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  1. F11 Buying advice - new owner

    M Sport Plus = 19" wheels, privacy glass and HK audio. The heated seats are standard, as are xenons. I am talking about my 2015 model but, as was said above, you could get a facelift for your budget. I got an M Sport Plus model because I desperately wanted HK audio. The black windows are OK and wheels look nice but they were not my main reasons. As far as BT, mine does not have Enhanced but I can stream audio from my iPhone with no issues. I can use iDrive to search through music and podcasts etc. I normally plug it into a charging lead from the central cubby to get better quality over USB and keep it topped up if TomTom running. Extras I have: 1) Folding dimming mirrors. Excellent for not getting dazzled by Range Rovers etc. on the motorway. Also handy, after parking such a wide car to be able to fold them out of harms way. 2) Pro Sat Nav. I'll be honest, the frequent map updates, speed camera database and fantastic traffic info on my TomTom (iphone) way outstrips what BMW offers. However, you get a big screen that can run in split screen mode, no bits of 'poverty plastic' each side, a 20GB HDD for music and maybe more 3) Lumbar support. My only other extra and it's a waste of time as I have set it all the way down and part way out, i.e. just like the seats on a non lumbar equipped car! Extras I wish I had: 1) Reverse camera or, better, surround camera. It's a massive beast when parking etc. and these would really help. 2) Comfort access: The system is half keyless in any event but it would stop me getting the key from my pocket only to put it back there again. 3) Memory seats if my wife drove it. She probably never will so no biggie ... 4) Some of the extended packs as I only realised after I bought it that some tiny things that had been on my 10 year old 3 series were missing as they are now in packs: Max cold button in extended aircon, curry hooks in extended storage, probably with the missing umbrella holder, puddle lights in extended lighting ... I love the car. My only complaints are that it's huge (can't blame the car for that) and a bit less economical than I thought it would be. I'm averaging 44mpg and I do mainly long trips and drive like Miss Daisy. Every trip I do, I think if it had been 3mpg more, it's what I would have expected. Overall, I loive the car and it drives and feels just right for what I want: An executive family estate with good boot capacity. Wish owner 1 had ticked some sort of camera but hey ho. Edit: Forgot to answer your point about 530d/535d. Certainly they will be a smoother sounding and quicker so ask yourself carefully what you really want. I have an Elise 111R in the garage (revs to neaarly 9000rpm :)) which occasionally goes on the right roads at the right times for a damn good blast. The rest of the time, on more crowded roads, I basically toddle around at the speed limit, overtake if I really have to and listen to music. The 520d is actually pretty quick and I only use a fraction of it's performance. If you drive like me then fine. If you are always putting your foot down, burning people off at the lights etc., I'd say get one of the 6 cyl cars.
  2. TV guide....

    I hardly watch any telly, TBH. Mainly Netflix or Amazon Prime. Series binge watching ....
  3. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    I must admit that, although I think iPhones are a rip off, I replaced my ageing 5S with an 8 recently for 2 simple reasons: 1) My BMW plays really nice with it 2) The app for my DJI drone works well on iOS but is known to have stability issues on Android. Still can't work out why a phone with a Bionic (WTF?) CPU can only run one timer at once though...
  4. You must have been bricking it Mark! Is this BMW screenwash worth the asking? I have none in the garage so need to get some soon.
  5. First bad weather test for the F10

    After 6 winters of winter tyres on my E91, I found I got very little use out of them with every almost every drive being 6C+. Decided not to bother when I got the F11 as it's a PITA fitting and storing them. Bear in mind I live in Somerset where we almost never get snow or really cold temperatures. Anyway, I had to go to Gloucester on Tuesday, and had to park about 100 yards from my Dad's place or I would have got well and truly stuck! Still don't think I will buy any winters, however; just not worth it living here. My wife's car is a 4x4 on winters so we have a get out of jail free card. I'm with Calypso that the tyres are far more important than 4WD when it comes to snow.
  6. So I been caught speeding :(

    As everybody above has mentioned, the cameras are always live, just at 70mph if no other speed is shown. I know when the managed motorway M4/M5 near Bristol went live, thousands of motorists were caught when the speed signs were off, so you are not alone. That section used to have 2 sets of GATSOs each way on M5 but now it's a single HADEC each way. Thing is, they are fairly subtle and I know they will add one the minute I forget to check so I use the whole section as a fuel economy booster ...
  7. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    Have you set your phone up in bluetooth for both phone and audio streaming?
  8. I did a long motorway trip and didn't play with the HK Audio settings! Had the car 4 months and finally think I've managed to break the habit! I have zero treble and bass, hardly any fade, Logic 7 on and then equaliser starts at mid way on the top and progressively adds a bit as it goes down towards the high frequencies. Go on, tell me it's all wrong so I have to start fiddling all over again Actually, please don't ...
  9. The grand tour

    I really enjoyed the first outing of Series 2. More like old TG and less cringey than a lot of the last season.
  10. What are you listening to?

    Yay! Nice choice. Some real classics that I haven't heard for ages. I just got Google to do it for me. Oo err ... think I'm glad they are in German! They certainly like to shock a bit with their lyrics ... I guess Pussy is the big one in this regard! I'm not linking it here ... easy to find on Youtube
  11. Best cheap anti theft solution?

    ^^ Close call
  12. What are you listening to?

    Essentially, nearly all the metal I listen to is mixed with something, be it extra melody to my death metal (Arch Enemy or Amorphis), choirs and orchestra (Nightwish, Epica or Xandria) or even good old pop music (Delain, Within Temptation or Amaranthe). I listen to very little 'straight metal'. So, let's listen to Automatic by Amaranthe. This band is a guilty pleasure of mine and perfectly mix sickeningly catchy Euro Pop with metal!
  13. What are you listening to?

    Ha, would you listen to that! I have never heard of them but there is definitely a similarity in style.
  14. I just realised that my F11 and my iPhone both are both Space Grey .... Given today's weather, that's all that will be happening BMW related today!