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  1. Yesterday's episode was reasonably awful. Matt Le Blanc - whatever i've said about him in the past - is the only one I can watch. Cannot stand the other two, Reid being by far the worst. It was just cliche ridden laboured television, high on production values, short on imagination.
  2. You miss the point somewhat.......... Why do they not last 15 years? There are Maxis from the mid seventies on original Hydragas units and they were a cheap mass produced car.
  3. F11 airbags are absolute shit. At one stage in 2014 BMW had no stock and couldn't supply replacements, leaving it to Euro Car Parts etc to supply them third party. The problem is that the rubber is of very poor quality, splits and the bag fails. When E39 airbags would last 10-20 years, failure after 2-3 years is not on. Imagine trying to run one of these things when they're £2000 shitters in 5-10 years! F10's are great cars, but they're not ageing well.
  4. Indeed, I emailed KGF to tell them it's a fake.
  5. This thing has been for sale for years. It's as much a genuine Alpina as my dishwasher. It's a standard 528i SE that was showered with Alpina bits years ago. Nice car, but not the real thing and not 38 grand!
  6. Having Heseltine and Major running the country doesn't seem an unattractive proposition.
  7. That all points to the ABS sensor on the side the one (!) damper was replaced. They're an absolute **** of a job on E90's as well.
  8. Probably not a bad old thing for 900 quid. The ebay wording is harsh but it detracts dickheads and chancers - of which there are many.
  9. CBW818V, November 1979 build, Jan '80 registered, It was Midnight blue with the twin spot lights plus it had the slightly uprooted suspension with solid axle bushes (same as the Estate) and Bilstein dampers plus 185 tyres. Bought in in mid 1989 from Witney Car Auction for £350, put a new wing on it and smoked it about for a while. It was on the road for another 5-6 years. The 2.0 was a better car in as much that it suffered far less from axle whine in old age.
  10. I have to say, in this class of car it would be either the C Class saloon or the new Alfa Giulia. I wouldn't even consider the F30 3 Series - it's basically a tarted up E90 in design and thus 5 years out of date as well as being rather dull and inconspicuous. BMW really need to up their game as they're being left behind. The G30 5 Series will be old hat by 2019 (it's only a facelift of the F10) so they really shouldn't make the next 3 Series look like that. Time for an E30-v-E36 type sea change gents. I had several Cortinas including a 1980 2.0GLS with fishnet Recaros
  11. Sold. Took a couple of grand for it. An okay car, but utterly devoid of character. Not sad to see the back of it!
  12. Plenty of 'best price' scum bothering me. Goes with the territory I guess! Will take a bid on this.
  13. this one. A superb bit of kit. SERIES&price-to=11000&transmission=Automatic&aggregatedTrim=525d&price-from=7000&radius=1500&make=BMW&postcode=ng174gt&advertising-location=at_cars&fuel-type=Diesel&sort=price-desc&onesearchad=Used&page=1 Be very wary of clocked cars as well. Keep an eye on the BMW AUC website as they often have nice E60's for 10 grand or so.
  14. The F10 is not better built that the E60. Nicer interior plastics maybe, but more reliable? No. I wouldn't touch a higher mileage 520d myself. An E60 525d Sport Auto would be my choice, a far better car than the van engined 5 Series. The F10 is a prettier car no doubt, but older higher mileage versions can absolutely bury you in invoices. They definitely don't drive as well as the E60 - you really notice the bulk.
  15. That's because they're BMW parts with the logo and part numbers filed off. Febi don't make much (anything?) but are a large distributor of car parts. A lot of Meyle stuff is junk. Hella and Behr aftermarket radiators are useless. If it's made in China, it's generally a load of crap made on the cheap. Lemforder stuff is okay because they actually make it. As for budget brands, Anschler dampers and Eicher brakes (Both ECP brands) are actually better than you'd think and I've used both with no problems.