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  1. We probably still would We had a couple of reports as things got personal and offensive. It less about what we are seen as to the outside world, more about respecting each other.
  2. Hi guys, there are 20 available in the store which we managed to find. These are only internal white ones at the moment.
  3. Nice luxobarge that
  4. Nice! Lots of pics please.
  5. And Gaydon, in the old days when we had a huge stand
  6. Ooooofffttttt
  7. Sport front all the way
  8. OOOft! I wonder how old those pics are. Looks like they were taken in summer
  9. Maybe they saw you coming and gave you a couple of their seconds
  10. Difficult in this day and age of social media and how easy it is to get exposure. I agree with you, but requires education on what should be classed right and wrong. RIP to the innocent people who died
  11. We will probably miss Uxbridge this year as a forum, but hoping to be back 2018
  12. ^ Yep, he'd soon get found out in the interview!
  13. I use LinkedIn, it's how I've got my past two jobs.