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  1. sjj84

    F10 530D Diagnostic tool?

    Carly is a subscription service now isn't it? Something like £60 a year? I was intending on getting it when I bought my f11, but at that price for the limited use I'll need it for it's simply too expensive. The old one of cost would have been bearable.
  2. sjj84

    Service Warning

    535d. Would have thought they'd be the same size as yours.
  3. sjj84

    Service Warning

    That site is showing £601 for front discs and pads for mine. Wonder how much the parts are.
  4. sjj84

    Faulty infotainment system

    How often is it doing it? Every time you use the car or just from time to time? A lad at work had his replaced under warranty, I think his was doing it pretty much all the time.
  5. sjj84

    Door puddle lights.

    Mine are off when driving.
  6. sjj84

    F10 rear door water leak?

    Membrane is intact, but is it fully sealed all the way round? Mine had come away from the door only in a very small strip. I heated the sealant with a hot air gun until it became sticky and it's sealed again well for now although I'm expecting to need to replace it before long.
  7. sjj84

    F10 535d

    Had my f11 535d for 18 months now and it still makes me smile. A great all round car.
  8. sjj84

    Door puddle lights.

    I'm 99% sure mine don't light up like you describe. I finish work in an hour so will check when I leave.
  9. sjj84

    Service Warning

    That's not actually true. If you look in service requirements it also gives you a date for oil, it's mileage based or 2 years after last time whichever comes soonest.
  10. sjj84

    Z4 brake caliper

    Hi, the vin is LF68157
  11. sjj84

    Z4 brake caliper

    Hi, can I have a price for a front offside brake caliper for a 2006 e86 z4 please.
  12. sjj84

    Winter Tyres ?

    Dunlop sport 3d. Not fitted this year yet.
  13. Where did you get the splined ones from? I have those on my z4 and much prefer them to those on my f11. The z4 ones are m12 though, do bmw sell them in an m14 fitting too?
  14. sjj84

    Your day to day mode?

    Seems to be at a standstill more often than not these days, usually backed up after yet another accident in the roadworks around junction 9.
  15. Mine are stacked too. Going to make a wheeled trolley to make moving them easier. Also still haven't cleaned them since taking them off yet, must get round to it but still a few weeks before they'll be fitted.