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  1. Mine is LCI on a 66 plate.... maybe it's just the way it is.
  2. Liam - what year is yours? Is it a LCI? I had one of the very first F10s (a 520 SE) as a company car and i don’t remember it doing this. I also had a e61 for 7 years and it didn’t do it either.
  3. Hi, you can hear the clutch on the compressor engage and you can feel the refrigerated air in the system coming through into the car.
  4. This isn't entirely solved but I am going with what the tech said at BMW when I asked the question at my recent visit (for my brakes). There is real lack of understanding on how this system works on the net. Strange really because its something pretty much all of us have in the cars. What I know it isn't, is the old fashioned style of A/C or Climate control where the A/C part of the cooling is provided by the A/C compressor being engaged by either you pressing the A/C button or a stat or auto switch in the climate control. Also the A/C button being off does not stop the new systems from engaging the A/C compressor. What I was told was that there are all sorts of sensors inside the cabin and in the actual system that will override the manual controls. Once the A/C is engaged (and subsequently the A/C compressor) by one of these automatic means it sometimes can take several minutes to disengage. One way of seeing what is going on is to bring up the image of the car under the efficient dynamics menu and when the illustration of the from vents and the little fan is blue then you know the brain in the climate control is doing something clever is the A/C button light is off. Have a look. It's clever. I don't know if this is BS, because I cant substantiate it, but the BMW Tech told me that the climate system stores air and recirculates the warm air as hot air!? The only 'for sure' way to know the A/C is off is to switch the system off and open a window! You may all wonder why I am nattering on or even bothered by this (having a 535d I am no eco warrior) is because the A/C dries my pesky contact lenses out! Always has and I guess always will.. On all my other cars I could simply ensure the A/C was off. Not now days it seems.
  5. Same with mine. Two new back tyres that I didn't even notice until a week later and then I called the dealer up and they said they changed them as per policy! Its useful to know what you guys think of the issues that 'may' arise from swapping the tyres but im gonna do it. I've had enough BMWs now under warranty to know they don't care about no standard parts unless its the non standard parts that are at fault. My e60 had countless non BMW parts on it and yet the BMW extended warranty paid out for 6 years after the 3 year one. The only reason I stopped it in year 9 was because the premium was £1000 and I knew I was selling the car. Tarbs
  6. There should be precision in these cars. I've had a 5 series since e34 and they are (were) the leading edge. We shouldn't settle for less. I wasn't going too. Next on my list of niggles is to do away with the run flats at some point and then it will be super quiet and smooth. P
  7. It’s even more crazy to think the rears could warp but we live in crazy times!!! i hope you get yours sorted as it’s a real issue to have to live with
  8. Guys it was the discs. Warped. BMW replaced the front discs and pads. We had an interesting discussion over warranty and they did me a deal. What I am amazed at and disappointed with is how the ‘ultimate driving machine’ discs can warp after 21k and when it was less than 2 years old!! I’ve had other BMWs done 100000s of miles and never had warped discs. anyway thanks to everyone on this one.. it could have been as easy as badly balanced tyres but i guess deep down I knew it wasn’t.
  9. Sorry m8. I know its waffle. Air con compressor is engaging without the A/C light and button on. It also comes on when the car is in ecopro mode and also straight from start up. I want to know if this is normal.
  10. Thanks guys for the ongoing feedback. I appreciate it.
  11. It does sound like it. You will see I noticed it in March and thought I was going round the twist. I don't get vibration when running just under braking. I know run flats are sensitive and not everyone's cup of tea but I have had them on all my BMWs. I'll report back when the $tealer has had a look.
  12. Mine appeared about 3 months after I got the car. It wasn't there before. If I am honest I am hoping it will be something simple albeit expensive I am sure
  13. Hi guys and gals I always start off apologising for asking questions that may be obvious but I’ve done a decent amount of searching and can’t find clarity on this. Just people guessing and not being clear. I am sure the trusty folk here can shed some light on this. I have a 2016 f11 535d. I’ve recently noticed the climate control system using the air con (compressor engaging) even if it’s switched off on the dashboard or if eco pro mode is engaged. I don’t know much about the HVAC system but after trawling the net other model owners with similar generation BMW’s suggest this is all normal and that there is a number of sensors that override the obvious auto/ A/C on/off controls. I’ve also noticed the compressor will disengage after about 5 mins. In the old days the A/C light on and off meant exactly that. I’m ok with what it is doing but want to know if I have the signs of a fault. Does anyone know how it is supposed to work?
  14. This isn't fixed. It has got worse. Vibration and judder at all speeds down to about 35 mph when braking. Hard braking seems to be ok. I will be back with an update when the car has been looked at by BMW. It's booked in week after next. Car is only two years old and has full warranty. I could chase my tail for months replacing stuff. I'll also do a full post on the whole saga when I get root cause.
  15. Thanks Enzo. I didn't realise that poor balancing can warm the tyre!!! You live and learn!