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  1. I really don't do E Types though. They're alright, but I'd rather have a Series 1 XJ6 or a 1963 Stingray tbh. It's the hushed reverence around what was a cheap sports car that turns me off them. A 250GT Lusso or a 330 GTC - now you're talking!
  2. Not really, it's just an E Type by another name. A Lynx D Type is so much nicer.
  3. Mercedes Benz 300SL Gullwing Ferrari 512BB 535d Touring F11
  4. Rannoch Moor looks scary the first time you see it - looks like millions of bones scattered about.
  5. Sod the cars, more scenery please. The first pic looks like it was taken on that pull in on the A82, up on the hill overlooking Bridge of Orchy.
  6. Shame
  7. My local KwitFit is okay, I've got on well with most of the managers although the current one is a proper missing link type. They do air con recharges okay, tyre swaps and I can normally wangle a great deal on new tyres. They occasionally lend me stuff when I'm in the shit with a job - they're an alright bunch.
  8. For the right money (5-6k) you could revert it back to standard for not that much - 3 grand for panels/repaint.
  9. Good luck with that..............
  10. I wouldn't take less than 2000 quid for it. If it doesn't make that, tax and insure it, enjoying the fruits of your labours. I bought a cat C E34 520i Auto last week. Amazingly unrusty but clobbered wing and two doors. New wing and two used doors into paintshop Monday, hopefully reassemble the beast next weekend. Whilst it should turn a modest profit, it's the satisfaction of saving something that was built to last two decades and has done that with three years on top.
  11. I see the flaw in the plan.
  12. For a post 11/91 saloon so K reg onwards. No rusty battered crap please.
  13. Is that Inverness itself?
  14. Well that went quiet. Probably expected 45'000 miles, a fully stamped service book and a year's warranty for 500 quid. It sold elsewhere anyway.
  15. 2 Series Zafira sales are very poor - it's Motability that keeps it going. They're universally hated in the dealer network as the cynical whoring exercise that it is. F10 quality isn't as good as an E34 was 25 years ago. It can't be when it (and every other car) has been cost pared to buggery to keep the prices competitive. An F10 is the same size as an E32 was, and 25 years ago a 730i with leather was a £35'000 car.