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  1. 19" Wheels - Much of a difference?

    I have OEM 19" and RFTs; Goodyear Excellence OEM. I have no issues with the ride. Previous car was a 3 series (E91) on SE suspension, 17" wheels and 45 profile tyres. My F11 rides minor road imperfections better than the E91 and sharp bumps the same or a bit harder.
  2. On the E39 there are accumulators, not sure about F11. If an accumulator goes, the car will sink down overnight regardless of changing airbags, compressor etc. Worth looking into
  3. My E26!

    The pink Mini?
  4. Tyre pressure warning

    Use the same tyre pressure gauge and it is spot on. As are the TPMS sensors fitted to my car.
  5. Wish me luck....

    By the time I read this ... already too late to wish you luck. Get well soon!
  6. Soon be time to change

    I had a long test drive in a 435D last year. i liked the acceleration (obviously!) and that the hatchback boot means it was almost as practical as the E91 Touring I had at the time. Looks really nice as well. The only thing was, it felt so similar to my old E91 to drive and I had somehow expected something a bit more ... In contrast the F10 feels more solid, rides better and is overall a nicer place to be and I am sure a 640 will be similar/nicer. I see the M3 as a different type of car which is pointless comparing to a 435/640. What I'd like is the space and feel of an F11 with the size of a 3/4 series. A sort of BMW Tardis ...
  7. My E26!

    As I PM'd you... it was great to see the M1 in the flesh. It looked really fantastic. I was sorry not to be able to bump into you ... I should have asked for your mobile number! Anyway, the Meguiars stand guys were very friendly but they did stop me licking it ....
  8. First off, this is an idea I've unashamedly ripped off from VX220.org We appear to have some fantastic photographers on the site and so I feel this will be a great thread. The rules are simple: 1) You must have taken the pic 2) Max 800X600 3) Nothing too rude - saucy OK. I'll be pleased to look at any rude pics if you want a decision making first 4) Any subject except the 5 series I'll kick off with a picture taken going onto the East runway of London City in 2004. I've let photobucket reduce it so fingers crossed re the quality. Note the steepness of the approach (a 5.5 degree glideslope, the usual is 3.0 degrees). It was fun ... good old days
  9. My E26!

    Look forward to meeting you and licking seeing the M1 tomorrow!
  10. Mate, we have a woodburner as well! Even my wife, who is 0% into cars, says chop it down. But it's a magnolia tree and I like it ...
  11. What are you listening to?

    Silver Bride ... respect
  12. My E26!

    Sorry Duncan. It was me! Just to say a public 'Thank You' to Richard for these. Much appreciated. We're going on Saturday.
  13. Fully agree that garages are for cars. My Elise lives in mine but, believe me, if I had a triple garage then all our cars would be undercover. Instead the F11 has to be parked under a tree. I love the tree but it makes a mess of the car On topic, what have I done to it today? Well, I had a nice drive across the Blackdown Hills and got it even dirtier than it was. Can do nothing else as I am out of car shampoo. Bilt Hamber Auto Wash arrives tomorrow, along with a wheel brush that I have needed for ages.
  14. What are you listening to?

    I'm glad my metal musical taste has not gone totally unappreciated! NWJW: Fair enough. Not everybody gets that style of 'singing'. I think the angry style of it fits well with certain sorts of metal. Although I like Arch Enemy (all growling), I feel that growling is best mixed with clean singing in songs - makes a nice contrast. I vividly remember the first time I ever heard growling on a track (Tomi from Amorphis) and I was like WTF is that? It grew on me though! Incidentally, growling doesn't mean a singer can't sing normally. Here is my favourite Kamelot song. Alissa from Arch Enemy makes a guest appearance at 2:58 and then clean sings about 30 seconds later. She actually has a very nice voice!
  15. What are you listening to?

    That's because I picked a relatively gentle one! At the end of the day, it's melodic death metal so there is usually a nice, melody somewhere. For a bit louder try Or for something fast and, IMHO a bit punky try the one below. Not a favourite of mine but offers a little contrast. I like Nightwish with Floor as much as with Tarja and think she is one of the best things to happen to the band. I didn't think much of Annette but Imaginaerum is one of my favourite albums so I can't be too hypocritical. Incidentally, Ghost Love Score is quite possibly my favourite track full stop. I can't believe the coincidence. I have been playing Eluvetie all afternoon to see what it was like. Then I came on here and saw your suggestion! Anyway, I really like the folk metal mix and guarantee I shall be playing plenty more of it. I'm not much into pirate metal but here is a hearty drinking song for a Saturday night!
  16. StopStart

    Ah, thanks Andrew. I have a Ctek 5.0 permanently attached to the Elise. Good to know it will work on the F11 if required.
  17. StopStart

    OK, so I can't charge my F11 battery using my 15 year old charger then? That's good info to know; thanks Andrew.
  18. What are you listening to?

    I'm listening to metal, Arch Enemy at this precise moment. Glancing through this thread, this seems to be horribly out of fashion (that's me ). When I'm not listening to Arch Enemy (melodic death metal), I'll probably be listening to symphonic metal (like Epica or Nightwish) or stuff like Kamelot. Probably 90% of what I listen to is some form of metal. I'll post a video of a recent single on the off chance somebody may like it. If you make it more than a couple of minutes in, you'll find it's very catchy. For death metal anyway If you really can't stand 'growling' vocals, you should not hit Play
  19. StopStart

    Had my F11 for 3 months and am heartily fed up with stop-start. It is far too keen to stop the engine. On other autos I have driven, the amount of pressure you apply to the brakes can give you control over it but not on mine. I turn it off except for approaching a set of lights I know I'll be waiting at least a minute at. Then I forget to turn it off again and the engine stops as I pause for 0.001 seconds in traffic
  20. 3.5d issues

    Drove one once. I'd say main thing to look out for is flashing blues. They can be seen in any/all of the mirrors
  21. I'd like an F11 but a recent 3 hour wait for a recovery truck because of a split tyre (OK, so I removed the RFTs ) made me decide my replacement car had to have a spare wheel. I keep looking at things like the Passat but, perhaps understandably, am not that excited at the prospect. Well, apart from the boot; the E91 just isn't big enough for me. I know you can buy a spacesaver/repair kit and lash it to the boot floor. However, I want another car to get a bigger boot with more floor area so a space saver strapped there is pointless. I wondered if anybody carried one, whether there is anything that can be done under the boot floor, whether one can be carried vertically on the side of the boot etc.
  22. This post makes a lot of sense. I had non-RFT Goodyear F1s on my previous E91 and there was quite a bit of steering feel. My F11 is in Goodyear Excellence RFTs. The tyres are excellent but there is no feel through the steering. For me, the car is a motorway/family machine and I really like it. Don't really care about speed or steering feel as that's what my Elise is for. However, I can fully understand somebody changing to non-RFTs to get some steering feel and also smooth the ride a little. Ofc, the spare tyre issue needs to be thought through - whether to carry a space saver or just a can of foam.
  23. E39 rear lights all the same?

    I am pretty sure I remember changing my '97 ones for updated ones when I went clear indicators. I'm also pretty sure I didn't go with celi LED ones. I believe there are some standard ones but with clear plastic instead of orange and then retaining standard inners. However, this is looking back through the mists of time, blurred by a multitude of different wheel choices ... Here's a photo, anyway. They may be aftermarket ...
  24. I have the 'full suite' till next summer, when the car hits 3. After 2000+ miles in it, I have already decided that i don't think much of it is worth renewing and am wondering what other people do. My thoughts are: 1) BMW Online. Really don't get the point of this, even though it sprinkles weather icons on my satnav map. £50 a year - no thanks 2) Real Time Traffic: I think it means "Not Real Time" traffic as it is a good 20 minutes behind. I've been comparing it to TomTom Go on the iPhone and, sorry, it's not worth whatever it costs per year. TomTom is spot on, probably has better reroutes and costs a quid a month. 3) Concierge: Been too embarrassed to use it. No thanks. 4) Connected Drive: I think this is genuinely useful, mostly the ability to remotely send a sat nav destination to the car. It's there for life, anyway. 5) Map update: £70 for 2 years is less than I thought it would be so I will buy this at some point. Not sure why it's not included for free till the car hits three years old ...
  25. Thanks for the replies. Looks like we all think the same: Maybe update the maps at some point (paid or free ...) and glad the Connected Drive bit was a one off payment so we can keep it.