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    M&Ms and Harribos are great before a couple of bottles of baby sham
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    I like drawing with crayons and I try not to go outside the lines
  1. Appropriate courtesy car!

    You must have known the labour rate before you went in?
  2. The grand tour

    Depends - in days gone buy you had a bolt on splined adapter to allow you to have knock on wires (ie single winged nut) for say your triumph spitfire but you can get some pretty naff bolt on wires which i suspect these were.
  3. The grand tour

    Did the S3 change again before it hit the snow? appreciate they could have just swapped tyres but thought it was a different one again? I don't think there was a jag there i didn't like
  4. 16" turbines fit over 530 brakes?

    I have some winter shod turbines for mine but have been loathed to go down to 16 from the standard 17 but might just bite the bullet!
  5. E34 B10 Project

    I knew that would be your choice Tim
  6. Hello Everyone

    Some people even have saabs!
  7. e46 330d manual touring 2000MY

    Not to hand. It's black carpet and black cloth anything in psrticular your after?
  8. What are you currently drinking...?

    Not had a ruddles in years. Nice brew.
  9. What to do with my 535?

    But you will need gold membership to advertise.
  10. Spotted! My Old Girl For Sale

    I don't think he's removed anything tbh just added!
  11. Spotted! My Old Girl For Sale

    Nothing that can't be put right though and parts punted on.
  12. What to do with my 535?

    I'd at least take it for an MOT and see whats what.
  13. wheel alignment camber toe with weights?

    That's right the hunter set up gives a target ride height and is weighted to achieve this.
  14. Yep, i did it again...

    I'm down to one magazine now and that's ppc. A bit silly but a decent read. I then go for the evo/ octane twin pack for a holiday.
  15. E39 sport front bumper

    Dont think I got one.