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  1. Staying in France

    Laon is a beautiful town, it really is. Slightly out of your way, but not much. Hotel Banniere Du France is very nice. Some great restaurants as well.
  2. BMW E3 - if I had to have one car forever....

    E3's are alright, but you can't beat the real thing:
  3. m50 2.8 build

  4. BMW CIC Drive

  5. m50 2.8 build

    No they weren't. Earlier blocks were alloy with a Nikasil (nickel silicon) bore coating as used by Porsche and GM. Later ones after 3/98 had steel liners pressed in. Alusil is a silicon alloy that V8 blocks were made from. The cylinders were bored and honed to uncover the silicon so that the pistons and rings can run in them.
  6. m50 2.8 build

    No such thing as an Alusil M52. They are either Nikasil, or steel liner. You will need pistons from a steel liner engine to use in an iron block.
  7. What I did WITH my E39 today

    Ascot green...? The Alpine looks an early one, Series I or II.
  8. Cheap run about

    All you gain with the sixes is 25 mpg and problems. The rust is cosmetic and doesn't cause an issue and wouldn't bother me on a daily shitter. Dodgy central locking/key, shagged radiator, oil leaks, front wishbones, rusty brake pipes are all part of the deal with these. Like the E39 they're very needy in old age and they're not worth the bother.
  9. Cheap run about

    E36's are great, I love mine. 500 quid 3 years and 28'000 miles ago. Tyres, brake pipes, servicing and I put a clutch in when I got it as it was juddering a touch and I'd bought a new LuK kit for £5 from Ebay, 2 ramp hours and done. They're far easier to work on than the E46 which, like the later E39, is a f*cking hateful thing to work on, all over complex Renault quality push fit plastic crap designed by a maniac.
  10. Cheap run about

    Avoid cheap old BMW's. E46's are crap. An E36 Compact is okay but they're so old now. I'd be looking at 10-12 year old Civics, Corollas etc.
  11. Breaking 2003 325i E46 manual

    Excellent engine, complete 5 speed manual conversion kit, ECU kit, 16 inch wheels, 3.23 ratio diff and so on. No panels or interior.
  12. E34 cluster differences (blue / white backs)

    Blue and white back ones interchange perfectly. The only issue is that the coding chip will not swap between the two. The first clusters were grey backs (not metallic grey - that's E34 518i/520i/td) with no coding chip made up to Feb '89. White backs came next, and blue backs replaced these in September 1990. All three will interchange and work but you'll be stuck with the mileage on the cluster unless you can still find a mileage correction bloke (a clocker) with the software to do these. My 1989 E32 has a later blue back with the mileage reset. I may have a blue back cluster spare, will need to have a look. I keep one as a spare for mine because new ones are £2500.
  13. Looks to be an end to an era :( 535d gearbox issues

    Why does everyone say 5er now? Are we German? '5 Series'.
  14. E34 Steering wheel - what fits?

    The later airbag wheel won't fit. Well, it will fit but the airbag won't work without an immense amount of carpet out rewiring to accommodate the airbag module under the rear seat/carpet, impact sensors, airbag light for the dash etc. The wheel you have has the module inside the steering wheel itself so that it could be fitted to non airbag cars. Don't bother, it's way too much aggro. Without a working AB light it won't pass an MOT.
  15. E60 or F10

    I like the F10 - it's better looking and the interior is better finished. But the E60 does drive better - it feels smaller but still decent sized and the steering/handling are sharper. Avoid petrols but I'd go for a low mileage E60 525d or 530d auto M Sport with Nav. Main dealers still have a few but tend to be on the ambitious side of pricing. I'd probably have an F10 over the E60 is the prices and years were about the same but given a 3 grand difference I'd have the older car.