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  1. Sandip

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    What are those light coloured marks on the exhaust?
  2. Sandip

    E39 brodit air vent mount

    I know, just letting you know if you don't decide to buy a new one for £16.99 :-p
  3. Sandip

    The 7 Series then...

    American and North American grills are huge! Are they trying to attract a new customer base?
  4. Sandip

    E39 brodit air vent mount

    I have the mount that goes by the gear lever if you are interested. https://www.brodit.co.uk/brodit/vehicles/BMW/520-540%2FM5+E39/2003/632565.htm
  5. Sandip

    E39 Wireless Charging for phone

    Yes I could do, I have an E38 one to fit so will check that. I currently have a snap-in adapter for a Motorola flip phone so need to get that changed anyway.
  6. I messaged him toward the back end of last year and that was received well. If you have an issue, can you raise it with the team so we can investigate.
  7. Sandip

    E39 Wireless Charging for phone

    Tried my Pixel3 XL in that space and it doesn't fit! It won't lie flat so it won't work
  8. Sandip

    E39 Wireless Charging for phone

    @adam- Ah great, just found it. What wireless module did you use? How did you connect it up? Will it cause a fire?
  9. Sandip

    2002 E39 540I Auto Sport

    That looks great. The black dash top breaks up the Grey Good luck with the sale.
  10. Sandip

    e32 750iL Calypso Red

    That is lovely! Hopefully as good as it looks in the pics when you get it. I'd also personally leave as is and enjoy it as it was intended to be. If you do decide to update it, I'd keep the original parts for the next owner
  11. Hello all, Has anyone come across a wireless charging solution that would work in the E39?
  12. Sandip

    Which BMW?

    Some sort of brake vent?
  13. Sandip

    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    With what you've described/documented?
  14. Sandip

    Adam's E39 Touring Project

    Are they facelift lamps but “updated”?
  15. Sandip

    Introducing - Innovadrive

    Don’t need two threads.