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  1. I want to see a pic of the owner!
  2. New to forum

    Welcome John, any pics?
  3. Wanted: Black sapphire drivers side wing E39

    OK, thanks for checking!
  4. New to forum

    Hello, get some pics up!
  5. Wanted: Black sapphire drivers side wing E39

    @Paddy O'Furniture Just a bit of rust under the paint that is bubbling. Cheers @LukeH
  6. Require a driver's side wing with no rust or dents.
  7. I've got: Sat Navigation + digital TV Bluetooth Heated seats Electric adjust seats and steering wheel Rear privacy glass Would love a sunroof and rear folding seats The 535 is a V8 and has great chat on acceleration
  8. E39 for sale 23K

    At least sort out the Under tray(s) under the front bumper and clean under sills! I'd also expect the drivers seat to be sorted.
  9. New member joining from Snowy Toronto 550i

    Interesting, what does the UK have to offer over Canada?
  10. New member joining from Snowy Toronto 550i

    Welcome. Where in Toronto? I was there just after Christmas. Kept an eye out for fives too for if I move there in a few years.
  11. Hi all - forum newbie and first time beemer owner.

    Welcome. What a nice example of a car!
  12. When exactly was the LCI Switch

    No, the rear lights aren't "strips" I don't think
  13. E28 528i on ebay