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  1. I got Baris to convert my BM54 module to 4x45w and add a aux input cable that i ran to the drivers seat.
  2. Having been a payed up member of Copart for a year, i find a lot of prices high given the work needed and affect on sale price a Cat D or C marker will have. Plus i think the ease of access means lots of people are making a living on fixing copart cars up and selling on To give an example i saw an run of the mill E28 go for a few hundred quid on Copart, subsequently on Ebay for double the money and they hadnt even touched the damage...
  3. I use in Feltham for when it all gets a bit too much for my mechanic in Brentford
  4. thx
  5. Looks alot like Sandips old 528...
  6. Is the rear boot free from rust and in good condition?
  7. Roger, thx for clarifying. I'll measure up the diameter when i'm back and source corresponding top mounts.
  8. Aha, Build date of mine: 25th June1990
  9. Love this. Theres an abandoned one identical to yours near me in Hampton that's not been on the road since 2009. Despite being mid restoration on the 535 and paying for a wedding in 2 months i may have left a note on the windscreen asking if its for sale
  10. Looks like there's definately a shoulder but the girth is a lot thicker... Crap pic i know but im abroad this week so cant get to it
  11. given their rust and condition i wouldn't be surprised if they were the original shocks. Interesting i'll check REALOEM for early vs later mountings
  12. Re. the top of E34 shock absorbers. I had dismantled what was on the 535i sport. I bought 'correct' SACHS advantage shocks but when i offer up the top mounts i notice the old shocks have a~ 3 inches of narrower metal to let the top mount slot onto it. However my new Sachs shocks don't have this narrowing at the top, so the old top mounts don't fit. My question is the top mounts will be replaced anyway, so can i get them with the correct diameter hole to fit the Sachs shocks or have i got the wrong shocks?
  13. Terrible to hear. The police were no help when my van and more recently my car trailer were stolen. In the end i ended up finding my van myself and got it back a year later. Fingers crossed they've parked it up somewhere to be found
  14. Front
  15. Doesn't need to be in concours condition, just good enough to Rust proof and fit. To fit a '90 535 but i believe they are a common p/n