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  1. e24 -genuinely getting rare now

    Awesome. Like the polished looking lips on the TRX's Both beautiful cars
  2. Need space in a Garage? Surrey

    Pictures speak a thousand words. So we're still negotiating, and other parties are competing to be transparent, but here's the space. It will be reroofed, re wired and will have cctv installed int he next month. If we manage to get it then the cost per space will be circa £100/month + a little more if you want to trickle charge etc Thx
  3. e24 -genuinely getting rare now

    Its later... any pics?
  4. Nice update. Had exactly the same issue on my e34, unwittingly bought front struts with the thicker diameter and had to source correct top mounts.
  5. I used a place in leatherhead which were excellent. Called leatherhead motor company.
  6. Mortgage switching - what's everyone thinking?

    I have a fair sized mortgage, so the last time around the fee worked out cheaper than the extra interest payable. Will do the same maths.
  7. Need space in a Garage? Surrey

    Valid feedback. I trust too much...
  8. Mortgage switching - what's everyone thinking?

    OK so just had a meeting with my Mortgage lender, rates offered are super low. Nationwide quoting me in the region of 1.14% for a 2 year tracker to just above 2% for a 5 year fixed.
  9. Mortgage switching - what's everyone thinking?

    Funnily enough, have a meeting with my Bank today about this. My 4 year fixed rate ends in a year, checking out my options... Currently on 2.39%
  10. Need space in a Garage? Surrey

    Hi Dennis, Its a junction after Guildford if you were coming from Ldn. Its a largish building that used to house a motor racing team.Its in a very quiet area of Farms. Let me check in with the Landlord re CCTV etc as i hadn't check for that. Ill try and get some pics up, might make this easier. Thx
  11. Need space in a Garage? Surrey

    i'm meeting the landlord on Saturday Morning to discuss but it would be a 'share of rent' type agreement and my upper budget is £150/month (for my space) so for a 'space' it would be around that. Together we'd need to combine enough to cover the total, which i'll find out their lowest price on sat...
  12. I've potentially found a dry replacement for the current damp garage i'm using to restore my E34 and store an MX5 track car. Only snag is its a little large for my needs and the other person i would share with. Its in Surrey, just off the A3, large private Barn with Electricity etc. If you're looking for a space to store a car, trailer, or to do some restoration etc let me know, we have space for at least another 5 or 6 cars. Costs tbc but should be reasonable PM if interested.
  13. The adjusters broke, i tried to fix them, i couldn't, and now inside the light one of the tabs has broken. This means the light is still sealed, works fine etc, but the adjusters are still broken. I've shelled out on a new head light, therefore the used one is for sale for £40 plus post. It comes with a pair of adjusters to replace the broken ones.
  14. Wheel Arch Lip Restore

  15. New owner 3.6 M5

    Nice progress. Where did you get the alternator redone?