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  1. SuperDave

    How to test drive a car!! This is BRILLIANT !

    Almost as funny as the other salesmen identically dressed in the last frame. Wtf!?
  2. SuperDave

    52 reg silver e39 se tourer

    Oh he had no shortage given everyone stuck behind. The artic just drove off. Anyway, its all the fault of the full moon according to my wife. Everyones basically gone a bit loopy!
  3. SuperDave

    Real world mpg and range

    Got 48.9 on a dual carriageways at fairly constant 50-70mph, 530d. Around town im getting 23...
  4. SuperDave

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    Spoke to ConnectedDrive helpline and they agreed it should be available already. Escalated to Germany.... hope its resolved before Brexit. Thanks, i might have bought it otherwise.
  5. SuperDave

    Service Inclusive

    Hows that? It expires at 36k. The service interval is about half that so youre going to have to be lucky to score two services as most high milers wont flag a CBS service needed until 18k miles or more each time. Second service costs are usually £500+, bmw just arent that generous.
  6. SuperDave

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    Yeah, that's what i hoped however it was approved used, perhaps someone claimed it when new in ConnectedDrive and it doesn't pass over.
  7. SuperDave

    Service Inclusive

    As far as i can see you get oil change + microfilter for that (1st service) which seems a bit steep. Air and fuel filters arent needed until second service at least, and Im not sure 36k is enough to hit that, is it?
  8. SuperDave

    2018-2 Maps available from Download Manager

    Got all that but for a car thats only 12 months old its asking me to pay for USB map updates. Or £130 for OTA plus manual it seems. Are free map updates included with some options or am i being hopelessly optimistic?
  9. SuperDave

    Service Inclusive

    Cheers, might check that out myself then. Pity it doesn't spell it out on the BMW Service website.
  10. SuperDave

    Google maps finally

    Looks like you can buy from a third party who will supply FSC code plus coding files on usb, at about half the cost of the BMW 3-year subscription! The official subscription isnt available for all G30s (its not on mine) From what ive read if you dont have extended bluetooth you may also need a £20 WLAN aerial plugging into the back of the NBT nav unit in your dash to allow your phone to connect. That could be the reason bmw themselves wont offer it via the ConnectedDrive store to certain vehicles.
  11. SuperDave

    Service Inclusive

    Don't think you retrospectively buy it im afraid. Edit: wrong on this, like so many things
  12. SuperDave

    52 reg silver e39 se tourer

    So many examples of less than careful drivers in the rain. Yesterday watched a Merc A-class stop too far over at a junction on a hill, large artic came along to turn and needed more space to get round so the Merc had to move. However they seemed to have completely forgotten the large van fronting a long queue of traffic just a few yards behind back down the hill.... Told me daughter to "watch this" and with the van's horn blaring we sat back and watched the Merc reverse squarely into front of the van. Crunch.
  13. SuperDave

    Google maps finally

    Yep, you can do everything, and it works 90% of time.... finally! Although i did find my iPhone was more reliable. The last/next track info is usually out of sync on Android but thats the only really irritating thing aside from the BT compression I think i can hear.
  14. SuperDave

    Google maps finally

    I might need to add Carplay then, is it via usb - any opinion on audio quality as my spotty downloads are all extreme quality...