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  1. I use CarPro Inside, diluted 1:5 plus a brush. Works exceptionally well but those Magic Erasers look to be a way more cost effective option!
  2. Retset

    Top tips

    Following on from the previous tip, put a little Optimum No Rinse (or CarPro Ech2o) into your wash bucket to help the water encapsulate dirt and keep it from marring the paint.
  3. Retset

    Top tips

    Instead of a two bucket wash, use one bucket and a short pile wash mitt. Have a trigger with adjustable spray patterns on the end of the hose. After each panel, spray the mitt to clear the dirt off. Done right, there can be less dirt on the mitt than using the TBW. The foam pre-wash can simply be a woosh over with the hose. The time saving over getting out the pressure washer, foam lance and filling 2 massive buckets is huge. Of course, if the car is filthy, a pressure washer/foam pre-wash will still be the way to go. Thanks to the Forensic Detailing Channel on YouTube for this one.
  4. Retset

    F11 Speaker Upgrade

    Different car but my E91 base stereo was horrible so I bought the BMW Alpine upgrade from Cotswold. I tried changing just the speakers first and having a listen and there was a definite improvement, especially as the car now had some tweeters! A couple of days later, I took a few hours to install the amp in the boot. The difference was mind blowing, not least because the standard subs under the seat could now produce some proper bass! I expect the same principle to hold true with the F10/11: Better speakers will help but adding the amp will make a massive difference.
  5. Retset

    CarPro Inside

    I had some old Meguiars leather cleaner/ conditioner. It seemed to have emulsified a little and made the passenger seat worse than before, when I tried to clean it. I binned it and bought some Inside, along with Auto Finesse's leather conditioner. I'm sure there is no possible justification for a little Swissvax interior brush for £7 but I got one of those as well. I tried the Inside (diluted 1:5) on the leather and am seriously impressed. Just spray onto leather (or brush for vertical bits), scrub for a short time, wipe with a damp microfibre then dry with a dry microfibre. My car is 25,000 miles so the driver's seat had developed some 'bum shine' and the other seats had suffered a small amount of family abuse. The inside brought everything back to looking like new leather, including cleaning out the awful Meg's stuff. It also easily dealt with some suspicious substance (chocolate at a guess) that was in the passenger carpet mat and made scrubbing dirty plastics a doddle. The Auto Finesse stuff was easy to apply (cheapo Halfords applicator pad) and buff and does not add unwanted shine. I'd recommend both products but you can probably get a better priced brush
  6. Retset

    Approved Used Warranty about to expire

    That puts a different complexion on it for me. I forgot that my E91 policy was very cheap before it hit 60K. Doesn't help Calypso but perhaps I will be renewing mine!
  7. 2040 is too far away to worry about but I know the London Zone is going to expand massively and require Euro 6. As always, depreciation will outweigh all other costs so it really comes down to how much you will need to enter any of these zones.
  8. Retset

    Approved Used Warranty about to expire

    I will have the same conundrum in August, although mine has only just turned 25,000 miles. I got superb value out of my E91 warranty and finished thousands of pounds up. However, most of those claims were later in the car's life (it was 10 when I traded it in) and it only cost about half what you have been quote for the 525d. I'm thinking of just putting cash aside each month instead of renewing. Also, I would say comprehensive or nothing.
  9. Travelling down the A30 to Cornwall yesterday, I was doing about 73mph on the speedo or 70mph, maybe a whole 71, on the GPS. My wife was asking if I could speed up a bit as we had an appointment. I didn't and a few miles later crested a rise to see a white van in a layby with blacked out rear windows and then spotted the Police lettering. had I been doing the sort of speeds she wanted, I would never have spotted it till it was too late!
  10. Retset

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    Just ... wow
  11. Retset

    Interior Air Freshener

    This is supposed to be good - a bit more than just an air freshener: https://carpro.uk.com/products/so2pure-odor-eliminator-120ml
  12. Um, oh dear ... I washed it today using foam, the two bucket method and put some more Perl on the tyres. I'll fetch me coat ...
  13. Retset

    Anyone got a bit of love for old Fords?

    I've had a Mk2 and Mk3 Capri 3.0S and would love a V6 Capri again one day.
  14. Yep. My old 540i was already some way up the gauge within a quarter mile!