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  1. Check out your local charity shops... they often have loads of CDs....for pennies
  2. Prague.

    LOL - The Astronomical Clock... getting there for 11 or 12 O'clock is the best time to view it...to see all the apostles making an appearance in the window...
  3. Insurance Hike

    My renewal came through over the weekend.... £25 down on last year... and £15 down from the same insurer when going through GoCompare.... £263 fully comp with business use... Lol age has its merits! It's Tesco Bank who I'm insuring with...so I even get the points through my Tesco credit card... lol
  4. Prague.

    I went at the beginning of the year and found it truly great... we got a public bus in to the city (Andel) and then walked to the hotel which was on the West bank about 10 minutes from Charles Bridge... (Cost about £1.30 and you buy the tickets in the airport at the Information desk.) The architecture is stunning and best appreciated at night when the buildings are lit up by flood lights... Food and drink is pretty good value as long as you don't eat in the real tourist areas near the Astronomical Clock (which is undergoing maintenance). I would suggest depending on how long you are there to be prepared to do sections of the city. A walk up to the Petrin Tower if you are willing to puff and huff as you walk up the hill. Alternatively there is the funicular railway which will take you up. The Jewish quarter is worth a walk around as is the Castle complex, good foot wear is a must - although you can get buses or trams to most places. There was also a tour company offering sight seeing in "old cars" which looked like they'd been mocked up in someones shed, but they give a quick if expensive view of the town. Charles Bridge is wonderful if a little crowded by hawkers during the day... I'm hoping to go back at some stage as it was almost overwhelming as to how much there is to do and see, for me it was the architecture with some of the churches being truly astounding... There are plenty of odd "museums" but we simply didn't have time to venture in to them ... Loads of high end brand shops near the Old Town Square which are worth a cursory look in... but hide your credit card!!! You can get the obligatory river boat cruise but in all honesty having a map and keen sense of adventure of wandering around is probably better value. Here's a few pictures to whet your appetite... Petrin Tower Beef Goulash in a baked loaf Memorial to the Holocaust Looking down on the City from the Petrin Tower side Strahov Monastery Prague Castle
  5. Battery Drain Problem Update - Sat Nav/Radio

    Just a thought, but does your car have the Traffic Master option fitted? If it has that sometimes goes bad and continues to drain the battery ... If you have it you will have a blank panel with a rotary knob and a single button with TM marked on it where the front cup holders would be fitted...
  6. Battery Drain Problem Update - Sat Nav/Radio

    I've heard stories of the nav unit going mental and not going in to sleep mode - it might be worth checking to see if the nav unit continues to cycle even with the ignition switched off... Easy enough to check, switch car off, open boot and open trim panel and see if the nav red light continues to come on / go off after about 5 minutes... Also have you also checked that the FSU isn't the culprit (aka hedgehog) ? A really common occurrence with the E39 for a source of battery drain problems.
  7. Of all those options the one I've found most useful has been the split rear folding seats.... Last year I picked up a 16'x12' rug from a seller on e-bay and they were astonished how it disappeared in to the boot and then with a slight fold of the rolled rug the boot lid was closed... I also picked up a Reebok Irun 3 treadmill for a friend the other week and again the seller was most amused to see us rock up in a saloon and did a double take as it disappeared in to the boot.... And just before Xmas a friends niece asked my to help her pick up a cot / bed and again this seller was amazed how easy it went it. It's also made the odd trip to the local builders merchants easy enough when I've need various bits of timber/flooring...
  8. 2007 E61 530d M sport LCI for sale "PRICE REDUCED"

    Lol - I recognise that handwriting... That's the indy I use (Free bump - GLWTS - looks a lovely car)
  9. Interesting parking

    Shame really, it looks quite a tidy car.... Looks like it was a well loved car looking at the MOT history ..... https://www.msn.com/en-gb/cars/news/bmw-leaves-road-and-crashes-into-mini-on-garage-forecourt/vi-BBJla1X?ocid=mailsignout
  10. Non stroker E39 on eBay & autotrader

    It actually looks like an honest car, someone has ploughed some love and care in to it... facelift bits added including nav screen. He does mention TV - I wonder if that has been updated to digital or it's just the old analogue receiver that's been left there. The Mot history doesn't have too much to worry about either, along with most services appearing to be having been done a little early based on the space between the mileage..
  11. E39 for sale 23K

    FFS - before I scrolled down on the advert I was thinking it was one of their ultra low milers for that sort of money.... £24k for a 14 year old 74k miler..!!! "Our car is fitted with several bespoke options" It would be useful if they gave folk an idea what they are ... other than the hole in the front offside lower splash guard....and a saggy drivers seat... looking at the switch panel there doesn't seem to be too many switches (options)... plus the heated seats buttons are not on there ? The traffic master control knob is missing ... ( I know it's a pointless service but I'd still expect the knob to be there rather than a bare metal spindle) 255 tyres on the style 65 wheels at the rear... ? So I'm guessing they've gone with a square set up using front M5 wheels which is supposed to be a 245...! So these must be the bespoke options....???? LOL
  12. Pcn challenge failed, time to appeal?

    To be honest - I agree it's a hard one to swallow... but I think you'll be wasting your time... The argument coming back from any adjudicator is that there is signage in the appropriate places and therefore complies with current guidelines etc... What we have these days are councils and other public bodies who lack common sense and empathy - all they really are concerned about is being right and penalising when they can ... The fact that they are working on behalf of the public and community seems to have long been forgotten....
  13. parking sensors E39 M5

    My rear sensors have been going mental for months now... some days they are fine other times (e.g Sunday in Penarth!) all I got was the bloody continuous tone... Dunc - I've heard about people using WD40 as well but I really think it's almost pot luck .... My LMB car never had this problem with the sensors - although I did have to repair some wiring in the front bumper which looked as though the sheathing had become fragile due heat from the engine. I had one sensor fail in the rear bumper and replaced that with one from Cotswold and had no other issues. With my current car the rear centre sensors are the ones that I think are a bit dodgy - which is bloody typical as they are the awkward ones to get out as well as being colour coded !!
  14. parking sensors E39 M5

    To be honest a dryish warm day does the trick... but there's not too many of them in this country... A hair dryer is another option if the missus is not around....
  15. parking sensors E39 M5

    Did you buy them new? The sensors are very susceptible to moisture ingress it's possible that this is the issue, many an owner has done this accidentally when using a pressure washer, usual thing to do is get them dry and working and go over them with a dab of wax to try and prevent the ingress. Also a general build up of dirt can also trigger false alerts.. I'm not aware of any reset procedure to try and overcome the issue..