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  1. E34-520iSE

    Coolant Temp Reading

    Sounds like an airlock, or a dodgy waterpump. This was the reason why so many 318/518's filled up scrapyards a few years back. Regards, Shaun M
  2. Hi guys, I havent been on the forum for quite some time now - what have I missed? I've been wrapped up in some major work commitments so haven't been able to come on the forum. The only news I have about my turbo-beastie is that I managed to over-boost the engine and blow the head gasket and cause a knock, so if anyone is selling a cheap M50B25NV engine let me know! Cheers, Shaun M
  3. Just a clicky to my YouTube clip:- Regards, Shaun M
  4. E34-520iSE

    Engine & 'Box Removal Questions

    When I pull my M50 engine out (yes I do it regularly!) I take all the front end off first. If you need to see how the front end comes apart I've got plenty of pics to help you.... Regards, Shaun M
  5. E34-520iSE

    e34 VIN USA cars.

    I bought the marker lights from a bimmerforum member in Canada and the black trims from Ebay.com, but you could just go straight to any UK dealer and order them too, just get the part numbers from realoem.com. HTH, Shaun M
  6. E34-520iSE

    300 bhp e34 525i - yeah right

    LMAO! Shaun
  7. E34-520iSE

    300 bhp e34 525i - yeah right

    300BHp non-turbo? Im gutted, I should have bought that, instead of piling £ thousands into building my red car...... Cheers, Shaun M
  8. E34-520iSE

    Boot interior lights

    The switch for the lights is inside the bootlatch, might be worth starting there, if you find that the bulbs themselves are ok Regards, Shaun M
  9. E34-520iSE

    m50 solid flywheel conversion ?

    More pics added to the gallery:-
  10. E34-520iSE

    m50 solid flywheel conversion ?

    Nah, no suitable breathers Im afraid. My oil return options were - drill block, drill timing chain cover or drill sump. I opted for the latter..... The pipe misses the steering column by about 3/4 of an inch. It's something that I will have to protect with aluminium sheet at some point Cheers, Shaun M
  11. E34-520iSE

    m50 solid flywheel conversion ?

    The oil feed is Teed from the oil pressure switch area. I can't show you the sump as I'm sitting waiting for a phonecall from Advanced radiators to say the 2.5cm bung has been alloy welded to it Regards, Shaun M
  12. E34-520iSE

    m50 solid flywheel conversion ?

    I'll add some more pics shortly, not a problem, but I have already uploaded a pic of the completed downpipe to the gallery. 2.5" bore large enough? Nope, which is why I'm dumping excess down the screamer pipe. That little engineering challenge is being put off until early next year Cheers, Shaun M
  13. E34-520iSE

    m50 solid flywheel conversion ?

    Yes it was tricky getting the 2.5" diameter downpipe to fit, as it had to clear the back of the exhaust maniford. I had to change the shape of the pipe from circular to oval to get around there. It's done now, all made up, and joins to the original 2 pipe exhaust by a 30cm long flexi and a Y splitter just before the first silencer I've added a few more pics to the gallery, is there anything you'd like to see while the engine is out? Regards, Shaun M
  14. E34-520iSE

    windscreen chip Q

    If you know anyone who's handy locally you could get them to cut a window out of a scrap car. I 'lost' my rear windscreen due to a slate taking a tumble a few weeks ago, so me and a mate cut a window out of a scrapper and fitted it to my car. Total cost £7. I was lucky, but if I was paying for that to be done I would expect to pay about £100 all in HTH, Shaun M