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  1. Yes, sadly she has to go. Next week I will have a 2016 535d i found my old e39 530i pics on here posted in 2006 so thought I’d keep the tradition going with my 530d touring.
  2. Hi all, I will be picking up my 2016 F11 535d MSport next week so bid you all a fond farewell here as I transfer to the F10/F11 board. I’ve had a lot of help here and you’ve saved me a lot of messing around and cash. One of my issues was even fixed by BMW by me showing them a post from here after 2 failed visits! Other posts giving great advise. I’ve had a BMW now for nearly 20 years, the e61 I have sold has been the only touring. I can’t say it’s been the best (my e39 still holds crown). Most issues have been down to bad designs relating to either the tailgate or pano sunroof! I’ve done 20000 miles in this one and whoever gets it (after it’s passed through the dealer system) will get a bloody good car. See you on the other side!
  3. I’m not going to be able to post pics or a DIY on this now as I’ve sold the car and they are going to take it with all its alments! i have a full kit as per the link I posted if anyone wants to buy it off me for £150 (cheaper than what I paid) with free postage. Let me know!
  4. Cables ordered http://www.sencom-kabeltechnik.de/index.php Navigate to BMW and the various cables. Ive ordered the full set £150 ish. My mate, who has done this exercise, before got his from here. I plan to do the job next weekend and I will take pictures and document for future ref.
  5. The dog has eaten both rear seat belts!

    I’m probably going to do this at the weekend. Any pointers would be appreciated. I’m going to check the Haynes manual but not holding out much hope that it will have much in it.
  6. Update - symptoms have progressed to warning lights on for tailgate, reversing and fog light failure. Also I took the switch apart and cleaned it. The switch is working fine. as the weather improved Sunday the errors disappeared which is exactly the symptoms of cracking cables. I’m going to order the looms and replace the cabling. I’m going to document and take Images of the whole thing.
  7. Yes it’s because it doesn’t have a sunroof. Tail light and poor tailgate runners are the other way in.
  8. Ok thanks thats helpful. I will do that.
  9. Hi All, I’ve done a bit of searching and I have a better idea of what ‘may’ be the problem but wanted to ask in a fresh thread. Recently the car has developed a symptom of the top glass panel in the tailgate popping open unexpectedly. It goes like this: 1. Tailgate and top glass closed - unlock the car to get in 2. Get in the car, ignition on and fire her up 3. About 5 seconds after the car has started I hear a clunk and a click and the top glass panel of the tailgate has unlocked. The interior lights are on. 4. No errors. 5. With the car still running I get out and close the glass panel, get back in and all ok. 6: drive off Things I have observed It was intermittent for a week or so, now it's everytime If I lock the central locking when the ignition is on, before I start the engine, the panel stays shut and I can drive off as normal The switch in the glass panel appears to work when I press it I can hear the lock unlocking. It all sounds firm and direct. The rest of the tailgate is operating as it should. I don’t have any other issues. I know the wiring on the e61 in and around the tailgate is suspect and many have had to replace it but I don’t get any other usual reported symptoms. Is there anything else I should check? Fuses? Relays? Is the switch a suspect? Much help appreciated before I have to get it looked at. Tarby.
  10. Jimme - when you see them pull the valves off the ends and make sure the pipes are not kinked and fit down between the panel and the inner panel so any water drops out of the bottom of the car.
  11. The hound has excelled it's self this time. She has managed to climb from the back of the e61 past the luggage guard into the back of the car and has bitten through and wrecked both the offside and nearside passenger seat belts (the main parts). Never done this before but I guess it only takes one go. I've bought one off fleabay and now want to fit it. has anyone any experience of taking a seat belt and mechanism out and replacing it from an e61? Also what recommendations are there for a better guard or separator. I don't really want to use a cage. Thanks Tarbs
  12. If you read my posts and see my pictures you can see at the very far sides of the boot there are gaps between the internal structure of the rear sections and the panels. In there you will find the rubber hoses and the duck bill valves that clog up. My advice is you totally need to dry anything out before you bag it up or the devices will create condensation within the bag and you will be in even more trouble. Has the car settled down? Mine took a good few weeks to settle down.
  13. Onging battery drain issues

    Some closure on this, several months later. Just incase this thread is found in the future for similar issues. The the car has been fine and no more issues. the removal of the rubber valve things and the overflow of water into the roof cavity was the root cause of my water ingress issues and subsequent flat battery and random electrical errors.
  14. Onging battery drain issues

    A trick on the 'sleep' thing - watch the LED on the auto shift handle turn off. Also the illumination of the 'start' button - don't know how reliable that is. Update from me - loads of rain since the last time I updated and its all a s dry as bone and no battery drain.
  15. You need to get the codes read and then someone take a look at it. It could be a poor battery but take it from me, I've spent enough time wasted and expense wasted to know, get the car looked at by a reputable Indy or a main dealer