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  1. duncan-uk

    Tyre woes

    I can look it up but it was done on a hunter machine. As I say doesn't look cambered nor has the inner edge worn more than the rest so doubtful it's excessive camber and been fine for a few years so unless something has failed to change it I'm inclined to look elsewhere?
  2. duncan-uk

    Tyre woes

    Agree but tyre has worn evenly across the tread. No excessive inner tread wear. All seems normal but for the split. Ok so that was run below pressure but not excessively. The rear ball joint bushes where changed when I fitted new dampers and all has been fine since.
  3. duncan-uk

    Tyre woes

    It had a 4- wheel alignment after the suspension work and nothing should have changed - only a 235 tyre so nothing silly. Can't vouch for the spare i put on but that was run at correct pressure.
  4. duncan-uk

    Tyre woes

    Just ran my hand round back of the tyre and nothing obvious poking out.
  5. duncan-uk

    Tyre woes

    Rear end was rebuilt in the last 4 years and no obvious airbag issue - i will have a wheel off and take a look i think. Just seems a coincidence both should go the same way in a short time.
  6. duncan-uk

    Tyre woes

    Agree but odd they've both gone the same way. One Michelin and one Dunlop. The Michelin is less than 4 years old as I fitted it. Its a touring if if that helps.
  7. duncan-uk


    Or to paraphrase George best I'd spend it on women and drink. The rest i"d just squander....
  8. duncan-uk


    Yes dans right I was presupposing you didnt have credit card debt etc.
  9. duncan-uk

    Tyre woes

    Drivers rear. Wondering if something has failed and cutting into tyre. No odd clonks. Drives ok and seems to sit level. Need to to get the wheel of I suppose.
  10. duncan-uk

    Tyre woes

    So before heading south at xmas I noted that the inner edge of the drivers tyre was cut or rather looked as if the tread was delaminating. It had been run low on pressure but not massively so or flat. Assumed that was reason and they're just about done anyway. Swapped on the spare which came with the car which was feathered but legal pumped it up and drove home. Been pottering about on the spare locally whilst I wait for new tyres to come in. (Ats doing a good deal atm. 2 245/27 PS4 fitted for 188) anyway same fate has been dealt to the spare. Co-incidence orcoukd sonething be rubbing? no sounds and I didn't give much thought when I refitted the spare but anyone had similar? ill jack it up and whip well off for a look but would hate a new tyre to suffer in the same way!
  11. duncan-uk


    It would go on my offset mortgage Tax free and pays off the capital. No savings scheme comes close in terms of effective interest rate.
  12. duncan-uk

    Reversed Steptronic Changes

    This was discussed a few years back. If I recall the face lift is the other way to the pre-facelift so you can use later e39 parts and swap wires.
  13. duncan-uk

    E60/61 3.5mm AUX Input Cable - New

    Do you have the part number?
  14. I get what they are and the condition they're in but when you can get Michelin PS4 235/17s fitted for £105 and 255 for not much more 1000+ for the wheels seems to me a bit rich to me and on here at least no sniffs or offers. There are are far more TS's wheels about than ACS so not a fair comparison I don't think. Just my my opinion of course but a lovely wheel and condition and I wish the op GLWTS.
  15. The tyres make a difference if course but still a bit strong IMHO.