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  1. I'm pretty active on bigcoupe but can't recall this character.
  2. What's being worked on today?

    MP, a couple of questions for you if you don't mind? Can you test and repair E24/28/34 era Motronic ECU's ? Can you clone/make exact copies of ECU's ? For example, making a spare ECU for the exact same car if you are given the original ECU and a spare ECU to use as the spare? I'm thinking of similar generations as the first question, i.e. E24/28/31/32/34/36/38/39 cars.
  3. My E26!

    That is fabulous! In a similar vein I picked up a nearly-but-not-quite-as-garish brand new 1980's Alpina jacket from ebay for ... £9 !!!!!! P.S. Mrs Sharkfan says we're both retro-idiots. I'm not quite sure what she exactly means but I'm fairly sure it's not complimentary.
  4. My E26!

    The fact that your car gets driven and is still in such spectacular condition is a huge credit to you. I wouldn't lose a moments sleep about losing a subjective judgement against a garage queen. Hope you had an enjoyable weekend anyway.
  5. BMW E38 740D BI-TURBO

    Never made in rhd.
  6. My E26!

    Very generous of you Richard; sadly I can't make it but I hope some forum member can.
  7. As per the title; I thought I'd post here rather than in the Wanted as I suspect I might get more attention. PM me if you're thinking of selling please.
  8. Leads for connecting TVs, hdmi, 4k

    I bought some oxygen free, double insulated copper speaker cable for some relatively long (c25m) cable runs once; it was definitely a better sound at higher power/volume than the cheapie thin car speaker cable it replaced. Digital cables, cheap will do for me.
  9. The pictures of the significant damage are on the alpinaregister thread; front wheel strut tower damage, front suspension hugely out of line, entire nearside damage including a crease across the 'c' pillar. I believe Roofer knew the original owner.
  10. My E26!

    Well done with the aeriel and best of luck with the show Richard.
  11. How much grunt does 525tds Touring have? Useable or struggling to pull its own weight?
  12. I'd rather give up some of my time to help you with it rather than you give up on it Simon. I'm after a Touring to use as a workhorse rather than something too exotic.
  13. No more flirting - EVER

    The world in regard to the way in which men and women interact has constantly changed, and so it is now. The rules are generally set by those amongst the younger generation who shout the loudest, and their shouts seem to take the form that intonation, overture and physical contact with regard to informal relationships are decidedly unwelcome; in short, flirting is not at all appreciated and they wish it dead. It's their time to make the house rules, but as with all things in this new Century this does seem to be a remarkable short-term view and one can only wonder how genuine friendships and relationships will be built without the trial and error, and perhaps art, of flirting. It matters little to me as I was always, and remain, bloody awkward in the presence of Ladies. The passing of years has taught me only one real truth about Ladies of any age; I don't understand them, and I've long since given up trying.
  14. F40

    Oh I agree about the 288GTO being the ultimate modern Ferrari; I was just surprised to see, and get a lift in, the F50.
  15. No, but a few years ago these did... https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=30fbaO6DOow https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=6bOd9pbSCDE
  16. Get it bought then Sir; I'm looking for something as a workhorse so probably at least a 525i, then fit a tow bar for occasionally things.
  17. F40

    I always preferred the 288GTO to the F40 but recently my neighbour popped by to give me a lift in this F50.... Monstrous F1 derived V12 engine and truly epic sound.
  18. e24 -genuinely getting rare now

    Oops, here you go. BMW 635CSi, 1982, Baltic blue with Pearlbiege leather, with optional extra's of cruise control, air-con, genuine Recaro's, and LSD.... (I have since retro-fitted the rear headrests as well) 1985 M635CSi in alpineweiss with Taurusrot sports seats, with optional extra of air-con and I have since retro-fitted the rear headrests and very, very rare rear air-con... The price difference was actually pretty big as under the skin there are a massive amount of differences between the 628CSi and 635CSi; brakes, suspension, gearbox, final drive, engine management as well as big difference in standard equipment. For a range comparison as well, the September 1985 UK price list gives these prices; 325i, £11,920 M535i, £18,950 735i SE, £25,995 628CSi, £20,995 635CSi, £26,795 M635CSi, £33,875
  19. e24 -genuinely getting rare now

    My 1982 635CSi is a daily driver but my M635CSi is a sunny day car only now. There were over 5000 635CSi's delivered to the UK, but just 524 M635CSi's made in rhd. The last time I looked the number of M635CSi's on the road in the UK had dipped below 100 with just over another 100 SORNed. I've had E24's for nearly 25 years now and my current 635CSi for 21 of those years and the M635CSi for about a dozen. I've owned a later model 635CSi Highline with the acres of cow, and a 1984 which was written off. They are lovely looking things and I always get let out at junctions or thumbs up from other drivers as well as nice comments when I'm stopped. By modern standards the 635CSi's M30 engine and drivetrain are bombproof with only the camshaft spraybar bolt to check when you set the tappets. The M88/3 in the M635 is a jewel of a engine but the single row cam-chain does need to be checked or replaced at anywhere over about 90kmiles. Electrics wise, the car is very good but electric windows get tired if they aren't regularly used and most owners agree the ventilation fan needs some grease once a year as a maintenance item. The E24's main achilles is rust and I've said for years that if you step into E24 ownership either be a welder, or become best friends with one. They've gone a little bonkers in price now, probably due to rarity of decent cars. My 635CSi is one of the earliest Series 2 cars (the 1976 to mid-1982 cars were based on the E12 chassis, the subsequent cars based on the E28 chassis) left on the road, it's car number 57 off the production line, and has an agreed Insurance value of £10k whereas my M635CSi has been agreed at £45k. There were various Alpina and some Hartge models made but these are very rare on the roads and silly in price now. The bonkers Alpina models were the 1981-ish B7S Turbo and the later 1987/88 B7 Turbo models with 330bhp on tap in lhd and manual gearbox only. Rhd Alpina E24's are all Sytner made cars and suffer, just like rhd Alpina E28's and E30's, with identity issues as the records of correct chassis numbers are very vague and cars can be copied or bits moved from chassis to chassis. The mid-1987 onwards cars were labelled Highline cars by BMW and have leather over almost the entire cabin with electric seats as standard and much heavier font and rear impact absorbing bumper assemblies. In all, a Highline car is approaching 100kg heavier than a chrome bumpered car with manual seats. In the Highline period there were also some 'Motorsport' Edition cars in both 635 and M635 models but like the E30 cars these were just cosmetic changes to paint and leather and on the E24 absolutely no different technically to the rest of the cars. I'll pop up some pictures later.
  20. Alpina B10 V8 Touring 0012/1

    As much as it pains me to write this I have to put my E39 B10 V8 Touring up for sale as spares or repair. A year or so ago the car developed a misfire and I stopped using it. When I had time I tried to establish the fault but to no avail so recently, when funds allowed I sent it to a well-known and well regarded Independent BMW specialist. He very quickly established that the N/S head-gasket had blown between cylinders and worse still, there was scoring on the bore of number 6 cylinder. It’s worth pointing out the car was running well enough to drive the 15 or so miles there without any issues of smoke, overheating or mis-firing. So with a scored bore and my personal financial circumstances not allowing for purchasing a replacement block I have to face reality and admit that I cannot afford to fix the car. The rest of the car is in remarkably good shape save for a small amount of corrosion that will need attention on the rear of the sills, and a section of the rear brake pipes that will need replacing soon. The car is 0012, a 2001 facelift car and the last rhd B10 V8 Touring before the introduction of the B10 V8S Touring. It was the Sytner demonstrator and as such was loaded with some nice goodies that took the list price from £56,950 to £74,000. It is Individual metallic Steel Grey with Individual Silver-Grey extended leather. Externally it has full Celis lights and xenon headlights with replacement aluminium adjusters, high gloss black exterior trim, front facelift Alpina spoiler, BMW aero high tailgate spoiler and the rare Alpina lower tailgate lip on the (still working) powered tailgate. It has the oval electric, memory, auto-dip, folding M5 exterior mirrors , white indicators throughout and glass tilt/slide sunroof. It has self-levelling suspension, headlight washing system but it does not have the long roof rails. The interior is unmarked silver-grey extended leather, black dash top and door cappings with the rare and desirable Anthracite Birch wood trim; heated, electric, memory Sports seats to which I have added the OEM lumbar supports to make them the same spec as the M5 seats, rear door sunblinds, MkIV widescreen sat-nav and freeview TV tuner, DSP with OEM Bluetooth – all functioning perfectly. It has the later three spoke Switch-Tronic steering wheel , Alpina door sill trims, and it has the very, very rare black Touring headlining with high gloss black extended interior lighting. It wears the staggered 18” softline wheels with some small amount of tread left but the wheels are unmarked completely since refurbishment, and the spare has yet to have a tyre fitted since it was refurbished, and there are at least three keys for the set of matching locks on the wheel centre caps. It has become very obvious since talking to a friend who is a breaker that in its current condition the car is worth far more in parts and will break for well over £8000 by the time you strip it completely and well over £5k just by simply unbolting most of the high spec stuff I have mentioned above. I have only advertised here and the alpinaregister as I am hoping the car would go to an enthusiast who may have sufficient skills or funds to sort out a replacement engine and then provide a cosseted life for this beautiful, rare, very high specification car. If anyone is interested the price is £5000. I will not listen to any lower offers for the complete car as the figures clearly demonstrate the value of the parts on this specific car. Should the car not find a home fairly soon I will break the car myself and post individual prices for parts at that point. Please don’t contact me about breaking the car or asking for specific parts at this stage, that time will come soon enough if the car fails to find a home. PM me if you are interested in the car and I'll get in touch by telephone - I'm not one for posting my telephone number on the forum.
  21. Need space in a Garage? Surrey

    If job circumstances change any time soon I wold also be interested in a place. I may have a friend immediately interested - I will ask him this weekend and let you if he is.
  22. Hartys Gone

    Sorry to hear of this. Dogs become genuine family members who can be equally as missed as their human counter-parts.
  23. e38 750i / 750il

    If I was looking I would buy and re-ginger this one.... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-750i-E38-Individual-Sport-EDC-Rare-SWB-high-spec-car/222687570775?hash=item33d936ab57:g:Ip8AAOSwrhBZD4is Staggered M-Para's, Individual Avus Blue plus Individual Champagne with blue piping, and the superb Contour front seats with bum-warmers. LWB would make it a perfect family motorcar, but SWB could make it the perfect discerning gentleman's V12 runabout.
  24. E38 Contours or Comfort seat?

    The names changed from generation to generation Dave.
  25. E38 Contours or Comfort seat?

    Contours. Standard seats have no folding back, and no leg extension. Comforts have a folding back, and no leg extension. Sports have leg extension, but no folding back. Contours have a folding back, and a leg extension. Heated Contours are the Holy Grail of E38/E39 seats.