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  1. No, I am being thick and being caught out by repeating lyrics. It turns out it pauses the phone music as well! I am very pleased how well this car integrates with the iphone. For podcasts I use Downcast. Would I get even more control in the car if I used Apple's podcast app?
  2. Hey there! Yes, that ride is one I won't forget Hope you're well.
  3. Jim's right for CD etc. but the phone seems to carry on, like JDR says. I think I will just get all the music I want onto the HDD and save the phone just for podcasts. Just spent a long time in the drive and am slowly getting there! Loving lots of the features.
  4. As a new owner who thought home phone number and address saving was smart, I had no idea you could do all that. I'm off to the drive to have a play!
  5. So, I've picked it up and done all of 10 miles. Really like the car but it feels H U G E when I come to park it! Still have more to work out on the idrive etc. It corners better than my E91, despite it's size. I guess that's M suspension plus 5 less on the tyre profile. The best bit is how skinny RFTs and M suspension rides almost as well as the E91's 45 profile non-RFTs and SE suspension. I think it is harder when it hits a nasty bump and similar everywhere else. Loving the HK but will probably use a music tech relative to set up the EQ! Anybody know what wheels would suit it best?
  6. Proud new owner of an F11 520d M Sport Touring 2015 with Pro Nav. I brought it home yesterday evening and had a play with the idrive. Most is fairly easy but here is my issue: Let's say I am playing a song from my iPhone via BT streaming. There it is on the display, along with album art. Now, I want to pause the track for a while then play again. Sounds easy but I cannot fathom the simple action of play/pause! I know I can push the volume button to mute but muting isn't pausing.
  7. I foresee very little take up of this offer. IMHO it's more of a marketing exercise.
  8. Here are Fuelly's user contributed figures for the 520d over the years: These don't show a downward trend with the later engine. I have just bought a 520d B47, to be collected next week. I am expecting to get close to 50mpg from the car but that's because it will do mostly motorway work. Click my Fuelly link below and see what economy I get out my current 3.0 petrol thanks to the trips I do - pretty good eh? No effort is made to save fuel ... car just likes motorways.
  9. I bought the smallest Nilfisk a couple of years ago and am very pleased with it. I paid all of £55 as it was being replaced with a pretty well identical version. I also bought the Autobrite foam lance. I use the pressure washer to loosen dirt, do the wheel arches, apply foam and rinse all stages. I cleaned our back patio with it recently using nothing but the most powerful jet. I ran it for hours and it is still OK - most impressive. I always run it with mains water disconnected to clear most of it out then remove the hose and empty that. If I ever break the hose, I will buy a longer one as 8m is only just enough.
  10. Yeah, got it a few years ago. I knew the car for 6 years before that so when I heard it was going to be advertised I generously offered to buy it and save the advert fee! I'm nice like that
  11. Hey Duncan 2005 Elise 111R. Standard apart from a suitably loud exhaust added by yours truly. You should hear it when the cam change happens and it goes to warp between 6000 and 8500rpm
  12. Thanks for the welcomes back No, it took months of therapy but the wheel addiction was finally broken! My 325i is still on the same wheels it left the factory on 10 years ago and I have even resisted some natty black ones on the Peril. Anyway, who is going to replace these?
  13. Over 6 years ago, I bought my 2007 325i. It has been a great car giving me 34mpg from the 3.0 silky smooth petrol motor whilst being very comfortable and pleasant to drive. Irritations were the horrific stereo and useless headlights. I solved the former with the BMW Alpine II kit (tweeter, new front speakers and boot mounted amp) and sort of the latter with "+130%" bulbs. Oh, and there was no bluetooth so I added a Kinivo BT455 to give BT phone and steaming audio that works seamlessly. Other than removing the run flats, the car has remained standard. However, I was without it for some time earlier this year when it started to misfire and bring on the engine light. It had visits for HP fuel pump, coil packs, bits I can't remember and a new ECU before it was cured! Still under full BMW warranty but a hassle. It will be 10 next month so I decided to change it for something newer, with more kit and a bigger boot. I have the Yellow Peril in the garage for fun on the right roads so decided not to worry about straight line urge. My usual motoring is 90% motorway and very rarely does anything fun happen! I've now done a deal on an F11 520d M Sport Touring with the later 190hp engine. Comes with the M Sport Plus pack (19s, dark glass and Harman Kardon), Pro Media/Nav and folding/dipping mirrors. I didn't really want 19s, even though they look nice but I really wanted HK audio and it tends to only appear on cars with the M Sport Plus package. I test drove it yesterday and was very pleased with the ride. I genuinely expected it to be choppy but it is similar to my 325i on 17" rims, SE suspension and non-RFT. The Goodyear Exellence RFTs are very quiet and smooth and will undoubtedly be bought again as replacements despite their huge cost. Of course, the music was top notch and the car felt very refined and grown up. I was pleased that the 4 pot was smooth sounding and that it had enough urge when needed. I mean 'enough' and not 'loads' but it is absolutely fine for it's intended role. That 8 speed auto is fantastic and I can't imagine I will use the paddles. I really like the ambience of the whole car and that big boot will be so handy. Downside is simply that it's a big car. Won't affect me much but my other choice was a Golf GTD estate which has a bigger boot, proper spare wheel and yet is no bigger than an E91. I'll probably grumble occasionally on narrow lanes ..... I pick it up later in the week then pictures will follow. I still enjoy driving the 325i but am looking forward to the change. Am I getting old? My BMW engine capacities and power outputs have dropped each time I buy one ....
  14. Thanks. You have email ...