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  1. Problem with Outlook (Hotmail)

    A search is always based on relevance of the search term and the best match.
  2. OOhh poshy posh... New look to the forum

    Yep we know. It's a Tapatalk issue and a support ticket has been raised
  3. OOhh poshy posh... New look to the forum

    Yep, our @dan101smith upgrade the software whilst watching the F1. There's a whole heap of security features from the list, but also a cleaner look and feel. Any issues let us know.
  4. First 24 Hours with the E34 520i Auto

    Agree, looks sweet! Is this going to be a calypso lookalike?
  5. How much will you pay me to drive it up for you?
  6. New owner

    Welcome! Where are the pics?
  7. Couple of tidy E39s on Ebay

  8. Couple of tidy E39s on Ebay

  9. What's a modern tuner that can be used?
  10. Welcome back to the Fold. Can we expect a post on wheels again?
  11. Which 3 cars - lottery win

    Singer Porsche M5 of some sort G wagon Brabus just for the sake of it
  12. My nice F10 525d - problems already

    Where are the pics of your motor?
  13. USA hire car with satnav already fitted?

    They do, however some rental companies remove the disc or disable it so you have to pay additional for the privelage
  14. My nice F10 525d - problems already

    Just give it back mate, not sure I can handle a year of moaning from you