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  1. He wasn't prosecuted for riding a bike not meeting the legal requirements, he was prosecuted for 'Wanton and furious riding' a Law under which he, or anyone else, could have been prosecuted under whether riding a 'legal' bike, or an 'illegal' 'fixie'. The fact of the illegal bike is secondary to the actual offence he commited by riding the way he did.
  2. Another vote here for genuine boot and bonnet badges; aftermarket will last six months before they fade, genuine parts have a two year warranty so if they fade, take them back for a replacement.
  3. I can't agree with your assessment Kobayashi that if the bike had been different the sentence would have been different; the Judge declared the defendant 'was an accident waiting to happen'. This to me, and after reading the various witness statements, paints a picture vastly different from your image of the defendant being convicted over his choice of bicycle. Are you sure you believe that? He has been rightly convicted and correctly sentenced according to the Laws as they are written at this time, with some legal commentary rising that cyclists in circumstances such as this are falling between the cracks of the Road Traffic Act and existing Laws regarding manslaughter.
  4. E36 is different. E32 and E34 are the same and have the curved profile at the back of the base to fit the console.
  5. Carl, if you pass this up, I'm also after an OEM E34 detachable towbar.
  6. It was a test bed for double sliding roof panels such as ended up in the E34 Touring but BMW ripped out all the moving part gubbins after the Motorshow and the car has had a massive glass roof since then. The car has been for sale for well over 5 years now, probably close to ten soon.
  7. The combi kit came with a double charger and two 5Ah batteries Simon; I can't see I'd ever need much more than that. I won't be retiring the trusted Stanley 'Yankee' just yet though - it still works perfectly.
  8. Makita? DeWalt? Bosch? I need a drill, cordless screwdriverthing, maybe a multi-tool as well. I figure 18v is better than the 10.8v/12v stuff and the bigger the aH batteries the better but are 2aH batteries ok for jobs or should I go straight for 4, 5 or 6aH batteries. Any hints, advice, recommendations and helpful comments gratefully received as I move away from extension leads and long power leads. TIA
  9. Thanks for all the advice; due to the massive range of tools available I've gone for 18v LXT Makita gear. Started with a brushless combi kit plus an SDS drill for some imminent concrete lintels. Cunning plan will later include a multi-tool, jigsaw, angle grinder and maybe an angle impact driver and some other bits. The first three should pay for themselves in a few weeks, and the others bought as they're needed. Mrs Sharkfan did ask what was wrong with my 240v Black and Decker drill so I explained it was already ten years old when I inherited it on my step-fathers death, 28 years ago.
  10. As much as it pains me to write this I have to put my E39 B10 V8 Touring up for sale as spares or repair. A year or so ago the car developed a misfire and I stopped using it. When I had time I tried to establish the fault but to no avail so recently, when funds allowed I sent it to a well-known and well regarded Independent BMW specialist. He very quickly established that the N/S head-gasket had blown between cylinders and worse still, there was scoring on the bore of number 6 cylinder. It’s worth pointing out the car was running well enough to drive the 15 or so miles there without any issues of smoke, overheating or mis-firing. So with a scored bore and my personal financial circumstances not allowing for purchasing a replacement block I have to face reality and admit that I cannot afford to fix the car. The rest of the car is in remarkably good shape save for a small amount of corrosion that will need attention on the rear of the sills, and a section of the rear brake pipes that will need replacing soon. The car is 0012, a 2001 facelift car and the last rhd B10 V8 Touring before the introduction of the B10 V8S Touring. It was the Sytner demonstrator and as such was loaded with some nice goodies that took the list price from £56,950 to £74,000. It is Individual metallic Steel Grey with Individual Silver-Grey extended leather. Externally it has full Celis lights and xenon headlights with replacement aluminium adjusters, high gloss black exterior trim, front facelift Alpina spoiler, BMW aero high tailgate spoiler and the rare Alpina lower tailgate lip on the (still working) powered tailgate. It has the oval electric, memory, auto-dip, folding M5 exterior mirrors , white indicators throughout and glass tilt/slide sunroof. It has self-levelling suspension, headlight washing system but it does not have the long roof rails. The interior is unmarked silver-grey extended leather, black dash top and door cappings with the rare and desirable Anthracite Birch wood trim; heated, electric, memory Sports seats to which I have added the OEM lumbar supports to make them the same spec as the M5 seats, rear door sunblinds, MkIV widescreen sat-nav and freeview TV tuner, DSP with OEM Bluetooth – all functioning perfectly. It has the later three spoke Switch-Tronic steering wheel , Alpina door sill trims, and it has the very, very rare black Touring headlining with high gloss black extended interior lighting. It wears the staggered 18” softline wheels with some small amount of tread left but the wheels are unmarked completely since refurbishment, and the spare has yet to have a tyre fitted since it was refurbished, and there are at least three keys for the set of matching locks on the wheel centre caps. It has become very obvious since talking to a friend who is a breaker that in its current condition the car is worth far more in parts and will break for well over £8000 by the time you strip it completely and well over £5k just by simply unbolting most of the high spec stuff I have mentioned above. I have only advertised here and the alpinaregister as I am hoping the car would go to an enthusiast who may have sufficient skills or funds to sort out a replacement engine and then provide a cosseted life for this beautiful, rare, very high specification car. If anyone is interested the price is £5000. I will not listen to any lower offers for the complete car as the figures clearly demonstrate the value of the parts on this specific car. Should the car not find a home fairly soon I will break the car myself and post individual prices for parts at that point. Please don’t contact me about breaking the car or asking for specific parts at this stage, that time will come soon enough if the car fails to find a home. PM me if you are interested in the car and I'll get in touch by telephone - I'm not one for posting my telephone number on the forum.
  11. The turbine whirr of the V12 E38 starter is addictive, and the build quality of the E38 even puts the high standards of the E39 in the shade. I'm not sure about the low-ball values being quoted for E38's as their values have been on a slow rise for about three years now, and now sit above those of their successors. That said, there isn't a better time to buy that maginificently smooth and reliable V12, with a huge amount of toys and, fuel tank aside, no real reason to say No to. In a few years ICE will be on the wain and even now smaller, massively forced induction engines are the norm and the trend, so having a V12 will be unheard of, but the memories of them will last a long time.
  12. I'll get some pics of the car up over the weekend.
  13. It really depends what 'new lump' you want to fit? Genuine Alpina? E53 X5 4.6iS? Brand new or second hand? There is also the option to drop in a 4.4 lump while you take your time fixing the 4.6? Or you could make a 4.5? Or if you have a 540i saloon but always wanted a Touring, transplant the lump and fix the 4.6 in your own sweet time?
  14. Repaired a petrol leak.... Onto the exhaust.....
  15. This. Get past Glasgow and Edinburgh and it is a lot of (admittedly glorious) wide open spaces with long distances necessary to cover in unbroken journeys. Add to that the Scottish weather which can double journey times in winter and you have completely inappropriate vehicles planned for the country.
  16. Thank you for all the replies - I'm narrowing it down to a MAKITA combi kit but can I ask, are the brushless models worth the extra premium?
  17. Love 928's and 944's but never struck on the beetles.
  18. You haven't got any heated sports seats to drop into that have you? edit. Heated ANY seats.
  19. Interior pics?
  20. R.I.P. Keith. You were a thoroughly decent and honest Gentleman and I shall miss you. My thoughts are with your family, though they will miss you, they will have amazing memories of all of your life. Rest in Peace.
  21. By eck, you do buy some tat! That green one looks like it's been ritually disemboweled !!! What size are those Alpina's Tim?
  22. 600bhp, 800Nm, 0-60 in 3.7 seconds and I suspect the pick up once the car is rolling is rather impressive.
  23. Lovely side by side straight line comparison but apparently the latest 760iL would beat them all fairly easily
  24. AC Control panel from that E32 please - have you got a price? Edit: And a price for the E32 entire PDC system please?