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  1. Seems ok on my Windows laptop and also on my Android Samsung tablet....
  2. A few years back with a few less grey hairs I had a little play against an E46 M3... up to around 80mph it was truly neck and neck from a standing start, but after that the M5 really opened it legs and left the M3 in the rear view mirror. The S62 does have that licence losing power delivery and 3rd gear is a long gear typically taking you to 105mph before hitting the rev limiter...
  3. And Pontyclun Van Hire is bloody long way from Finsbury Park....Must have been determined to drive that far in the van... The bizarre thing is that it's not a national chain and is in the back end of beyond so I'd have thought the terrorist must have been living/working in that part of Wales... but why Finsbury Park when there are plenty of "potential" targets a lot closer to Pontyclun? Odd !!! Unless it's the guaranteed publicity?
  4. Seems an awful lot of money for a left hooker requiring remedial work with 341k km on display.... Quite like the colour... but then again I am partially colour blind...
  5. Wow a blast from the past.... Sweet looking car - IMHO the touring is a beauty to look at. Any more plans on things to change on the car?
  6. I had a 320d touring (08 Plate) last week for a couple days while my garage did a few bits on my E39... It went well and was an easy drive, however, and for my it was big however, the was a lack of feedback in the steering, it held the road well but it really felt remote and too light for my liking. Seats were manual and it took me only a couple minutes to get comfy, although I wasn't able to find out how to adjust the steering wheel position. I guess it felt floaty as the tyres looked like balloons in comparison to what I am used to, the 6 speed box was a little (more than my M5) notchy especially 3rd / 4th.
  7. If that's the case - job's a "gud un".... No messing about...
  8. Check on Amazon - they have similar on there for about £15-£20
  9. I prefer to use the metal cans for longer term well as transporting (not all have fuel in currently ) Got sucker punched last month with the dinky 5lt metal can... saw it and instantly wanted it... £10.01 on e-bay
  10. Vale of Glamorgan -Friday 2nd June about 7pm
  11. Do share with us what you end up buying from e-bay....
  12. Just out of curiosity I thought I'd have a look on Copart for E39 M5s... FFS how much... seems an awful lot for what's left... be curious to see how much this one goes for... The estimated "retail values" are amusing to say the least...
  13. This looked interesting... but looks as though it's been bought... the listing ceased this morning... I'd be on ebay having a looksie...
  14. I also liked him in Shout at the Devil and Gold (mine) both of which were books originally written by Wilbur Smith. Very much films of an era....
  15. It's possible the dash pixels are FUBAR and the tester has miss read the display... My tester had the same issue this year but as I was sitting in the car I was able to correct him....