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  1. Andy G

    E39 B10 Touring 3.2 Manual

    thats a nice B10. I can recall the guy putting the stripes on funny enough. I always wanted one with a cloth interior.
  2. Andy G

    General gripe about driving standards....

    "With the yellow average speed cameras, they check your speed at the camera points" During a rather heated discussion with a traffic cop where traffic cameras etc were all 'discussed' we were duly informed that these apparently time you between a set of fixed points to determine your speed, so you could drive past one, wait 5 mins then go hell for leather to the next one and it'll show that your 'average' was X mph, and if that were below the limit you'll be fine, however if you are over OR pass the camera above the speed limit you'll get a fine. So if you pass one yellow camera at the speed limit shown as you pass and then speed up between cameras, it'll show your average was above the limit and you'll probably get a fine, even if you hit the brakes just before the next yellow camera. I got done doing 80mph past a single yellow camera about 5 years ago and this was the 'advise' given in the driver awareness course.. The overhead gantry cameras on the M25 are live and are adjusted remotely from some central control point. If you go past a sign that says 50 (for eg) doing 70 you'll get a ticket and a fine/points (this happened to me recently however I swear the limit was not shown when I went past the sign, need a dash cam to prove it next time!). Anyhow for me, bugbears are: Drivers overtaking too slowly and taking an age to trickle past the lorry which then also decides it needs to overtake an equally slow vehicle in front of him, so you spend 20 minutes overtaking 2 lorries and an old girl in a ford fiesta. Those that can't park.Whether that is in parking bays or parallel in the street, hold everyone up then decide that the acre parking space they were trying to get in obviously isn't big enough and drive off leaving a huge queue behind them. People that park in front of our garage thinking its a parking space?? Bikes that speed through the high street where I live and use the speed bumps as taking off points. Lorries that don't slow down for those same speed humps, causing our windows to rattle as their trailers crash over the humps. Those that have 5 cars and think its OK to buy more and hog all the roads parking spaces without thought for their neighbors. Drivers who can't use or understand roundabouts Drivers who have no real inkling of what the indicator stalk really does and believe we all drive using some sort of mental intuition. And finally those that use their fog lights in the wet OR because its looks good during those balmy summer evenings.
  3. Andy G

    BMW 528i Sport £1500!!!! SOLD!

    Hi, may be interested if I can sell my e30. I'll pm you if I do but keep us up to date if you do put in on ebay.
  4. Andy G

    Mareham April 16

    Its on its on its on................................ Marham have now got the dates confirmed for the next Track Day weekend, now confirmed as the 28th and 29th May 2016. No booking methods are up as yet.
  5. Andy G

    Mareham April 16

    Just seen this quote online " The proposed Track Day at RAF Marham will NOT take place on 17th April 2016 due to the airfield being required for official work. B19 will announce a revised date as soon as possible. "
  6. Andy G

    E38 750il

    There are not many e38 750's that are really worth in excess of £5k today, if they are advertised as or sell for this then they are either in superb condition with an incredible spec, or they are one of the few B12's around. the rest seem to sit between £1k and £4k, They'll be going lower as time marches on when you can now buy a later e65 750 from around £5k. Do you know the spec etc? Personally I think £3k is too high, I'd say nearer £1.8/2k with it being out of mot and in need, bushes and linkages etc all start to need doing and a poor 750 will only go to make you even poorer? All subject to condition and history really.
  7. Andy G

    Mareham April 16

    is this confirmed yet?
  8. Andy G

    E23 B10 Alpina

    Not many around today, sadly still not seen as a collectors car though, maybe one day. yes this is Simons 'other' auto B10 and he still has the manual car, this one was rescued from ebay last year as it was on the verge of being broken and he's had a lot done to it, it still needs some bodywork like doors etc sorting but its a genuine e23 B10 that was the full conversion and is one of 8 we've tracked down so far. This is the first time he's advertised this one though and its starting to get a lot of interested from overseas. Hopefully it will sell. Engine is sound though and its had a gearbox rebuild, still has the buffalo leather fitted which is very nice. As for a value, who knows, if they're anything like the e28 Alpinas in similar condition then it could be £7.5k+? Nice car.
  9. Andy G

    Goodbye 545i, goodbye Bmw

    I did similar a few years ago and bought myself one of the run out 2.7 XJ TDVi's, must say although it was a big car it was superb, fantastic car, it had its design flaws but all in it was a superb car. I only sold it when I took a different job, and now have gone away from the newer BMW's completely by buying an Audi A7. Just wanted a change. Enjoy, a change is as good as a rest as they say.
  10. Andy G

    an e32, price when new?

    quoted by Fezzy. "BMW for me don't have that exclusivity anymore that they once had" I tend to agree with this statement, today everybody seems to have one, when I bought my first (an e30 325i back in 88) you'd see a few around but not loads but today they're 10 a penny, I'm not sure I'd be looking at a new one today unless it was a very high spec 5 or 7 and even then I'm not totally sure. Our e46 on the other hand is superb (330i touring) but that is a low mileage car and feels well screwed together. Mind you I've been in other e46's and they have felt poor, but I expect thats how they're used. The question regards the ebay ad, yes this was on there and I paid not a great deal for what I wanted, it has the 10J rears and although its in need (desperately in certain areas) I'm not reliant on the car so I can take my time. But the thing that surprised me was the amount of history it came with, I have every bill and receipt since 1993, mostly BMW till 2003 then an indie after that. Once sorted it should be a fine car but I am wary of its pitfalls. I also have an e30 325i 4 door that we'll need to sell in the new year to allow this 750 to take shape so I am hopeful it would find a decent home at a decent price.
  11. Andy G

    an e32, price when new?

    totally different to this beaten up white 735i I had a few years ago (which drove so well but looked so poor!)
  12. Andy G

    an e32, price when new?

    last one for today (as its making me want to go to the unit and start working on it!).
  13. Andy G

    an e32, price when new?

    its sitting on its original specified Alpina alloys and sport suspension, quite a lucky find really as I'm sure it was due to be broken. Project thread, yep will do. The seat, yes there is a fix and its straight forward (apparently) so when I do it I'll post up the pictures. Front interior, the dirt is amazing, why people let them get so dirty is beyond me.
  14. Andy G

    an e32, price when new?

    the above pic is the day it arrived, and its filthy dirty, interior is very dirty, has rust in the rear quarter and the drivers seat has the twist issue, so we have lots to do, but am in no rush really.