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  1. SuperDave

    #amazonshitcarshow is back

    Ai, just watched it in a post-chemo daze. Only fell asleep once so that's a good sign.
  2. SuperDave

    #amazonshitcarshow is back

    Seems like you can look forward to some Alpina vs M-something action and at least one e38 getting pasted during the series!
  3. SuperDave

    F10 2015 comfort access boot

    Our national skills at Morris-dancing are sadly on the decline but im making a mental note to watch for more of this in the supermarket car park. Mind you, remote opening is only thing anyone has ever randomly asked about my 5er while parked. Apparently the two young ladies thought it was "well cool"...
  4. SuperDave

    New plates

    Thankfully thats one item unrelated to Brexit as i quite like the standard GB logo built onto the plate too - Vienna convention, not an EU agreement!
  5. SuperDave

    Coolant Tank Cap Removal.

    First sign of egr premature failure!?
  6. SuperDave

    Mixing Oil viscosities?

    Sell the spare edge oil. For what you've paid for the magnatec (ive 8l for stupid money from tesco) its hardly worth worrying.
  7. Had a call about my old 14-plate 530d today. This was from my local dealer who hadnt updated their records but were at least being proactive.
  8. SuperDave

    Just ordered, now the long wait!

    Just checking, does one of those options include extended bluetooth functions?
  9. SuperDave

    "We aim to get you out ...

    Yes £270/month with £5k down. Mine was a year old with only 1200miles (so practically new but with £20k off list) and with a decent RV due to my low annual mileage it was a bit of a no brainer compared to what else i was offered.
  10. SuperDave

    "We aim to get you out ...

    Had the same comment when i bought mine and financed with the dealer - but unless they can get to £270/month for another 530d msport they'll struggle to move me to a new one.
  11. SuperDave

    Text message on display

    Delete and readd your phone
  12. SuperDave

    Rear Seats Not Locked Warning ~ G31

    Watching this, i also find it very unnecessary!
  13. SuperDave

    Help c/heating controler packed up.

    Funny, just binned our salus rf and swapped to a Hive. Much better!
  14. SuperDave

    Test drove these two cars today

    I'd be waiting for one with better audio too. Retro fitting can be rewarding but expensive and time consuming!
  15. SuperDave

    Twin Exhausts

    They're pretty integral to design whether single, twin or quads - as long as it looks right!