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  1. mumbojumbo

    My New M5 3.6

    Great looking car, i think the Spoiler delete on the rear boot is such a good look... Look forward to seeing this in the flesh at some point.
  2. mumbojumbo

    Breaking BMW 535i sport manual E34

    Hi, It looks like the entire drive train is sold, will confirm...
  3. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 Sport interior

  4. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 front clear indicators

  5. As per https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-E34-clear-front-indicators/192656462169?hash=item2cdb385159:g:xWcAAOSw2KRbkOI~ £15 + Post or collection from Kingston, Surrey
  6. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 Steering Box Rebuilt

    Selling steering box from a 1990 BMW 535i Sport. Had it rebuilt, at a cost of ~£290 by these guys around a year ago www.ics-steeringspecialist.co.uk i still have the invoice. Not used since the refurb. Looking for £350 plus post Thx Clem
  7. For a 535i Sport. Front and rear shocks were totally disassembled by myself, Front legs were derusted and POR15'd and then totally rebuild with Eibach springs (mild drop). Rears were totally rebuilt as there were no savable parts. Eibach springs on rear too. 0 miles on the set. Front assembly: - Stripped leg and bottom plate, ground out rust, degreased, rust removed and then POR15'd. - New Sachs shock absorbers - New inner foam bump stop - New inner dust sheild - New bolts and washers (BMW) - New Rubber spring boots / caps - New Eibach springs (mild lowering at around 15mm i think) - New Control arms (upper and lower) - New Stabiliser arm - Dust sheilds: one saved, degreased, derusted and POR15'd, the other new from BMW. - New Top Mounts - New Front bearings - New bearing bolt and metal dust cap (basically the only original part is the actual leg itself) Rear - New Shocks ( i forget the make, but pretty much OEM Recommended) - New upper and lower rubber spring cups. - New Top Mount - New Eibach spring - New bolts, washers etc from BMW Included in Price: Front shocks, as in pics, including upper and lower control arms, stabilizer links etc. Rear shocks. Complete as in pics. Looking for £600 for the set. I wont split the set. Collection from SW London. Also selling derusted and POR15'd front and rear subrames, rear subframe has new bushes, again as in pics. Looking for £70 for the Front (Not including steering box) and £100 for the rear Front Rear Thx Clem
  8. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 Sport interior

    Now on ebay https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bmw-E34-Sports-Interior-Seats-535i-M5-Black/192648977517?hash=item2cdac61c6d:g:aXcAAOSwlUhbkOJ8
  9. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 Refurbed front brake calipers *SOLD*

    PM Replied
  10. mumbojumbo

    Breaking BMW 535i sport manual E34

    Hi Dan, Got a couple of people in the queue but if it falls through i'll let you know thx Clem
  11. *** SOLD *** For sale, a pair of front calipers off a 1990 535i. Surface rust ground off, degreased, rust treated and painted with hi temp POR15 paint. New pistons and seals fitted and oiled. Part Number on carrier is 60 / 22 / 302 £75 + postage but very heavy so collection also possible from Kingston, Surrey.
  12. mumbojumbo

    Breaking BMW 535i sport manual E34

    Interior pics now added here
  13. mumbojumbo

    BMW E34 Sport interior

    For Sale: 4 Manual black leather seats, good condition, started sanding back one of them to restore the leather but never progressed. Sat in a garage for 3 years so could do with cosmetic colouring and restoring but essentially a good set. Door cards are included but not great condition, some vinyl peeling, and some of the cardboard has perished, but salvageable Included in sale: 2 x front seats 1 x Rear bench 4 x door cards £350 collection from Kingston, SW London Questions welcome Thx Clem
  14. mumbojumbo

    Breaking BMW 535i sport manual E34

    Hi, Should be fine, but not used properly in a few years so hard to prove... pm me what you need and i can send pics and condition...
  15. mumbojumbo

    Need Help...Broken M5

    Unusual, keep us posted...