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  1. Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Different kettle of fish. 911 is clearly 'better' but a sorted e28 is a fine thing and probably more fun in the real world.
  2. Newbie with a E28 M535i

    Sounds like it will driver very well after all that work. I liked my b8 shocks and h&r springs. Porsche or e28? No contest
  3. m50 2.8 build

    ^ would that be everything one needs? DO you have a price in mind? I know someone who might be interested.
  4. Lights on always? How to

    ^ i don't believe so.
  5. How Toxic is your car

    I read this earlier today - doesn't take into account the material cost to build either.
  6. Sean Hughes -RIP

    Some quips. What the fuck do gardeners do when they retire? I failed my driving test for stalling. The instructor said: “Just get into the fucking car.” I was a rebel. I used to rebel against my parents. What I used to do is, when they went to the shops, I’d run upstairs and turn the immersion heater on for an hour.
  7. Staying in France

    Why don't you want to stay in Paris particularly It's a great city to wonder about and have a few beers. Now driving in in Paris that I would avoid...
  8. Sean Hughes -RIP

    51 FFS! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-41632761
  9. Staying in France

    So southport to paris in one then back the next day? Really nothing much of note between paris and calais. I'd be staying in paris as i said. else just book an ibis anywhere en route and be done.
  10. MOT.gov website

    I'm glad to see my oldest car is still going strong - 1978 spitfire. Apart from that and my M3 most seem to have dropped off the radar
  11. Staying in France

    Paris to Calais isn't that far! i'd have an extra night in Paris i think.
  12. M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    No but alot of effort for maybe 10bhp. Crate LS motor
  13. M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    Do i mean S50B32? No benefit to the M52 dan as thats m30 figures give or take,
  14. M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    In cost terms you may well be right - horses for courses. Neither is going to be cheap i think we agree Slightly leftfield - S52B32? Obviously if one wants to keep it an M535i with M30 for the future then thats a different kettle.
  15. M30B34 with S38 ITBs

    The b9 made 245 and the b10 260 id have liked 240 but I think I would have needed the Ecu to tie it all together. Of course one one assumes you have the factory 218 at the start. If I did 15bhp was less than I hoped. If it was making say 208 then 25 feels better. Certainly it went well. Aiui the b10 had different pistons and CR but as dan says you'll pour a lot of money into an m30 to make not much power. There is a nice supercharged e28. User name bangles or something. For power wer from an m30 I'd look in that direction. Not it sure I agree with the m88 route. Hard to find and big bucks to refresh. E34 3.6 m5 lump maybe. Or just enjoy theyre brisk brisk enough to be fun.