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  1. So I been caught speeding :(

    Probably one of the many HADECs that have sprouted up on the left hand side of the gantries of the "Managed Motorway" sections ... loads of the them on the M1 north of Nottingham, a few have appeared on the M5 around Droitwich, loads on the M4 / M5 around Bristol and loads on the M6 Stoke upwards... I'm sure there are many many more - IIRC M25 is also afflicted... Seems like when the "managed motorway" upgrades have been made, it's as though it's allowed the Highways agency to sneak in the HADECs with impunity and they are active 100% of the time... Usually on the left hand side of the upright on the gantries... absolute revenue making machines... at 2.00am with very light traffic you do have question the "safety" rationale argument...
  2. What's the weather like in London ?

    Lol ... have some of this barsteward stuff.... Hoping it will rain soon as I need to go to Birmingham on Thursday and the car is covered...
  3. Alcantara headlining

    Hmmmm .... Almost worth ripping out of my old car... and sticking it on ebay for that sort of money...
  4. M5 CTG number plate price drop

    I do think the DVLA do recognize the value but they know it's a limited market and perhaps can't be bothered?... when I wanted to transfer my registration to my current car I asked them to remove the existing registration and to not bother transferring it or putting it on retention. That registration was M5 TNH -and they actually contacted me directly highlighting that it was a "Cherished" number and could I confirm in writing via white mail that I no longer had any interest or desire to retain that registration.
  5. Black Friday, don't be fooled....

    As above... Another one of the retailers wet dreams to try and mug the British public in to thinking they are getting a deal for something for some tat that they want... If the public woke up and realised they are being fleeced perhaps the retailers may think again... And it appears that anything the US do we should do it here... Our consumption based life style with immediate gratification has allowed retailers the upper hand and they now control the purchasing calendar for a large percentage of the population... Any excuse for a "sale" and interest free loans seems to be what people want .... well they can FRO. GOM ...
  6. M5 or dreamer?

    No - I didn't have my camera running ... However it was white and a F10... So I'm hedging my bets it's not the one local to you... Although did see a nice white M4 yesterday on the M4 heading eastbound around J28...
  7. M5 or dreamer?

    I also saw a white wannabee FI0 M5 on the M4 after the Cardiff Gate exit last Friday... As it was evening time it was only as I was close up I spotted the ///M5 badge and lack of pipes and also, as I went by, there was a distinct lack of a vent in the front wing... Possibly the same car...
  8. Most reliable engine is M57 3L ?

    Didn't he tell you why?
  9. Very tidy E39 530d Tourer

    Spotted going northbound on the M5 this morning ... checked the MOT history and it passed earlier this year with 270k on the clock !!!
  10. This is the future of personal transport

    Also saw a 100d today on the M42, and have noticed a few along the M4 around the Reading area, week before last saw a 70d, a75d and an 85d... not really sure what the difference is other than the range and top speeds might be higher the higher the model number... Also the 100d has a fast charge facility as well so I believe.. Although still a bit pricey.....
  11. It's happened AGAIN.....

    I have a real issue with the way the media reports these events... My thoughts go out to those affected and to those who lost their lives, but it appears that the likes of the BBC and others put a higher value on acts of terrorism in the US and Europe over and above those that happen daily elsewhere in the world... Just over 2 weeks back a truck bomb in Mogadishu killed over 300 people .... hardly a peep out of the BBC - no bleeding heart frames etc on Facebook And just last weekend another 23 people were killed in Mogadishu - again hardly a peep. I'm personally sick to death of the narrow minded reporting of global affairs in the UK - sadly following the US view on how the world looks and is shaped... The media will be getting their knickers in a twist later tonight, talking to "witnesses" and reporters talking rubbish adding speculation as well as talking about how it can be stopped.... If the same effort went in to reporting on other parts of the world I think people of the UK would have a much more balanced view as to the global issues in regards to what is essentially mass murder. It's not terrorism let's start calling it what it is... murder...
  12. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Normally being parked on a driveway is the cheapest option Being garaged costs more due to increased risk of damage going in and out...
  13. Bangernomics.

    ^^^ Love it
  14. Bangernomics.

    That's a cracking deal... looks a half tidy car in the single picture provided.... Very lackadaisical..... the forum thrives on pictures... Anymore you'd care to share?
  15. iPhone iOS 11 / 11.0.1 - Anyone having issues?

    No problems here.... Although I'm on Android....