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  1. JohnH

    Brake calipers and carriers

    Picture taken from official E28 sales brochure Zinc passivated, though bolts and other fittings seem to have a cadmium hue, so maybe the calipers do as well though they dont look it in this picture. I bought my first E28, an August 1987 520i in early 1990 and that didnt show any rust on the calipers, just a chalky silver.
  2. JohnH


    Sows purse. Dont do it taff.
  3. JohnH

    Captive nut and battery tray

    You can see the "cage" holding the nut if you put a mirror under, from the side, so I think its would be easy to get at if you put the car on ramps. Your cars an interesting colour, what is it?
  4. JohnH

    Thinking of selling

    Take a look on https://www.carandclassic.co.uk There are one or two M535i for sale. A dealer in Cornwall is looking for £15k and another is for auction with a guide price of £3-6k. Both have dreadful ads. You could usefully spend some time on this site checking out ads, to see which ones work and which ones dont. There are millions of very rich people in the UK. You wont sell a car to them by pitching the price to low, for these people there is as much status in paying decent money for a classic car as there is in owning it. What they want to see is a decent, detailed and open advert. You need to detail work carried out on the car and name the organisation who carried out the work. The buyer wants to see that those carrying out the work are reputable organisations. Remember buyers can check MOTs so they will see any problems listed, so you need to show that you have fixed these issues. Make your ownership narrative open, honest and with some humour. This is your only opportunity to connect with a potential buyer. Its you that they are buying, the cars just an added bonus! Though black cars are popular with certain sections of society, they do put off others, so be prepared to be dissapointed. Dark and dingy cars are difficult to photograph, interiors in particular. The garden to the left of your car is a decent backdrop to photograph against and among other things shows the potential buyer that the car comes from a loving and caring home! You will be building trust. If your car is rust free, neat and tidy, and without issues then pitch it between £15,000 and £20,000. Keep the numbers rounded.
  5. JohnH

    Anyone know this one? B61PLE

    I'm sorry, I dont, though I find the windscreen washer pipe work a bit disquieting, I don't think that augers well for the rest of the vehicle.
  6. JohnH

    E28 528i willnt start

    Yes, but he probably doused the two ignition components next to the washer bottle. (One next to the ABS on the inner wing at the front and the other on the wheel arch between the reservoir and the strut turret).
  7. Dave i'm sorry that you're having issues. They keep sending me test kits, now that i'm aged! I know this sounds bad, but they always send them to me in the spring, just as the beer drinking season starts and that always gives me the squirts (until late autumn when the season finishes). I know, no excuses. Question. How do you take a sample?
  8. JohnH

    Been dismissed at Work

    Well done mate, similar job, or something subtly different?
  9. JohnH

    Been dismissed at Work

    That is good news. Best of luck.
  10. JohnH

    Front crankshaft bolt question

    You can find the official repair manual at https://www.bmwtechinfo.com/repair/main/index.htm Its for US models so you need to select a compatible model that uses an M30 engine. You can find the vehicle specifications and torque under Repair Information Nominal Values, Specifications and Tightening Torques values https://www.bmwtechinfo.com/repair/main/Index_NV_S_TT.htm Select 318i-750i specifications and torque values, then Contents, you will see the Tightening Torque" section to the bottom right. Select that, then select 11 engine and page your way through to section 11.23. (says 440Nm) You can find details for removing and reinstalling the front hub under the the section for 524td ... 535i Repair Manual No. 4 in the main menu. Select that, then Contents (at top right), then 11 Engine, select 533i, then select section 11.23. It shows a picture of crank locking tool 11 2 100.
  11. JohnH

    Been dismissed at Work

    You dont tell them anything about your previous job other that what you did there. You decided to leave to look after your mother because it was taking too much of your time from work. You dont want to go on too much about this at your next interview, just mention it in passing. If the interviewer asks why you are not going back to your old employer, just say the job wasnt what you thought it was going to be. You didnt find it challenging enough and are now looking for new opportunities. Remember that a job interview is a two way street. Its your chance to find out what they will be like to work with. Ask them questions about their plans and future. Interviewers like positive people. They will want to talk to your old employer, but wont get anything out of HR other than that you worked there for the time stated. They wont say why you left. Remember, maintain a positive mental attitude and you wont go wrong. Look upon this situation as an opportunity, rather than an upset. Good luck for the future.
  12. JohnH

    E28 heater temperature problem

    Yes, but I also get the impression that some of the people in that topic are a bit cack handed and that assembling the valve in the correct manner would solve many of their woes. It would be interesting to see what hippie dave has to say.
  13. JohnH

    E28 heater temperature problem

    There is a topic about repair kits over on http://www.mye28.com/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=121283 All the useful info is at the end.
  14. JohnH

    LE2-Jetronic - Help Needed

    Hows your ignition timing? I ask because I see that you changed the cam belt and unless you marked the oil pump/distributor drive pulley you may have disturbed the timing removing and fitting the belt. What part of the country are you in?
  15. JohnH

    520i lux spark plugs

    Yes the plugs and gap will be fine. You can always adjust it if need be. Make sure that they have screw on ends or are threaded. You dont want the screw on part, but the plug leads need the threaded end. Be very careful how you remove the leads. DONT pull on the lead, only on the cap.