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  1. Rather a silly R4 interview with Boris Johnson this morning. The interviewer did himself no favours by persisting with unanswerable questions such as "If there is a £50billion exit bill, will you refuse to pay it?" and asking about the truthfulness of the Leave sides £350million claim, and Boris being Boris and turning every notional answer into a "Theresa is the best person to lead Britain through Brexit rather than hopeless Jeremy". Nothing was learned or gained from listening to this stalemate of loggerheads. Negotiations haven't begun so the 50/60billion figure is completely mute until then and there were massive untruths on either side of the Brexit vote that in all honestly probably equalled each other out.
  2. Subscription wall
  3. Phew, thank goodness for that... no, wait a second, didn't Brown......... Oh shit.
  4. The NHS is under massive strain from the 'there-there' generation for whom there is always someone else to blame. Too many drug-dependencies, alcohol-dependencies as well as swathes of people for whom it is assumed there is always someone else to do something for them and pay for it all as well. Even years ago A&E's were at least half-full of people who should not and need not have been there. The slightest complaint and instead of trying to help themselves they call an Ambulance and demand transport both to and back home from hospital. A great deal of delight could be gained from informing people there was no transport home should they carry through their 'I-know-my-rights' demand to be taken to hospital and sometimes having to inform them that due to incidents beyond our control they could only be taken to an A&E in the next town and not their convienient A&E. The wasted resource of A&E by the wastrels of society causes one level of extreme pressure on the NHS and the other chief embuggerance was the ridiculous clipboard-carrying Managers offering nothing but criticism and ever pointless targets and bureaucratic demands. Getting a Government to commit ever more limitless money to an NHS with so many internal issues is feeding a beast that is also consuming itself. A proper public campaign of NHS resource awareness together with a less tolerant attitude toward the obvious time and money wasters will start to sort out the Patient end of things but how to shake the thousands of career Managers out of their cushy Offices and pointless roles is an issue that will require an outside audit and investigation. This will never be welcome but if the actual patient healthcare staff could be given any assurance that the objective was too remove unnecessary Management and bureaucracy then pwrhaps, just perhaps, the NHS may get to survive. As an aside, the BBC Daily Politics show has counted up and found that the previously mentioned Corporation Tax increase has been spent by Labour eight times over during interviews so far over the past few weeks.... shades of the accountancy skills of the last Labour Government?
  5. The Shadow Health Secretary was on R4 this morning promising that the NHS will get everything it asks for under a Labour Government. Pay rises would be independantly assessed and met without question, all privatisation would be reversed and removed, extra funding would be put in place for recruitment and training, and Patient Safety would be at the forefront of the Labour led NHS - it all sounded like pure bliss. Then the interviewer asked the Shadow Health Secretary how much it would all cost. Ahh, well it appears despite all these grand sweeping notions of an NHS without need or want he and his colleagues hadn't bothered working out quite how much the NHS actually would be asking for so he tried to lead with references to reversing the Corporation Tax cuts. So the Interviewer pointed out that nearly every Shadow Secretary including Education and Business had been recently asked where the money that they are promising might be coming from and they had all also pointed toward Corporation Tax as the saviour of all the fiscal shortfalls in Government spending. So when pressed how much these Corporation Tax revenue gains might be the Shadow Health Secretary fell back on the magical bluster that all these figures would be revealed when the Party Manifesto is announced next week; this is the same Party Manifesto that other Labour Politicians have been promising would be published 'next week' for the last few weeks now. I only hope that the Labour Party will actually have sufficient 'next weeks' available in order that they can publish their manifesto before Polling Day, otherwise it might well raise the suspicion that rather like Trumps Campaigning promises of a mexican funded Wall, no overseas Military engagement, an immigration ban et al they appear like so many transparent and pointless and unreachable promises.
  6. A heads-up on the interview is whether Corbyn could be trusted to make a decision at all.....
  7. Well, has the Labour Leaders performance during his interview with Andrew Marr made anybodies minds up about having Corbyn as PM?
  8. Lovely
  9. Indeed. I suspect I shall drag along my two door 'E28 M5'
  10. Of the current parties in whose hands do you think the NHS will be in the safest care and why?
  11. Blaming the Conservative Party for the NHS is blindness to the real problems IMHO. Targets and then middle-managers to 'manage' the targets started the rot and now the NHS is crumbling under its own waste and weight of management. Choosing a Party to vote for based on the state of the NHS is pointless as no Party can save the NHS from itself; Labour would get sucked in by the Unions commitment to retaining jobs no matter the cost or absurdity and the Conservatives will always be fighting the Unions as well as the spiralling costs of Management. I spent 16 years working and watching management and bureaucracy increase manifold and patient healthcare being sidelined to a statistic that had to be managed. The NHS needs to cut swathes of bureaucracy and thousands of non-healthcare staff in order to make the savings that will lead to re-structuring of funding priorities and the restoration of pride in the Service and the return of public confidence.
  12. The NHS is destroying itself with layer upon layer of needless middle management introduced and implanted through the late 90's and all the noughties. Career NHS managers have become as unsavoury as career Politicians.
  13. If you think this is the only time you could easily manage it, get the M5.
  14. Sir Rannulph Fiennes.
  15. I've got 18's on my car with 245/40x18 on the front and 265/35x18 on the rear. E34's can look a little pram-like with 19's on....