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  1. Lutec - 6255-CAM WH - 25w Wi-fi Led Floodlight With HD Camera Very good security light with wifi camera built in. Comes with SD card (so no cloud storage subscription needed) and free app to monitor from your smartphone with push alerts. Also, has a loud siren to scare off unwanted visitors and two-way audio so you can hear what's going on as well as speak! Item as new, opened to test but changed mind as too far from WiFi signal (huge house) so will install a hard-wired camera. Will be provided with original receipt (purchased about a month ago)! £140 + delivey or collection from Mids.
  2. Selling two unused Honeywell 2 port zone vales (28mm). Neither have been wired in or fired up but have a few marks as have been stored in the cellar. Bought under a year ago. Unused as not required (installing a Honeywell Evo Home set-up instead). £100 inc postage or £90 collected from W Mids.
  3. Replacing windscreen - what else at same time?

    Any ideas?
  4. Eibach Pro kit springs

    I had Eibach Pros with Bilstein B8s but ended up taking off the Eibach's as whilst it drove really well, comfort on the ever deteriorating roads was really bad. Went back to the original springs with B8s and it's decent. In hindsight, B6 for a sport would have probably been better (and B4 if you hvae an SE).
  5. Replacing windscreen - what else at same time?

    Does this mean the rain sensor is now redundant or can I stick it to another part of the windscreen?
  6. Replacing windscreen - what else at same time?

    Well, I managed to get a brand new BMW screen from an independent seller and it fits but I'm being told it isn't exactly the right screen in that it's missing some built in part to which the rain sensor mounts. Can anyone shed any light on if there are rain sensor and non-rain sensor screens?
  7. 540i cuts out after hot start

    Best to get a diagnostic test done.. make a note of the codes, clear and see if it happens again. Any codes that return are your likely culprits.
  8. E39 540i Misfire Rough Running

    Glad you finally got this sorted - what a complete and utter nightmare to diagnose - I doubt many garages would have bothered or even been able to find it.
  9. Replacing windscreen - what else at same time?

    There is also a £75 excess to pay. Or I could get a local fitter to do it for under £200 but is the extra £125 worth paying and avoiding insurance altogether?
  10. Replacing windscreen - what else at same time?

    I'm with Elephant. Do I need to request they get the trims too?
  11. Replacing windscreen - what else at same time?

    Insurance won't pay for a dealer fit so it will have to be whatever their 'approved supplier' is unfortunately. Any codes / part numbers for the rubber trims?
  12. Need to get my windscreen changed and saw a post ages about replacing some sort of trims at the same time. Does anyone know what they are?
  13. E39 540i Misfire Rough Running

    Try checking for an air leak from the injectors themselves (where they mount into the manifold). Spray some carb cleaner whilst monitoring idle fuel trims.
  14. HID kit recommendations?

    So looking at ordering this for my mate but do these cause errors?
  15. HID kit recommendations?

    Definitely.. which is why I'm asking for recommendations on here as I know lots have aftermarket kits.