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  1. Just to say, I'm bring the E28 M5 two-door 'Coupe' rather than the far-too-modern-E34 which I dragged along last time.
  2. To re-iterate a couple of points above; children have always been fair game be it ISIS, the IRA or any groups of terrorists. The reasons can be subtlely different, whether cultural because of life expectancy, religous or just the 'price' put on life, or for more evil reasons of raising the profile of a cause at whatever the cost, however abhorrent it may appear to the wider world. Terrosists won't care if they kill children, they never have, and they won't ever change. I have also listened to a few snippets across various interviews with the Home Secretary, previous Security Chiefs of Staff, and some Independant analysists regarding the application of existing laws and permissable surveillance levels and the Security Services ability to ensure the Publics safety at large. Most have said, including the H.S., that the current laws correctly applied are providing sufficient intelligence to thwart and stop many, almost all, terrorist activities where lives are immediately at risk, but, there is also no small amount of surprise that this latest devastating attack is not a 'low-tech' attack and that perhaps some intel has escaped the view of the Security Services and perhaps, upon some sober review, it might be to time re-level the playing field in the balance of the safety of the public. Of course, the more liberal thinkers of society and politics will call foul and raise concerns about freedom of expression and privacy of communication, but at what stage in the undoubted cat and mouse game that unfolds in the Terrorists murky world of plotting to murder and cause mayhem should the protection of the public, including the youngest, most innocent and vulnerable, be given greater weight than providing the privacy that is being abused to scare us, besiege us, attack us, and murder us?
  3. I still think you need the wheel arch extensions and deep dish x-spokes like the pro-cars.... but I guess they'll do until then. Have fun with some high speed testing
  4. A true gentleman by all accounts, and quite the tough guy too. I'm paraphrasing but according to Lee Marvin, actor and U.S. Marine Purple Heart winner, Moore was the only guy who could drink as much as he could, still stand and still take a punch better than anyone else he'd ever met.
  5. Am I being a complete wash-out by saying I so rarely see an E34 (apart from my own) that any colour is great? If I had to/could choose then Avus Blue, Mica blue, alpine white and orinoco would be high on my list, especially for a Touring.
  6. Read a little into Corbyn and McDonnells plans; it is not ridiculous, it is what they ultimately desire for UK politics. They have no wish for a democracy, they have no wish for any kind level of capitalism, they only have a desire for a pseudo-communist government with a meritocracy based on adherence to marxism beliefs. Good God, do you believe in the Labour Party manifesto? Do you believe in Corbyn's allegiances? Do you believe in McDonnells previous statements on Unions, on Terrorism, on Communism, on Democracy? Read more, and learn more.
  7. It could just as easily be distilled to; Manage the economy, defend the country and its overseas territories, negotiate a decent Brexit, maintain a democratic society OR Bankrupt the Country, give up our defences here and abandon overseas territories, give away a decent Brexit deal before negotiations have started and install a Marxist Communist Government with a fondness for terrorists. As many people are coming to realise, it does appear to be a choice of the least worst option for the country with the Liberals going against the democratic choice of the referendum, Conservative promising no massive changes and Labour planning to bankrupt the country again.
  8. Very quick cars with the developed engine from the 535d's of the past; Mrs Sharkfan bought a 2015 435d Xdrive MSport Cabriolet (silly long name for a car) last year as her commutermobile. We test drove a couple of different cars and found the ride on the 19" wheels with the run-flats was pretty terrible but the car she eventually chose had 18" wheels, still with run flats, but the ride is loads better. That said, we used a 420d GC on 18" run flats for a week and that was bloody awful too so tyre choice might be critical. Whatever the undoubted benefits of the engine, the excellent mpg, fairly seamless and unrelenting power delivery and (I believe) fairly robust engine it does still sound like a tractor The interior is pretty nice but some of the interchangable trims feel cheap; it has good seats, good toys and can look good or garish on the exterior depending on the levels of chrome tat and '///M' badges that BMW have added. I believe that the Comfort Access option is now something to be avoided as thieves are buying kits that can mimic and extend the active key range to steal the car without breaking into your car or even into your house. Someone is selling a similarly aged Alpina B3 BiTurbo Cab on the alpinaregister and part of the sales pitch is that the comfort access has been coded out to prevent against this. Everything is automatic in cars these days so wipers, lights and other stuff including the stupid one touch indicator rubbish. Speaking of automatic, people will say the 8 speed gearbox is a delight and to be fair it is quick, sharp and useful going up the gears but coming from the Alpina Switch-Tronic it is dull, noisy and useless coming back down through the gears as there is no engine braking. A friend suggested using the car in Sport or Sport+ mode to get it to work properly but no, it's still a dull useless box if you want any kind of control like a manual box. Overall I would say a great tractor engine, fairly good interior, pretty good looks, reasonable ride if you choose 18" wheels and get lucky with tyres and let down down by a mediocre gearbox. It does commute well which is what Mrs Sharkfan bought hers to do. HTH Edit to add; Mrs Sharkfan read this and whilst she agrees with most of what I initially wrote she said that from her opinion it doesn't tell the whole, more balanced, story. She thinks the car, with the sports seats, is extremely comfortable even for very long non-stop journeys; the folding hard top is much better than any soft top and as good as a coupe in the winter; all the toys and creature comforts, including the heated steering wheel, work perfectly; the 4 Series Cab is a full 4 seater which probably can't be said of probably any of the other BMW cabriolets, and just how much fun it is with the roof down. I have to add that it has virtually no scuttle shake even compared to other cabs we have tried and owned, and AFAIK is the only proper 4 seater, 4wd, hard-top cabriolet on the market. Little Miss Sharkfan would like to add her opinion that she likes the car because; 1. The roof comes down, 2. It's comfortable and good looking, and most importantly, 3. It has bon-bons in the glove-box.
  9. Just saying, that's all Harrogate BMW?
  10. I can't see a price tag on it?
  11. Article about JC.....
  12. Really sorry to hear this - I think Chinese sentencing should be made the order of the day for scum like this.
  13. It's an 18 month old article - read the text.
  14. I was renewing house insurance this afternoon and they were unable to take payment so I don't think it's just the NHS. That said, organisations have been increasingly putting their trust into computer systems for years and ignoring the small voices that have asked, 'Is this entirely safe, or even wise?' It's high time to realise that computer systems are not safe, and probably cannot be made completely and entirely safe.
  15. The E34 M5 and the B10 4.6 have the same 340bhp but the Alpina has 354lb/ft against the 295lb/ft of the M5. That compares against the 360bhp and 383lb/ft of the B10 BiTurbo but neither the M5 Touring or the BiTurbo were made in right hand drive.