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  1. JohnH

    E28 2019 Calendar

    Me too two, My E28 is off the road at the moment (major rust, but I will work on it) but the MINI Cooper's ready. Have a good one Mick. John
  2. JohnH

    E28 2019 Calendar

    I really feel the need to go and sit on that hill again, and listen to the crack of a 25 pounder.
  3. JohnH

    Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas Mick. Have a good one. Regards John.
  4. JohnH

    Temp gauge

    #8, with single wire.
  5. JohnH

    correct lubricant 518i manual steering box

    I think that non PAS was standard on the 518 (non i). According to the diagram above in handbooks 1st and 2nd edition (for the 518) PAS was an option extra. It was standard on the 518i.
  6. JohnH

    Air Filter Housing 1982 E28 528i

    ^^^ Pleased to help. US E28 533i 535i also have fuel vapour capture & recycling using an activated charcoal filter. You should study realoem.com to see the components that they use. Realoem shows that the "intake muffler" for Australian and Swiss cars is different from all other 528is, but you cant see what it is. Swiss cars also had more stringent emissions standards than the rest of Europe. You may get more info on how the activated charcoal filter is controlled and vented by talking the yanks over on mye28.com. Cheaper parts may be available in the US. Good luck. Edit. There are one or two Aussies who frequent mye28.com, so you should find out whats what.
  7. JohnH

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    ^^^ I would agree.
  8. JohnH

    Air Filter Housing 1982 E28 528i

    Australian 528i's had complex EGR (Exhaust Gas Re-circulation) other emissions equipment, such as fuel tank vapour capture and recirculation that European cars didnt have, so its quite probable that this piece of kit you mention is related. Whether you need it now, I couldn't say. That would be down to your annual emissions testing regime. What other types of E28 have you dealt with? Surely one of them was a 528i?
  9. JohnH

    correct lubricant 518i manual steering box

    The 3rd edition of the Owners Handbook has a Filling Capacities chart. Lists Steering Gear in addition to Power Steering.
  10. JohnH

    CV joint

    GKN were the Original Equipment suppliers of constant velocity joints to BMW. They still produce service kits. I have "rebuilt" a few of these because of torn gaiters. I never bothered trying to keep the ball bearings in any kind of order. The only question was, which way had the joint been rotating, so that when you refitted it you made sure it was rotating the other way. If you take a look at the outer part of the joint, where the balls "roll" you will see that one side will be slightly more worn or shinny than the other. The idea behind reversing them was to, now use the unworn side. In other words, fit the RH half-shaft where the LH used to be and visa versa.
  11. JohnH

    520i auto radiator

    I have fitted an E36 318i rad to mine. You just need the 325i cross pipe because the inlets and outlets are arse about face for an E28. I did change the water pump to the one without the header tank inlet pipe, but I think you can just use the standard pump and close off the header inlet. I also blocked the E36 heater inlet/outlet on the bottom of the combined header tank. you can just see it next to the blue bleeder. This rad was for a manual so I had to put some spaces for the bottom mounts. An auto rad would have fitted better and not needed the spacers.
  12. JohnH

    520i auto radiator

    There shed loads available on autodoc https://www.autodoc.co.uk/car-parts/radiator-parts-10203/bmw/5er-reihe/5-e28/229-525-e These are for an eta but are exactly the same. Edit: Not sure why the forum software is not recognising a web address. It used to. Just cut and paste it anyway.
  13. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    Munich, have you studied tonybmw on http://retrorides.proboards.com/thread/119596/1987-bmw-e28-m5-blue page 4-5 onwards for subframe mounts. Truthfully its what puts me off doing anything with mine!
  14. Those krautes. Proper prior planning prevents piss poor plate positioning. The 8 Ps of project management!
  15. JohnH

    Removing Windscreen?

    Rust in the bottom corner Cars been off the road now for 3-4 years. Just exploring my options. Rear sills, both sides, rust behind front left strut tower, doors and bonnet, oh and around the boot opening. All the usual stuff!