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    E39 540i, Midnight Purple, custom interior, air-ride
  1. The thing is the spray from my nozzles is perfectly fine, it's strong and covers the whole screen as it always did so there's no problem with the actual strength of the spray. The problem is that it won't start spraying until I've held the stalk down, like the fluid needs to be pumped all the way through the lines from the reservoir, rather than being right there and ready to go. If I spray, wait a second or two and spray again it's fine but if I spray and wait longer, I have to wait for the fluid to start coming through again. If it was a blockage I would have thought it would be impeding the force of the spray.
  2. Hi all, random problem (on my 630i but same as E60), but basically when I go to wash my windscreen I need to pull the stalk a few times or hold it down for a couple of seconds before the jets spray onto the screen, where before I would get spray from the moment I touched the stalk. It seems like the fluid is draining from the lines and running back into the reservoir so when I pull the stalk the pump has to pump fluid all the way through the lines up to the nozzles. Any ideas what the problem might be? I can't see any sort of non-return pipe or valve anywhere on the ETK and I had both washer nozzles replaced not long ago so they are new and working perfectly. Thanks!
  3. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Thanks Looking back at the pics of the car when I first bought it I can't believe it's the same car! It's actually gone a bit purple, so it sort of works! Thank you No, everything looks to have been bolted in. Thanks! I've only just got it back! Give me a minute, lol! Oh, thank you very much Yours looks like it's coming along nicely! Thanks Well, I love them obviously, but do have something new lined up... Thanks Yes, it's definitely a colour that needs to be seen in the metal to really be appreciated, I love it Thanks Dennis Well I think the OZs are pretty wow - forged, three-piece, custom finish with matt grey centres and neochrome bolts, in my opinion they look awesome And, for me, Superleggera III > ACS Type III Racing, in my eyes the OZs look more impressive and are a lot rarer, which is why I love them. I do still have my Type IIIs, actually, and will be running them as my winter wheels They've had a vibrant makeover... But I do have one final, ultimate set of wheels waiting in the wings that I bought specifically to go with this makeover on the car...
  4. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Thanks guys
  5. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    So, after 16 months apart the E39 and I have finally been reunited and, as you can see, it's looking a little bit different... It's had a full respray in Midnight Purple I and a full custom re-trim by Corbeau in white leather with purple stitching and a pair of Corbeau RRS seats up front for good measure. I can't really put into words how happy I am, how amazing I think it looks and how it feels to finally have it back.
  6. CCC iDrive coding in Kent?

    Hello all, hoping someone might be able to assist. I very recently bought an E63 630i as a "sensible" daily and it had an iDrive fault so I sent the unit off to be completely rebuilt. I just got it back, installed it and while it has been coded to my VIN I have lost all the climate adjustment options in iDrive and the guy that did the work said it will need coding on the car. Trouble is he's quite far away and I was hoping someone local might be able to help out? I had a look online and found someone who had the same problem and he sorted it by changing one option so it looks like something that'd be really easy for someone who knows what they're doing! Thanks!
  7. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Seeing as I can't offer any updates on the car, I thought I would mention a couple of things I did a while ago that I realised I hadn't written about on here yet. First up, a set of Eibach anti-roll bars. This is one of those mods that I feel like I didn't really need to do because I'm really not going to be driving the car much when I get it back, even less than before as I know I'm going to be incredibly precious about it, so the benefit of having these on the car is going to be wasted on me, but I'm in so deep that I can't even see the surface anymore and the only thing left to do is keep digging... The ARBs have definitely made a difference to how the car drives, and all the chassis mods combined mean it's about as far removed from the wobbly mess it was when I first bought it as is possible. Next up, I knew I had to do something about the stereo because the standard E39 setup has got to be on of the worst audio systems ever fitted to car, in fact it was so bad that I was actually actively avoiding listening to music. I was more than happy with my Dynavin head unit so I decided to deal with the awful speakers but without spending a fortune, so after a bit of shopping around I went for a Kenwood setup, consisting of KFC-E130P components up front, KFC-X133 two-ways for the parcel shelf and finally a KSC-SW11 powered sub to finish things off. When it came to fitting, the new tweeters were too big so we left the old ones in but the door speakers went in without a hitch while at the back the two-ways just required the plastic enclosures they sit in to be trimmed a fraction in order to accommodate the magnets comfortably; the sub, meanwhile, fitted perfectly in the rear armrest cavity and, while this does mean the armrest can't be folded away, it's really not an issue for me. Most importantly of all, the difference this little setup has made is absolutely astonishing, it's just completely transformed the listening experience and while it may not be the most impressive setup, or the loudest with the biggest bass, for me it's perfect, I love how it sounds and I can finally actually enjoy listening to music in the car Finally, though I've now managed to curb my wheel addiction, I couldn't control myself once day and somehow ended up buying two sets of wheels within the space of half an hour... The first was a decidedly shabby looking quartet of staggered AC Schnitzer Type III Racing 19s, while the second was a set of staggered 19" Haman HM5s. I decided that I would get the Schnitzers refurbed and run them as winter wheels, and they were actually finished a while ago but I went so crazy with the colour scheme that I'm not actually sure I'm brave enough to post any pics up here, lol As for the Hamanns, well they've just sort of sat there for over a year now so it's probably time I put them up for sale...
  8. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Well I've not actually got the car back yet, so won't be revealing anything about the colour just yet, but I might do something with them. I'll see how it goes, though silver is a pretty universal colour so I might just stick with them as they are, Thank you, but that's actually my third set! And wait until you see my fourth set...
  9. E39 Saloon door sill trims/kick plates

    I need a full set of four, need to be in excellent condition as mine are not! Thanks.
  10. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Not wanting to jinx it, but hopefully I will have the E39 back in a couple of weeks... Refusing to get excited until I'm standing in front of it and have the keys in my hand, though.
  11. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    This is very true, but I can't ever imagine selling it, unless someone made me a stupid offer. It's going to be the most modified car I've ever owned and about the only thing I would sell it for would be an E92 M3, but they're out of my price range and the other problem is that there are so many 3 Series' about, especially at shows, and it's very hard to put your own stamp on one. Agreed, just owning it is nice That would be my '99 Chevrolet Camaro Z28
  12. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Yes, though part of me wonders if I've done too much, as the E39 isn't really a car I take out for a drive as I'm extremely precious over it, even more so once it comes back from its makeover, so it spends its life being cleaned and driven to and from shows. Also, back in November I bought something non-BMW that's a rather more raucous and rough-edged machine, which I'm turning into a bit of a street hooligan and which I really enjoy driving... Well, the paint is all done, so now I'm just waiting on the interior. Fingers crossed it won't be too long now...
  13. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Thanks The thing is it's not wafty at all now! It rides like a good aftermarket performance suspension setup, it's got adjustable damping and I've also had the car polybushed and fitted thicker anti-roll bars front and rear so it's tight and firm to drive and feels fantastic, especially with the M5 steering box fitted, which has really sharpened up the driving experience no end.
  14. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    No problem, will dig some out for you.
  15. My air-ride E39 540i build thread

    Which ones are you thinking of?