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  1. What are you listening to?

    Iron Maiden. Most of the day. Making a playlist. Don't know why I bothered because it's predictably full of mostly their older stuff.
  2. I rather like that man cave! That said, I am preferring streaming now, especially playlists of all the good bits and music discovery (how else would I have found out that a band with a horrible name, Five Finger Death Punch, are really fun to listen to?). That said, it's only renting so I shall never get rid of my CDs or purchased MP3 downloads. I'll also probably never get round to organising them like you have.
  3. 540i has arm twirling steering and is a bit front heavy. I loved mine but often wanted the balance and steering rack of a 530i. My E39 never felt too big but my F11 often does. Other than obvious differences in infotainment, the size is the most obvious thing to me. When I replace the F11, I will look to more E39 size. I still think the E39 was ahead of it's time and only the fact that I can't be arsed to maintain one would put me off one nowadays.
  4. BMW Car Mag - Why so BUSY?

    Does look horribly similar to the publications below it. I just down years ago to just Evo. I keep thinking how irrelevant it is on 80% of the pages but I do enjoy it anyway. Even though they print it on shitty thin paper that warps as soon as you look at it.
  5. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    It's been, what, 10 years or more. Please let it die You know, I've never changed wheels on a car since ... can't take the strain! I'll try my loft speakers as I've just spent my speaker money on another RC aircraft. I've never had a decision problem with them. I just don't known when to stop. Over 20 now ....
  6. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    Ah, OK, thanks for that. I understand what you are saying but £200 is a bit more than I would ideally spend but I must admit that the BT3s and the JBLs do get cracking reviews. Is the following a silly idea? In the loft I have an old, but good, Sansui amp (was a discontinued model in the mid 80's, bought from Richer Sounds) and some hexagonal Tannoy speakers (605s maybe?). Would it be worth setting those up with the PC or are they the wrong sort of speakers for the job? (Sorry Duncan ... now I'm a thread hijacker )
  7. ZF auto shifts past it limit

    Mine only has 3 but I imagine Sport+ was not fitted to the 520d?
  8. Which Alloys

    I like my 19". See sig pic. I think these are the 351? That said, I also think the similar 18" rim looks almost as good and has the benefit of a slightly higher profile tyre. I would have been as happy with the 18's but I wanted the HK and nobody ever seems to order it separately, only as part of the MSport Plus pack with black glass and big wheels (my car was bought secondhand). Am I the only ungrateful bastard on here that has 19's but would have been happy with 18's?
  9. Considering F10 M-Sport...

    I'm not sure what to say about the 520d. I bought it as I wanted certain kit items missing from my E91 325i and needed more space. It don't hammer it as I have something more interesting in the garage for the odd blat. 8000 miles into my ownership, I am very happy with all aspects of the car but the 4 cyl does irritate a bit. It's not the performance, which is similar in the real world to the previous car and all I want for my motorway hack/family estate. It's the noise that it makes when starting off from a standstill. Whereas a 6cy diesel would be silky smooth, the 4 cyl is just very ordinary. The efficient and low 1st gear just makes things worse. Over 90% of my driving is on the motorway where the refinement is the same as any other 5 series, of any engine type. Phew. If I was buying again, I would get a 6cyl for refinement at slow speeds. From everything I read, the economy levels of any of the derv powered 5 series are similar. The OP has a high annual mileage so is definitely in the bracket for whom a diesel makes sense. At 14,000 miles a year, I think I am as well, albeit only just.
  10. Radio on F10 525d is SHITE

    I guess things changed year on year because mine shows the song playing on DAB. At least it did the one and only time I turned the radio on. I usually play music that I have chosen and the odd podcast.
  11. HiFi speakers and set up advice

    They are pretty big but my daughter uses KRK Rokit RP5 G3 monitors. She bought them for music production/mixing but raves about them for just listening to music. They are on isolation pads. No grills so you have to be careful with them. I have to admit to often thinking of updating my old Creative T20 PC speakers and am strongly considering some Edifier R1280T which are under £100 from Amazon and get great reviews.
  12. I seem to achieve similar economy levels with Eco Pro or Comfort so, like I said earlier, I just use Comfort. I don't use Sport as I don't have adaptive dampers so all it would do is put the 'box into Sport which I can easier do with a nudge of the gearstick. Given that all Sport does is lockout 8th gear and make more noise, I generally don't use that a great deal but will pop the lever left before an overtake.
  13. ZF auto shifts past it limit

    OK, something I have learned about my car then. I just bang it the whole way and no idea there was a subtle mode!
  14. You can burn to CD: https://www.apple.com/au/support/itunes/windows/tutorial/aciTunesPc_t14.html I used to buy all my music but I stupidly took advantage of EE's 6 month free Apple Music trial. I have downloaded so much stuff I like it would cost a fortune to buy it all ... and I am still discovering stuff ... this is how they get you! My kids would love a streaming service so I am caving in and getting Spotify Family ... I'm using their free trial at the moment. I like the way the app works and how the phone app effectively talks to the desktop one. I prefer it to Apple Music and the F11 iDrive has a Spotify app in it
  15. I used them all the time on my previous petrol. On this devil's fuel machine with 8 gears and torque everywhere, it seems a totally pointless endeavour to bother. I won't say I never use them but certainly, I never use the full manual mode, whereas in the 325i, I would often go manual for whole trips.
  16. Start / Stop

    There is no rhyme or reason on when it will stop and when it will simply show a crossed out A. Mostly I see an orange light as I have turned it off ..
  17. Is a Sponge Just a Sponge?

    Been enjoying this thread
  18. My F10 M5 slightly modded

    OMG, what a monster! And that is only "slightly modded"? Looks fantastic. Now we need a video clip to hear the 'zorst!
  19. What would you do .. keep it or sell it - E39?

    Interesting topic. I must say that is a lovely looking E39. I think Roofer has hit the nail on the head with "better the devil you know". You could easily spend 4 times what it's worth and buy into a load of trouble that you were not expecting. Unless you are willing/able to spend enough to buy a young car under cast iron warranty then I cannot see the point in changing. May as well budget an amount to fix up one of the best BMW estates that they have ever made.
  20. Talk about bad luck

    So sorry to hear this. Just bought a tear to my eye even though I don't know any of you.
  21. I am, of course, daft because I could have just installed Spotify on my phone and run a free account to test! Just done this and everything works fantastically - full Spotify BMW app whilst still being able to use TomTom Go for the excellent traffic info. Job done! I'll still leech the rest of my free Apple Music but, given some of the weirdnesses that have occurred during the trial, Apple won't be getting my money ....
  22. Mainly echoing the points above but I see almost no purpose to Eco. However, it's sometimes nice in stop start traffic as the car seems a bit hair trigger starting off the line so the gentler throttle mapping of Eco is quite nice. I have the coasting feature activated. If you think to lift your foot off very early, you can sometimes get a long coast which maybe saves a little fuel. However, it has to be using some fuel during the coast phase, to keep the engine running, whereas in normal slowing down no fuel is used so barely worth it. As I have no adaptive dampers and don't like the gearbox permanently in Sport, I see no use for the Eco-Comfort-Sport rocker switch on my car TBH.
  23. Nope! Ours is a 17 plate 4x4. You are nice and high for a good view in a tiny car with big windows, shaped like a little box so it is uber easy to park etc. All controls are very light. Plenty of plastic body protection. Stop start can be permanently disabled with a switch on the dash All year round snowflake marked tyres and 4WD that kicks in if it needs to. There is an EDL button but my sister has driven hers on horrific lanes with snow on top of ice and never needed the diff lock. Downsides are a very low first gear and generally low gearing overall plus the funny rumble of the 2 cylinder Twin Air engine which always sounds like it is doing half the rpm that it actually is! For rough and local stuff it's really great. For long motorway runs at 4,000rpm, less so! Ours looks just like this
  24. I left it parked in the drive and said "see you in a few days"! Can't wait to try my wife's Panda 4x4 in the snow tomorrow. By all accounts, they are pretty awesome when the going gets tough.
  25. Bye bye E39 !

    My Dad is on his second XF Both have been faultless, albeit heavy on the rear pads due the way the traction control uses the brakes. Really nice cars TBH.