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  1. Took it for its 1st MOT, brake fluid change and warranty check. Also discovered my brake judder is back.
  2. Hi All Some of you may remember my woes from this thread... It does read like a tale of woe.. and I did think it was all over but no... The brake judder is back.. I make an informed guess (based on the saga of the last year) that the discs are yet again warped.... That's less that 2 months, less than 1000 miles.. Ironically the car wen In for its 3 year warranty check, 1st MOT and brake fluid service today. It was only driving home that I sensed things were not right. I drove back along the A road home 60-70 for about 15 mins and I pulled her up hard and then could feel the judder at the 50--40 mph mark. I then did the test that I did before and feathered the brakes with my left foot whilst applying the throttle.. Not for long and not hard, just enough to get contact with the discs at a constant speed.. The judder was there. I got home and checked the heat on the discs and I couldn't touch the discs. The alloys around the hub were warmish. I've had three sets of discs on the car now, 2 within the past year and within 9000 miles. Something isn't right. I've checked so many things (as per the linked thread) and now this is doing my head in. The car is booked back in on the 28th where I have told them that I don't want it back until the root cause is diagnosed... they blamed the last time on material failure... I didn't believe them either but it was the 19th of December and I was just glad to get the care back!! What to the brains of the board think it could be? Could it be the alloy wheels? Again, I checked these last time and have the photos to back it up. I need to try and give BMW something to go on if possible. P
  3. Very interesting Andy. Im trying to do the same thing with my new discs. I am being very very careful with them. I've purposely not braked hard yet. Lots of gentle braking. I know the discs are ok at the moment but its bugging me that I don't have a root cause that I believe in. Also... ive said this earlier in the thread.. the car just seems so sensitive to vibrations and road imperfections.. Ive never noticed it on any of my other BMWs.. Even with the no run flats it feels like it picks up every lump, bump and hole. Time will tell..
  4. Yes I noticed that but who knows it’s been a to a couple or places for balancing prior to going back to BMW will keep monitoring.
  5. Okay so i got both wheels off and cleaned (with a razor scraper) anything that was on the mating faces. To be fair it was all just grim and built up brake dust. Nothing untoward. so now i will drive the car as designed and we will see
  6. Cheers Andrew, yes it was you but also on one of the F10/F11 Facebook groups.... I do really appreciate your advice! I will check them tomorrow. Embarrassingly I don't know where the jacking points are!!
  7. Don't jump pack the car. Its bad bad news and may render your car inoperable and then it will need to go to the dealer as the management system will think the car has tried to be stolen. the AA nor any of the others will be able to fix this.. I speak from experience. These cars have immense batteries and should be able to last weeks and weeks. I left my 530d for 2 months and it was fine!
  8. Hi. So I am not sure what I am to be looking for but it has been suggested that refurbing wheels can sometimes leave overspray on the inside of the wheel on the mating face that goes against the hub. I know this is a far out suggestion but for peace of mind I am duty bound to check it! As for what they checked.. I don't know. I hate going to the Dealer. Its like going to the dentist for root canal treatment with no anaesthetic. All I know is they identified one disc with excessive warping or whatever it is actually called and they replace both front discs and pads.
  9. Yes for the time being! some one has advised me to check for overspray on the wheels if they may have been refurbed before I bought it. That’s a possibility and I need to eliminate it.
  10. I’ve got an update. The recurring vibration was yet again warped front discs. Rather one (n/s/f) that was substantially warped. BMW replaced both under warranty. No real explanation of root cause. They replaced both the front discs late August after they warped and within a couple of months I had the same issue with about 3000 miles driven. They say that although rare it has happened before and they are blaming the material of the disc at this point. We shall see. So far my, less than 3 year old, car with 21K has cost me front discs and pads (not covered by warranty in August), 4 brand new tyres that I didn’t need and countless trips to have wheels balanced and looked at... beggars belief really..
  11. im still watching this thread. My car goes in next week (19th) and I want to provide a sheet of paper with all my symptoms and possible suppositions.
  12. Interesting the heat thing is being mentioned. I was suspicious of this as I cant really feel my issue when the car is cold or ive only driven a short distance. A lot of my issue is its all 'feelings' this 'feelings that' - I am super sensitive to the car at the moment and any vibration or noise or knock and I am immediately drawn to the brakes! I don't brake hard at all and as I said to BMW UK when I had to swap the discs and brakes in August these cars are designed for the autobahn and if you brake hard at 140 mph the discs are gonna get hot let along around 50-60 mph which is what I drive mainly. Think I need to start listing all my symptoms again and possible causes (from this post) and present them to bmw on a piece of paper. Thanks to everyone so far on this..
  13. The run flats were replaced on all tyres -sorry typo! I believe that the issue was better in August when the discs were replaced. I did have a typical vibration at 70 mph that has disappeared and the low speed issue is still there. Also I think the softer and better balanced tyres and wheels now give clarity to lower speed issue. I had a mechanic drive it and he said there is definitely something wrong and hence it is now booked in. I wouldn't discount the discs have warped again but that's going to be a whole new avenue of conversation and root cause analysis I will be taking the wheels off to look at this powder coating theory.
  14. As the original OP for this I thought it best to update the thread. My issue is NOT resolved as I originally thought. Its still doing my head and so far this year I have Replaced front discs and pads (at BMW) not covered by waranty Replace both RF tyres for non runflats Countless checking of wheel balance 2 trips to my indie for symptom elimination. My symptoms are A noticeable vibration/shimmy felt through the steering wheel and brake pedal when braking lightly. This normally happens from around 40 mph and upwards. The car goes back to BMW on the 19th. It wont be coming back until its sorted this time. If my discs are warped again I am not sure what I will be the outcome but this theory of powder coated wheels not allowing heat to transfer from the wheel hubs is something that I need to look at. My wheels were refurbed when I bought the car. I haven't checked if they were coated on the insides.
  15. Mine is LCI on a 66 plate.... maybe it's just the way it is.