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  1. Belongs to a BMW specialist in Worksop I use (Parkside garage 01909 506555). It is what it is, a dark metallic blue 520i 2.2 auto ES, 150'000 miles (ish) black cloth. 15 years old there therefore, not a minter. Sports seats Single slot CD player Angel eye headlamps Dechromed. ES was a trim level on late E39's incorporating some of the Sport bits including suspension. MOT till November. Michelin Pilots all round including brand new rears. £750. Please contact them direct rather than bombarding me with questions. Pics taken when it was filthy but it does clean up very well and it drives very nicely as an E39 does.
  2. I like Connery, but few of his Bond films - Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever are superb imo, the rest you can keep. OHMSS was excellent as was George Lazenby, a missed opportunity for him. A couple of Roger's films were dodgy (I thought For Your Eyes Only was terrible - ditto Living Daylights) and the Pierce Brosnan movies have dated very badly. Timothy Dalton - a great actor, terrible 007. I like Daniel Craig though. In the pub tonight, and will raise a glass to Roger The Dodger.
  3. An absolute legend - a randy old goat by all accounts and for me, the best 007. I went to see The Spy Who Loved Me at the cinema in 1977. What a life though!
  5. I've always found sweating it out to be best - let the body burn it up. I only had proper Flu once, lasted 20 days............not to be confused with a cold. With a cold, I just drink Lucozade and a couple of strong sleeping tablets and just kip it out under a duvet, gone in 3-4 days. Flu is evil though. Eyes like burning coals, shaking, can't sleep for 3-4 days at a time and because you can't eat, when you do eat as you recover, you get the shits as well.
  6. I think I owned that 15-20 years ago, picked it up from Newark.
  7. Yes.
  8. Tricky circuit - lethal when wet, lots of heroes, expensive. Pay for one lap, cruise around with no heroics just to say you've done it. Any mistakes will cost you dearly. I would choose an evening when the dickheads have gone. I've done 100 laps 2003-7, not doing any more.
  9. It's rotten.
  10. The sump comes out once the oil pump has been removed - plenty of room for that.
  11. I saw one of these sorry shitboxes recently, white with MOTORWAY MAINTENANCE' stickers on it. I remarked to myself how upmarket and prestigious it looked, a fitting ambassador for the midrange mass market brand. They're talking about making cheap kitchen appliances soon, outsourced to China. Why not - it's all money.
  12. Cat C is the kiss of death for resale. Cat D is bad enough but C...the logbook is branded forever with 'substantially damaged/repaired'. A 115'000 mile 2.5 Auto retails at £2700 ish - depends on how good the car was before the prang. If it was a really nice one (everything works, stack of bills, stamped book, 3-4 owners) then £2000 would be a good price. At £2200 you're only 500 quid away from a 'clean' one.
  13. Waleed Sabri from Iver Heath. As honest as the day is long, be in no doubt.
  14. That's lovely. The 1700 was a Cologne V4, much better than the 1700 V4 Essex used in Zephyrs and the Ford Pubic (Coarse 'airs). The German V4 was used in the Saaab 96 as well. I once had a go in a German Capri 1300 - that was a tiny V4, same block as the 1500/1700 but with a very short stroke - it revved like a bastard, very smooth and with a very Alfasud/Subaru beat to it.