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  1. Wheelbase sell all wheels,not just reps.
  2. Bring him Mick....
  3. Ha ha ..... R35
  4. Who knows Ray... Will probably still have it actually At the minute I'm still liking it a lot, but if someone makes an offer ... lol
  5. Put me down Ray I'm easy on the dates, whenever
  6. Rother Valley is a great place an venue... Not far off a "midlander" meet
  7. Good idea Mick, We will float some idea's about closer to the time...
  8. Great turn out chaps..... Good to see the old guard out again,even the weather stayed good.
  9. Literally 30 secs up the road Rupes... If Dave has any bottles,tell him to throw a mixed bag in the boot...I will bring my wallet...
  10. This concert is a bit of a downer for parking... As suggested there is another pub ( Duke of York) literally a minute away.. same road just toward Buxton... Depending on what time people are turning up I would suggest just checking both and seeing where we have all landed .. A bit crap at this 11th hour but no good if we can't get parked or get to the bar at the Bull... I'm sure we will sort it one way or the other.. Simon, what's your issue? Is it coding?
  11. No worries chap...
  12. Cricket bat holder ? Lol
  13. At least your in a BMW Simon kudos and bonus points for that ..
  14. To be 3 1/2 hours away means you must be in Scotland or London.... i can do either in about that time We was hoping you was going to turn up Jayman... Your current ride would fit right in at the sanctuary ..
  15. Its all good.. They all need to be driven to be appreciated.. Im suprised the Range rover bug has bitten though...