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  1. Parcelforce incompetence beggars belief

    It's for this reason I don't have a TV anymore. After a fortnight you begin to regain the ability to think again about stuff. I read books instead. Richard Burton's biography at present, to be followed by Peter Gabriel's. Or I can watch shit TV instead. Tough choice.
  2. Breaking E34 525 M20B25, manual, Cirus Blue

    To do what with though? Cars like this are best off in bits. When you can but a really tidy one for 1500 quid............
  3. Steering wheel swap

    The coarse spline wheel was not fitted to E30's, just E28, E23 and E24 cars up to September 1985. The E30 wheel dos is recessed with teeth inside that there steering lock pawl locks into when the key is withdrawn.
  4. 535i clutch

    If the DMF doesn't rattle, forget about it. This was an era when BMW made things properly - the flywheel in my 314'000 mile E32 doesn't rattle.
  5. Refurbed wheels from Pentland powdercoating

    I recommend Metal Magic in Barnsley as well - they restored a set of E46 MV1's to brand new condition - better than new as they powder coat the whole wheel inside and out. About 50 or 60 quid a wheel iirc.
  6. very heavy vibration through car at 40mph

    Propshaft centre bearing. I would remove the prop and replace the centre bearing and doughnut - you may also find it's thrown a balance weight off so look for a rusty square patch where one used to be. "ive driven the car at 50 in drive and in 2nd gear and get the same vibration at the same road speed" Very unlikely to be a gearbox issue. I would get up to 50 and slip it into N and see what it does. It won't harm the gearbox.
  7. Private reg newer than car - WHY NOT?

    DVLA do cock up. There are a few E60 525i's in the UK on 08 and 09 plates. But they're 2003/2004 imports from Thailand. No idea how they slipped through.
  8. What would you do .. keep it or sell it - E39?

    Spend the bare minimum to keep it going. Bollocks to 'refreshing' stuff, it's a 1500 quid car. Fix stuff as and when. The day you spend a grand in one hit is the day before the engine drops a valve and you are buried in the thing. Keep cheap old cars cheap.
  9. Updated my stereo with a factory look.

  10. Updated my stereo with a factory look.

    The VDO head unit fitted too late Rover 75's is worth looking out for as well.
  11. E36 328i Auto Saloon

    Getting that way. E46's are junk and the E36 was the last 3 Series that wasn't designed by a lunatic and built from snap together plastic crap.
  12. My E26!

    When my late Dad worked at BMW GB in Bracknell, M1's would be collected from either the owners house or their local main dealer and transported to Bracknell to be serviced/repaired. Main dealers weren't allowed to touch them unless it was something really simple like a bulb or brake pads. Whilst there were some staff at Bracknell who could work on them, normally guys would come over from Germany to do anything major. There were always one or two in there.
  13. LE2-Jetronic - Help Needed

    AFM on that should be an 01280 202 031 iirc.
  14. LE2-Jetronic - Help Needed

    Sounds like it may be a fuel pump relay although generally, they either work or they don't. Could be a faulty coil winding in the coil or the distributor, or that weird ignition thing down on the inner wing that looks like two AA batteries side by side. Failing ignition, but the injectors still going - shit running and stinking of fuel. It may be the throttle position switch being out of adjustment, or full of oil. You should hear a faint click as the throttle is opened. That click is a tiny microswitch inside telling the ECU to switch from idle to part load maps. If it's trying to idle on part load fuelling it will absolutely stink of fuel and barely run. So I'd take the throttle body off, remove the idle switch (2 crossheads), open it up with a small flat blade screwdriver and clean it out. They are normally full of old oil so a good wash out with petrol or brake cleaner is needed. Refit it and set the switch up so that the unit clicks as you just open the throttle. Not sure if a 1985 car will have the vacuum operated throttle damper (manuals only iirc). This switch is set incorrectly by amateur mechanics trying to set the idle speed on the throttle body and not on the AFM. This is the first thing I'd check. Jesus, LE Jetronic. Glad I've left all that behind!
  15. ZF 6 speed transmission issues

    The N62 is indeed a horrid thing. I saw this one in the week, 57 plate 750i that is absolutely pissing oil out everywhere, and well as having a misfire issue.