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  1. Anthonyc

    Massive thanks to AnthonyC

    Glad to hear its all working well for you mate!!
  2. Anthonyc

    Rear e61 springs?

    Cant see anything come through mate
  3. Anthonyc

    Rear e61 springs?

    I have a set of spare ISC spring perches for the rear if you're interested, you'd just need a set of 2.5" springs which you can get from Faulkners or Eiback Anthony
  4. Anthonyc

    Rear Toe

    That's right, manual has 12 for camber and 16 for toe but essentially both do the same thing
  5. Anthonyc

    E61 suspension upgrade

    Do you happen to have the specs on your front set or a photo? The current design has 135mm springs and a shorter shock but mine is sitting way to low and has very little travel so bottoming out a lot currently although ISC seem to be working with me resolve so will hopefully be resolved shortly Anthony
  6. Anthonyc

    Dpf regeneration

    Sorry typo on my part, 300k meters is under 200 miles
  7. Anthonyc

    Dpf regeneration

    Also I don't think 80g soot is enough to make any discernible difference to pressure. I would have thought something might be causing you're issue? do you have DIS? If so you can do a backpressure test that should tell you if there's any restriction issue
  8. Anthonyc

    Dpf regeneration

    Unless i'm missing something that picture shows 310k meters, that's less that 200miles???
  9. Anthonyc

    help with diagnosis please

    Who did you use? Refurbishing turbos is very specialist work as the unit needs to be re-balanced after replacing the bearings (they run at upwards of 100,000 RPM if memory serves so needs specialist equipment). You can replace the whole central part and just swap into your old housings but that's basically a refurbished turbo that your swapping out. I have heard that some places just give it a bit of clean and call it refurbished
  10. If its giving an erroneous value then the errors you have are exactly what i'd expect. The car has no way of knowing if the MAP is faulty, or if the turbo is producing the wrong pressure unless its wildly inaccurate.
  11. Anthonyc

    help with diagnosis please

    I think price depends a lot on if you want a swap out unit or if you want to send yours off, I know about 10 years ago I paid about £250 for a refurb at Midlands Turbo who i'd recommend based on my experience but that was 10 years ago and was probably a simpler unit, no VNT that's for sure. The cracked manifold would be obvious when removed but when in situ, I guess you could ask a friend to rev and see if you can see any fumes, or look for black soot there its leaking out. I would definitely have a scan of the codes while your at it to see if can get any more detailed info. How many miles has the car done out of interest?
  12. yeah that doesn't look laboured or jerky, may be worth removing the MAP sensor on the manifold and giving that a clean too as perhaps that isn't giving the right pressure, that number 10 in this pic btw. Also maybe try running it with that plug removed although that might put the car straight to limp, worth a try though.
  13. Well the lack of power is the car going into limp mode as you might know and those errors do cause that so not unexpected. The errors from a quick google suggests that there is an issue with the boost pressure its expecting compared to what it's getting. I'd try a couple of options: Take a look at the turbo actuator arm to see if you can see any obstruction or damage and maybe give it a spray of WD40 or whatever you use (just the arm and joint) Next I'd look for any split inter cooler hoses and see if there's a boost leak anywhere. I'd get onto Google either way though as they don't seem like uncommon codes and the M57 engine is very common.
  14. Anthonyc

    I drive dead

    Amp would only trip out the sound and possibly get a bunch of MOST errors, the black screen suggests a CCC issue. Out of interest, was the CCC factory fitted or retrofit as I know lots of people don't bother with the auxiliary fan cable when retrofitting which can cause the CCC to overheat. There are lots of companies that can repair the CCCs from what I hear, never needed to use one myself though.
  15. Anthonyc

    Help: CLUNK when changing gear

    Awesome news mate, glad you got it sorted!