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  1. Barrington Meet

    A friends just moved to a village near Cambridge and he noticed the local pub has a monthly classic car meet on the first Friday eve of every month. http://www.royaloakbarrington.co.uk/events.html He saw several E39 M5's last month so i might drop in on the 4th, Weather permitting, as i'll be coming over to visit him and help him out with home renovations. Incase anyone is local...
  2. V8 Tapping Noise

    Out of interest, if you leave the key primed for 10-15 seconds before firing up the car, does that improve things at all?
  3. E34 amber front indicators

    I'm pretty sure i've got a pair of these in the loft. £15 posted, let me confirm condition...
  4. E39 boot lid

    cheers guys, tempted to get a Japanese one with the shorter number plate recess after some googling
  5. E39 boot lid

    Mines rotten, so i'll need a fresh one. I bought a used one but it got bashed about in transit, so what my best options for buying a new one? Dealer only?
  6. Rick's E28 V8 Build

    Good to see you sticking at it. Looking forward to updates
  7. Wheel alignment

    I took it down to Leatherhead Motor Company and they did a proper job. Just over £100 all in
  8. M5 valet today. Results

    That looks stunning
  9. Hi E60 boffins, There's a nice but expensive 550 up for sale but its a 30th march 2007 registered car. Would this make it LCI or not? What was the exact date that they switched over and more interestingly when did they stop producing the E60 550i sport, as the few that come up for sale seem to be 05/06/07 Thx Clem
  10. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    I've been toying with the idea of doing an older BMW up for a while now, and had some great input from some guys here like Jamie and others, mostly warning me off. I've pulled back from the older models due to wanting an entry level project, and decided if i was going to get involved in something, it would be a newer model i am familiar with, to learn the easy way re welding costs and potential area's that will need doing / fixing. As such it was either going to be an E28 or an E34, of which a manual sport model was the only real option of interest to me. After a few months, saw an ad on gumtree for a E34 535i Sport which had been sitting in a car port for the last 8 years. When i drove up to Grantham to view it, it barely started, and almost immediately overheated and missfired, and tbh looks super tired, but the sunroof worked, and i'd driven all the way there, so gave the lad £800 and trailered it home. I've owned a fair few e34 535's over the years so know my way around an M30 (i even put a schrick 282/280 cam in one once) so im 'fairly' comfortable with the mechanics on this. I've decided the plan is to get it running and holding its temp, then bosh it in for an MOT and see just how bad the list is, and go from there. I've no time pressure or plan per se. Here are a couple of pics after getting it in the garage... So its decently specced, but hasn't been touched by a human in at least 8 years i would say. (at last that's when the last MOT expired). Decided to start with the cooling system and missfiring issue. Rotor arm and cap is knackered, the radiator crumbled in my hands when i took it out, the water pump is rusted, but still spins etc. Whipped off all of that and the housings to clean up, get new sensors, stat, pump, rad, rotor arm and cap and see how she runs. Its got some pretty snazzy aftermarket 17's but i love the old metric wheels with the impossibly bad grip, so if anyone has some lying around and by some miracle still have tread let me know... More updates Bi weekly or so...
  11. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Cheers guys, chuffed!
  12. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    And a few pics of it washed The M5 Badge on the boot needs putting in the correct place i've just noticed from the pics.
  13. E34 beginner - pre-purchase advice

    Any E34 at this age either has been welded or needs it... I'd approach this extremely cautiously
  14. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Well collected it last night, possibly the worst evening of the year so far to collect a 300hp, non DSC, RWD car. -4 degrees in Eastbourne and pretty much all the way back home to London. First impressions are how stable the car is, at speed and round bends. The sound of the S38 is fantastic above 3.5k rpm although given the cold, i was driving very prudently. On the motor way its running a little cool, something that wasn't apparent on the test drive around local B roads, so i've ordered up a new thermostat to resolve. I'll update with some pics once i've given her a clean
  15. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    @ Duncan, yes 3.6 on turbines (which i love the look of). Its seems to be a sound car, same owner for the last 9 years who's been diligent in caring for it from fixing failed SLS units to valve clearances. @ Blackman, Thanks! i've put alot of effort into the sport, but my budget for the welding and body work has just been spent on the M5 . Deep down i'm more comfortable sinking money into an E34 that will hold its value better than a 535i sport.
  16. E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    Update Time, And its a landmark one... Slow but steady progress... front subframe done and refurbished steering box on... The rear subframe was a bitch to do, even with the bush pulling tool... Still managed to get it all cleaned up and although the pics dont show it, i've pressed in all the new bushes for the frame, diff and trailing arms Also managed to finish off the rear shocks. Ended up binning everything from the old ones, happy with how they're looking Before After So that means i just need to finish the rear trailing arms and hubs / bearings to complete all the subframe and bushes part of this. In Parallel to this, in August 2017 i had been in contact with the owner of a lovely M5 who wanted to sell, but for various reasons we never made a deal... then i went to see it this weekend, and couldn't help myself and bought it. Not sure where that leaves the 535i sport, but i'm extremely excited to have a usable M5 in time for Spring and hopefully a jaunt on the route Napoleon in July. Here's the only pic i have, further updates once i've collected it.
  17. Wheels to fit my E34

    Great link
  18. New owner of M5 3.6

    Congrats on the purchase, the car looks great. I've been trying to buy a specific black e34 3.6 M5 similar to this one since October, had i know this was for sale i'd have come to take a closer look! Let us know how you find it.
  19. When exactly was the LCI Switch

    Cheers to both of you, a colleague at work just told me the same. I need to replace the e39 at some point, i've had searches on Ebay, Autotrader, Pistonheads, car and classic etc since Oct 17 but impossible to find a well specced and maintained, post 2007, sub 85k 550i sport.
  20. When exactly was the LCI Switch

    So is this bad boy LCI? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2007-BMW-5-SERIES-550i-M-Sport-4dr-Auto/253397846360?hash=item3affb04958:g:Zb4AAOSwFqVZsr5T
  21. Introduction, new E34 M5 3.8 owner...soon!

    Sorry to hear this. Will the car be up for sale again then?
  22. Avoid suspected clocked E39 Mora M5 on gumtree

    I went to see this one. Its a dog
  23. 540i error codes

    A lot of 540 thermostats fail open, its an inexpensive fix
  24. Good quality/wallet friendly control arms

    i went to C3BMW and the lot came to around £400, Lemforder.
  25. E34 535i Sport manual breaking. 1990 G reg.

    How do the drivers side front and rear doors look?