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  1. Any photos? My Dad had a Mexico new in '73 and I had a Mark II version in 1987.I had an RS1600i in 1989, nice thing it was too.
  2. Even more many frontline NHS staff will have retired by 2027? How many nurses and doctors in training now? Fair to say the NHS won't exist in 10 years? It fucking stinks.
  3. Nobody. I won't be voting.
  4. They were very good cars. Not as exotic, but the 2.0iS from 1986-7 was a good car too, plenty of poke from the Pinto with EEC-4 (I think) and a well set up chassis. I had a black one in 1997, rusty as hell but went like a train. D336NOC iirc, pre facelift version.
  5. That's lovely. The 1700 was a Cologne V4, much better than the 1700 V4 Essex used in Zephyrs and the Ford Pubic (Coarse 'airs). The German V4 was used in the Saaab 96 as well. I once had a go in a German Capri 1300 - that was a tiny V4, same block as the 1500/1700 but with a very short stroke - it revved like a bastard, very smooth and with a very Alfasud/Subaru beat to it.
  6. A Taunus! Identical to the Cortina, but the 1.3 used a Pinto engine and the 2.0 used the smallest Cologne V6. I had a very nice 1979 Mark 5 1.6L badged as a Taunus. It was RHD but built in Ireland (Cork).
  7. You're kidding....? This new series is the most car focussed TG there has been for years. The crane/grabber thing was a good old bit of childish fun and I laughed out loud at it. I mean - wouldn't you do it for a laugh given the chance.? I wasn't a fan of TG last year and had serious reservations this year - but it's panning out superbly and the episode just gone (Cuba, mental Merc etc) was just excellent TV. MLB has become a great host and the other two are settling in nicely. I reckon they've got it spot on - I like it a lot.
  8. Back int 2002, a colleague of a friend in Hamburg had one and we went to a spin in it. It was bloody lively and matey reckoned it would do 250 km/h on the autobahn. The engine was basically two 1998-2001 (136 bhp) M47 320d engines in a V. BMW only built 1500 or so. The 730d (another E38 we never had) was far more sensible and popular.
  9. I had Cortinas 4 and 5, but not a Mark 3. The 4/5 were okay but never had the style of the older car although they were neat enough. My Uncle had a Mark 4 in 1977 shortly after they came out, a Roman bronze 2.0 GL on an R plate. Had its for six years and replaced it with a late model Mark 5 that was a year old, never any trouble. I had a 1300 Sport Escort, same 72 bhp GT engine as that Capri. It went well enough but the 1600 was a lot better. The 2000 V4 was a bit of a dog though. Good old Ford eh? My local taxi operator runs Mondeos. They're on the 2007 Mark 4 onwards TDCi at the moment, one has 200'000 miles and runs/drives like new. Certainly a far better car than an E90.
  10. What a great looking car these were - this one's a 70-73 GXL with the four round headlights.
  11. I'd have a diamond white 2000E with the dark brown (tobacco) vinyl roof, tan velour and the 3 speed auto. Really suited the car more than the manual.
  12. Mark one pre facelift Capri - the GTXLR iirc.
  13. Indeed. An early Mark 3 2000GT 4 door in Sunset red please. I'll sell the house to pay for it.
  14. Today, the average new BMW (320d etc) is what a Cortina was 40 years ago and nothing more, a reasonably well made mass produced car of average ability in its class, bought by the hundreds of thousands by company car fleets and curtain twitcher private buyers alike as a safe bet. This is a stunning example of a very rare and very lovely car from an era when BMW was genuinely desirable and prestigious. It was handbuilt to a very high standard, and they're not making any more. Collectors are waking up to the fact that BMW's high water mark has long since been and gone, and values of this sort of stuff is on the up.
  15. Cherie's sister, converted to Islam, as you do. Stunner.