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  1. I asked about refurbishing on the M5 board recently... https://www.m5board.com/vbulletin/e39-m5-e52-z8-discussion/575073-shadow-chrome-wheel-restoration-uk.html Gloucestershire may be a bit off your radar but definitely closer than Lepsons...
  2. Seesure

    Civil Parking Charge Notice

    Appeal, but also get on the case of the manager of the store and use your receipt as evidence... does it have a time stamp as to when you paid ...? Also hit up their Facebook page and make a complaint - you may even get some vouchers sent your way for the inconvenience ...
  3. Seesure

    Matt Le Blanc to leave Top Gear

    Time to find a new format for the show... Trying to copy Clarkson et Al was always a bad idea...
  4. Seesure

    Best places to sell......

    Just thinking... there is an E39 Facebook page for buying and selling... might be worth looking that up as it's FOC to advertise and you have direct exposure to E39 enthusiasts... https://www.facebook.com/groups/bmwe39clubukbuysell/?fref=nf
  5. Seesure

    Best places to sell......

    GLWTS - I like the price Was it really 9yrs ago !!! ?? How about a few more shots of the inside of the car? Dash, odometer, phone rest, boot, back seats etc. Close up of the Nav Screen - gear knob, get a message up in the dash display to reassure about the pixel repair...
  6. Seesure

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Yep...Used to be quite useful for holiday parking...
  7. Seesure

    E39 540i Sport - Delivery at Last!

    Fantastic looking car - well done - that should last a good few years... Love the back drop - used to have to travel to 1 City Place a few years back for monthly team meetings... thankfully that's no longer a journey I have to do...
  8. Seesure

    Itv4 +1 the blues brothers

    I can remember seeing it in a "drive in" in Calgary before it even made it to the UK... The car was full with beer, dodgy tobacco like substances, the obligatory junk food to quench the hunger pangs and a banging stereo set up (for the day and age !) LOL
  9. I ended up ordering a battery from Batteriesonline, Bosch S5 020 as above for £129.90 that's one hell of a saving....I looked at Halfords but they were slightly more expensive. Morrisons often come up trumps on the engine oil, typically around £40 for 5 litres of the Mobil 1, I guess I was half expecting that ECP and GSF would be competitive but it feels like they are loading their prices to fool people in to thinking they are getting a deal in using voucher/discount codes. ...
  10. Looking at replenishing my stock of engine oil and also looking for a new battery... FFS 4 litres of Castrol Edge should be around £40 and with a bit of shopping around I reckon around £35 would be a good price... not £33 for 1 litre !!! Edited to add: Just checked Opies and their Castrol Edge works out at £10.38 a litre if you buy 9 litres....without any coupons etc... so even with the 60% discount that GSF are magnanimously offering they are still more expensive if you buy 8 litres .... so I could pay £1 less and get one litre more with Opies... Hmmmm difficult one .... So off to another store... And yet again it looks like we are being mugged... Mobil 1 for 5 litres should be around £40 and well... the price of the Bosch battery is just ludicrous... I went elsewhere and found the battery for £150 less in about 3 minutes of Googling... So on to find a cheap source of engine oil.... these prices are just a pi$$ take and show what these companies think of their customers...
  11. Seesure

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Like Dunc - have the sports seats and have done over 950 miles in a day to northern Spain. Never had any issues with comfortability, whereas I came back from Gatwick to home Tuesday night / Wednesday morning in a mates 2015 VW transporter and my back was aching by the time we got to Swindon...
  12. Seesure

    Never expected to see this.....!

    My first one I bought with 29k on the clock and sorn'd it with 232k, my current one I bought with 112k on the clock so between the two of them I've done around 260k in an E39 M5. ..lol further than the moon is from the earth. ..
  13. Seesure

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Nothing but a babe...my last one... And my current one is sitting at around 172k.... Nice interior in your car Looks great.... keep it and enjoy it... don't sell !!
  14. Seesure

    White e39 Sport/M5

    Yes, I think there was a thread either on here or Pistonheads a while back and the general conclusion it was a "lookie likie"
  15. Seesure

    Driver side door won't open from in or out

    I had the actuator go years back on the front passenger door of my old car.. The BMW dealer ended up destroying the door card... they just couldn't get to it with the seat in place... I have heard of people having a go and getting in with the door closed but it was more by luck than judgement. Extended leather door cards don't come cheap from BMW....!!!