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  1. Windscreen Replacement

    Not given away, but two bits of curved plastic trim for a Focus (for example) would be 70-80 quid. BMW still have stocks of standard plastic four spoke E36 steering wheels (the 91-94 pre airbag ones), a bargain at just shy of 400 quid. 400 fucking quid for a steering wheel that nobody actually wants. 'Let's price this at 75 quid, and sell them all off'. 'Great idea!' As for £2000+ for an E34 instrument cluster circuit board.................... No, their prices are utter madness. Do they want to sell this stuff, or not?
  2. Windscreen Replacement

    Yes they will - nobody else makes them! The last time I had a screen on an E36 Coupe, they were BMW parts.
  3. Anyone remember that scam artist from Northampton?

    I remember that episode, can't recall him though.
  4. Windscreen Replacement

    6 years ago, they weren't! Anything other than the correct seal will produce wind noise. I'd wait until you can get the screen done on insurance and let some other bugger pay for it. The existing screen isn't broken and doesn't leak.
  5. Windscreen Replacement

    Best start praying then. They are £188. Each. One per side. Plus VAT. Cancel, and get it done on insurance otherwise this will end up costing you a fortune. On all of my screens. the trims have NEVER survived. They go brittle and just break.
  6. Windscreen Replacement

    Make sure you have new trims BEFORE the screen goes in! Iirc, they go in at the same time - they clip to the side of the screen and it all goes in as one. It was on my E32 and all E36's. Buy them from BMW as well, not dear.
  7. NEC Classic Show -Fabulous 528i E28

    Rusting wings and rear arches. A five footer!
  8. E34 / E36 / E31 / E32 Alarm setup

    Too late, bin day was Thurs.
  9. E34 / E36 / E31 / E32 Alarm setup

    I have quite literally, this week, thrown one of those in the bin after 10 years. Functioning and from an E36. 'Who the hell will want this old shit now'?
  10. M50 M52 engine bits including cylinder head, Vanos unit etc

    Vanos unit, MAF and cam cover sold.
  11. No more flirting - EVER

    Aaah, that explains it then. Face like smashed crab.
  12. This is the future of personal transport

    I guess some folk will never be content.
  13. F40

    ^^^ No thanks. I'm sure it's great but........ The 348/355 (for me) is when Ferraris really lost something, never liked the Testarossa either. The F40 was the last of their epic cars that had that certain something before the F1 Schumacher circus and resulting image reduced Ferrari to something you see crashed in a street after an Asian wedding. F40, 288GTO, the 512BB, 328GTB etc is where it ended for me.
  14. Mr

    I've used ECP's budget brand Anschler dampers for years - they're very good. Dislike Monroe, Armstrong etc. Bilstein B4's are cheap and cheerful, Boge about the best and from BMW the prices are insane as per.
  15. Frustrating vibration

    I had an E90 with a thrumming vibration though the drivers seat, steering wheel and pedals at 60-80. It was a prop balance weight that had dropped off - found it in the under tray, tacked it back on, solved.