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  1. mumbojumbo

    E39 M5 Front and Rear Struts Replacement

    Did this last year and it's worth changing them all while your there. On a driveway the front took just over half a day, the back a little longer believe it or not. You'll also want an alignment afterwards
  2. mumbojumbo

    Rust e39 no hope?

  3. mumbojumbo

    E34 535i Sport / M5 content

    I've owned this M5 6 months now, so due a little update. I've been using it quite sporadically but managed a trip to Bristol and back as well as taking it to Silverstone F1 last Sunday. The exhaust note and power above 3.5k is addictive. I noticed it was running a little cool so changed out the thermostat and coolant and i've also upgraded the stereo to a decentish Pioneer one although in truth with the sunroof open and 2nd gear i prefer listening to the engine. Its a fantastic car to drive, light clutch and feels great round bendy roads. My one gripe is that it could do with some tighter steering, i have a rebuilt steering box from the 535 (see earlier in the thread) which i may swap out over the winter. Comparing the car overall back to back to my E39 540 i'd say the 540 more appropriate for Mway cruising, purely because of the gearing. The car was also featured in this months Classic Car magazine, so i got a free photoshoot and walk around Beauleau Motor Museum and Grounds, which i highly recommend. Here a few snaps from the day. Generally speaking i'm now keen to add to the stable and if the right 2002 / 2003 E39 M5 came up for sale i'd be very tempted. To make space for all this i'm clearing some land next to my garage to put the MX5 and the shell of the 535 so i can get the M5 in the garage in time for Winter. I'm still undecided what to do with the 535 which is still in parts. Next on the horizon is the MOT due in August, so we'll what what that throws up, but other than that i plan to just continue enjoying it.
  4. mumbojumbo

    E39 540 issue

    Mate, now that you've said that, my multi connector clips on the throttle are broken (dont ask how), will pop the bonnet later and check the connections...
  5. mumbojumbo

    E39 540 issue

    So after a little research, It's not really clear what throttle actuator actually means, has anyone had this code before?
  6. mumbojumbo

    E39 540 issue

    Aha thanks for this, yes i think i've been looking at the wrong DME
  7. mumbojumbo

    E39 540 issue

    Hi Guys, 2002 BMW 540. Got a Engine Failsafe message on the dash on Sunday, followed by cutting out on Idle. Car runs fine other than that and no misfire to speak of. Ran the codes on INPA and comes up with code 130 DK Position monitoring, which i deducted to be the pre cat lambda sensor. my question is: is that the correct corresponding part for that code? BMW want £170 per sensor, so want to be 100% sure... Thx Clem
  8. mumbojumbo

    2001 e39 m5 (facelift) sold

    Where are you based?
  9. mumbojumbo

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    They look great!
  10. mumbojumbo

    Finding An M5

    Agreed around London its totally pointless. I live in SW London and the OBD on my 540 is showing average speed of 16mpg :(. Having said that there are a few decent roads in Surrey that are a pleasure for an early morning blatt
  11. mumbojumbo

    Finding An M5

    Taking cost out of the equation, the S38 is much more fun than the M30 by a considerable margin. An M30 is pretty dull and under powered compared to the V8's and S engine...
  12. mumbojumbo

    Finding An M5

    It took about a year before the right one came up for me
  13. mumbojumbo

    Finding An M5

    Check everything you normally would with any E34, then look for recent (big) bills for the SLS if its fitted, valve adjustments every 20-30k on the 3.6, battery drains, failing blower motors, the air con is unlikely to work, and then take it for a test drive. At this age i'd be looking for evidence of bills for rust treatment, MAF, Suspension, Bushes, Cooling system, regular valve adjustments, a clutch and use of the correct oil in services. They are fantastic cars Edit I just read that you want one that won't have to be touched for a couple of years... I'd say even a good condition one, that is quite unlikely. Also i wouldn't worry about a sub 100k example, find one that's been well cared for, with comprehensive history.
  14. mumbojumbo

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Car looks fantastic! Congrats
  15. mumbojumbo

    Barrington Meet

    A friends just moved to a village near Cambridge and he noticed the local pub has a monthly classic car meet on the first Friday eve of every month. http://www.royaloakbarrington.co.uk/events.html He saw several E39 M5's last month so i might drop in on the 4th, Weather permitting, as i'll be coming over to visit him and help him out with home renovations. Incase anyone is local...