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  1. Some tw*t has nicked me car....

    This could only happen to you Jayman...
  2. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Ah..... See what happens eh Mick......Its always a rocky road,they will try their best for him.. Rich.. Whats your opinion of the Z then ?
  3. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    You will enjoy that ride home i fought a Z4 coupe from Edinburgh and managed 41mpg on the way home.. Nice and steady enjoying the scenery..
  4. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Congrats You will have plenty of fun in that ..
  5. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    The Z looks nice I have had a few of them too and I'm sure you will love it They are a great little roady that you can have bags of fun with
  6. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    The thing is there is no rhyme or reason with engine failures like mash potato has highlighted, that one has done 300k with minimal work.. Yet there are incidence of engines totally crapping out at 30k and going bang to the tune of £10,000 .. its roulette ... and I guess it depends on how you see ownership of the car.. I had 3x 911's and the paranoia of failure and the money involved for repair always got to me.. That may say more about me than the cars,but I can't live with it.. Maybe if the car was superb and worth massive money then a £10k rebuild would be acceptable, but a 996, boxy or Cayman of that generation is neither
  7. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    A z4 is much more reliable and cheap to fix... They dont have the exquisite handling of a boxy,but thats the only downside..
  8. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    The choice is your fella... As Dan says,they are a risky proposition now.. You are right though,the 2.5 is probably the best of the bunch for breakdowns.. they do still suffer from chainsnap and the IMS breaking up though,as well as bore score... Just buy with your eyes open and head full of knowledge,but be prepared to just write the money off if you get unlucky.
  9. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Personally i would avoid all the boxsters of that era, although the 3.2 is a hoot. The 2.5 isnt a slug and is ok,but its the repairs that may make your eyes water if your unlucky enough to get them in your ownership.
  10. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Manual would be much better,the tip is pretty poor. Its hard to say,the chance that you may throw it in the bin if " anything" goes wrong with the engine or box is a real worry..
  11. Might be buying an early 2.5 Boxster

    Is it more than £1500 ?
  12. Rother Valley meet 2017

    Older brother.. He is now 53 I sent him the pic earlier and he says it was 1985 when he owned that..
  13. Rother Valley meet 2017

    Nowt else available I guess I'm pretty sure that picture was 32/33 year ago
  14. Rother Valley meet 2017

    Hey Simon/Fred RE the Granada conversation yesterday
  15. Rother Valley meet 2017

    Not sure Richard, Was a nice fella with his missus and a nice E39 Ray wanted beer,i wanted chips......We all wanted to get out of the rain...