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  1. Did mine yesterday with Tesco's bank - Fully comp business use 20k miles pa and it came in at £285.
  2. A few from last year Me on my hols Ed Force One at Cardiff Red arrows leaving Cardiff to go to the Welsh Air Show in Swansea On their way back from Swansea lining up to land in Cardiff
  3. The fact that no-one has come forward would suggest that perhaps this is a rare requirement, I've not come across it previously - other than hearing my Indy telling another customer the cost of a new ECU for a E46.... If you do find somewhere to do it would you mind posting who as it might help someone else in future... Good luck
  4. Get an idea on comparison sites... My renewal has just come through at £373, business use and 20k miles... and I think it's a bit cheeky as last year it was £235ish... so far the best I've seen is Tesco at £288... so will be calling mine and seeing if they want to reconsider the renewal quote.
  5. Enjoyed most it... the Ferrari rubbish at the beginning was dish water dull....the rest not too bad... Thankfully no gobby, shouty, self promoting Evans... The three of them worked OK together, it takes time to gel and Matt LeBlanc did a good job as the lead presenter. Chris Harris made me laugh in the Toyota GT86, and Rory Reid came across as a humble nice guy...
  6. It's useful for networking... However I find it gives some people the opportunity to "stretch" the truth about what they actually do.... One person I know, who I will never connect with as he is a prize plum, has his title as "Head of Sales for BT Global Services" ..... in reality he is a jumped up call centre manager....who would never understand what a buying signal was or how to overcome an objection....
  7. ^^^ This .... Pretty much guaranteed - worked for me...left London in 1995 but kept a small foot hold in Crystal Palace with an ex-council flat which cost £25k in 1995... sold last year for £205k and over the 21 years was only empty without a tenant for a total of 4 months... All mortgage payments, ground rent, maintenance etc all covered by the rent.
  8. No - in all honesty the standards of driving I see when I'm out and about is so dire that I could spend most of my life finding fault... I've got better things to do... For me it's about protecting myself should someone hit my car and then deny they were at fault etc...
  9. Don't forget to do the bath properly he will need to remove the silicon properly. New silicon doesn't stick very well to there may be a bit of extra cost in there to get a good silicon remover...
  10. Lol - I guess you need to check out the price of a new S62 engine before you consider the 2nd option
  11. But not all speeding points mean "fast driving" I know of many people who have picked up 3 points and a fine on this wonderful 30mph road... One of whom ended up with 14 points on their licence but used a solicitor and the hardship story to carry on driving...
  12. Non at the moment but just waiting for the mailman to bring me a little pressie from Sunday night....
  13. I actually like it because it's different... I'm sick to death of the dull colouring of today's cars.... Grey, silver, gun metal, anthracite etc etc the vast majority of cars these days are a similar colour as well as many being a similar shape.... and appear to have been modeled on the shape of a house brick...
  14. I think it disappears on all these bloody Select Committee hearings that seem to take place as soon as anyone in public office well as all the toothless regulators to govern telecoms, water, gas, electricity, advertising etc etc... The majority of people associated with these bodies tends to be given a lot of high value tech supposedly to help them do the job and budget holders will spend money rather than return it to the public purse for fear of losing it in future financial years ...
  15. Why? IMHO - He had a an issue with that particular van location and took action - If you look at the location it's clear to me that the camera operator has parked off the road to try and maximise the opportunity to capture people speeding, it would have been better to park more visibly in order to act as a deterrent. The camera operator has actually had to cross over the oncoming lane to get up on to the verge... the whole issue of trying to maximise revenue is why people get upset.