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  1. BMW 530i SE e39 ONLY 45K from New! Rare Example in Pristine Condition

    Get rid of that F10 and buy this, and run it into the ground.
  2. £38k E34 540i touring

  3. Hit and run Red BMW 1 Series 'KYY'

    I'm sure someone posted up here about this - well I saw it today............
  4. Pointless BMW accessory of the week

    What's with 'Tourer' these days. It's 'Touring'. Tourers are old Rover junk.
  5. £38k E34 540i touring

    Not me! I broke a Calypso 316i that I bought from Dave 'No Touring' around 2007, did okay from that but it was very low mileage.
  6. £38k E34 540i touring

    No it was Sterling silver Jon. K reg with ACS tat (genuine) including front and rear bumpers, boot spoiler, rear window spoiler. ACS wheels, steering wheel, cloth M3 Vaders and a slipper. It was like a 1 year old car underneath, sold the engine to Scott the Welsh Zoner for £550 because it was so mint. You could literally wipe the dust off the running gear and it was black paint underneath. I paid £480 delivered from HBC, broke it to £3500. Asked top dollar for everything and sold it all in 2 months. Those were the days.
  7. 37k for an E34

  8. £38k E34 540i touring

    Lots of Jap imports are tarted up with this sort of stuff from new but are standard mechanically. I bought a 1993 325i Auto Coupe write off that was a Japanese import - AC Shitzer wheels, bodykit and S3 badges and according to the V5 it was an ACS S3 2.7.....no it wasn't.
  9. Considering F10 M-Sport...

    And likewise, how many N47 owners post their tales of woe on an internet forum? 2%?
  10. Front crankshaft bolt question

    What I did (too late for you!) is to centre punch mark the nut (M30 is a big nut, M20 is a 22mm bolt) and refit it to that mark with some Wurth thread lock. 390nm is fine with thread lock - that ain't coming undone. Use the Wurth stuff - it's about 30 quid but it's the bollocks.
  11. Low Mileage e39 530i SE - Whats it worth?

    Having said all of this, it's a lovely low mileage example of one of BMW's best efforts. Someone I know paid a LOT of money for a low mileage Japanese import recently, a 525i Sport. Not five figures but not far off. Bollocks to it, put it on an Ebay classified advert (with best offer) and Car and Classic for £4995. Of course, most won't pay that but it only needs one buyer who really, really wants an E39 and is fed up with looking at the usual 100'000+ miles shite. Where would you find a 530i Auto like this? The more I look at it, the more I realise it's almost unique. Faint heart never won fair maiden! Don't give it away in other words.
  12. Project bites off more than can chew

    Touring. It's not Rover junk! I would do a full loom swap from an M30 car. Annoying as I broke a 535i recently. Later cars from around d 1991 went over to an E36 style set up but the Bentley manual with a multitude of wiring diagrams might help you modify the existing loom.
  13. Low Mileage e39 530i SE - Whats it worth?

    I'd say £2500, £2750 at a push. It's an E39 and nobody really wants them. Given the mileage and condition, I wouldn't sell it for such a derisory sum anyway, but keep it. What on earth would you replace it with?
  14. Need some urgent advice - F10 rear suspension

    Mondeo TDCi, last of the old model (2015). For an everyday car, you need nothing more. Modern BMW's - brand new, run it for three years and out it. Lovely cars but there always something......
  15. Need some urgent advice - F10 rear suspension

    Anti roll bar bush. Is the weather wet or dry?