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  1. mumbojumbo

    Driving in Europe after 29th March

    So funnily enough i'm driving over to Belgium to see family, scheduled to return on the 31st March. I'll bring both my UK and Belgian passports to be sure although with things progressing as they are looks like the 28th March deadline will be extended. Worst case scenario and we can't get through Dunkirk or Calais i'll glady hole up back in Brussels for a few days
  2. mumbojumbo

    Tyre woes

    Front or back Duncan?
  3. mumbojumbo

    Bluetooth Fuzzy

    Hi Guys, I have the OEM Bluetooth option in my 2002 E39 which has worked great for years, however recently when on a call it's extremely fuzzy and crackled, almost like a dalek. Can anyone point me towards what could be failing? Thx Clem
  4. mumbojumbo

    Bluetooth Fuzzy

    Cheers for these suggestions, i've tried all of this bar unplugging the battery, i didn't know i could 'reset' the bluetooth module, so will try that this week. Phone works fine in all other circumstances.
  5. mumbojumbo

    Cars holding their value better?

    Noticed exactly this. Paid £4500 for 86k mile 2002 540 sport in excellent condition in 2012. If i want a 10 year old top spec E60 or F10 it's around double that price. Can't understand why tbh....
  6. mumbojumbo

    Wiper Rack

    its on >150k. 1990 535i sport
  7. mumbojumbo

    Wiper Rack

    Couldn't say, but i can take a look at the arms and see whether they're damaged too. I have the bonnet and it's not been damaged by the arm....
  8. mumbojumbo

    Wiper Rack

    If you need a replacement wiper rack, you can come and take the one off my breaker for £30, based in Sutton.
  9. mumbojumbo

    Buying an X5 - any advice if you own/ owned one?

    A mate has one (4.6 sport i think) and find's running it expensive, check out the price of replacement tyres for example... Other than that feedback is it's a very capable all rounder
  10. EDIT: Price lowered to £450 for the shocks For a 535i Sport. Front and rear shocks were totally disassembled by myself, Front legs were derusted and POR15'd and then totally rebuild with Eibach springs (mild drop). Rears were totally rebuilt as there were no savable parts. Eibach springs on rear too. 0 miles on the set. Front assembly: - Stripped leg and bottom plate, ground out rust, degreased, rust removed and then POR15'd. - New Sachs shock absorbers - New inner foam bump stop - New inner dust sheild - New bolts and washers (BMW) - New Rubber spring boots / caps - New Eibach springs (mild lowering at around 15mm i think) - New Control arms (upper and lower) - New Stabiliser arm - Dust sheilds: one saved, degreased, derusted and POR15'd, the other new from BMW. - New Top Mounts - New Front bearings - New bearing bolt and metal dust cap (basically the only original part is the actual leg itself) Rear - New Shocks ( i forget the make, but pretty much OEM Recommended) - New upper and lower rubber spring cups. - New Top Mount - New Eibach spring - New bolts, washers etc from BMW Included in Price: Front shocks, as in pics, including upper and lower control arms, stabilizer links etc. Rear shocks. Complete as in pics. Looking for £450 for the set. I wont split the set. Collection from SW London. Also selling derusted and POR15'd front and rear subrames, rear subframe has new bushes, again as in pics. Looking for £70 for the Front (Not including steering box) and £100 for the rear Front Rear Thx Clem
  11. mumbojumbo

    E39, when to call it a day?

    Good Question. I've been looking around and tbh can't find anything that i'd want to commit to like i did with the E39, so i've decided to get a 'fun' car for a year or two till having kids forces me into something more sensible again. I've been looking closely at M6 Grand Coupe 4 doors, if prices for the LCI drop enough in 2019 then that's a possibility. I also keep coming back to E60 tourings, the LCI version of which are 'paletable', although i'm not a huge fan of the E60 design generally.
  12. Reg H236 ANE, Chassis n: WBAHD12070BF01532, mileage 150k, Colour: Diamandschwartz Metallic For the story behind the car and the work done so far, pls see I spent a lot of time working on this car before i was tempted away by an M5. Now i've decided the M5 should take precedence so i've decided to clear the 535i Sport and its parts, most of which have already been separated from the shell. Here is an initial list of parts available along with a price. For any parts too large to post, collection would be from Sutton or Kingston in Surrey. Feel free to contact me via PM, i'll need a lead time of at least a week to get pics as requested etc as i'm not close to the car location. For many of the rebuilt parts like the suspension i can provide the receipts for parts such as shocks, springs, nuts and bolts etc for your own records. Doors £35 each Refurbished Steering Box £350.00 Front Indicators Clear £ 20.00 Rear lights amber £ 20.00 Front Indicators Amber £ 20.00 Bonnet £ 35.00 Boot with Spoiler £ 70.00 Engine (Sold) £ 0.00 Gearbox, Manual (sold) £ 0.00 LSD (Sold) £ 0.00 Refurbished front brake calipers *SOLD* £ 00.00 non refurbished rear calipers £ 50.00 Rear subframe, derusted and POR15'd and new bushes £100.00 Front subframe, derusted and POR15'd £ 50.00 Suspension, fully rebuilt, Eibach lowering springs, new control arms, bushes, Rubbers etc £ 450.00 Front bumper (SOLD) £ 0.00 Rear bumper (SOLD) £ 0.00 Side skirts (SOLD) £ 0.00 Manual, Black leather, (SOLD) £ 0.00 Steering wheel (SOLD) £ 0.00 Radiator, pretty much new £ 75.00 Shell, with V5 £ 100.00 Thx Clem
  13. mumbojumbo

    Breaking BMW 535i sport manual E34

    pm replied
  14. mumbojumbo

    E39, when to call it a day?

    After 6.5 years of ownership i'll be replacing the 540 with something newer in 2019. Still a great car @ 120k but starting to feel dated. Driving it back to back with my E34 though reminds me how much of a step up the e39 was in every sense...
  15. mumbojumbo

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Wow, fantastic
  16. mumbojumbo

    Trackday e34s anyone ??

    Agreed. I bought Gordon's old 535i sport off him which was stripped, bucket seats etc, even had a snazzy paint job / decal work done by him. Was good fun round a couple of track days but it's weight, Stock suspension and relative lack of power meant it wasn't that suited. Compared to the MX5 we use now it's night and day, i'd pick the MX5 any day for trackwork
  17. mumbojumbo

    Sotherby's youngtimer

    Pretty much my dream garage for sale here... https://rmsothebys.com/en/search#/?SortBy=Default&SearchTerm=youngtimer&Category=All Categories&IncludeWithdrawnLots=false&Auction=&OfferStatus=All availability&AuctionYear=&Model=Model&Make=Make&FeaturedOnly=false&StillForSaleOnly=false&Collection=All Lots&WithoutReserveOnly=false&page=1&pageSize=200
  18. mumbojumbo

    Sotherby's youngtimer

    I'd gladly live with left hand drive for some of those cars
  19. mumbojumbo

    My New M5 3.6

    Great looking car, i think the Spoiler delete on the rear boot is such a good look... Look forward to seeing this in the flesh at some point.
  20. mumbojumbo

    Breaking BMW 535i sport manual E34

    Hi, It looks like the entire drive train is sold, will confirm...
  21. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 Sport interior

    For Sale: 4 Manual black leather seats, good condition, started sanding back one of them to restore the leather but never progressed. Sat in a garage for 3 years so could do with cosmetic colouring and restoring but essentially a good set. Door cards are included but not great condition, some vinyl peeling, and some of the cardboard has perished, but salvageable Included in sale: 2 x front seats 1 x Rear bench 4 x door cards £350 collection from Kingston, SW London Questions welcome Thx Clem
  22. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 Sport interior

  23. As per https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E34-clear-front-indicators/192656462169?hash=item2cdb385159:g:xWcAAOSw2KRbkOI~ £15 + Post or collection from Kingston, Surrey
  24. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 front clear indicators