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  1. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    We've had two now an early 944 like that and a 944s. My brother in law had a turbo and I liked them all. Chassis is superb but but they are a bit short on power without the turbo though. I'd like to try an s2 with the 3 litre bottom end. My main gripe is for me the a post feels a bit close to my head but a nice classic to have.
  2. Cleaning pale leather

    That might be over kill but will bear in mind!
  3. Cleaning pale leather

    I have the usual gliptone and autoglym stuff but was wondering about the more stubborn in grained grime you get.
  4. Space Saver ‘ditching runflats’

    No but same rolling radius so usually they are a much higher profile tyre.
  5. Cleaning pale leather

    Whats the best way to get the grime and dirt from pale leather before conditioning. Ive read something about steam cleaners, microfibre cloths and APC but what are the tips to make it easy? Ta
  6. Very odd service history

    Have people found dealers willing to help with the info?
  7. My E26!

    Holy moly!!!
  8. My E26!

    I have a BMW accessories catalogue from the 80's. man there's some cheese in there! i also have an m watch with a rotating polarised face as the second hand so it goes dark and light
  9. Z4 e85 mats - black

    As title i seem to have a set of genuine BMW Z4 floor mats. I know some people on here have them so before i brave ebay thought i'd try here. Both in good shape and not worn through though drivers has a crease so might need an iron. £60 new so £30 plus post
  10. Very odd service history

    "Is it as cunning as a fox that has just been made professor of cunning at Oxford university?"
  11. Very odd service history

    Thanks Mark, ive dropped them a line.
  12. Very odd service history

    Mark, how did you get this information from BMW - is it a service they offer?
  13. E30 M-tec Front Seats Into an E28.

    I think its the width of the runners so you can simply swap subframes - though of course comfort and sport frames are different.
  14. Programming new key fob

    The type above is a sigma AC38 and you can find these and the AC110 on ebay which work. There is a programmer which i had that i used to code these to the 3g alarm (i did it on my e36 M3) At the time my local car alarm/ hifi shop reckoned they could code the fob. The programmer was sold on here to (i think) Azmontana - he may well still have it?
  15. My E26!