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  1. Thanks for the replies. Looks like we all think the same: Maybe update the maps at some point (paid or free ...) and glad the Connected Drive bit was a one off payment so we can keep it.
  2. Oh, really? Well, that's exactly what I want Rob. Thanks. Sorting the podcast switching thing and a neater cable run will be big pluses. I guess I re-configure the bluetooth to just phone? Off out to the car now! Edit: That works perfectly. Disabled the BT audio part of the phone. Cheers!
  3. I have the 'full suite' till next summer, when the car hits 3. After 2000+ miles in it, I have already decided that i don't think much of it is worth renewing and am wondering what other people do. My thoughts are: 1) BMW Online. Really don't get the point of this, even though it sprinkles weather icons on my satnav map. £50 a year - no thanks 2) Real Time Traffic: I think it means "Not Real Time" traffic as it is a good 20 minutes behind. I've been comparing it to TomTom Go on the iPhone and, sorry, it's not worth whatever it costs per year. TomTom is spot on, probably has better reroutes and costs a quid a month. 3) Concierge: Been too embarrassed to use it. No thanks. 4) Connected Drive: I think this is genuinely useful, mostly the ability to remotely send a sat nav destination to the car. It's there for life, anyway. 5) Map update: £70 for 2 years is less than I thought it would be so I will buy this at some point. Not sure why it's not included for free till the car hits three years old ...
  4. Impressive hire car, quieter tyres!

    Mine has GY Excellence RFTs on 19". They are about the same noise as my Goodyear F1 Non-RFTs on the E91, i.e. they are a reasonably quiet tyre. Having driven them in everything from dry to driving rain, I am impressed with them and they will be bought as the replacement. As Andrew says, you can now check the dB of each tyre on sites like Black Circles. Some of the Dunlops are very quiet. My father changed to Dunlop (from Pirelli) on his Jag XF and the difference is huge.
  5. Ah, I didn't know this. It's always charging anyway (via fag lighter in cupholder recess) but I guess it makes more sense to run a wire from the armrest USB. I'll give it a go. Thanks. Does the phonecall bit still go via bluetooth or is that USB also? I see I can configure phone for audio/phone or both. Think I'll stay with iphone as all the good Android phones that support wifi calling and have good cameras cost similar amounts and I'm all set up on Apple.
  6. I have an old iPhone 5S which I bluetooth to my May 2015 F11 with Pro Nav. I am very pleased with how it integrates for music search/album art/phone and especially Siri from the steering wheel. I usually play music from the car's hard drive and podcasts from the phone. My only annoyance is that, if I forget to set the phone on podcasts before I start the journey, I am a bit stuffed: If I use Siri to play a podcast, when the phone was last playing music, it doesn't switch, presumably because the BMW is somehow 'holding on to' the music app. iOS 10 won't let me use half the voice commands because I am driving (can I disable this?) so it's either no podcast or an illegal, and potentially very costly, touch of the iphone screen. I'm approaching the time when a new phone is a good idea. I fancy an iPhone 8 64GB as a straight upgrade for what I have. Not especially exciting and very pricey (£699). Can any Android users tell me how well Android phones integrate with my version of BMW media system? Most interested in music search and voice activation of phone. Also appreciate any tips on more seamless use of the iPhone. My car is not new enough for a CarPlay upgrade but, as TomTom traffic is the main reason for connecting the phone, that doesn't matter. TL;DR: How well do Android phones integrate with Pro Nav?
  7. I have an iPhone 5S and that will definitely be remaining on iOS 10! When I upgrade, it will most likely be another iPhone because I fly a DJI Mavic Pro drone. All reports are that the DJI Go 4 app (the iPhone attaches to the remote to act as a screen) often crashes on Android but is solid on iOS. That said, I the prices and lack of innovation on Apple make me feel like getting an Android ...
  8. I've always had good treatment from Cotswold BMW. I always used the Gloucester branch but now they have a massive flagship branch near M5 Jn 11. Looking forward to visiting it.
  9. Tom Tom map updates

    I have TomTom Go for iphone. Software is free but limited. If you pay £36 for 3 years, you get unlimited nav (worldwide I think) plus the best traffic info there is plus speed camera database (probably not the best). I use it for traffic info because I trust it's reroutes more than I would BMW. I set it before my journey and just have the odd glance at the traffic. If it wants to reroute it needs a quick tap to confirm. Despite my phone being down by the gearstick, I obviously park in a safe place, get out, lock the car and only then press the 'Yes' button ....
  10. Was 8K for last few years as I also work from home. Few more things on so this year probably will be 10-12K.
  11. Got rid of the Runflats

    My guess is that RFT rears only is like stiffening up rear springs only. This gives more front end grip and less understeer. Road cars are generally set up to give a bit of understeer first so RFTs on the back most likely makes things more neutral ... better to drive. That said, I'd only go all one or all the other in case of an insurance claim.
  12. Towbar'

    Thanks to the supplied pictures, I now know that mine is a Westfalia. I may never tow with it but just knowing makes me
  13. A little bit of my BMW history

    Nice to see that both cars did a good job of looking after you and yours.
  14. Towbar'

    Looking at all this, I'm now glad that mine came with the removable towbar! I must find something to tow one day ..
  15. I agree. The numbers say my F11 is not all that big but it feels huge. I can't park it correctly in my own drive as I need to reverse turn 90 degrees and the extra length means it's impossible to get full lock on till too late in the manoeuvre. I have had it 6 weeks and am still waiting for it to shrink around me. It won't but I love it anyway