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  1. May was the call you won't turn up anyway jayman
  2. 28th at Bull I th thorn ??
  3. So... Im thinking Swettenham Arms or Bull i th'thorn... Dates ....28th May or 4th June.... Lets make a decision on either and go with it..
  4. Sounds like that's the cheapest option for you and they are trying to help you out and get you out of a corner .. How much is the estimated labour costs of the complete job?
  5. Are they supposed to use magic to know what's wrong? Remember.. this is a new car with a major fault... The main dealer aren't to know it's dodgy history... I dare say they went ahead with work under toyotas authority until they found that something dodgy had gone on with the car.. Then stopped and informed the customer..
  6. Have a look on this video for position of cam covers..
  7. Very close to chassis rails...... I have seen a BRZ and it doesnt look possible to get them off...
  8. Engine has to be removed to remove cam cover
  9. Im sure Rupes values his wheels,wallet and health.....
  10. Believe me, it won't be at I will get a list of 3 places and 3 dates together at end of week we can have a quick vote and set the details
  11. Let us know how you go upping the boost always stresses stuff, iridium pigs help stabilise the spark ...
  12. I had the N54 in my 35is Z4... Its very tuneable.... Mine was pushing around 400bhp with a map,its was 340bhp in standard trim though.. Watch how far you push the N54 though,injectors,HPFP,vanos solenoids and Cam ledge bearings can wear and leave you in a world of poo... Not to mention the turbo's can start to smoke and rattle the wastegates....Another expensive fix. Another foible is that with the extra power,the tilt of the engine under boost can make the Aux belt hit the crossmember and flip the belt off the tensioners....Also check the power steering pump bolts,they fall out.....
  13. Ah.....Seen the GVEC guys out and about doing various runs.. Seems plenty of interest and attendance
  14. And you have had way to much Vodka... Just sayin....
  15. True story......... I just dont want to lose either to a scally in tracksuit who will cover me with spit as he's asking for a tenner for a baggy...