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  1. Bangernomics.

    ^^^ Love it
  2. Bangernomics.

    That's a cracking deal... looks a half tidy car in the single picture provided.... Very lackadaisical..... the forum thrives on pictures... Anymore you'd care to share?
  3. iPhone iOS 11 / 11.0.1 - Anyone having issues?

    No problems here.... Although I'm on Android....
  4. E39 M5 gearbox alternatives............

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1973574082912317&set=gm.736237026576505&type=3&theater Might be of interest.... #Not associated with the seller
  5. F90 M5 arrived at Dealers

    But it's got ///M badges .... so it must be an M5....
  6. Sorry; but to me this is absurd...

    Having coached rugby union for age groups U8-U16 the main thing is to teach the boys (and girls) how to tackle properly and have the confidence to do so... Accidents do happen but in the years I've been coaching the main injuries tend to be heavy bruising, dislocations and the occasional broken bone... The main key to reducing / minimizing concussion is to have a policy of enforcing the wearing of scrum caps / head guards for the junior players - as a club we highly recommended the wearing of them and in reality 30-40% of the players wore them. (We also enforced a 100% gum shield rule with no player being allowed to go on the pitch without one - no exceptions - and to help us to enforce this ALL junior players were allocated a new gum shield at the beginning of each season) The issue we have in the UK is a lack of rules that cover ALL of the home rugby unions - at junior levels the rules are marginally different which at times makes playing cross borders a little difficult, and it's generally down to the team coaches agreeing which rules to use on the day. We also have the stupidity of age group rugby based on the school year with exceptions being allowed but generally not the done thing... In New Zealand body size / weight and ability levels are considered when deciding which team a junior player would play. In the age group I last coached at U16 the oldest player with a September 1st birthday was the smallest, standing around 5'2" and probably around 45kg soaking wet - in the same team he was playing, other lads who came in at 6'4"+ and the heaviest lad being 119kgs... sadly the risk to him was too great and he ended up dropping out of the game as he just didn't have the physicality to take the punishment he was usually in for from the opposing teams... We lost 4 or 5 players between U14s to U16s due to the size differentials with the local constituent body having to have the final say so as to whether or not a player could play down an age grade provided we'd ensure a Level 2 coach at the club had initially approved things... In friendly matches it was generally okay to play down with opposing coaches approval but with competition/cup matches it was a lot more difficult. For once Piers Morgan has got my support here: https://www.rugbypass.com/news/video-piers-morgan-pulls-apart-alarmist-anti-rugby-professors-argument-live-television
  7. E39 Nav Home Screen Options

    That was what I had on my last car... I always thought there was more... but perhaps not...
  8. central arm rest

    It's a little bit difficult to advise... You've not mentioned which car you trying to work on...
  9. MK3 sat nav blank screen

    This may help... http://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e39-m5-e52-z8-discussion/167975-16-9-monitor-blank-screen.html
  10. Doppleganger encounter

    M5 XXX is showing as being on a Toyota... Although a long dead thread on Pistonheads throws this up: https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=23&t=373074&i=0
  11. Tidy, need more pictures...plus more details...:) Although what's happened at the front end? Do you have any history on it? Sports front bumper...
  12. Anyone in to cricket...

    Bit of fun over the weekend Donald Obbin is a registered player and this was his first wicket of two which he took on Saturday....
  13. Oh dear - running problems already

    A lot of the guys on here use INPA - Perhaps ask the question in the General section - I have a Peake Code Reader that is pretty basic but does what i need it for on my car but wasn't cheap... CPS = Cam Position Sensors
  14. Oh dear - running problems already

    A code reader would be your best bet... get some codes read and then start diagnosing... Fuel pump, Mafs and CPS could all be culprits... It would help you in getting a solution without throwing money at random solutions...
  15. ICE's in Scotland

    I can't abide her attitude and philosophy .... She's even said publicly that she had a dream when she was 15 of an independent Scotland.... She will keep on with the same old rhetoric... Sadly the UK media give her an unjust amount of cover especially on main news bulletin shows.... considering Scotland only has 8-9% of the UK population she gets a hell of a lot more than that when it comes to UK politics... Conversely I feel it's at the cost of the Welsh and NI devolved governments who seem to get little to no coverage... I do wish the BBC and others would be awake to the biased and PC type of reporting they force down people throats... I've slowly come to the conclusion that the Beeb think we are the 51st state of the US led by Jimmy Krankie...