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  1. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Breaking E46 330 CI Manual, M54b30, Stoker kit and cam's

    Some sample E46 prices! These are what I've sold them for. M Sport bumpers @200 quid the pair. Front is £150 with the headlight wash wipe. LED tail lights £60 the pair if they're BMW and all the LED's work. Mirrors are £50 each, more if they are powerful (not on options list) Gearbox is the same ZF310/320 as a 328i, 525i etc. £150 + PAS pump might be an LF20 - that's the one with the domed rear cover. £40 A good engine with loom, ECU and key is £400 If the engine is shagged - short engine for crank etc £200, cams £100 the pair, head £100, inlet manifold £50, ECU/key/EWS £75 Rear axle isn't really worth a carrot, diff is £50 - 100 if you can be arsed removing it. They never break. Driveshafts £45 each but there are two types - one has the inner CV bolts in three pairs, others are equidistant. Bonnet is £60. Wings £30 each if really nice (unlikely). Leave the doors and bootlid on the shell. Exhaust might have a value but there are two big juicy cats on these. Those wheels are £125 if the tyres are good. Front and rear brakes (calipers and carriers) £150 the lot if they are not seized and the bleed nipples undo. Clean steering wheel with a/bag £40 Heated seats mean a heated seat switch pack on dash - that and a few inches of wiring is £25. Rad, fan, headlights (they're halogen), dash, armrest, carpet, struts, wishbones, AC compressor, standard steering rack, wiper motor, in tank pump etc leave on the car unless you get a victim. I've never sold any of these and you're fighting a typical penniless E46 owner for pennies. I'll stick a breaking ad on Arsebook. The trouble with E46's is that there are at the very bottom of the bell curve and your issue is finding an owner who has any cash.
  2. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    413 ECU E34 525i

    12/1994 so non EWS. £75 plus postage.
  3. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Cars holding their value better?

    Because in 2012, the E39 was already two models out of date. The F10 has only just been replaced by a new one that looks very similar. 520d's etc will come crashing down to 4-5k in a year or so.
  4. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Classic 7 Series

    730i or 735i. The wheels are a bit rank.
  5. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Which BMW?

    It's a rear M4/3 bumper vent as shown, so some arsehole reversed into you.
  6. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    You too!
  7. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    1983 E28 528i - Head Gasket!?

    Cam cover gasket - it looks like the oil is running down. Make sure the garage fits new banjo bolts for the spray bar. These have a slightly different thread pitch from the originals so they 'bite' into the head and will not unwind. Don't use liquid thread lock on the old ones as it congeals in the oil way. BMW are epic pisstakers with parts prices.
  8. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E28 528i Manual with LSD, breaking complete car.

    Breaking 1982 528i Manual with 3.45 LSD, factory air con, Getrag 265 overdrive box, ABS and headlight wash wipe, front chin spoiler, OBC. Car is rotten underneath as it's been stored on a farm since 1996. Front wings will definitely save, other panels are scrap. Marine blue cloth standard seats in fair condition, dash looks to be excellent, unsure if cluster works until (if) engine can be made to run. Wheels are the TRX metrics - tyres are all rubbish but the spare looks good. Complete exhaust looks as though it was new when the car was laid up. It has the three spoke early sports steering wheel with the thick lower spoke. More pics as and when I start pulling it to bits. No bargains though - I had to pay handsomely for this.
  9. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E28 528i Manual with LSD, breaking complete car.

  10. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E39, when to call it a day?

    I was a bit harsh on the E61. They're not that bad - at least they don't rust to bits. Plus they drive well enough.
  11. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Best place to buy parts?

    FYI, a BMW front coupling is over £150 with VAT.......... They are fitted with one way so observe where the arrows line up to.
  12. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Best place to buy parts?

    Here are your rear dampers - get these bought ASAP as they're very cheap (half price) and proper parts. Avoid rubbish like KYB or Monroe. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2x-GENUINE-SACHS-HEAVY-DUTY-REAR-SHOCK-ABSORBERS-SET-BMW-5-E34-COMBI/264030400761?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE34&epid=814578606&hash=item3d797030f9:g:NxoAAOSwhX5b5JCx:rk:3:pf:0 Fuel filter, V belts etc from ECP. Top mounts here: very good seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Rear-Top-Strut-Mount-BMW-E34-5-Series-FEBI-33521132270-/372443211596 Prop coupling: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BMW-M-Models-Meyle-Propshaft-Prop-Shaft-Centre-Mount-Coupling-Joint-3141520013/271912083915?fits=Plat_Gen%3AE34&epid=248724197&hash=item3f4f3921cb:g:zrcAAOSwLVZVi-3N:rk:5:pf:0
  13. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E39 jacking points question

    Then it will be rusty. Sadly, E39's are a losing battle with rust and other issues. They've done well but there will be very few around in 10 years.
  14. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    1 Series and E90 3.64 diff 116i 118i 318i 320i etc

    Nice and quiet with no noises, £299 plus delivery. Fitting possible.
  15. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    520i auto radiator

    Possibly yes and it might be better. Custom made hydraulic hoses won't be too much.
  16. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Torsen LSD 3.15 ratio suit E28

    From a Z3 2.8 so standard 188 casing that fits 528i etc. Excellent condition. £499
  17. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    E39, when to call it a day?

    E39's are just relics now, an ever widening pit into which you can shovel ££££. E61's are just dogshit, too much to go wrong and they're so bloody ugly - SE versions remind me of those Cornish pastie shoes Clarks used to make. I'd look at an E270 CDI Merc wagon, the 2006-7 onwards version.
  18. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    N47 timing chain

    Sounds more like the flywheel.
  19. Sir Anthony Regents-Park


    As above
  20. Sir Anthony Regents-Park


    Annoyed by the shit handbrake and a weird groaning from the front when steering, it's had new rear discs and front dampers. It does motor along quite well for an old diesel estate.
  21. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    520i auto radiator

    I think that's for a manual. The auto ones are much, much harder to find. The benevolent souls at the Motoren Werke will rape you for well over £500 for a rad and Nissens no longer make one at all. The 'late 84 onwards ones are a slightly different depth due to the deeper front apron iirc. The other thing with these are those bastard trans cooler pipes that screw into the base of the rad. After 10-30 years, they really don't like being undone - prepare to replace both pipes if they are as rusty as they normally are. I think Tim misread - the E34 M50 and E36 rads are very similar, E28 ones are totally different.
  22. Sir Anthony Regents-Park


    I undertook about 10 cars in one go yesterday, just by doing 70/75 in lane 2.
  23. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    my first e34

    A K reg 535i - I don't think I've seen one before - one of the last.
  24. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Any BMW Club GB Members Here?

    Insurance only for me, but I do 3-4 trackdays a year. I get 15% on parts anyway and have a Halfords trade card.
  25. Sir Anthony Regents-Park

    Should i convert to manual

    Bollocks to a manual conversion. Manual E39's are like tractors imo. A secondhand autobox from a decent breaker, new oil and filter, a morning on a ramp to fit, job done.