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  1. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    Munich, have you studied tonybmw on http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/119596/1987-bmw-e28-m5-blue page 4-5 onwards for subframe mounts. Truthfully its what puts me off doing anything with mine!
  2. Those krautes. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor plate positioning. The 8 Ps of project management!
  3. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    Rust in the bottom corner Cars been off the road now for 3-4 years. Just exploring my options. Rear sills, both sides, rust behind front left strut tower, doors and bonnet, oh and around the boot opening. All the usual stuff!
  4. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    Thanks Ivor. Just added a pic of the tool in action.
  5. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    Thanks Ivor, no problemo. Now for some good news. Its out, without cutting the gasket and it only took 10 minutes, if that! All you need is the right tool Sitting in the drivers seat, starting on the right A-piller, prodded the gasket all the way up, around the corner and across the top to the middle. Quickley changed seats, excitement building, and continued from the centre, round the left hand corner and down the A-piller. The secrete is to prod the gasket then hold it in place using fingers of other hand while you prod the next scection. Pushed the screen gently and, Attach suction grips and lift away. Head for beer fridge to celebrate. It took longer to compose this reply than it did to get the screen out!
  6. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    Thanks Munich1, I gave it another go, but still no joy. My fingers arent what they used to be. I couldnt get the bastard out so headed for the beer fridge and after some thought, bit the bullet and ordered a new gasket from Wallis and Grommit. I only wanted to repair the bottom corner. The same one as the pristine example in your photos! Just out of interest the official instructions https://www.bmwtechinfo.com/repair/main/137en/index.htm 51-28 say to use your fingers and a wooden wedge and start at the corner.
  7. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    What, uugh, but 12 says to use a blunt screwdriver!
  8. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    Well I have just spent a very frustrating couple of hours attempting to remove the windscreen using 12s and Bavs method outlined above. I can easily work the seal on the a-pillars where they are just metal/paint but the bit across the top and on the top corners has the headliner held in place by the seal, so when you poke the seal with ones screwdriver it tucks up perfectly then just untucks itself. I've given up. Wolloth und Nasch have them on sale at the mo. Total cost including postage is £71. Anyone else done it successfully?
  9. JohnH

    E 28 520i project

    Wow! Genuinely impressed. A question. Why didnt you fit the later front discs and calipers? If there is one area where the E28 is a bit weak, its the brakes.
  10. JohnH

    How not to do an engine conversion !! watch this

    Ivor, I just saw your reply. Sorry I was a bit slow. Not on facebook or any other social media, but I did manage to have a peek. They are all rather young and very enthusiastic,.arent they! Wish I was.
  11. JohnH

    Been dismissed at Work

    Agreed, well done. Job changes usually workout for the best. Sorry about your family. I know what you're going through. I've just been to two family funerals in the last 10 days.
  12. JohnH

    How not to do an engine conversion !! watch this

    Picture? I cant see a picture, but want to.
  13. JohnH

    Brake calipers and carriers

    Picture taken from official E28 sales brochure Zinc passivated, though bolts and other fittings seem to have a cadmium hue, so maybe the calipers do as well though they dont look it in this picture. I bought my first E28, an August 1987 520i in early 1990 and that didnt show any rust on the calipers, just a chalky silver.
  14. JohnH


    Sows purse. Dont do it taff.
  15. JohnH

    Captive nut and battery tray

    You can see the "cage" holding the nut if you put a mirror under, from the side, so I think its would be easy to get at if you put the car on ramps. Your cars an interesting colour, what is it?