - they were excellent on fresh snow, compacted snow and even re-frozen and hardened ice. The following year I bought another pair for the other axle and never got stuck once, with the car being so good in the blizzard conditions that loads of people asked if the 'ALPINA' badge meant it was 4wd. edit to add; I've moved to sunny Surrey and there really is no need for winters down here - I still have the tyres on a set of M-Paras in case of snowmaggedon but I doubt it will happen - winter tyres down south is like an ashtray on a bike.
  3. sharkfan

    E38 750i

    There are quite a few E38 750's and three E32 750's on ebay at the moment; time to get a fairly cheap V12 BMW while you can... but the E65 and E66 cars are also pretty reasonable as well although a lot harder to work on as a diy than the older models.
  4. sharkfan

    Range Rover Model Check

    Put the reg into the dvla website to find the year of first registration /when it was built then head over to wikipedia.
  5. sharkfan

    E65 730D - New battery needed

    Both my E34 and E38 have 110A Yuasa batteries with Halfords Lifetime Guarantees.
  6. sharkfan

    A £150000 E30?

    French dealers Special, a little like the E34 M5 Touring 'Elekta' Italian dealers special in spirit.
  7. Hi Tims, switchable or non-switchable gearbox and do you have any pictures of the interior.
  8. Fed up with the 'only available in lhd' stories? Here's a conversion for the UK. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E34-M5-Touring-RHD-Conversion/283171655367?hash=item41ee588ec7:g:dNQAAOSwT7Nbo~rv
  9. sharkfan

    BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Bugger. Twin pipes suit the E34 so well.
  10. I went and looked at it about a dozen years ago - dark metallic blue, biege comfort leather and very tired overall iirc; I didn't buy it.
  11. sharkfan

    BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Is the visible exhaust the actual box or just a trim?
  12. sharkfan

    BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Yep, option S209A, a 25% LSD. Pretty rare and still very desirable in a six speed V8 car of any type. If you're struggling for a place for this in a few weeks I might put it use to save my E34 any more wear and tear - I know what you mean by the PO wanting it to survive as the E30 owners will be dribbling at the prospect of drifting that powertrain. PS. Don't rip out the Nokia cradle and kit as there is a aftermarket device that fits into the cradle to enable full and easy bluetooth capability.
  13. sharkfan

    BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Another E34 540 project for you Richard. I'm assuming you know the little secret that the absence of the ASC switch means? Congratulations mate, I still miss my Orient blue 540i/6T.
  14. sharkfan

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    The tobacco and green interior of the British Racing Green M5 Touring Elekta is probably just as marmite as the wholly ultramarine interior and silver exterior version... but they're both infinitely more interesting than the black, black, blackity, black version I used to own.
  15. sharkfan

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    There is a very well documented right hand drive E39 540i Touring to M5 Touring thread on the E39 section of the m5board forums if you need inspiration... P.S. It really is a lot of work to do it properly and apparently telling an E39 M5 ECU set that it is not a Saloon and is now a Touring is quite tricky too.
  16. That's always been the recieved wisdom and I have no reason to think otherwise. Can I ask the OP what, or how much, he thinks he will gain by changing the manifold and throttle body? I can only think that a very marginal improvement in throttle response might be the only tiny advantage for what is a lot of work, money and risk.
  17. sharkfan

    M5 Touring stolen and Torched

    Probably stolen randomly by opportunity and then the scum-bags saw the online details and realised they couldn't move it on easily so torched it to remove prints and evidence. A sad end to an exceptional motorcar.
  18. sharkfan

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    AC now fixed with a new leccy fan, new condensor, new drier and new condensor-to-drier pipe. The old fan had started making noises and was getting stiff; the very, very slow condensor leak turned into a very quick major leak; the drier was the original one and whilst intact was very, very rusty where it hangs low and exposed; the pipe had a visible hairline crack which just wasn't worth taking a risk on. Ice cold again and confident it should now last for years. Incidentally, the new condensor is a parallel flow type and should, according to my AC guy, be more efficient and hence cooler.
  19. sharkfan

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    I've rather fallen back in love with my E34 by an odd quirk of fate; the AC condensor eventually gave up from a slow leak to total leak and so I've had to, for the first time in years, have the windows open... ...what an utterly fabulous noise that very big V8 is I'm not actually looking forward to getting the AC fixed now
  20. sharkfan

    E39 540i/6 Sport touring

    I'm not sure how many E39 540i/6 Tourings were made, probably a similar number to the 62 rhd E34 540i/6 Touring's, but they are certainly rare and desirable beasts and its good to see one getting the necessary investment on the timing chains and guides, and a suspension refresh as well. Hope it serves you long and well OP.
  21. sharkfan

    Thoughts on the Moon...

    It's a broad church on here so I though I'd ask the question following what I thought was a bizzare twist in a conversation with a fairly normal neighbour who when the conversation turned to space 'stuff' blurted out that he thought all the Moon Landings were faked... His explanation was that the Lunar module couldn't possibly have made it back to earth on that tiny engine... and that 1960's computers didn't have the power to control rockets well enough to execute a moon landing. I have promised to have him round and with the use of my daughters Lego Saturn V model I will demonstrate how the Saturn V rocket assembly works in its entirety, as well finding out out his answers to a few other critical questions such as; Why did they risk repeating sending men to the moon/faking further Moon landings after apparently getting away with the first massive conspiracy/lie/fake landing? Why did they fake the Apollo 13 near-disaster? Why are there photographs of man-made stuff on the moon? Anyway, like I said it's a broad church on here so I thought I'd just ask the question to see how many other non-believers there might be?
  22. I remember trying to buy that car when it ended up in very West Wales but my head got turned by Alpina 7's. I think it got exported in the end.
  23. Nope. That's a Highline, for a Royal Individual, think electric curtains, loud hailer, external microphones, telephones, dvd, bigger fridge, etc. But that Highline is nice, except I remember when it was £3,995 last year before the current flipper got hold of it.
  24. I still lust after E32's. I've missed out on quite a few B11's and B12's over the years and prior to buying my E38 I nearly pulled the trigger on a E32 750iL Royal Individual which had an epic spec. Think of the highest spec E38 you've ever seen and then throw even more toys at it and you'll be close.
  25. sharkfan

    E34 Headliner material idea's

    There's a guy on PH doing a great Rover SD1 restoration who did a load of research for his headling woes; I asked him and he said this stuff... https://www.woolies-trim.co.uk/product/1554/high-heat-resistant-aerosol-adhesive