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  1. E60 M5 with unknown back box

    I would check to see if anything else has been removed or changed as well as that could be easier to sort than trying to cut open the boxes you have on it already. Pictures and videos though
  2. Does that include any adjustments or just a basic check?
  3. Want an alternative to an F11 - don't scoff!

    I have a 2011 Skoda Superb saloon with the twin door hatch and it is a great car. My wife absolutely loves it. Done nearly 14,000 miles in it since April 2017. Set of winter wheels and tyres strapped onto it now, visiting the inlaws in Czech Republic in February half term to go skiing so will be taking the Skoda again. Once my Range Rover dies I will more than likely replace it with a Skoda as well. Good cars
  4. 2005 M5 E60 ABS

    If it were the battery I would expect more problems and warnings than just that one. As advised, best to get codes read somewhere to get an idea of what it could be. cheers
  5. New project E60 530d

    Looks nice, personally I would lose the ///M badge from the rear of the car. Enjoy
  6. at 300,000 miles and the right price with documentation to support it I would have been interested, could have been quite a good buy to be honest, even with the colour change. Shame, but the guy is a brazen tool!
  7. Maybe, but probably not. Look at all the cars that hold value and have made a lot of money, low production numbers and standard cars. Ferrari's, Porsche's don't attract the same premium if modified beyond manufacturer options. Going to be fun finding out, but think the e39 M5 has peaked in value. Too many were produced. cheers
  8. Modified ones will not be worth as much as completely standard ones, regardless of what is done to them. Ones that will increase in value and be valuable will be completely bog standard original.
  9. I would be very surprised. Too many were produced. As great as they were/are I think they have peaked.
  10. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    Exactly. I found them slightly awkward with certain things like wanting to know a conviction code for a speed awareness code even though by doing the course, it meant you did not have a conviction. The price loading for the new premium after two fault accidents was obscene. 'Fair enough they were our fault, the other party were also insured by Admiral as well and they are still trying to claim £11,000 worth of personal injury from it which Admiral are now going to court with them to fight against. When I started with them they were good, bit more agreeable on prices etc... Aviva seem good so far though!
  11. Looks cool! Love them in black with red leather. I looked at one at Munich Legends that was black with red leather that drove very well. cheers
  12. Tyres, What are people's choice

    I had Falken 452's on my e39 M5 to start with and switched to Goodyear Eagle F1's which I found to be great. I got some Goodyear Eagle F1's for my SL55 in MO spec and still really like them. Can't seem to find them in non-run flat for the e61 M5 otherwise I would be getting some for that as well. I will probably get Michelin again, but have another set of wheels I want to try on the M5 this year so may get some Kumho's for it just in case I don't like how the car looks on the wheels. cheers
  13. Dreaded but Necessary Insurance

    The M5 is around £400 for me at 34 with my wife on the policy who has also had two fault claims in one insurance year! Found Aviva to be the best for me. Was with Admiral for multicar policy but they were awful as well as their prices. cheers
  14. BMW E39 M5 Rod Bearing & Chain Guides

    Mine went at 48k and Phil replaced them and I was lucky there was no further damage. I am on the fence for the e61 as I have Extended warranty with wear and tear, so not sure whether or not to spend the money in the future or wait and see what happens. I wouldn't want the warranty company to refuse a claim on it if they did fail. If I were keeping the car I would do the rod bearings as would want to be safe. cheers
  15. At £21k I would take it and laugh all the way to the bank. As much as the e39 is a fantastic car, I don't see them appreciating much more at all. In the grand scheme of things it would affect the resale value and the desirability to the majority of potential future owners. You would be better off sourcing an Individual M5 with lower mileage that may be worth slightly more due to the rarity factor and lower build numbers as this has a very large affect on price and desirability, but ultimately it is your car and your choice. Getting it done at a BWM dealer would not add any weight to a colour change either except it would cost more and probably not done as well as an independent body shop. I looked at an e34 M5 Touring in Germany in 2016 that I could have had for 31000 Euros, it was base spec and no history for the first 90,000km. Look at the price of them now, but that is because they were produced in low numbers and are rare which an e39 M5 is not at the moment. cheers