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  1. Yep
  2. Looks like a decent example. Any plans for it beyond the bits you mentioned? Audio?
  3. No doubt the hoses are leaking, so its a good place to start. Its also possible that the seals on the box itself have begun to weep. Replacing the box for a used one is risky as there's no telling if it will leak too. On the other hand it will cost you £300 to have it rebuilt...
  4. Just had my e34 steering box rebuilt incase you need a recommendation f
  5. You can charge several batteries at the same time just by wiring them up in parallel. I've been doing it a lot on an electric bike project i'm playing around with that needs 4 x 12v batteries.
  6. Springs finally arrived after a month of back order. The entire car is staying OEM bar the springs, i was hoping for around a 20mm drop but these look a lot more than that. Will have to see how it looks and decide. I was hoping to build up the front suspension but BMW parts are a little slow to arrive so will have to wait for Saturday. The rest of day i spent removing the fuel lines. I already have 2 of the 3 lines needed that i ordered from BMW, they pretty much crumbled in my hands. I am one bolt away from dropping out the fuel tank. Needed to dremel off a bold but with all the petrol leaking everywhere decided to hold off, let it evaporate during the week and revisit next weekend. Also did some housekeeping, Engine is now on the stand, Gearbox and LSD to one side ready to be sent off for a rebuild etc Thx
  7. Selling set of Shock absorbers and springs from 2003 BMW 540i. I think its the same as the M5 suspension if the part numbers are to be believed. I changed them @ ~ 100k miles to fit fresh top mounts etc but they are still in decent condition. Too heavy to post, but £50 to who ever collects from South West London. Includes: 2 x front shocks 2 x front springs 2 x rear shocks 2 x rear springs PM if interested
  8. I managed to do exactly this. Call Adrian Flux.
  9. Superb News, although definately unusual.
  10. Keep me posted if you hear anything.
  11. Superb thread. Keep up the updates.
  12. Anyone have any intel on this? Need to tie some part numbers to diagrams but the sites been down for maintenance for ages. Finding it tricky to do on REALOEM
  13. Agreed, very sad news.
  14. Agreed. Must be one of the few red e34's left that hasn't faded to pink. Looks great!