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  1. Filler caps

    Can i get a price for one of these please: 16117193372 Am i right its the only way to replace the rubber retaining strap? Cheers
  2. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    This was our last an 89 944S rather than the S2, whats nice about the early ones is suspension parts and the like are a lot better value, front ball joints on the later cars generally require a whole new wishbone!
  3. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    As if i would....
  4. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    I'm not talking power though Mark - the Saab was what 2 litres? Its the capacity as Five-Oh says that's the unusual bit and yes 4 pots are never going to be as sweet as a straight
  5. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    The 4 pot is ok. It has a balancer shaft if I recall to smooth things out. Not hugely powerful mind. The 2.5 is 163 and the 2.5 16v 190.
  6. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    They do paul, our 944S had half linen electric leather.
  7. 1502 - 2002 e10

    A bit of welding you say: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-2002-Restoration-project-M-Reg-1973-basket-case/112648228281?hash=item1a3a5b8db9:g:4eYAAOSw495Z7eQ4
  8. Hellowwww :D

    Depends on its history!
  9. Can I do a what's it worth here?

    I'm afraid however well intentioned we consider all threads of that nature "stealth ads" regardless and will be removed if posted by non gold members as there are plenty of places on line one can get a feel for the value (autotrader, ebay, piston heads etc)
  10. turbo failure

    Yes it can run with out boost. Lack of boost and then boost boost at higher revs is often a failed pressure converter.
  11. Small accident at the NEC last week......

    We've had two now an early 944 like that and a 944s. My brother in law had a turbo and I liked them all. Chassis is superb but but they are a bit short on power without the turbo though. I'd like to try an s2 with the 3 litre bottom end. My main gripe is for me the a post feels a bit close to my head but a nice classic to have.
  12. Cleaning pale leather

    That might be over kill but will bear in mind!
  13. Cleaning pale leather

    I have the usual gliptone and autoglym stuff but was wondering about the more stubborn in grained grime you get.
  14. Space Saver ‘ditching runflats’

    No but same rolling radius so usually they are a much higher profile tyre.
  15. Cleaning pale leather

    Whats the best way to get the grime and dirt from pale leather before conditioning. Ive read something about steam cleaners, microfibre cloths and APC but what are the tips to make it easy? Ta