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  1. Will it start and run at all?
  2. That 8 Series is epic. Z4 slightly less so but still an eyeful. A pity the new 5 Series is so bloody dull. They can do it if they want - the E60 was such a radical step forward and sold very well.
  3. Looks rather better. I don't 'do' car cleaning! Number plates look great.
  4. Pay with a credit card, then dispute it. Someone is taking the piss. You also want the old calipers.
  5. Not at Copart prices. That'll make 4 grand plus, after it's been ragged by some drift cock.
  6. 07770 303005
  7. If it starts at all from cold, it could be AA relayed when it coughs................ They are just about valueless though. I sold a very tidy auto one for 350 quid recently - all they're worth.
  8. No, it was Montreal The tds is Orient.
  9. We should have had a sweepstake on the time he gets back! I reckon 5.45pm.
  10. Tell you what I have seen today.............
  11. You won't get 60 mpg on the way back...............
  12. If the red one is a '79 635CSi, it should be a 3.07 LSD.
  13. The basic engine is the same - swap the manifolds, loom, sump etc - 99% sure the injection pump is the same. The problem with snapped chains on these is that it buggers the camshafts., They are hollow steel and the lobes are seperate pressed on pieces and a valve/piston collision will twist them around, rendering them scrap even if they look okay.