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  1. Deliberately not liking this so you stay strong with the Beast.
  2. Well they were bloody good. As you say the front man is likeable, nailed every note perfectly on lead guitar and save for trying to make the lyrics of Strange Little Girl a little bit more 'his' did the job superbly. JJB's bass rif to Nice and Sleazy rocked the house and despite one weird singing departure the keyboards guy gave the Stranglers their distinctive sound. They opened with a few B sides, started the A's with Nice and Sleazy and closed the encore No More Heroes, still an epic track and perhaps more relevant than ever. My Weller gig is April too.
  3. The drummer stepped back a few years ago and Hugh Cornwell went his own way years before but I'll let you know how it goes. Then it's off to see Paul Weller in a couple of months.
  4. I'm off to listen to whatever remains of the Stranglers on Tuesday.
  5. I bought one for the B10 V8 Touring as it was a dvla cheapie, B10 VBE. I had my eye on a matching pair for the other two Alpinas but I haven't bothered getting them.
  6. No. May telling Scotland they can't just demand a referendum when they want to is more like Brussels telling the UK they can't begin negotiations until we formally enact article 50.
  7. I wouldn't have thought there were more than a dozen or so of these left now.
  8. How do rate the M5 against the M6GC? And against the M1?
  9. Looking objectively at the issue of a second Independence vote May can easily state that Sturgeons plan of requesting a timed referendum to enable Scots to effectively decide an UK/EU in/out is based on an entirely false premise of an early Scots accession to the EU, and as such is entirely without merit. So should Scotland have a second referendum at all? Only about 30% (1.6mil of 5.3mil) of Scots voted for Independence last time and the SNP are not a clear majority Government in their Parliament so the argument for a clear mandate is on unsafe ground and as such Sturgeons argument that the SNP should lead the referendum and 'round' the question is similarly unsafe. The UK Government is there for all its citizens and in the case of a potential second Scottish Referendum it is there to protect the interests of the 70% of Scots who voted no, or didn't or couldn't vote in the last referendum. The SNP, Salmond and Sturgeon have been proven to be unsafe with the truth and as such the UK Government is there to protect those Scots who don't believe in what the SNP puts out as their truth. May should tell Sturgeon No, no referendum before Brexit is complete as your argument does not hold any water at all and is based on a deception of the Scottish public. When Brexit is complete then the UK Government should say to the SNP, if you want another referendum then you should prepare a clear plan for a completely Independent Scotland outside the UK, and outside the EU. Then, and only then, should the plans be made clear to the Scottish electorate to ensure a clear-headed decision can be made with voters having full knowledge of what the future holds for an Independent Scotland.
  10. Get over to the 7seriesregister and ask if Shogun can help; he is the E32 V12 guru
  11. It is a petition for, and to, the UK Government so anyone in the UK can voice their opinion on Wee Krankies behaviour, but it does appear that the huge majority of votes are from Scots residents. I suspect there is no petition process for the Scottish Parliament, and if there was, would the SNP and their Leader honour any obligation to discuss it in their Parliament?
  12. Click the link that says 'Show on a Map' and it will show you where the votes were registered.
  13. Comments about wee Krankies request should be in a seperate thread ... unless it doesn't get approved....
  14. Sytner Nottingham tried this massive price bump with an E31 B12 5.0 that had exchanged hands for mid-twenties and they boosted it to £60k. It stayed unsold until they whittled the price down to mid-thirties.
  15. A truly amazing car ..... in a fabulous fleet. I remember seeing it at Harewood a few years ago and it was beautiful, a real credit to your attention to detail.