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  1. Seesure

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Like Dunc - have the sports seats and have done over 950 miles in a day to northern Spain. Never had any issues with comfortability, whereas I came back from Gatwick to home Tuesday night / Wednesday morning in a mates 2015 VW transporter and my back was aching by the time we got to Swindon...
  2. Seesure

    Never expected to see this.....!

    My first one I bought with 29k on the clock and sorn'd it with 232k, my current one I bought with 112k on the clock so between the two of them I've done around 260k in an E39 M5. ..lol further than the moon is from the earth. ..
  3. Seesure

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Nothing but a babe...my last one... And my current one is sitting at around 172k.... Nice interior in your car Looks great.... keep it and enjoy it... don't sell !!
  4. Seesure

    White e39 Sport/M5

    Yes, I think there was a thread either on here or Pistonheads a while back and the general conclusion it was a "lookie likie"
  5. Seesure

    Driver side door won't open from in or out

    I had the actuator go years back on the front passenger door of my old car.. The BMW dealer ended up destroying the door card... they just couldn't get to it with the seat in place... I have heard of people having a go and getting in with the door closed but it was more by luck than judgement. Extended leather door cards don't come cheap from BMW....!!!
  6. Seesure

    Any lads on here fancy this??

    It's a shame it's likely to end up in parts as it has an excellent MOT history, nothing in the advisories and low annual mileage....
  7. Seesure

    Pointless BMW accessory of the week

    LOL really useful for when you've spent a few hours trailblazing around the forest riding through dirt, mud and animal droppings.... Sort of defeats the whole idea of having a tourer to ferry the family around in comfort... Not having a tourer this tends to be way my bike gets shipped around.... LOL bloody wind resistance though....
  8. Seesure

    Brakes - Disks & Pads

    Just going through the pain now... £228 plus Vat from BMW... Also it seems Calipers are in short supply at the moment as well ... !!!
  9. Seesure

    Timmay Tips Equivalent

    Depends on your budget... but Hayward and Scott are over the bridge in Basildon... and will do they whole back box delete etc... You can also have slightly larger than OEM diameter tips... There are a couple of links in my signature below to give you an idea of how they sound...
  10. Seesure

    £38k E34 540i touring

    I wish it were.... she did the same to my ST200 tourer 18 months earlier... Needless to say we are no longer together... Just glad I never allowed her to drive either of my M5s...
  11. Seesure

    E39 M5 market

    LOL - looking at the spec it is almost exactly the same as my previous one - except that mine had extended leather and the blue inserts... If it were me with your car... I'd run it until it dies of natural causes and then either park it up under cover and keep it for a few years to sell on e-bay as a "barn find" or break it and sell the parts separately. And you are right about what else you could buy.... my current one was £7.3k in 2014 with 112k miles on it which have now hit 171k and I think that's why I'm struggling to get to grips with current prices as I'm comparing to what I paid for both of mine... The first was 3 years old and cost £22.5k with 29k miles on the clock in 2004... So when I see a 17 year car with virtually the same spec and 112k miles it doesn't compute in my mind...
  12. Seesure

    Vin Decoders

    Just did a quick google for the current VIN decoders to get the build date of my car and this one came up: https://vindecoder.eu/ however when I input my VIN it comes up as an E34 M5.... But when using https://www.bmwvin.com/ I get the right car.... Anyone else experience the same issue?
  13. Seesure

    How long does your battery last?

    I learned the hard way many years ago with these cars that battery life isn't great, either when parked up for a period of time or when working on the them and the car doesn't go in to sleep mode, I left the radio on to listen to while doing a few minor bits... 40 minutes later finished and not enough juice to turn the car over... sometimes having a sloping drive comes in useful for a quick bump start in reverse... When not using the car I found that any period over two weeks would potentially leave me stranded. My current car needs a charge after 6-7 days of none usage, so I'll be looking at a new battery later this year - but will be using a solar trickle charger as the days get longer... I did end up stranded on the Portsmouth to Bilboa ferry a few years back... The battery died on the outwards journey even though I'd made sure the alarm wasn't set... And being at the front of the queue to leave the ferry there was a momentary thought of "Oh S***" luckily I was able to use the ramp from the ferry to the dock to bump start the car and no one noticed ... but I did have to buy a new battery whilst out there as the one on the car was totally knackered. Even after a run from Bilboa to Malaga it refused to start the car the next day...
  14. Seesure

    E39 M5 market

    The market is all over the place at the moment... this one has just popped up on the Facebook buy/sell group... Is it me or am I wrong to think that £16.5k is a lot for a 17 year old car that is a normal run of the mill vehicle - accepted that the mileage is lower that average. I'm glad I'm not in the market at the moment for a car as I don't think I'd be looking at another E39 M5... Seems like now would be a good time to invest in a crystal ball to see what the future holds for these cars and their status etc as possible classics...
  15. Seesure

    £38k E34 540i touring

    I wasn't quick enough, the missus had sold it on before I got back home from working away.. To be fair I wasn't best pleased, the body work was in excellent condition, way better than my E39 at the time. The only gripes to think of were the split tailgate, the window was sometimes reluctant to open and the heating system which was a bit temperamental at times. But as a long distance cruiser it was superb, quiet, waft and reasonably spritely. ...