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  1. 520i lux spark plugs

    Yes the plugs and gap will be fine. You can always adjust it if need be. Make sure that they have screw on ends or are threaded. You dont want the screw on part, but the plug leads need the threaded end. Be very careful how you remove the leads. DONT pull on the lead, only on the cap.
  2. Coil Springs Why do they break so easily?

    Modern springs unlike older stuff have variable diameter coils and wire thickness. In other words they are modern variable rate springs. this means that certain parts of the spring work harder than parts. Its the ends that snap where the coil diameter and wire thickness is smaller. Hydrogen embrittlement caused by electrolysis from salt is the main cause.
  3. Style 5 tyre choice

    That looks really good. Just the right stance! I take it that those are the 225s. How do they feel to you?
  4. Style 5 tyre choice

    I fitted style 5s with 225/60-15 Uniroyal rain tires. These were superb tires even if the ride was a a bit thumpy and shuddery. Nothing dramatic but noticable after running 14s. They also knock the edge off the performance as well. I'm currently running Goodyear Optigrip 205/60-15 and they are every bit as good as the Uniroyals in the wet, but without the ride and performance disadvantages. I heartily recommend them.
  5. Guildo/doughnut

    According to https://www.bmwtechinfo.com/repair/main/247en/index.htm As to what could cause those values to be out of range, then I suppose engine, gearbox or rear suspension mounts must be culprits. Center mount preload is also important to stop the prop shaft from wobbling.
  6. Custom cooling system

    I used a rad from an E36 318i
  7. Dan, Pleased to hear you're English! My bad! Your use of the term "egr" fooled me. I assumed that you meant Exhaust Gas Re-circulation valve which may have been fitted to an Australian car. They have some very strange anti pollution stuff. I have some good news for you. You dont have one! Perhaps you mean something else. As for the instrument cluster, they have ni-cad batteries that power the service indicator. Its possible that they have leaked and damaged the printed circuit board. You will need to remove the cluster and take a look. There are several plugs and connectors on the back of the cluster. Some of those may be disconnected. Take a look at an ETM and see what fuses do what with the instrument cluster. Be aware the clusters differ by date and if you were to look for a replacement, you need to make sure its not one for a 525e. John.
  8. Good morning. Welcome to the site. Judging from your spec and usage of English (mate, beaut), you are not based in the UK. Australia perhaps? It would be very helpful if we knew your vin, because from that, we can tell your exact model. For example, there were three distinct fuel injection systems used on the 520i. You mention an egr valve and from that I can surmise that you are running LE2-Jetronic or Motronic 1.1. When you say "clock" do you mean timepiece or speedometer or something else. The timepiece "clock" came in two varieties, one one in a separate unit to the side of the instrument cluster and the other as part of the instrument cluster, replacing the rev counter/tachometer. Neither would have any affect on other instruments. There are two English language workshop manuals . Haynes (#1560 for 520i & 525e) and the US Bentley. Both have their place. The Haynes will cost you £5 off ebay.co.uk and the Bentley US$50-100 off ebay.com or directly from Bentley publishing. You can find parts diagrams at http://www.realoem.com/bmw/ or http://bmwfans.info/ Wiring diagrams (aka ETMs) can be found at http://wedophones.com/Manuals/BMW/ You won't find your exact model, because these are US models as they never had the 520i. All E28s, worldwide have very similar electrical systems. The official BMW service manuals can be found here https://www.bmwtechinfo.com/repair/main/index.htm You are interested in 524td-535i Repar Manual No.4 and also Nominal Values etc at the top. You can buy many parts from BMW Dealers but they are becoming very expensive. Your best bet for parts initially is ebay/co.uk/com/de. There are independent specialist sellers as well. Regards John.
  9. Sorry; but to me this is absurd...

    I was brought up down under, so played rugby from an early age. It was impressed upon us to play the game and not to cause injury. Its a a matter of trust on both sides of the field.
  10. Now that photobucket is charging .....

    I dont understand where you guys are coming from, this forum has photo hosting. Why are you not using it? Surely the idea is to add knowledge and photos to this site, so that when you leave/die you can at least leave your your legacy/contribution behind?
  11. Lop sided rear

    Hello Arif, Springs ratings do vary slightly so swapping side to side might highlight that. If that is the case then the other spring pad, which may be a non M, may be thicker, so could perhaps be used to even the ride height. I've just thought, do your dampers have height adjustment. Some M535i dampers do. If so, are they set the same? 8mm is not much, so I suppose a bad subframe outer bush may affect it a little, but I wouldn't think so, so that only leaves a bent trailing arm. Regards John. Edit, One other thing, when measuring ride height you should really measure from the underside of the lower portion of the wheel rim to the underside of the wheel arch. This eliminates the tyre from the equation.
  12. Lop sided rear

    There are a number of things it may be. The spring itself may be shorter, or softer, or the spring pads on either end of the spring may be thinner. Realoem shows two different upper pads, depending upon the spring fitted. http://www.realoem.com/bmw/enUS/showparts?id=DC72-EUR-03-1985-E28-BMW-M535i&diagId=33_0250 I would swap the spring damper units side to side and see if the lean moves to the other side. Are you sure its on a completely level bit of ground?
  13. Nice looking garage Mick. Plenty of tinkering space. Shame someones parked their bike in there however!
  14. I have always just taken a screen print from realoem, highlighted the parts I want for my E28 and Type 114 and pass it to the parts guy. I have never had any problem getting parts. I have used shop.bmw-classic.de in the past for certain parts when they have been cheaper than the dealer. On the subject of the new "shop" they seemed to have lost the VIN decoder as well as the plot.
  15. It was "open" a few days back, but its a load of old wank now. I would just go down to your local dealer. Hows it possible that a "Major" manufacturer can screw up something so badly?