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    2001 Alpina B10 V8 Touring (1 of 12 rhd)
    1997 Alpina B12 5.7 L (1 of 2 rhd)
    1995 Alpina B10 4.6 Touring (1 of 1 rhd)
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  1. What have you done on your E34 Today

    That looks fantastic cableguy.
  2. Why is it....

    Why did you choose to use fingerprint access in the first place? Whar was wrong with a number?
  3. OOhh poshy posh... New look to the forum

    I used to be a proper grump about Forum format changes but having seen what it's like when forums disappear then I'm just happy that the forums run at all, so well done the admin and dan. It's a odd thing that forums have been around for a finite amount of time but it is now getting to the stage where friends and aquaintences you only know from forums, like Keith (urquattro) recently, pass away. It clearly shows us all the real lives behind the posters names.
  4. Any gym monkeys in here?!

    Err....right. You might try to argue that C4 and C5 are your neck and not your back but in medical terms you'll be incorrect. Good luck with your recovery. A C7-T1 industrial injury left me with a paralysed left arm for a short time so please don't underestimate any issues with nerves through your spinal column.
  5. Any gym monkeys in here?!

    You only get one back and the old adage, 'C3,4 and 5 keep the diaphragm alive' is well worth understanding. Chronic back pain is unbearable with many sufferers willing to trade places for any amount of any other pain and back problems later in life will cripple you physically, emotionally and socially as they can leave you immobile and house bound. Personally I have never got the 'buzz' that many people talk about a work-out in the gym; when I did get into very good shape a few years ago the results looked great but I still just felt tired and physically sick after gym sessions. I have always much preferred competitive sport like football, squash and tennis with my one regret that I never got involved in Rugby Union very much as I now love watching it. Look after your backs everyone.
  6. What a fu**ing joke

    Their country, their rules.
  7. E39 facelift headlight adjuster

    It depends on the year; generally late 2002 and 2003 cars need holes drilling but earlier facelift cars can be 'cooked' open; mine is a 2001 and setting the oven on the lowest temp and leaving it 5-6 mins at a time and pulling little by little worked for me.
  8. If Sandy Hook couldn't change American attitudes towards guns, then nothing will. Everything after Sandy Hook is just more pain that Americans feel bound to accept to preserve a 250 year old notion on a bit of a paper.
  9. What have you done on your E34 Today

    Lovely Dave, but it's fitted very high and stainless runs hotter than mild steel; you don't want to cook that lovely rear apron.
  10. My E26!

    Nice, but Rear light seals?
  11. BROCADE RED E34 540I / 124k MILES / BARN FIND

    Good save so far; excellent spec of the car and knowing you it will look amazing when you've finished fettling it.
  12. Pantri Trading

    Very much as above - silly prices and even when you find a 'Make an Offer' item they will only offer a discount in pennies. Best avoided. Ring Tims instead.
  13. Could this cyclist not have...

    Thank you. I posted them in response to comments that the prosecution had been led by the type of bicycle he was riding and not the manner in which he was cycling; the judges comments have been received by the legal commentators as comprehensive, well considered and well rounded. Paragraphs 8 and 13 are particularly specific to his riding manner and the last sentence of paragraph 8, ' Thus I make it clear that it was not merely the absence of a front brake but your whole manner of riding that caused this accident.', should put to rest the discussion on the type of bike. The limitations of the Law as it stands regarding a cyclist causing a death by the manner in which they ride are now subject to a little more scrutiny because of this and other cases and who knows, perhaps amendments may be suggested which might make cyclists think about any 'callous disregard for the safety of other road users', particularly pedestrians.
  14. Could this cyclist not have...

    Well worth a read if you are genuinely interested in the details of this case.... https://www.judiciary.gov.uk/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/sentencing-remarks-hhj-wendy-joseph-qc-r-v-alliston.pdf
  15. Could this cyclist not have...

    He wasn't prosecuted for riding a bike not meeting the legal requirements, he was prosecuted for 'Wanton and furious riding' a Law under which he, or anyone else, could have been prosecuted under whether riding a 'legal' bike, or an 'illegal' 'fixie'. The fact of the illegal bike is secondary to the actual offence he commited by riding the way he did.