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    2001 Alpina B10 V8 Touring (1 of 12 rhd)
    1997 Alpina B12 5.7 L (1 of 2 rhd)
    1995 Alpina B10 4.6 Touring (1 of 1 rhd)
    1985 BMW M635CSi (1 of 524 rhd)
    1982 BMW 635CSiA (1 of only hundreds left from thousands made and still valiantly fighting against a rusty grave)


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  1. sharkfan

    The " Golden Nugget " BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Just spotted this topic and wanted to say well done on your purchase. The 64 original cars are now hugely depleted so its pretty rare to still be running at all. Can I ask how you know its the only rhd manual Touring with an LSD? I ask because I recall seeing a green high mileage example a few years ago eithout the ASC switch intruding on the gear surround.
  2. sharkfan

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    That Poplar trim only looks good against one certain interior colour... and you've nailed it, just perfect.
  3. sharkfan

    E31 850i V12 6 speed manual

    Manual E31's weren't common but not super rare either... http://www.8coupe.com/Production/Chassis.aspx Based on Dave's 850CSi experience I passed up on getting a project one; in retrospect it might have turned out like my E34 M5 Touring and been a moneypit of epic proportion.
  4. sharkfan

    E32 735i Manual £1995

    Now with a Trader and the traditional 100% price bump...
  5. sharkfan

    E32 735i Manual £1995

    Well I liked... And so did someone else, it's gone already.
  6. sharkfan

    Older BMW Prices going nuts!

    I completely agree about the M30 but I'm sure you mean a B10 3.5 as there is no difference whatsoever between the engines of a 535i and a B3.5, but any kind of E34 540i (with decent manuals so very rare now) is also a fine beast.
  7. sharkfan

    Any BMW Club GB Members Here?

    It dropped my classic car insurance for the pair of E24's by the cost of the membership once I'd given them my membership number.
  8. sharkfan

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    To add a little perspective, on snow and ice, my E39 on winters had better traction and braking than our Impreza WRX on summer tyres. A 4wd/4x4 on winters would of course be top drawer.
  9. sharkfan

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    Don't discount some of the budget brands. Years ago when I lived up t'hill in Yorkshire I popped a pair of Nankang winters just on the rear axle of my E39 - they were excellent on fresh snow, compacted snow and even re-frozen and hardened ice. The following year I bought another pair for the other axle and never got stuck once, with the car being so good in the blizzard conditions that loads of people asked if the 'ALPINA' badge meant it was 4wd. edit to add; I've moved to sunny Surrey and there really is no need for winters down here - I still have the tyres on a set of M-Paras in case of snowmaggedon but I doubt it will happen - winter tyres down south is like an ashtray on a bike.
  10. sharkfan

    E38 750i

    There are quite a few E38 750's and three E32 750's on ebay at the moment; time to get a fairly cheap V12 BMW while you can... but the E65 and E66 cars are also pretty reasonable as well although a lot harder to work on as a diy than the older models.
  11. sharkfan

    Range Rover Model Check

    Put the reg into the dvla website to find the year of first registration /when it was built then head over to wikipedia.
  12. sharkfan

    E65 730D - New battery needed

    Both my E34 and E38 have 110A Yuasa batteries with Halfords Lifetime Guarantees.
  13. sharkfan

    A £150000 E30?

    French dealers Special, a little like the E34 M5 Touring 'Elekta' Italian dealers special in spirit.
  14. Hi Tims, switchable or non-switchable gearbox and do you have any pictures of the interior.
  15. sharkfan

    BMW E34 540i/6T BH15021

    Bugger. Twin pipes suit the E34 so well.