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  1. Thanks Enzo. I didn't realise that poor balancing can warm the tyre!!! You live and learn!
  2. This turned out to be my tyres if anyone see's this going forward. I had pirellis on the front and the dealer i bought the car from put new Falken's on the back At the point where I thought I was going to have to start shelling out discs, i swapped the front and the back wheels. The symptoms have gone. I am going to wait for the pirelli's to wear out and then swap the whole lot out for Goodyears.
  3. Still doing it. I thought it was ok but I was out over the weekend. Im going to get all four wheels balanced for peace of mind and then I think I'll replace the front tyres. the backs are only a 1000 or so miles old. Other than that its going back to the garage I bought it from for them to sort it.
  4. Thanks Dave I’ll bear that in mind too. Tarbs
  5. Ok I took on the point on balancing My local independent tyre place is top guy so he checked it all. the front o/s wheel was out of balance by 80g and the n/s very slightly. He corrected them both. He checked both front discs and there are still 1000s if miles left in them and the pads are about a 3rd worn. I had a good look too. i took the car back out and I think it could be the out of balance wheel. I’m now hyper sensitive and I actually think the ride is hard and i pick up vibrations etc through so of the diobolical roads we have round here. i thrashed the arse off it this morning.. zipping up to 80/90 and breaking so hard the abs kicked in.. breaking hard from 70/80 down to 40 and I don’t think the issue is there as it was yesterday. so the jury is out!! But I’m not as concerned as I was. i appreciate all your help. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been driving or what you experience is mechanically, to have others help ask questions that prompt thought and suggestion is just why we are all here, so thanks Tarby
  6. But they can still wear? Ive just been out in it as it was bugging me. Deffo a shimmy felt through the steering wheel and I think my foot on the brake around 50 mph. If I’m doing 70 and brake hard it will shimmy at 50 etc. no other issues, it drives like it should, handles and glides along. gonna need to get it checked out.
  7. Thanks guys. I have a trusty indie that I can bung some beer money at to check the brakes. id hate to thing on a car that has only just passed its 2 year and done 21k that it would be anything else but serviceable break components.
  8. Hi all This may sound odd and maybe I don’t even have an issue. ive had my 2016 535d f11 now for a few weeks and driving it a fair amount and when the mrs lets me drive it I love it! My question is based on maybe not being experienced with efficient dynamics. When I brake I ‘sense’ a slight vibration. This is around the 40 mph mark. When I brake at any other speed all is fine and when I brake really hard at say 60, it’s all good, nice and solid. I also sense the vibration or road noise is present at the same speed after I take my foot off the brakes. My questions.. am imagining it? Would there be other symptoms or brake wear or suspension gear issues? Does the effiencieng dynamics braking do anything that could explain this? maybe the road noise and vibration through my run flats is just normal? the brake service is due in 3500K but I won’t wait until then if anyone here suggests I do have an issue. thanks Tarbs
  9. Thanks for all the feedback and interesting comments. im a few weeks in now and have trialed a few tests.. up to 60mph on moving a roads there is a notable difference. round town, no difference and the lag in the throttle response is not why we buy these cars! on the motorway, well this proved inconclusive. If you don’t drive over 70 then there will be some gain. If like me you set the cruise to 75 then there is no real gain and as per the round town test, you need the throttle response to be there and ready. On my 535d its a matter of a few MPG and if you do the maths it really isn’t worth the OCD!!!
  10. Wrong! Not sure they will get £9495 for it!!! http://www.skinnersnet.com/used-car-bmw-5-series-530d-m-sport-touring-4717
  11. -TARBY-

    Genuine sun shades for 2016 BMW 535d F11

    Thanks. Is this going to be the case whoever I ask? Are you saying BMW didnt make them for the rear windows of the touring?
  12. -TARBY-

    E61 Glass boot door self opening.

    i have a brand new wiring kit for this if you are interested. I bought it to repair mine but I sold the car! if you are interested PM me.
  13. Dear Coltswold I am trying to source the genuine sun shades for my 2016 F11. I had the same on my E61. They will come as two sets; two for the rear door windows and two for the rear quarters in the boot. Please advise I look forward to hearing from you
  14. -TARBY-

    Registering my car with BMW.

    Thanks for all the info as always. I am going to have a go at setting so of the trial stuff up at the weekend. I see that if you put the reg or vin in the portal can tell you what is available,. Its the only downer on the car I bought in that its not wide screen . Its got everything else that the pro has. id love to run apple music from it so will have a play
  15. -TARBY-

    Registering my car with BMW.

    Hi, was this when you purchased something or just in general to create an account?