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  1. sjj84

    F11 centre console ashtray

    Phoned on Monday to pay, reference number meant nothing to the bloke that answered. Still waiting for a call back from somebody that might know.
  2. sjj84

    What price for next service?

    It's the extra 'standard service scope' that really grates with me, granted it's only £20, but that's to check the fault codes and update the idrive, something which should be done anyway. That and the vehicle check service which is another £70, mines in for it's big service in October, everything should be checked then anyway, but still have to have the vehicle check plus the standard service scope. Going to be over £600 for that lot, considering using a specialist but there are none close by.
  3. sjj84

    What price for next service?

    5 years and 60k miles when it was done. Think it had been leaking a while as I'd had a bit of coolant loss.
  4. sjj84

    What price for next service?

    I didn't get on with one of the service advisors at Ashford many years ago, which was why I started to use Canterbury, then she turned up there too!
  5. sjj84

    What price for next service?

    Ah ha, I had my egr cooler replaced a couple of months ago too!
  6. sjj84

    F11 centre console ashtray

    Hi, can I have a price for the f11 ash tray, the smaller one by the idrive controller. I believe the part number to be 51169206347. Am I right in thinking that it comes as a complete unit with lid, but without the wooden trim?
  7. sjj84

    What price for next service?

    Ah I'm the other way round, prefer Canterbury. Seems to depend vastly on which service adviser you get, some are great others really aren't.
  8. sjj84

    What price for next service?

    Am I right in thinking you are in Kent? Which dealership do you use?
  9. Only fitted bars and cycle carriers to mine, easily a one man job. Depends how heavy the box is really I guess, once the bars are in place it should be easy enough to rest the box on them before moving into correct position.
  10. Anybody used this company before? Looking at getting some wheels refurbed, wondered if they were any good or not. Website says they do a proper tyres off, paint stripped refurb rather than a cheap and nasty blow over.
  11. Did you get as far as a price for the actual bulb? Eye watering I expect. I replaced them on my z4 a year or so ago after one did exactly as you describe, turned purpley pink in colour. As for the diagnostic fee, I once phoned to book my m3 in for a rear spring replacement, the advisor on the phone said I'd have to pay a diagnostic charge and when questioned why, very sarcastically said 'well what makes you think it needs changing'. When I responded that I had half of it in my hand his attitude suddenly changed and there was no fee!
  12. How did you manage to break your father's breaker bar in the first place?
  13. sjj84

    F11 jacking up vehicle

    Is the front central jacking point obvious when you see it? What about the rear, I didn't think you were meant to jack from the diff casing? On my z4 I can jack from the front side jack point and it lifts the whole side of the car to be able to put a stand under the rear side point, not sure if that'll be possible on the 5 series as it's a considerably longer wheelbase.
  14. sjj84

    F11 winter tyres

    I've got Dunlop sport 3d runflat winter tyres, first time I've had winter tyres and didn't really have an opportunity to test them out this year. There was one morning going to work where there was a mercedes behind me, at every slight incline they suddenly disappeared in my mirror, not even a twitch or slip in mine which must have been down to the tyres.
  15. I try not to rely on pdc now, had the control unit fail on a previous car, I was getting closer and closer to another car and thought surely it should be beeping by now. Got out to check and I was literally about 2cm away.