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  1. My old man shipped his 911 out there in 2005, was very painless as was the registration process.
  2. Sounds a sweet deal - very good! The F10 is such a nice thing and the 3.0 diesel makes it even better.
  3. No, too tatty.
  4. With modern cars, the old 'run it till it breaks' routine doesn't always work. Volvos are great cars but the autoboxes have the ability to turn into a potato - a massive four figure bill on a car that still worth a few quid and depreciating, or upgrade to a newer car under warranty? Know what I'd do.
  5. Complete car with good M50 B25 and LSD, panels are ropey, interior as well.
  6. Warranty! Only buy from BMW and extend it every year. Buy with 40-50k and sell at 90, they're fine really and a lot of chain aggro is due to the stupid oil change intervals. 528i's are okay but they're direct injection N53 and can be a LOT of trouble. I'd avoid it. Modern cars are incredibly complex, and older ones are....well, old. Old as in going wrong, PITA to fix. I'm growing weary of it. As soon as I've sold my place and bought the house I want, I'll be looking at an F10. I know they have issues but what car doesn't?
  7. Imagine the multiple whiplash claims innit.
  8. 11k will buy an auto F10 520d from around 2011 from a main dealer with around 50k. Not without problems but a very nice thing. The current Mondeo isn't as good as the old one. They're built in Spain and have some quality issues. I too would be looking at a 3 year lease deal.
  9. It was so crap last year, I very much doubt I'll go again.
  10. Down to £40 posted.
  11. Here we go, 4 grand: New&onesearchad=New&fuel-type=Petrol&year-from=2003&postcode=s89qb&make=BMW&advertising-location=at_cars&year-to=2005&sort=mileage&price-to=5000&model=5 SERIES&page=1
  12. I would avoid anything with direct injection. At that age I'd be tempted to avoid the N52 as well. At the end of the day, an E60 is an E60, a twice out of date 7-14 year old BMW so you want one with as few reasons to go tits up as possible. Best option - 03-05 525i or 530i manual, M54. Until late 04 ish they even had a proper key and not the E90 style fob thing. Ignore the age of the car - a really nice 53 plate car with 3 owners and FSH is better than some 9 owner car two years newer. The 520i is painful to drive, avoid!
  13. ABS pump sold (not here)
  14. Precharge pump sold (not here of course).
  15. You tell me. It's a single slot CD plater from a 2003 520i.