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    E28 M535i, E28 M5 #152, Alpina D3 Bi-Turbo #420 F25 3.0d Msport,
  1. E28 parts *Wanted*

    Il take the headrests Jimmy, just whenever.
  2. E28 M5 #176 Royal Blau restoration project

    whom did you purchase sills from? or did you fab them?
  3. E28 parts *Wanted*

    At this stage il take any rear headrests.
  4. And so it begins...

    Whats the plan Dan?
  5. E28 parts *Wanted*

    Also need a black under dash panel goes above pedals.
  6. E28 parts *Wanted*

    See what you have and let me know Jimmy
  7. E28 M5 UK #152 Found !

    List is about £468 with surcharge.
  8. E28 parts *Wanted*

    Dan, PM payment details please. Paul do the same.
  9. E28 parts *Wanted*

    Yes Dan, got some?
  10. E28 M5 UK #152 Found !

    Still no price Jimmy
  11. RIP Donut

    Rest well big man, we never met but I enjoyed the usual forum banter. The Forum, the best forum I've been part of the attitude, approach and all round decency of anyone and everyone on here is the greatest legacy of His forum.
  12. E28 parts *Wanted*

    Might take a few years..........
  13. E28 M5 UK #152 Found !

    Price not in yet Jimmy. you'll see it on that post first.
  14. E28 parts *Wanted*

    Wanted, Pair of rear black leather head rests. Black RHD mats. (No laughing!) M5 boot lid liner and dark grey tool tray and M5 boot mounted battery box. Black bump strips, all six. Bound to add to this list as I progress.
  15. E28 M5 UK #152 Found !

    Yes the one car I have patiently searched for and come close to a few on a number of occasions and even found myself talking to 4star classics and buying 'off the shelf' has finally come to an end, typically found one locally. Number 152, lachs silver, leather and eh...... sod all else spec wise but who cares? Starts runs drives ok, some sill repair needed as some other usual spots otherwise not the worst example ever. Pics and details to follow.