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  1. Retset

    CQuartz 3.0 UK ceramic coating on my F11

    Topped up the Reload yesterday as the previous application was done in the dark! Not that it mattered as the unseasonable sun meant the coating cured nicely and the car wasn't rained upon. Such fun washing it and watching the water bead and sheet off the car. Feels silky smooth as well. I also did my wife's car with Reload over the previous Hydro2 coating (which was already failing after a month). Stupidly easy to apply and looks fantastic. I give full marks to both CQuartz 3.0 UK and Reload.
  2. Thanks. I feared so. My car is immaculate but the bumper is poor in a few areas, not only my pathetic attempts at bodywork. A friend has given me the details of a local bodyshop that is both very cheap and very good. Looks like I could have the entire bumper repainted for a very reasonable cost .. they did my mate's friends bumper which was broken in a few places for £150 and it is a perfect match once back on the car. I think I'll try them. Then I will use the remains of my CQuartz on it and keep putting layers on till the bottle runs out!
  3. It's now a week after applying my ceramic coating so I foamed and washed the car. So much fun watching the water trying to escape an extremely hydrophobic car! Easy to dry as sheets of water take almost everything else with them! Covered with another coat of Reload sealant in case I missed a spot last week when I finished in the dark... I love how silky smooth it feels. The HydrO2 on the wheels makes them so easy to clean so I treated them again even though they didn't need it .. this stuff is just fun to use! Then I did my wife's car with Reload 1:3 diluted Perl on the external plastics and 1:1 Perl on the tyres. Looks better than new now! I still have my marks on the front bumper where I accidentally sanded the paint off whilst trying to wet and dry down some small scratches I had filled. Reading above, I'm wondering if the Chipex stuff would be a good enough match or if I need it done professionally. Perhaps I'll get some photos up here for opinions.
  4. Retset

    ISTA and DPF Regen History - SOLVED

    Once I thought the car sounded slightly rough. Upon parking and getting out, I noticed a funny smell. I believe it was regeneration but I only noticed it once., I hadn't had the car long so perhaps it had done all sorts of short trips and was gagging for a regeneration!
  5. Retset

    ISTA and DPF Regen History - SOLVED

    I also have the blue one from Amazon and it works fine. I checked the wiring on it and I believe all is as it should be. Car coded fine with it. Anyway, this ISTA looks interesting. Any chance of a link to the software Matthew? (maybe PM)
  6. Retset

    What are you listening to?

    I was indeed lucky: My daughter texted me to say they were on so we got tickets and not long after they were sold out! If I had waited till I had seen the concert listed on Spotify etc., I would have been too late! I am used to metal concerts which, in the UK, either don't sell out or take a while to do so. Halestorm have a new album out later this year which they have said is heavier than the last one. I can't wait. I think the number of melodic death metal fans on this forum is possibly only 1 but I thought I'd mention Queen of Time by Amorphis is released on Friday and promises to be a cracker. I'm stoked for it. Two singles so far ... choose the top one for melodic death metal or the latter for something relaxing. Or just skip them ...
  7. I had one more go at painting the stone chips and scratches on the front bumper. I cocked them up a few days ago: The wet and dry was on slightly too big a bit of wood and too low a grade (1200). I wore away the paint a few mm from the bit I was supposed to be rubbing smooth All cleaned off with IPA and new touchup applied proud. I'll leave it a week or so then flat with 2000/3000 grade and machine polish. If that doesn't work, I will have to visit somebody and pay money I guess. I feel pretty stupid that I messed up and made a bigger mark than the one I was trying to disguise! I want to ceramic coat the bumper like the rest of the car but can't till I sort it out ...
  8. Just to say congratulations! I have lurked on the thread as I have considered doing the same but now fear it may be a bit beyond me.
  9. Hell no! I make sure they don't wash mine. Grit filled sponges My previous car would have been in the recall but now somebody else can take it in to be fixed. I took the bloody thing in enough times ... good deal that BMW warranty
  10. Retset

    What are you listening to?

    Halestorm. Booked to see them with my daughter and a mate of mine in September.
  11. Recently, I decontaminated the car and treated it to HydrO2. There is a thread in the detailing section about this. I wasn't happy with HydrO2 getting on the windscreen and I have always wanted to have a go at a ceramic coating so I decided to remove the HydrO2 and go ceramic. I ordered the stuff to arrive by the weekend as I could see a 'weather window' was due: I needed a cloudy day followed by a dry night & next day. My procedure and experiences, starting at 10am: 1) Clean wheels with a squirt of Megs Wheel Brightener and use of MF mitt and wheel brush. 2) Foam car with BH Autofoam then two bucket wash with BH Autowash. 3) As it was only recently decontaminated and clayed, I just sprayed TRIX (=IronX and TarX) round the bottom half of the car and pressure washed off. 4) Scrubbed the tyres and treated them to a coat of CarPro Perl, diluted 1:1. It worked really well but they are a bit too shiny for my liking. I'm sure that effect will soon wear off. 5) I now machine polished the car with CarPro Essence on a CarPro Gloss pad. The idea of Essence is two-fold: Firstly it gives a light cut and swirl fill. I also hope it removed the HydrO2 OK! Secondly, it lays down a SiO2 coating which 'primes' the paint to accept either a ceramic coating or CarPro Reload ... a SiO2 based spray sealant. Like any machine polishing, it took hours but went well. Comparing just polished panels to clean panels with HydrO2 on, it seemed the polished ones had a fraction more clarity and depth to the reflections. This may be placebo effect ... Pictures show Essence instructions and a view down the side of some just polished panels. 6) By now it was 6pm and time to apply the coating, CQuartz 3.0 UK Edition. This is their latest version and is supposed to be easier to apply and drag the cloth less. As per the videos I have watched, wrap cloth round block, apply a line of CQuartz and work it in a cross-hatch pattern over 50cm square areas and wait for it to flash, evident by a slight rainbow effect. This was simple enough and, after 3 or 4 passes, there is significant drag and it is obvious the product is flashing. The buffing off is not easy because the microfibre is dragging on the product and I was paranoid that I should not leave anything behind, including on the edges of adjoining panels. This time spent buffing madly meant the whole process took longer than I thought it would. Before starting, I was worried that the small suede applicators would be crystalising, need changing frequently and that the microfibre (which must be discarded) would also be getting crusty. Well, I used 3 of the applicators and even the first one was soft and pliable by the end. I regularly turned the supplied microfibre and used one of my own at the end but they remained soft so this is probably not a big issue. Darkness was imminent! 7) By 9pm (!), all the coating was on the car. Running a MF cloth over panels done a while ago, showed a lot less drag as the product was partly cured. It is critical not to just leave the coating unless the car is in a garage because any water spots etc. will wreck it before it cures so CarPro advise a coat of Reload to protect it. I am pleased to say that this is a wonderful product which goes on and off super quickly using one MF cloth to apply and another to buff. It can be used as a standalone (it will be on my wife's car) or to top up a ceramic coating. As I was using Reload, I was thinking "where have you been all my life?". By now, it was dark and bits of me ached (lots!) but the job was done! Pictures next day of the finished car plus how much CQuartz was left (note, I still have the front bumper to do. Left for the moment as it needs some minor paintwork doing) Mulling over, my main thoughts are: 1) Super luck is needed to get the right conditions to be able to do this job without a garage. I was super lucky ... even more so as the car is baking in the sun as I type this so the curing process is being accelerated. 2) Essence is a great product to bring out maximum gloss and prepare the car for CQuartz or Reload 3) Putting on a ceramic coating is a bit of a pain. Whether it is worth it will depend on the individual but I am not rushing to do another! 4) Reload is fantastic. Given that it has 3-6 months protection with great gloss, I would be very tempted to machine a car with Essence then move straight to Reload. Or, if the paint is clean with no traces of wax/sealant on, just go straight with Reload. Where does this leave my bottle of HydrO2? I'll use it to coat and protect wheels as it is ridiculously easy to do.
  12. Retset

    Is a Sponge Just a Sponge?

    I bought a £1 Halfords sponge! I'm pleased to say it was to cut up and turn into applicators for tyre dressing
  13. I put a ceramic coating on! It took me forever and everything hurts! Pics and write up in detailing section tomorrow probably. I finished at 9.30pm in the dark ... Edit: Post here Still, just easy peasy sealant (Reload) every few months from now on. I didn't do the bumper as I caught it on a hard bit of bush in what looked like a soft bit of bush! My tender administrations with space grey touch up and wet'n'dry only made it worse so it needs Chips Away or similar. Didn't think they would want to machine off a coating ...
  14. Retset

    Spotify Issue

    I see! I find that it takes a while to show the Spotify app, even if Spotify is open before I plug it in. If I am not impatient, it appears after 10-30 seconds.