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    2001 Alpina B10 V8 Touring (1 of 12 rhd)
    1997 Alpina B12 5.7 L (1 of 2 rhd)
    1995 Alpina B10 4.6 Touring (1 of 1 rhd)
    1985 BMW M635CSi (1 of 524 rhd)
    1982 BMW 635CSiA (1 of only hundreds left from thousands made and still valiantly fighting against a rusty grave)


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  1. E34 M5 vs E39 M5

    On the whole the E34 is a better drivers car and gives a better driving experience perhaps purely because the E39 is so refined, maybe too refined, but the E34 3.8 M5's seldom make their 340bhp unless they are in absolutely tip-top mechanical condition so an E39 M5 should feel its whole generation quicker. So to answer the OP's question, yes, you might well feel underwhelmed by the power but I suspect overall you would enjoy pressing on in an E34 more than you would in an E39. In terms of the weight difference, its more a combination of the weight and smaller size that will make an E34 seem more nimble but in reality it will be down to how well sorted each individual car is with respect to recent suspension and steering refreshes. I suspect that those lucky individuals who have owned both, or still own both M5's together, would choose the E34 over the E39 if they absolutely 'had' to choose one or another.
  2. very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    Has the car been stood a while?
  3. Talk about bad luck

    Sorry to hear this. One of our Labs gets to 14 years old in a few weeks but the last few months have seen her really slow up and lose her appetite. She checks out ok at the vet but she's looking and acting really worn out.
  4. e28 Alpina Boot Spoiler

    Try Alpina?
  5. My E26!

    Actually.... I'll send you a link. On second thoughts, never trust a url from me.
  6. My E26!

    You will actually buy a BMW Unicorn one day won't you
  7. Back in an ‘M’...

    Vents are for neck warming.
  8. Back in an ‘M’...

    Love that M4, especially the colour scheme. Mrs Sharkfan chose a 435d M-Sport X-drive cab in every-other-car-is-also-estoril but it goes very, very well and the ride is much better on its 18's rather the 19's fitted to nearly every other car.
  9. V8 curiosity

    Nothing wrong with Alpina steering wheels, but a V8 curiosity was never quite enough for me....
  10. Selling mercury

    Local university chemistry department?
  11. Considering a 'vert

    This ^^^^^^^ sounds great but I also spotted this..... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E36-328i-CONVERTIBLE-AUTO-ABSOLUTELY-STUNNING-83K-MILES/162843628890?hash=item25ea3c955a:g:O8QAAOSwZrhaVUZT
  12. Considering a 'vert

    Sorry for the bad influence Dave. BMW three series and Audi A4 Cabs are a good size for four adults for an hour; beware the E63/4 Six series though for I believe they have less room in the back seats than either of the above. Our Audi S4 was great until it died; literally no warning, just no power, no useful alarms or codes, just complete limp mode and no way or idea how to fix it. If you're sticking with BMW then don't discount a tidy E36 while you're sifting through the gazillions of E46 cabs. If you want something special but not too screamy there is a tidy silver over red E36 Alpina B3 3.2 lurking in the classifieds somewhere. Be aware of the Alpina 3.4 engines regular need for headgaskets at ever 65k miles or so; fortunately the smaller Alpina blocks don't appear to have this particular achilles heel. Good luck in your search and say Hi to your three lovely ladies from the three of us.
  13. Apple Pencil - can ANYONE get it to work??

    It's an Apple product; it'll only keep working with repetitive and constant updates.
  14. E34 B10 Project

    Just massively overpriced given the huge amount of restoration necessary and their future potential worth.
  15. E34 B10 Project

    Some shill bidding perhaps? It was auctioned for £8k last week on ebay.