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  1. Sandip

    E34 M5 Touring restoration

    Sir, that's amazing!
  2. Sandip

    Recent cars...

    I’d love mine to be detailed and protected! will need to save up
  3. Sandip

    Kit's E34 535i

    And here they are in 20:
  4. Sandip

    Kit's E34 535i

    Those 32's look awesome and will look even better with a drop! I'm sure I've seen somewhere they do them for a 7 series in 20 inch!
  5. Sandip

    BMW 635csi Auto .. scheduled for destruction!!

    £5K! raw2k made a nice little earner
  6. Sandip


    Welcome! We do love an E46 M3, get some pics up.
  7. Sandip

    Sotherby's youngtimer

    I'd move away
  8. Sandip

    Sotherby's youngtimer

    Pretty much indeed! I'd have all of those
  9. Sandip

    Not a Beemer ...

    Very nice!
  10. Sandip

    E39 Sapphire black panels wanted

    I need a drivers wing, if you come across one on your search
  11. Sandip

    potential whats it worth post

    Sounds very much like a stealth advert....
  12. I believe the Power Folding are the larger ones and there isn't a pre and post facelift version.
  13. Sandip

    Hello Everyone - E39 530i Sport

    Welcome. I'm on my third E39! My current one is a Sapphire Black too, albeit a baby V8.
  14. Sandip

    The 7 Series then...

    I had a 740LD last November over a weekend and of similar spec. It is a great machine and the toys are insane. I would deffo have one, but alas I drive one day a week currently on the weekend so there is no point in me buying a new car. Yet...