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  1. Sandip

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    Will look into this week as Dan is away on hols.
  2. Sandip

    Existing forum member - new steer.

    Welcome back Vee. Get some pics up
  3. Sandip

    Official E39 Roof Rack(s)

    Are they complete? How much to.post to E17?
  4. Sandip

    Official E39 Roof Rack(s)

  5. Sandip

    Grenfell tower documentary on BBC1 today

    That's the second one, there was also one last week. It's definitely eye opening. Not sure if I can call it, but I thought this was a nice touch. The green heart is part of the logo of the Grenfell United group.
  6. Sandip

    Wanted: Black sapphire drivers side wing E39

    Bump! @Tims
  7. Sandip

    Old bird looking for help to trace a part

    Welcome Alison, get some pics up of the car!
  8. Sandip


    You would have been bombarded with a whole heap of emails about this over the past week or so. Just to let you know, the forum software helps us in being GDPR compliant. We will publish our updated privacy policy today which will make things abit more clear on your data and how it is used on the forum. You can as always control your own account through member settings. If you have any questions, please get in touch with one of the management team.
  9. Sandip

    BMW 318ti Compact - Retro daily

    Looking good! Start them young hey
  10. Sandip

    Ace cafe Bank Holiday Monday

    There's a few of us that used to go quite a bit a few years back! Take some pics.
  11. Sandip

    Never expected to see this.....!

    Only worth £5k, I'll give you £4k
  12. Sandip

    E12 M535i

    https://www.pistonheads.com/news/general/bmw-m535i-spotted/37959 Ooooosh!
  13. Sandip

    New member

  14. Sandip

    New E39 owner

    Welcome, get some pics up