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  1. Bargain estate cars. Talk to me

    Terrible rot boxes, and the 2.0 TDCi engine has a lot of issues with pumps, injectors. They're junk now that they're old. Japanese + petrol = sorted. Avensis, Accord or Mazda 6. The Honda is about the best bet. A manual V70 Volvo 2.4 petrol is a good shout as well, really solidly built and nice to own.
  2. F10 door corrosion

    Ooh that's a bit rubbish isn't it?
  3. E34 535i Sport manual breaking. 1990 G reg.

    Old Jimbo seems to have vanished!
  4. Back into a 5 series! 523i just purchased

    So long since I've seen an E39 that isn't either scrap or turning into scrap. The wheels are E39 specific 16 inch 'BBS'. Looks very nice and well worth maintaining. Another 5 years and E39's will be near enough extinct. They're thinning out in breakers now.
  5. Introduction, new E34 M5 3.8 owner...soon!

    Mercedes 500E W124. I'm not into Mercs, but these are epic, would eat an M5 for tea and shit it out again. And they're still sensible money. Big old V8 and a proper auto.
  6. Racing Dynamics steering wheel and gear knob, E28 E34

    Indeed. Find another one. (You probably won't). Thins about the last part from that 535i and I'll just keep it if it doesn't sell. The value of this stuff is only going one way.
  7. 2003 E39 Business CD (Alpine flat pin) £40 posted

    Long, long gone!
  8. Ultra rare and quite a nice thing. Unlikely to see another one! The wheel is pretty good, 25+ years old now so not 'mint'; but very useable. The centre badge is tired but you can buy them new still. Comes with a gearknob - useable but ideally wants recovering if you need perfect. £190 the pair or a strong offer!
  9. E34 535i Sport manual breaking. 1990 G reg.

    Yes it works, no, don't have the wiring plugs, sorry! I'm not likely to see any more E34's now but Tim there is your Man for that.
  10. E34 535i Sport manual breaking. 1990 G reg.

    I've only got the passenger rear door lock assembly as the other bits weren't very good. £25 posted, Paypal or bank transfer is fine.
  11. E34 3.64 LSD 210/215 big case £200 535i 540i M5

  12. Seeing this M5, thoughts?

    Mr T!
  13. E34 535i Sport manual breaking. 1990 G reg.

    The shell was shredded at EMR 2-3 weeks ago.
  14. Lamborghini Anus. It's quite vile. It'll sell well to the moneyed peasants I'm sure.
  15. Considering a 'vert

    It is. I got the wheels stripped and powder coated last year plus it had a service, gearbox range switch and a new belt tensioner. It always gets what it needs. I'm not a fan of grey leather at all but it is minter than a mint thing. Would be a pity to use it everyday in all weathers as it's about the last nice one left. I hate E46's with a passion but this is nice.