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  1. Awesome
  2. Same here. I drive to Valbonne every summer and make a stop in Lyon. I stay at the Sofitel Bellecour but i don't have kids either. I'd recommend walking across to old Lyon for dinner. Lots of good places. If you're heading towards Cannes i recommend a detour along the Route Napoleon from Digne to Grasse. Superb 60km stretch of road.
  3. I have to say that looks superb
  4. Get some pics pls
  5. I think the new XC90's look great in top trim. Plus with the Electric motors they make over 300hp i think. Once prices drop a little for used ones could be a viable family car contender for me
  6. Spent an hour chatting to a friend on the parts desk @ BMW on Saturday morning. FYI there are now 11 inner sills left in stock (in europe) for the nearside and none for the drivers side. When BMW run out of stock they sit down, work out how many they can sell, and then usually outsource the production, so when it comes back in stock its alot more expensive. (think E39 front corner trays... Before ~ £60, now over £100...)
  7. I love that car. Awesome. Agree that for that money i'd expect everything to be on spec.
  8. I Also use thule roof bars. The plastic catches remain open when bolted to the roof. I havnt bothered removing them in 6 months and hasn't been an issue
  9. No one with a brain commutes to work in London by car unless they're a CFO. I don't see how this will impact car prices.
  10. Sorry to hear this. Hoping it doesn't slow down your projects too much.
  11. Hey Dennis, why not Automatic man in Acton out of interest?
  12. I paid £300 for my black sport contours, that also came with E38 rear seats and all 4 E38 door cards. £600 is absurd
  13. Ideally Titan Silver but not absolutely necessary, condition is key here, keen for there to be zero rust. thx
  14. Got one too. I assume they retrim the steering wheel while they're at it right?
  15. Beyond services etc here's what i've had done over the last 5 years. You'll note a waterpump actually features... All parts are either Genuine BMW or Lemforder etc... I've had a valley pan fail on my old 535 but so far this ones still intact... Our spending habits look remarkably similar! Pixels Repair by Rudi: New Radiator Coolant Expansion Tank Gearbox service (inc filter) Bonnet switch Updated sat nav disk Waterpump, thermostat etc Headlight washer pumps Resoldered BM54 Amp New Viscous Fan Coupling Water cooled Alternator New BMW roundel Replacement PDC sensor New Front pass Caliper Chain tensioner changed Hoses, new thermostat and radiator Front arms + stalbiliser links Alignment M5 Suspension Wipers Top mounts, front pads, Locking wheen nut 2 x 235/40R18 Continental 5 Sport Vapour Barrier rear pass door Fuel Tank breather valve Oil Service, Cabin filters, Air Filters, M5 suspension & Top mounts fitted Wheel Alignment Rocker cover gaskets Coil Pack 8 new Spark plugs