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  1. Thanks for everybodies input; to answer a few questions the machines are for occasional completely variable duty for DIY and handyman stuff. Duncan, I have a hand drill just like that, it was my Dads and I cleaned and restored it last year after it became stiff through the the gears. Tims, Hitachi is on the radar but I need to understand whether the obvious price premium is worth it for the non-constant use they will receive. Thanks all.
  2. Congratulations Richard, thoroughly deserved.
  3. Makita? DeWalt? Bosch? I need a drill, cordless screwdriverthing, maybe a multi-tool as well. I figure 18v is better than the 10.8v/12v stuff and the bigger the aH batteries the better but are 2aH batteries ok for jobs or should I go straight for 4, 5 or 6aH batteries. Any hints, advice, recommendations and helpful comments gratefully received as I move away from extension leads and long power leads. TIA
  4. 4.4?
  5. RTFM.
  6. Ferrari 288GTO Alpina B5 BiTurbo Touring Edition 50 Bugatti Type 41, Coupe Napoleon.
  7. Check control system light.
  8. The F40 and XJ220 are alright but I'd still prefer the M1. Now if it were an E-type and a 288GTO .......
  9. Ebay and German ebay ( for the OEM roof bars that fit into your rour existing roof fittings; not sure if BMW did a roof rack as such but Thule and other well made roof boxes should fit the OEM roof bars. Non OEM bars will fit onto the gutters, as well the set of OEM bars for E34 saloons that also fit E36 and E38 cars. Wipers hitting the bonnet is a sloppy linkage which is £££ to replace although an easier but lazy fix is to move the wiper round on the spline a small amount. Clutch, don't know. Wheels; has the car been stood a long time or are the tyres very old? The 15" wheels are pretty robust so unless you know otherwise I would suspect tyres first. Dash top vent is temperature controlled air IIRC but read the owners manual to confirm.
  10. Sorry, I didn't make it clear; the listing doesn't contain photos of the door caps but upon asking he stated they were included and sent photos as proof.
  11. I've e-mailed this guy, this is the full kit, door caps and all (he has photos of them and states they're included) and I'd say a fair price....
  12. German ebay ( is the most common place to find the rarer E34 parts like sunblinds. I hope you're aware the rear door blinds for both Saloons and Tourings have different door card cappings to ensure the push-button for the locks clears the roller blind assembly; also, the Saloon blind is a two piece set-up with a horizontal blind for the main glass and a vertical blind for the small window nearest the C-pillar whereas the Touring has one single horizontal blind for the entire rear door. Also be aware the clips that are screwed into the top of the door frame to keep the blind up are NLA so make sure they are included; E39 blind clips can be used but are millimetres longer so the blind doesn't hold up quite as far. I'm no expert as I have a Touring bit I suspect a good condition, working, electric rear blind would now be gold-dust so just finding one would be an issue and paying whatever the market dictates.