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  1. Retset

    Winter tyres - it's that time of year!

    On the E91, I had a set of Hankook i-cept (think that's spelt right). Budget tyres but they were always very reassuring. Till I left them on into mid March and did two accidental powerslides on the same evening when it suddenly went very mild (15C)! Having had so little use out of my winter tyres (living in the SW, the temps often barely went below 6C for many winters in a row), I decided not to get any for my F11 so, of course, it snowed many times! Not sure yet what to do for this winter.
  2. Retset

    Not receiving Forum email notifications

    I'm not getting any either.
  3. Retset

    Looks like I will be selling the 5 :o

    OK, the 5 is now ready for sale. Ideally, I will sell privately as it is in superb condition, with BMW warranty etc. I'm not doing a proper ad yet as there is a car I want to view and potentially trade the 520d for, although the thought of somebody in the trade getting near 'my' ceramic coating etc. makes me feel a bit unwell. Edit: I was offered almost private sale price in px because it looks so good so, despite what i said a week ago, I'm pxing it!
  4. Retset

    520d tyres

    I think there are considerable advantages in losing the run flats but the lack of spare wheel is a continual frustration. I like the safety concept of the RFT but would still like a spare because tyre problems always seem to occur at the wrong time of day, a long way from home! I have had big hassles with both of my RFT equipped BMWs. Both were probably very unlucky but the replacement for my 520d must have a space saver. Unfortunately, this means a move away from BMWs...
  5. I cleaned under the bonnet! Although I like to detail my car, I believe bonnets are there to hide the oily bits and don't normally bother. But now I'm going to sell it so thought I would. Came up pretty well for 10 minutes work with APC, rag, brush and a leaf blower to dry it. As an aside, I am getting rather addicted to the whole concept of leaf blowers to dry cars. If the car has plenty of wax/sealant/ceramic, the water whooshes off and no issues later with water dribbling out of mirrors, lights etc. Obviously a towel is still needed for door shuts. Also the inlet for the leaf blower must not get near the ground
  6. Retset

    The ONE bucket wash!!!

    Everything below came from a video on the Foresnic Detailing YouTube channel. I was rather fed up of getting out the pressure washer, two large buckets etc. to wash the car when, sometimes, it was not that dirty. Then I saw a a video that showed a great, quick alternative. For it you will need: 1) One or more cheap Chinese wash mitts like this: https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1-Super-Soft-Lambswool-Car-Care-Wash-Mitt-Deep-Pile-Cleaning-Glove-Washing-Glove/192454197994?epid=14014544800&hash=item2ccf2a02ea:g:~9YAAOSws6ZaEoIz 2) Hozelock multi spray attachment. Cheapest I can find is ToolStation: https://www.toolstation.com/shop/Landscaping/d130/Hose+Fittings/sd3316/Hozelock+Multi+Spray+Gun/p34414 For a lightly soiled car that does not really need a prefoam the method is: 1) Clean your wheels 2) Prepare a small wash bucket with a few litres of water, your favourite car shampoo and, if you have it, a little Optimum No Rinse/CarPro Ech20 or other waterless wash liquid. 3) Spray the car with water 4) Dip mitt in bucket and wash a panel in straight lines 5) Use the fan spray on the Hozelock to clean the mitt. This spray pattern literally cuts through all the dirt on the mitt. Because the pile is so short you can see when the mitt is clean. 6) repeat steps 4 and 5 till car clean. The advantages over the TBW are savings in time, shampoo and water plus the mitt is not rinsed off in ever dirtier water so is is likely to cause swirls than the TBW. The video is rather too long to explain this simple concept so my link just takes you to the vital bit - watch a few minutes from this point. I must stress this is for a regular maintenance wash. If the car is minging, you will still want to haul out the pressure washer to rinse, foam and rinse again to clean the worst off. In this scenario, I use the PW to help with the wheels and pre-wash. Then I put it away, pop the Hozelock attachment to the hoze and continue with the one bucket method.
  7. Retset

    filler polishes.

    For scratch removal I use the Meguiars microfibre cutting/polishing disks on a DA polisher, along with the recommended polishes. I forget the names but google is your friend. Used properly, there is little to no dust/sling. By hand I use 3M Finesse-It to remove light marks. Prior to a ceramic coating I use Car Pro Essence. This is a fine polish with a little bit of SiO2 (ceramic) inside and a few fillers. On a light pad, it just brings out that touch of extra gloss whilst leaving a surface primed for a ceramic coating. Again, no dust or sling. Can also be applied by hand, which I do on awkward areas like vents in bumpers etc. For last stage protection, I avoid stuff that leaves dust or stains black plastic. On the 5 series, it's a ceramic coating with regular top ups from Car Pro Reload. My wife's car just get's Reload every 2 months. I still wax the Lotus as I am too mean to throw my wax away but it will probably go the sealant/ceramic route one day.
  8. Renewed my warranty now that I have found the cancellation/transfer terms are flexible (see thread in General Discussion).
  9. Retset

    Approved Used Warranty about to expire

    OK, to resurrect the thread: My warranty expires in a couple of days. I am planning on selling the car so rang up the company to check on my options. Turns out that if I take up annual and don't claim, I can get a pro-rata refund less £25 upon trading in. This is only valid if I don't claim. If I sell privately, I can either transfer an annual policy or take a pro-rata refund less £25. If I cancel, the new owner gets 10 days in which to take out the warranty. This last part I didn't know and is the reason I am typing this out. Similarly, if I pay monthly, I can cancel whenever and the new owner gets 10 days to start the policy. I believe that the car is worth more and is easier to sell with a manufacturer warranty in place. Given that monthly is a huge hike and that I will be trying not to claim, I have paid £678 for comprehensive annual cover with £250 excess. If I trade, I'll claim back the remainder and if I sell privately, I can come to an arrangement or cancel it. I had no idea it was quite so flexible and these details are not in the warranty handbook.
  10. Had the MOT/end of AUC warranty check done at BMW Bridgwater. As requested, they didn't wash it and all is good with no advisories.
  11. Retset

    F10 variable damper control - worth having?

    I think the F11 on M suspension and 19" runflats rides great (better than my previous E91 on 17" non-runflats and SE suspension!) and have never had any passenger complaints so, for me, it would not be something I would be looking out for and, whilst not the original question, I don't think I would spec it as an option from new. That said, we are all different. You will need a drive in each to see which side of the fence you are on.
  12. Retset

    Mercedes E63s

    I'm not into traffic light grand prixs but it was obviously worth you having a go just to hear that wonderful V8 noise!
  13. Retset

    The BMW5 random picture thread

    Thank you! Yes, it's a very good drone that folds up so is easy to take on holiday etc. It can be hard in busy places like St. Ives to take off/land and fly legally (staying 30m/50m from people and property and not flying over the town). I took all my photos and video either at about 6.30am or late evening and, even then, being out over the sea was the only way to keep it legal. There was a similar (identical?) drone flying low over the town centre on a number of occasions, breaking the law in many ways. This is, of course, why drones end up with a bad name and I feel like a criminal even though I fly it legally. Here, let me break my own thread rules with a video, rather than a photo. A short video of The Island area before most people are out of bed!
  14. Well, I've only been in 5 ownership for a year this time. I really like the car but it has proved too big. It has never 'shrunk around me' and I have too often been in situations with at least 3 beepers going all at once, sometimes with my wife outside helping. This never happened with the E91 or E39, which never even had front sensors or felt like they needed them. I have also had a runflat issue which I will detail later in the appropriate forum. I think it was probably a freak occurrence but it was the nail in the coffin as I never really wanted a car without a spare. It does mean the new owner will have new back tyres! I have to say that I struggle to find any other negatives with the car. I love the ride quality, it's refined and quick enough for the real world. It is supremely comfortable and the HK stereo is decent. The massive boot ( a big reason for purchase) has been very useful and the car has made many return trips to Cornwall, full to the roof. A true 45mpg over everything is very respectable. I've also enjoyed Spotify integration and a number of toys that the older BMW's didn't have. I'm now looking for a Golf estate. They are one of the very few cars that are a similar size to an E91 but with the boot room of an F11 (more, actually!). Heart says an R but head says a GTD, especially as I could just afford the Mk7.5. Grumpy me asks why didn't they make a GTi estate? I would have been looking for a 3 Touring but I have been caught out on the E91 and the F11 with big issues revolving round no spare/carrying spares in the boot and want a car with a spare this time. As before, it's not a goodbye as I still like to pop into General Discussion from time to time