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  1. I'm with cool hand. I want the grip on the front that does all the steering and braking. Whilst I prefer a matched set I've mixed brands front to rear to use up a fitted set on a new car. Years ago ive had cars with random tyres (without electronics mind) it's not ideal and I wouldn't now but I don't believe it's quite as dire as is made out.
  2. duncan-uk

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    We had hankook icebears on the 330d. Used all year round and seemed decent. Never got to test them properly in snow but dealt with grotty roads well enough.
  3. duncan-uk

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Jeez what a mare.
  4. Maybe but if properly done and relevant maintenance on the engine it's going to be cheaper than building your own. 3k m5s are long gone. I recall a slightly tired but essentially together 3.6 on eBay a few years back. I was tempted but bough by a memeber here called Pad. It was something like £2k
  5. That's rather nice. Being sold by classic md too.
  6. duncan-uk

    SAAB 9-3 AERO

    My dad had a 93 2.3t aero phenomininal overtakibg ability. Not so hot on the twisties but a good car.
  7. duncan-uk

    Hit n Run

    I was thinking if you could get one in the same colour. Obguess the the debate is what the claim does to next years premiums.
  8. duncan-uk

    What have you done on your E34 Today

    Am I allowed to say I don't Seats with a different carpet would work but with the green I'm not sure. Each to their own of course and an e34 m5 touring is something I wish I had
  9. duncan-uk

    Hit n Run

    That's a bummer sadly I think I'd suck it up and get a used door and avoid the insurance. Had a car keyed once bit the bullit and had it repaired but it was a painful £250 to stump up.
  10. duncan-uk

    E28 525e - Etas Ready to Deploy to Nova Scotia

    I think you got the right choice
  11. duncan-uk

    E28 525e - Etas Ready to Deploy to Nova Scotia

    And you can keep the reg? Cool!
  12. duncan-uk

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Find another I say. Sports bumpers can be fitted and wheels/ springs swapped if you want. Yes e60/1 are marmite looks wise but I like them. Saw one in France circa 2005 on bbs rims in gold se spec and thought yes I like that. Bad time for my piggybank as builders ripping hell out my house...
  13. duncan-uk

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Someone buy this I'd say it's a billy bargain. If I didn't have my manual e39 530d touring I think I'd be all over this. Ok I'd want a sport facelift in dream world but it's manual v8 touring. What's not to love?
  14. duncan-uk

    for a Y2000 E39 saloon - OSR door ...

    Have you tried messaging member Tims on here?
  15. Is the intake and tb even different between the b30 and b40 m60s?
  16. Pretty sure nothing much is interchangeable between the m60 and 62s
  17. duncan-uk

    Removing Windscreen?

    Rust in 3rd pic at a guess.
  18. duncan-uk

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Ultimate q car then. Seems good value and a decent car. Would I swap my e39 530d sport manual touring for it is the question in my mind....
  19. duncan-uk

    M5 Touring stolen and Torched

    That is awful. I can understand if it was stripped for parts. Or hand a new identity. But no one benefits this way. I'd be gutted
  20. duncan-uk

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    Me either I was wondering if it had sport suspension being manual as that might suit as some e39s. Do you have the vin? Pm if preferred.
  21. duncan-uk

    SE Saloon quiet tyres - some feedback please.

    My 530d came on avons zv3 I think. They wore pretty quick. Running Michelin PS4 now. Can't say they're noisy.
  22. duncan-uk

    2004 E61 545i 6 speed £2,500

    What suspension do these run?
  23. Good saves me wanting to buy them.
  24. duncan-uk

    A few more 1:43 cars - BMWs and Saabs

    Good detail?
  25. duncan-uk

    A few more 1:43 cars - BMWs and Saabs

    Which brand for the e39. Schuco or neo?