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  1. duncan-uk

    Tats goldie chains and a BMW

    I think they're confident that day won't come
  2. duncan-uk

    E39 OEM radio/cassette head unit / CD changer

    I have a flat and round pin head unit if that's what you need?
  3. duncan-uk

    Motorcyclist films himself at 189mph

    Fair point but I have noticed a fair few riders who don't help themselves. Most recent being a rider "filtering" at 70 ish in heavy but flowing traffic.....
  4. duncan-uk

    E39 eibach arbs

    Monthly bump.
  5. duncan-uk

    E39 eibach arbs

    Just testing the water really but they're used but as near enough new being fitted to another car for a short time before I got them and now they're hanging in the garage complete with bushes. Bought on a whim so not sure I'll ever fit being as it's the family wagon. £395 new and don't wear out. So £300 posted seems fair?
  6. duncan-uk

    Car brochures - I think I might have a problem....

    Means i should sell the e28 m5 but its soooo nice.
  7. duncan-uk

    Car brochures - I think I might have a problem....

    I've sold off some 1/43 race cars and am trying not to buy more. With 1/18s my policy is only if I've owned one.
  8. duncan-uk

    E39 touring dog guard

    I don't. Sorry.
  9. duncan-uk

    E39 touring dog guard

    Genuine BMW accessory in grey and as new. Bought as I liked the idea of separating the boot from the passenger compartment but dog travels in a cage so I don't really need. £50 plus post.
  10. duncan-uk

    What did you do to your E39 today ?

    Took a trip to meet Pete (west mids) and relieved him of a few bits including a wing and bonnet which will solve a couple of niggles. Thanks pete for helping swap the bonnet. Boot tailgate trim now fitted , bonnet aligned, washer system rebuilt and wing stashed waway for another day. Car needs a good clean and polish but the nose is straight again! oh and obc says 48.7mpg. Got to,love these cars.
  11. duncan-uk

    Bonnet release

    I've greased it today so will see how that goes. Its more that on most cars you get a click/ clunk when pulling the lever and the bonnet pops up. Feels as if the lever ever has done nothing though of course it has.
  12. duncan-uk

    Bonnet release

    When you release your bonnet is there a definite clunk and it pops up? just swapped bonnets and note it doesn't do this. All adjusted and same pins etc. Not sure it did before. Is is there any adjustment of the cable release/ latch mech? I know you can adjust pins (just done it to get it sitting right) ie do the cables stretch?
  13. duncan-uk

    Bonnet release

    Hmm though it releases fine it doesnt rise.
  14. duncan-uk

    Genuine E46 parts - worth selling?

    Plenty of new old stock pads and shoes at autojumbles.
  15. duncan-uk

    Genuine E46 parts - worth selling?

    Would they degrade anymore than being on a car getting wet in the rain?
  16. duncan-uk

    Bonnet release

    I don't think it's that. It's an oe grille. Kind of feels like it needsmore spring tension?
  17. duncan-uk

    Help Centre Air Vent Replacement

    Forum does it again
  18. duncan-uk

    E28 528i Manual with LSD, breaking complete car.

    Don't do it dan!
  19. Ah there's the rub i think we will all sleepbetter tonight knowing this farce is over
  20. In any event this whole job should be an hour tops
  21. I think he means unbolting the calipers as that's a 7mm hex which obvs you need to do to get to pads.
  22. and no updates - could i be a 3 day sarga (sic)
  23. duncan-uk

    E28 M535i brake upgrade. Anyone done this before?

    Its a very specific MC IIRC early e32 750 i think. Not sure it made much difference on mine - certainly not on/ off.
  24. When I picked up my 525ix it needed a brake fluid change. Every nipple was seized and delaminating. Youthful me would have sheared every one. Sensible me googled the price of calipers and cried. A day with heat, penetrating oil and shock release along with assorted sockets got them all out and replaced for sub £5. Cunning beats brute force.