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    2001 Alpina B10 V8 Touring (1 of 12 rhd)
    1997 Alpina B12 5.7 L (1 of 2 rhd)
    1995 Alpina B10 4.6 Touring (1 of 1 rhd)
    1985 BMW M635CSi (1 of 524 rhd)
    1982 BMW 635CSiA (1 of only hundreds left from thousands made and still valiantly fighting against a rusty grave)


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  1. sharkfan

    Motorcyclist films himself at 189mph

    Followed by two gigantic sweepers of your own... As a former Paramedic I can see there is very little, if anything, to choose between the driving capabilities of the poorest bike and poorest car drivers. One thing I will say is that I see far fewer car drivers overtaking on double white lines, single white line against or even the zig-zags of zebra crossings than I do motorcyclists - which I do witness almost on a daily basis around the South-East.
  2. sharkfan

    Motorcyclist films himself at 189mph

    Mobile organ donor... if you can find any decent pieces ...
  3. The Alpina V8 engines have a lovely burble and a blue and white propellor...
  4. You should consider the V12; a decent level of toys and the nice ones have all the toys; the engine is better and far more powerful and reliable than the V8's and everyman should own a V12 sometime shouldn't they...
  5. No affiliation or anything but if anyone is free for a chance of a roadtrip to Moscow for Sunday's big match have a look at this... https://www.facebook.com/99575746433/posts/10155499511856434/
  6. sharkfan

    Any issues with the new MOT for anyone?

    It's worth getting under the engine, gearbox and diff to see if there are any leaks to be cleaned up. Wipe them up and make it look clean and dry and you'll have less chance of getting caught on the 'leaks detrimental to the environment' clause.
  7. sharkfan

    E34 Alpina B10 3.5

    Yep, a 535i plus bolt on parts and a glued together badge. Back in the early 1990's when you could order either, the B3.5 came in just under £4.5k for them to fit all the bits I mentioned plus the genuine Alpina shocks and springs (which this car has lost) compared to a proper B10 3.5 was around £13k, which of course included the 260bhp Alpina M30 engine and a LSD. Any Alpina interior mods would be more money again but were available to order from Buchloe. Frank Sytner had made himself whole range of 'Alpina' cars, probably to the increasing consternation of Herr Bovensiepen who owns Alpina; I suspect the cutting and pasting of genuine 'B10 3.5' into 'B3.5' badges was perhaps the last straw after all the E30 variety box cars Frank offered and the E36 B2.5 and even a E31 B5.0 mash up. By contrast Alpina in Buchloe were only producing brand new cars, not some used cars like Sytner, and also had standard model specifications instead of Franks broad brush for all sizes of wallets. I think the last Sytner conversions were around 1994, certainly the two rhd 'B10 4.0' E34 models were made by Sytner in 1994 and by 1995 I believe all Alpina production was returned to Buchloe exclusively. This shouldn't detract from what appears to be a very well looked after E34 but IMHO the vendor is stretching the Alpina name and provenance of this particular car to justify quite a high asking price. What would anyone price an E34 535i at, if it was near identical condition to this car, and also had all the 'B3.5' Alpina bits fitted to it, perhaps including the suspension? £5k? £8k? £10k? Or £18.5k like this car?
  8. sharkfan

    Headlamp aim too low

    If you posted a bit more information about where you live someone local might offer to pop by and help you out. My E24 failed on dip beam aim a few years ago and the mechanisms were seized but it took ten minutes to take the entire headlights out, five minutes to free them up and two minutes to set them right when I got it back to the MoT station.
  9. sharkfan


    I gave up counting all the mistakes - utter garbage in terms of accurate information across M-models, Alpina and even basic E numbers.
  10. sharkfan

    Hello from Cala D’or

    Good for you Dave, hope you all have a great time.
  11. sharkfan

    E34 Alpina B10 3.5

    Perhaps there isn't a fuss about it because it isn't a B10 3.5? It's a B3.5, a Frank Sytner special for his customers who couldn't afford a B10 3.5, so no Alpina engine or transmission modifications whatsoever. Back then, and even now, you can make your own B3.5 because all it is in essence, is all the bits that Alpina will sell you from their E34 accessories catalogue, namely wheels, suspension, steering wheel, gearknob and a spoiler. All Frank did was put a bow on it by cutting up some genuine 'B10 3.5' badges and gluing them together to make a 'B3.5' badge (also offered on an E32 chassis as well) and perhaps liberally throwing some more Alpina stickers around the car. Sytner specials, those cars that aren't identically built to Buchloe standards, aren't exactly collectible as they are all possibly different (being built to cusomers specs of what they could afford and not what Alpina stated was a model), generally not Alpina powered (E30's are their own can of worms) and it's perhaps cars like these that helped Burkard Bovensiepen decide to take all Alpina car manufacture back to Buchloe with no more concession design and builds ever allowed. Edit to add; Reading through the advert the car hasn't even got Alpina suspension (which is still available) so all it is, is wheels, steering wheel, spoiler and gearknob. Absolutely brand new and wrapped in glorious Alpina wrapping paper I suspect those items wouldn't cost much more than £3.5k from Buchloe, with the suspension kit another £1.5k so for £5k you could make any E34 you choose more of an Alpina than this £18,500 imposter...
  12. sharkfan

    Novichok poisoning

    No conspiracy I think, but perhaps an oversite by our guys following more ineptitude by their guys, or just plain ineptitude from our guys following vast ineptitude from theirs. I don't think that in learned circles there's any doubt the nerve agent came from Russia who have form, motive and stated purpose to exact revenge on those it sees as traitors to its state, but for me the main unanswered question is still 'why attack Skripal when they did?' What or who would gain from Skripal dying at that point in time? If there was nothing tangible to gain then heads should roll for the method of trying to kill him. A simple bullet, knife or even hit and run would have so much more anonymous and yet still chilling for any other 'traitors' who knew of Skripal. An answer to that question probably won't do anything more than provoke a load more questions, but it might lend a face and reason to the motive. Lets hope there's no more nerve agent lying about the southern counties. I am awaiting the accusation from the Russians that Porton Down has a leak or leaks though...
  13. sharkfan

    Shift Button Not working

    I had one of the solder joints go on one of the buttons on my E34 Switchtronic wheel. I found a replacement wheel but meanwhile managed to fix the original by making a small cut through the leather on the rear of the wheel to get at the button, extracted the button, re-soldered the contact, stuck it all back in then covered the area with a small black suede patch attached by superglue. I would advise disconnecting the battery, remove the steering wheel airbag, remove the steering wheel - unplugging it from the slip-ring, then electrically line check through both buttons to establish if the buttons are ok. If they are ok then the problem lies with the wiring through the slip-ring so check that. If they're not ok then you have to try and get at the affected button...
  14. sharkfan

    Shift Button Not working

    If you're absolutely sure the button is working electrically then the next thing to check is the connections past the slipring on the steering column.
  15. sharkfan

    When did you last change an exhaust?

    I recently had to take my genuine BMW system off my 1982 635CSi due to rust... but I can remember swapping it onto to the car from my soon-to-written-off 635CSi over 20 years ago, and the system was second hand then. I replaced it with a Fritz system; three hours of swearing and grinding to separate the old system from the downpipes to leave the downpipes in good enough condition for the new system, and less than 30 minutes to install the new system. The Alpinas have stainless systems from new so its unlikely I'll be changing them, but perhaps another Fritz system for the M635CSi in a few years.