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  1. F10 Wind Noise

    I pulled the panels off my E91 when I uprated the risible standard stereo. All went backs together with no creaks or rattles. At least, I think so ... couldn't hear over the music
  2. Bought 5L of genuine BMW screenwash, since reading the posts on here about other brands. Anyway, I've run out of screenwash so even the Panda will be getting BMW stuff ...
  3. Selling old car magazines

    This! In fact, last time I just gave away a huge amount to somebody from, this forum. I forget who (sorry) but I remember his 5er on my drive, pointing skyward with all the mags in the boot! He gave me £20 anyway which was appreciated.
  4. The grand tour

    My main objection to most recent episode was that it was almost all on the Jag stuff. Not enough variety. Still, I laugh at the schoolboy humour stuff. My Dad has a Jag and is not a crook so I don't think I'll mention the episode to him ...
  5. Fecking Ryanair

    Having carry on luggage removed from you, at the plane or gate and put in the hold is standard practice with all airlines, not just low cost. Sometimes it's necessary. However, deciding to add €11 per person per bag, knowing people were hoping to keep the bags close (cameras etc.) and it not being part of the original purchase is taking a whole barrel of piss. I have always detested Ryanair and their policies.
  6. F10 Wind Noise

    I'm pleased with my HK. It's not as good as I expected but it's good enough for me to enjoy listening to music. Pity it took 5,000 miles till I found settings I liked!
  7. New Grill Fitted

    I agree. Much better now. On my old E39 540i, I wanted the facelift style but the all chrome seemed a bit chrome, despite being correct for the V8. So I went for the 6 cylinder style of chrome outers and black slats and thought they looked very nice. I'm loosely considering the same for my F11.
  8. Too good to be put only in the M5 section ..
  9. On the Jag, you get an orange warning first which means go and drive for a bit to regen the DPF. If you didn't see it, ignore it or whatever, it goes red. This is supposedly only sortable for about £2K at a dealer who replaces the DPF. Absolutely criminal! I think it cost about £150 at a reputable local garage to pop it out and clean it.
  10. PUBG

    Anybody else addicted? Been playing it most evenings for months now. Only one solo chicken dinner (in duos but my mate's internet went near the start of the round). Usually play duos or squads with a reasonable smatterings of chicken, interspersed with huge amounts of epic fails.
  11. F10 Wind Noise

    I agree there is a lot of tyre noise and very little of anything else. I have fixed the tyre noise in the same way Dave has
  12. I do 95% long trips so don't mind the devil's juice but wouldn't consider one if I did many short journeys. My Dad has an XF Sportbrake 3.0D and doesn't do many long trips. Recently it threw up the red DPF warning which means game over, go to stealer and spend £1800. WTF? Anyway, his trusted local garage was able to clean the DPF for under a tenth of that.... He'll get petrol for his next car!
  13. I am currently using the EE Apple Music 6 month free subscription and have become addicted! Apart from an occasional hiccup with track names, it works well, albeit I had to back up my itunes library before I started as it DRMs everything! When the sub runs out, I think I will get the family version of Apple Music or Spotify Premium. Which do people find works best in the F10/F11? (Pro Nav, NBT). I use an iPhone 8. Any other (non car) related opinions between the two also gratefully received.
  14. So some nitrile gloves and long sleeves for this one then! Should reduce the bad language quotient a little!
  15. Read all 14 pages of the soggy carpet thread then went to check mine; thankfully dry. I've located the offending covered panel and the 4 x T30s. I changed to a low mileage, young car to avoid this sort of thing but it seems obvious now that I must remove the cover, clean and dremel/file in a drain. I will curse and cuss the whole time but probably not as much as if I have to argue with BMW about why the AUC warranty should cover it It lives outside, partly under a tree so it's definitely a ticking time bomb. Even so, it's a job for a (much) warmer day ...
  16. New Wheeler Dealers

    This! I really can't stand the guy. Means I don't watch WD much.
  17. I'm quite horrified that dealers can't come up with straight, worry free M5s.
  18. What are you listening to?

    OK, another not to everybody's taste but I love this song and can't wait for their 2018 album (date and title not yet known). Eluveitie (pronounced El-VAY-tee) are a folk metal band. This song is partly heavy with growling male vocals and part soft with female vocals and/or folk instruments. The wind up box instrument is a hurdy gurdy, BTW; a sort of violin sound ..
  19. FFS!

    ^^ This. So much this ....
  20. Merry Christmas

    Happy Christmas guys
  21. My E26!

    Brilliant! Happy Christmas Richard.
  22. I always wash my wife's car first. That way, I know I will have to go on and wash mine! That's my happy marriage tip for you all, for free, for Christmas!
  23. Size matters! F10 v E39

    I've been thinking more about this. My Dad's XF Sportbrake has a reversing camera but i don't feel the need to use it. My E91 was a doddle with only sensors. However, I don't like reversing the F11 (no camera). I think it must be the layout of where the various pillars on the car are positioned relative to the driver and maybe even the privacy glass. Essentially, I can't see a lot and am relying on mirrors and sensors to go backwards. I think it's this more than the size that's off putting.
  24. Where is it all

    Must be the same motor that was in my recently departed 325i. I can't remember much under the bonnet that I could check. I just pressed the oil check button every week once on the motorway and occasionally filled the washer bottle.