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  1. When you've got the right tool for the job.
  2. SuperDave

    Davis resigns

    Yep, that's pretty near 1.40isnt it? From a site that tracks the value of sterling: "The shift in sentiment in favour of Sterling comes as traders believe the ongoing recovery in the currency has further to run. Brexit-related fears are less of a concern now that a provisional transitional Brexit deal between the UK and EU has been reached, allowing traders to focus on fundamentals, such as the economy. Make no mistake, concerns about Brexit still exist, but certainly the worst-case scenario chaotic Brexit appears to have been scratched out of the equation." We're pretty much in the opposite position now, hence the drop.
  3. Great, pretty much what i thought. Lets see how the weather goes eh!? Thanks!
  4. SuperDave

    Front Parking Sensors

    "Touch" parked. At least that seems to be my wife's approach...
  5. Glad youre sorted Caesar! Total thread theft but my house is still too bloody hot, any recommendations on a diy split system for home mr Yokozuna and where to source it? I hear air-con may be de-rigour in Chester quite soon...
  6. SuperDave

    Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio vs M3 Comp vs C63 AMG S

    I'd love to like it but i think I'd take the C63 any day. That twin turbo v8 is just too good!
  7. SuperDave

    Davis resigns

    Not really, no... it was at $1.48 prior to the vote, its now at $1.31. Yes there have been occasions when it has climbed back to near 1.40 but that's only been when markets were optimistic about it being a soft brexit so its hardly a rallying cry for Leave voters when it goes up if you care what the markets think. A no deal scenario has currency traders betting that it will go some way lower still. Of course a lower pound could help our exports, as long as you're not importing the raw materials or parts for assembly from elsewhere and facing higher prices due to fx rates and then having to manage the customs processes and delays that might go with that (ive personally dealt with importing hardware from South africa a few times, what an absolute ballache that was! )
  8. SuperDave

    Davis resigns

    I imagine that threatened with a GE if it was approved , pro-eu tories basically put their party and being in power ahead of what they believed was best for the county. Politics eh. Suprised we haven't heard from Boris yet.
  9. SuperDave

    Davis resigns

    Thanks for clarifying. So she was re-elected as an MP who was standing PM in her constituency supported by her party who were also each democratically re-elected having previously chosen her as their leader, with a clear public statement that she would lead the party through Brexit if they were re-elected. If anything what people were being asked to vote on was far clearer than Brexit ever was.
  10. SuperDave

    Davis resigns

    But she was "the people's" choice in the last general election, as i recall, couldnt have been any more democratic, she gave the country the opportunity not to vote her in. Anyone who voted should have been well aware of her record of denying the truth with police numbers and funding, crime stats etc. as home sec. The whole process is like watching a horrifying slow motion car crash which i think will end with the EU agreeing some sort of compromise to avoid no deal which doesnt meet what Leavers think they voted for and probably screws the border situation with Ireland although it won't be presented as such, and certainly won't be what remainers ever wanted.
  11. SuperDave

    G30 520d vs F10?

    Definitely would check how comfy you find the sports seats, lumbar support seems necessary for quite a few people. Audio upgrade of some sort too, for my money. Interesting theyre running it to end of September, most dealers advertise 0% to end july. I would run a quote through carwow and see if you can get a higher discount to offset some options, I'd guess youll be offered zero apr on them all.
  12. SuperDave

    G30 520d vs F10?

    Is this the 0% deal they're pushing for pre-order cars this month? Ive been bombarded by emails from a few dealers but they didnt mention it was 520d only up front.
  13. SuperDave

    Which Wheels Will Fit For Winter?

    Even on michelin cross climates (not true winter tyres, but M+S marked) we made it to the top car park during a venture up a very snowy and popular sledging spot in north wales. Parked the 1 series between a row of off roaders, the only non 4x4 up there. Worth the £60 a corner for that alone on hers! My 530d f10 happily trudged past our stuck local royal mail van while wearing 245 width crossclimates. I did stop to ask if he needed a hand, carried on with zero dramas. You'll have no issues.
  14. SuperDave

    Davis resigns

    I mean caunt.
  15. SuperDave

    Fuel Cards - employer provided for your BMW

    So if you're out and about on a long day do they expect you to take sandwiches and a thermos? You can always claim back expenses incurred via tax return if not but its probably not the opening conversation you want with a new employer.
  16. SuperDave

    Fuel Cards - employer provided for your BMW

    Not sure that calculator included the tax relief that Tom is talking about claiming. You'll need decent records of your business miles but worth checking if you are doing significant mileage.
  17. I'd say you should argue under the Consumer Rights Act 2015 (as you bought it after it replaced the Sales of Goods Act) that it hasnt lasted a reasonable amount of time given its meant to be oem quality which on a new car would mean it would be repaired or replaced for three years. Ask for a pro-rata refund of about 2/3rds of your purchase price as its lasted just over a year. Have a crack with this letter generator and amend as required. https://www.which.co.uk/tools/faulty-goods-complaint-tool/
  18. SuperDave

    A tale of woe about my F10's tail

    My first f10 was rear-ended, broke one of the subframe mounts, £10k repair bill. As the other driver admitted liability i got the same model replacement same day through my employers accident management company... another £5k in rentals.... ridiculous! Glad you're ok.
  19. SuperDave

    Davis resigns

    Of course he does, because it would mean maintaining the standards currently in place with EU. That wont please a number of US exporters.
  20. SuperDave

    I drive service history

    Indys will add it too, some charge a fee as they are charged to access the bmw database.
  21. SuperDave

    Fuel Cards - employer provided for your BMW

    https://comcar.co.uk/fuel/benefit/ Calculator for you. Could be ouchy.
  22. SuperDave

    Fuel Cards - employer provided for your BMW

    Its surely the tax hit that matters most of all?
  23. Is it worth asking a radiator repair shop to have a look and try and repair first? Cant be more than a couple of joints and they might make it a lot more robust long term.
  24. SuperDave

    Continuing saga of fumes in the cabin

    Have you checked your egr inlet pipe?