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  1. Cricket bat holder ? Lol
  2. At least your in a BMW Simon kudos and bonus points for that ..
  3. To be 3 1/2 hours away means you must be in Scotland or London.... i can do either in about that time We was hoping you was going to turn up Jayman... Your current ride would fit right in at the sanctuary ..
  4. Its all good.. They all need to be driven to be appreciated.. Im suprised the Range rover bug has bitten though...
  5. Every car has its downsides, especially anything that has 400-500 bhp Much like the V10 M5 I had , 530 bhp apparently,and it probably was at 7800 rpm , everywhere else it felt like it had 200 bhp, coupled with the atrocious gearbox, prodigious oil thirst and 13mpg I couldn't wait to get shut of it.. As a car I much preferred the XKR which although not as outright quick was super capable.. I now have a C63 AMG ... it was a car I wanted to tick off the list but it has suprised me how accomplished it is .. ultimately it doesn't have the balance of an M3 when right on the edge,but that is probably 5% of my driving, I would say it does the rest better. Speed wise the C63 would destroy it.. mine has been mapped with some exhaust tweeks and is around 520ish bhp, Horses for courses I guess
  6. So sorry for not turning up once in 10 years ... You must of missed me so much.. Which car isn't insured? Murcialago,430,GT3 ? Surely you aint still got that old 3 series with buzz aldrins autograph from when it landed on the moon?
  7. Annnndddd There it is.... W@nk excuse #107 Just say my car won't make it... much much easier
  8. Your round aint it Ray ?
  9. Think Ray and Fred will turn up,as will Fred's lad.... Simon (Nomis) is a maybe i think... Rupert is on the cards,and i think he might be bringing Dave his neighbour. Couple of new guys have also held up their hands,so may turn up,...
  10. Watch out for the 630i, some of them are in the £515 tax bracket for some reason.. i still think an E60 M sport with 19" spiders is a good looking car, imposing and dare I say handsome in the right colour.. E9x are awful... even the M3's are a bit gash.. 1'ers are good fun... 130i is a stonking car in M sport guise and can be had for cheapish cash now.. i always fancied doing a 1M homage.. 130i coupe with wheels and front bumper upgrade..would look and drive a treat .. if I had to whinge, and I usually do then the cheap plasticy interior would be my only gripe.. Any audi's/ mercs etc that you fancy?
  11. Woo hoo nice one chaps Jayman.... you do come up with some poor excuses lol
  12. Great.... The N54 is a beast once tuned.... Go on,tell us how many dollars have been spent to get where you are ?
  13. Just seen this Simon what a crap situation... little arseholes need a life lesson.. problem with your headlight check is probably a faulty LKM i " think" you can have the bulb check coded out with software
  14. 1 o clock sound good ?
  15. Just a cheeky bump as the time draws near...