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  1. Would suggest advertising on the E39 buy/sell group on well as on here. Guessing they are around £100 from the dealers...
  2. I remember that happening. ..kick back was lethal
  3. Lol.. my Stihl is very easy to start. .. it was the McCullough that was a pig...
  4. Another vote for Stihl - small bar, 14", they are great, easy start and replacement chains are not expensive. Ms 170/180 would probably do the job, as ever be bloody careful, they are killing machines, even professionals come unstuck by using the wrong body position to the bar and getting caught out by the kick back. Years ago I had a McCullough...bastard to start, and the chains seemed to get dull quickly as well as the bar wearing quickly.
  5. G, Great spot - give yourself a gold star - Manchester Road Chorlton - was following the sat nav to get back to the M56 to work my way back home following a meeting ... Worst thing of the journey was the bar steward "Smart Motorway" upgrade on the M5 from Worcester up to the M42 junction... sneaky way of bringing permanent speed cameras on to motorways in the form of Hadecs - the M6 is the same plus 20 miles of effing road works from j16-19 with average speed cameras... Sadly I've come to the conclusion that our road network is slowly being strangled by technology designed specifically to extract additional forms of revenue from the motorist under the pre-text of safety, Along with construction companies who seem to be able to lay cones out mile after mile under the pretext of road improvements without any drive to get the work actually completed quickly... how on earth a company can justify coning off 20 miles of motorway as a single project at the same time is beyond belief as they cannot physically work on 20 miles of motorway simultaneously...
  6. Sort of felt sorry for this lady yesterday in Manchester although I have no idea what she was thinking by leaving the lit'lun to follow her and the old child across... could have gone badly wrong for her...
  7. It's strange the things you spot .... But whilst working my way through Manchester a couple of owls caught my attention... Unfortunately the dashcam wasn't trained / zoomed in on them... In the first picture you can see one flying away from the dormer window on the right The second owl was actually perched to the just in front and to the right side of the right hand dormer window, at first I thought it was a plastic model until it moved it's head... I can't remember the last time I saw an owl in the UK - but based on the size of the one perched (approx 18") I'd say they were a couple of tawny owls...
  8. Sadly - I doubt it will ever... There are too many misguided individuals in the world these days who wish to push their beliefs on others and it appears that resorting to violence appears to be the only way they can think. There is no justification for killing, maiming and injuring innocent people in trying to further a cause... It's time the punishment to the instigators really became a deterrent ....
  9. Feck off 10 miles and no pictures...
  10. Yesterday at 17.05hrs - Another well shiny E39 as below - first E39 M5 I've spotted in a long time...
  11. As below well shiny - L44 PE* Yesterday in Manchester at around 17.10hrs.
  12. Looking at the history on the MOT checker - that car is a garage queen... Typicaly 2k a year although only 700 miles between 2016 and 2017's mots... Looks as though the advisories were all done back in 2013, so am guessing the car is well looked after... + being a Facelift model - so would be a good one to get should it ever appear on the market...
  13. Even the windscreen companies get this wrong - when I had my last screen I had replaced the fitter turned up with the wrong screen... but thankfully he recognised the issue before he started to take the old one out... it was about a week before they could get the screen with the rain sensor mounts... I also took the opportunity to get the graduated sun band screen fitted as for some reason my current car didn't have it and it was something I really missed having had it on the previous car..
  14. A friend had one a few years back - I remember him driving by one year as I was trudging 6 miles homes in the best part of 8-9" of snow having abandoned my car at the bottom of the first incline I encountered... Thankfully he recognised me and stopped and picked me up on his way back, I was surprised as to how sure footed it was in such conditions especially as he wasn't using winter tyres... Inside was quite a decent place to be and as with anything that large the bills could be eye watering... the gear box curled up and died, when he was touring Southern France with the family, one year while they were towing a twin axle caravan, as it was outside of warranty it cost him close on £3k to get sorted...
  15. As a road user you are expected to look for hazards and take action to avoid them .... This was certainly one of the main points emphasized time after time on a recent SAC I attended. This includes pedestrians paying more attention to mobiles than their surroundings and parents pushing buggys in to the road to try and see if they can cross, along with children, dogs and other arbitrary items ... What we have here though (as said, if the reporting is accurate) is someone who took something on to the public highway that was not approved and only had a means to be propelled without any means of stopping, then crashing in to and causing death of a 3rd party and trying to blame the 3rd party... The lad needs to accept responsibility for HIS actions - that's the bottom line ...