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  1. No doubt the hoses are leaking, so its a good place to start. Its also possible that the seals on the box itself have begun to weep. Replacing the box for a used one is risky as there's no telling if it will leak too. On the other hand it will cost you £300 to have it rebuilt...
  2. Just had my e34 steering box rebuilt incase you need a recommendation f
  3. You can charge several batteries at the same time just by wiring them up in parallel. I've been doing it a lot on an electric bike project i'm playing around with that needs 4 x 12v batteries.
  4. Sold them on Ebay for £100. A month later the buyer is still clowning around waiting to 'get brake pads' to be able to come and collect them... Selling set of 4 Enzo Cup 817's 8J wide all round, 17" diameter, PCD 120 and offset 15 All hold air well, though are chipped, lightly curbed etc. Expect to replace the tyres but 2 are continental sports with decent tread, just a little old. Collection from Kingston SW London. £100 for the set. 07429185020
  5. Springs finally arrived after a month of back order. The entire car is staying OEM bar the springs, i was hoping for around a 20mm drop but these look a lot more than that. Will have to see how it looks and decide. I was hoping to build up the front suspension but BMW parts are a little slow to arrive so will have to wait for Saturday. The rest of day i spent removing the fuel lines. I already have 2 of the 3 lines needed that i ordered from BMW, they pretty much crumbled in my hands. I am one bolt away from dropping out the fuel tank. Needed to dremel off a bold but with all the petrol leaking everywhere decided to hold off, let it evaporate during the week and revisit next weekend. Also did some housekeeping, Engine is now on the stand, Gearbox and LSD to one side ready to be sent off for a rebuild etc Thx
  6. I've been toying with the idea of doing an older BMW up for a while now, and had some great input from some guys here like Jamie and others, mostly warning me off. I've pulled back from the older models due to wanting an entry level project, and decided if i was going to get involved in something, it would be a newer model i am familiar with, to learn the easy way re welding costs and potential area's that will need doing / fixing. As such it was either going to be an E28 or an E34, of which a manual sport model was the only real option of interest to me. After a few months, saw an ad on gumtree for a E34 535i Sport which had been sitting in a car port for the last 8 years. When i drove up to Grantham to view it, it barely started, and almost immediately overheated and missfired, and tbh looks super tired, but the sunroof worked, and i'd driven all the way there, so gave the lad £800 and trailered it home. I've owned a fair few e34 535's over the years so know my way around an M30 (i even put a schrick 282/280 cam in one once) so im 'fairly' comfortable with the mechanics on this. I've decided the plan is to get it running and holding its temp, then bosh it in for an MOT and see just how bad the list is, and go from there. I've no time pressure or plan per se. Here are a couple of pics after getting it in the garage... So its decently specced, but hasn't been touched by a human in at least 8 years i would say. (at last that's when the last MOT expired). Decided to start with the cooling system and missfiring issue. Rotor arm and cap is knackered, the radiator crumbled in my hands when i took it out, the water pump is rusted, but still spins etc. Whipped off all of that and the housings to clean up, get new sensors, stat, pump, rad, rotor arm and cap and see how she runs. Its got some pretty snazzy aftermarket 17's but i love the old metric wheels with the impossibly bad grip, so if anyone has some lying around and by some miracle still have tread let me know... More updates Bi weekly or so...
  7. Selling set of Shock absorbers and springs from 2003 BMW 540i. I think its the same as the M5 suspension if the part numbers are to be believed. I changed them @ ~ 100k miles to fit fresh top mounts etc but they are still in decent condition. Too heavy to post, but £50 to who ever collects from South West London. Includes: 2 x front shocks 2 x front springs 2 x rear shocks 2 x rear springs PM if interested
  8. I managed to do exactly this. Call Adrian Flux.
  9. Superb News, although definately unusual.
  10. Anyone have any intel on this? Need to tie some part numbers to diagrams but the sites been down for maintenance for ages. Finding it tricky to do on REALOEM
  11. Keep me posted if you hear anything.
  12. Superb thread. Keep up the updates.
  13. Agreed, very sad news.
  14. Agreed. Must be one of the few red e34's left that hasn't faded to pink. Looks great!
  15. Hi Guys, So considering a replacement for the E39 as its getting a little long in the tooth having had it for over 5 years, and after many months of umming and erring am now considering F10 or F11 as the M6 GC is still out of reach. My prerequisites are: Petrol -> what are thoughts of 3l vs 4.4? any other recommendations (no Diesel pls) Sport pack -> What do you get? Options Whats good to have, my minimum requirements that i have with my E39 are built in bluetooth, panoramic sat nav with post code, auto lights, auto wipers etc Any idea's on interior trim to look out for, are the equivalent of Sport contour seats an option? My budget is around £15k but can be a little higher Let me know thoughts, feedback, intel etc. I know E34's and E39's like the back of my hand but F10's are an unknown for me. Thx Clem
  16. Incredibly slow progress while i wait for the springs... Also managed to get the rear subframe out from beneath. With the LSD still attached its not the lightest car part in the world. The LSD is clearly leaking so will need to find someone to rebuild it. And also invested in one of these for the subframe bushes... With the subframe out i have a clear view of the fuel lines which are well rotten. Brake lines look fine. Re the rust, had a bit of carpet lifting action and the rust penetrates the front footwells along the sill for about 5 inches on either side. To help here i'm slowly buying BMW panels to help the welder, now have a complete drivers side inner sill in the loft... Also sent the power steering box off to ICS in Birmingham to rebuild. I've been quoted circa £250 + VAT Finally built up the engine stand. Just need to get the clutch and flywheel off and will be able to start work on the engine. Thx
  17. Thanks for the intel. Interesting about the F07 but they're big old cars even if the floorpan is the same as the F10. Not much in the classifieds atm once i've specified petrol, so keen to see what comes up once every once is back from holiday
  18. .

  19. Cheers. Quotes for some UK places are coming in circa £250 + shipping so far
  20. Mines (E34) leaking and on 150k. Where have you guys sent yours off to?
  21. Hi Dave, Nice project, Love E24's and keen to see what it takes to get one back up to scratch. Re the key, can't you apply for the V5 and go via BMW to save butchering/ changing all the locks?
  22. Sorry for the radio silence. Been a little busy getting married. Was lucky enough to use this on the special day... On top of a load of other weddings and stag do's, including some of this No that my finances are improving post nuptuals i have been able to buy some bits to get to a rolling chassis stage. That includes a set of Eibach springs, new front hubs/ bearings, Top mouonts and a load of other bits from BMW. I was looking forward to doing a 'whats in the box' pic but then Eibach are on back order from Germany for 3 weeks, So decided to crack on with dropping the engine out. I've also dropped out both rear hubs / shocks etc. Thanks
  23. Nice work!
  24. i did all 4 spring and strut assemblies on my e39 sport earlier this year and i needed 2 of the claw type spring compressors and a (better quality) 3rd spring compressor to do the job.