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  1. As above from a 2003 520i.
  2. As above, from 2003 520i. Also the recharge pump, £35.
  3. A great way to spoil an E28. What's wrong with orange indicators? Even the E36 boys have seen the error of their ways.
  4. Great idea. That'll help.
  5. Because it's not what BMW should be making. Leave that sort of thing to Ford, Kia etc. I daresay the latter would have been both considerably cheaper and rather more reliable. The engine (also fitted to the Mini) has a track record for thrust washers wearing and dropping out causing massive crank end float. The other problems are common enough but check the seat runners for rust as they're prone to that too. The new X1 is an overpriced heap of shit as well, a very average car with shocking road noise, awful steering (directional stability is atrocious) and a standard of build no better than Vauxhall with some very poor plastics. All for twice the price of a Quashquaii, bargain. The X3 isn't a bad car - it's a proper RWD BMW converted to 4WD in the proper manner and it drives well as well as being built to a good standard. It's due to be replaced but you can guarantee the new one won't be as good. Like the G30 it will be laden with stupid electronic crap you don't need and which just makes life harder.
  6. Nah, just leave it as it is. The secret of cheap cars - keep them cheap. This one looks fine from 10 feet, good enough!
  7. Christ, £800 for that. It's for nothing. Someone will get a deal.
  8. Belongs to a BMW specialist in Worksop I use (Parkside garage 01909 506555). It is what it is, a dark metallic blue 520i 2.2 auto ES, 150'000 miles (ish) black cloth. 15 years old there therefore, not a minter. Sports seats Single slot CD player Angel eye headlamps Dechromed. ES was a trim level on late E39's incorporating some of the Sport bits including suspension. MOT till November. Michelin Pilots all round including brand new rears. £750. Please contact them direct rather than bombarding me with questions. Pics taken when it was filthy but it does clean up very well and it drives very nicely as an E39 does.
  9. I like Connery, but few of his Bond films - Goldfinger and Diamonds are Forever are superb imo, the rest you can keep. OHMSS was excellent as was George Lazenby, a missed opportunity for him. A couple of Roger's films were dodgy (I thought For Your Eyes Only was terrible - ditto Living Daylights) and the Pierce Brosnan movies have dated very badly. Timothy Dalton - a great actor, terrible 007. I like Daniel Craig though. In the pub tonight, and will raise a glass to Roger The Dodger.
  10. An absolute legend - a randy old goat by all accounts and for me, the best 007. I went to see The Spy Who Loved Me at the cinema in 1977. What a life though!
  12. I've always found sweating it out to be best - let the body burn it up. I only had proper Flu once, lasted 20 days............not to be confused with a cold. With a cold, I just drink Lucozade and a couple of strong sleeping tablets and just kip it out under a duvet, gone in 3-4 days. Flu is evil though. Eyes like burning coals, shaking, can't sleep for 3-4 days at a time and because you can't eat, when you do eat as you recover, you get the shits as well.
  13. I think I owned that 15-20 years ago, picked it up from Newark.
  14. Yes.