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  1. sjj84

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    I bought a set of wheels and Dunlop 3d winter tyres last year for my f11. Didn't particularly need them last winter, but as I'd only bought the car that year and intend to keep it for a good while I decided I'm better off getting them at the beginning of my ownership rather than wait for a bad winter. On the way to work one day a 1 series got stuck in front of me and a couple of blokes had to give it a push, they kindly waited to help me but it wasn't need as I drove straight through without even slip of the wheel.
  2. Have a look on the tyre pressure data inside one of the door shuts, it'll tell you the recommended size for winters on there. I use 245/45/18 on mine.
  3. sjj84

    Sat nav maps

    Which nav would I have in a 2013? Think buying it from bmw sounds the best option, £70ish for 2 years doesn't sound bad value either surprisingly.
  4. sjj84

    front brake pad service indicator

    Bmw charge £199 for pads, sensor and fitting for a comparison.
  5. sjj84

    520d tyres

    The bolts are a different size, they're m12 on the z4.
  6. sjj84

    520d tyres

    That's good then, thought I'd mention it as hate for you to find out when you actually needed it.
  7. sjj84

    Sat nav maps

    Is it possible to update the maps on these hard disc based systems? If so where's the best place to buy? Mine is a 2013 pre lci car with pro nav, but I find it is struggling with a lot of postcodes that it really shouldn't.
  8. Is that usual mileage for you, or an unusual period? I did that mileage in 3 days last week! Managed 49.6mpg on one 150 mile journey, not bad for what must be close on to 2 tonnes loaded up with apparently child essentials!
  9. sjj84

    520d tyres

    Have you actually tried fitting it to your 5 series? I only ask as the wheel bolts on the 5 are a larger diameter to those on the z4.
  10. sjj84

    F10 door corrosion

    Had some paintwork done on my z4 coupe a couple of years ago, it was 10 years old at the time, never any issue with then doing it under warranty, however it did take the best part of a year for them to actually get the paperwork accepted. They even phoned me after doing the work asking for some details as bmw were being funny about paying them.
  11. sjj84

    Pad Life

    Mine had pads front and rear at 36600 miles according to the paperwork I have. It's now done 62k and idrive reckons the fronts have 60 to go and the rears 49!
  12. I fitted non runflats to my z4 whilst it was still under auc warranty and it is still covered by the extended warranty. Never even been mentioned by the dealers.
  13. sjj84

    F11 centre console ashtray

  14. sjj84

    F11 centre console ashtray

    I used the number posted above, it was definitely the parts department. I'll try again later, is there a name I can ask for?
  15. sjj84

    F11 centre console ashtray

    Phoned on Monday to pay, reference number meant nothing to the bloke that answered. Still waiting for a call back from somebody that might know.