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  1. Thanks. You have email ...
  2. Can I have your best price please for this kit: Part number: 36112159860 Real OEM link: I can collect from Gloucester. Availability would be nice to know. Thanks.
  3. Thanks for quoting. That is rather more than I had guessed so I'll leave it for now.
  4. Hi, can you please give me a price for a space saver wheel with fitted tyre for my E91 325i Touring? Here it is on RealOEM: (the top part). Alternatively, is there a steel wheel equivalent? I would collect from Gloucester and would appreciate knowing the stock/delivery times. (Yes, I know it has to live in the boot!)
  5. That's what I was carrying when the sidewall got a cut on a pothole. Foam just squirted out as the cut was too long; about 1 inch IIRC. In the 3 hours I waited to be recovered, I vowed I would carry a winter wheel as a spare and then either buy a space saver or go back to RFTs! Based on how I drive the car, I think these Dunlops will meet my requirements so i will get them and report back. I think I'll use them for a bit before I advertise the F1s
  6. As long as you buy it as a BMW AUC (mine was about 3.5 years old when I bought it), you can extend the warranty. Even if you prefer the annual payments, change to monthly before you hit 60K miles and you avoid the big 60K price hike. Also, you can then continue the warranty forever and not be capped to 100K miles like you are with annual payments. I whole heartedly agree with you but you don't need to buy new.
  7. In what way Dave? Handling/braking/? My driving is 95% motorway and F1s are not the quietest - mid pack for noise I would say. My father's XF was similar on it's OEM rubber (Pirelli IIRC). I drove it 70 miles on the motorway for it's service and change to Dunlops. The difference on the ride home was staggering - so much quieter. I don't mind losing that last tad of handling for reduced road noise. I have the yellow peril in the garage when I want handling I should add that, noise aside, I like the F1s very much.
  8. I've had my E91 325i for 5.5 years/45,000 miles now; the longest I have ever kept a car! It may have 'only' 220bhp (ish) but it's a creamy 3.0 straight six in a reasonably nimble chassis. All I don't like are the things I wish it had, like bluetooth. Previous owner went metallic/leather/auto plus folding mirrors then stopped ticking! A few random points: Sep 2007 and later are efficient dynamics and it really makes a difference fuel wise. The standard stereo is horrific unmitigated shite. Don't buy one without HK. I added the BMW Alpine kit for £360 plus my labour and it's OK now but I still wish I had HK Get bluetooth, not a stupid thing clipped to the sunvisor like I have Old RFTs are concrete. Current ones are fine. Get one with servotronic. The standard steering is stodgy and heavy. Even SE suspension on 17's gives decent handling as it's pretty stiff In the time I have had mine it has: Blown a gearbox grommet so leaked gearbox oil (£600) Blown the ABS/traction computer (£1300) Blown the high pressure fuel pump & knock sensor (£1100) Now, I have kept the full BMW warranty running for £45 a month so all these were covered and I am still ahead! Without it, I would have been a tad pissed off although I am sure the repairs would have been cheaper at a specialist. Build quality on the car seems pretty decent but I am aware that my E39 had more age and mileage when I sold it and didn't develop any pricey faults. Gearbox is weird as first is so low that it doesn't use it! Only in Sport or Manual. Otherwise ratios are fine. I enjoy driving the car and very little annoys me. I'll keep it for a bit yet ...
  9. Many thanks. I didn't know they were an F10 OEM. I'm going to get some and sell my Goodyears. It will be nice to have a boot again!
  10. I am on Goodyear F1 Assymetric 2 non-RFTs at the moment. Since waiting 3 hours for a recovery after a puncture (too big for foam), I have carried a spare wheel (one of my winters) in the boot. Needless to say, this is most of the boot on an E91 so it is a PITA and often has to be left at home anyway. Trying cars on up to date RFTs makes me realise that they are basically fine now so I think I would like to change back to them and get my boot back. I know from experience that the SP Sport Maxx TT is an incredibly quiet tyre. My car is almost always on the motorway so this is a trait I really value. Does anybody on here have them fitted? If so, what do you think of them?
  11. So, I sat in the back of one the other day and I fit which means my kids will fit with ease. I really like it. I want one for my next car. Just the money to sort out then
  12. A relative has a 16 plate 320d Luxury with M Sport seats. I drove it the other day and really like it. Feels a bit nicer than my E91 in most respects. In fact, just about everything apart from the lack of that smooth inline 6 .... I really don't need an estate, especially one with bugger all room above the curtain. However, I would be totally stuffed with a saloon. The 4 GC looks perfect to me with a practical hatchback, all the 3 series virtues and slightly nicer looks. I need to sit in the back of one to decide on headroom but, if it's OK, it's at the top of my next car list. Not sure on engine choice but definitely not a 435d x drive - it has the same quoted 0-62 as my Elise. I can't have an everyday car as quick as my sports car, can I?
  13. I have to say I just use Mr Muscle domestic window cleaner on the inside of glass. The AG stuff I keep for the outside where it does a pretty good job. Edit: I misread the topic title. I have the AG glass polish with the light blue label, not Fast Glass.
  14. I bought this kit a few years ago: The Das 6 pro is a good DA polisher. The Meg's kit is easy to use and extremely noob friendly. They also sell the same machine with all sorts of other stuff or by itself.
  15. I read great stuff about the Fusso as well. However, BH is what i have and I really like it. I ordered their quick detailer today to use as a drying aid ...