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  1. Playing Spotify from Adroid phone.

    Do you mean to use the Spotify app via iDrive for album art, play lists etc..? it simply won't work for Android unless you have a 2017 7series and a few other brand new models as i understand it. I bought an iphone simply to allow me to do this, great support from Bmw and Spotify for Android, not.
  2. F10 520d Exhaust fumes in cabin

    This is classic early stage failure. If you stick your nose next to the EGR on the next cold start you'll get a decent lungfull of exhaust, that should confirm its the same fault!
  3. G30 in the Snow

    Likewise in the 530d, not even full winters (crossclimates) and she ploughed on like a trooper, much to the surprise of a few drivers who expected otherwise i think.
  4. This months stupid award goes to....

    $500k a year in advertising revenue against their "entertaining" content. Something is broken.
  5. Frozen washer jets?

    Ah, i remember when there were two reservoirs - one for regular and one for intensive! What a waste of time that was
  6. This months stupid award goes to....

    Its an odd defense. Generous to call it that really. "West Midlands Fire Service said it would not charge the £650 deployment fee as his life was in genuine danger." I think it might still be, to be honest.
  7. Help/ Advice please - winter wheels

    They're going to be too small. Black sticker on your door frame has the standard sizes.
  8. Problems with New 530e M-Sport

    Their social media team love to jump in but are as much use as a chocolate teapot in most instances. I was told Android apps like Spotify would run just fine with pre2017 idrive. They do if you gave an iPhone, lol.
  9. This months stupid award goes to....

    Its not like the emergency services have enough to deal with. Should be charged similar as the police can with wasting everyones time!
  10. Middle 'headlights' do what?

    Ai, in the top 3 with middle laners.
  11. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Got new locking wheel nut. Local dealer did not have full master set. Spent an hour there. Local indy had full set. Five minutes there and they offered to short term loan it to me if needed.
  12. Middle 'headlights' do what?

    Ideal spot for some sort of 007 inspired gadgetry for traffic jams i think.
  13. my g31 order

    Youll find a similar lsck of knowledge in their techs i would imagine.
  14. G30 540i Xdrive Headlights

    Form over function, how very Italian of the Germans!