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  1. F10 Wind Noise

    But you've never done it or heard the results yourself, im guessing? I also change my oil earlier than recommended.
  2. Radio volume button illumination

    Nope, plus it would look really annoying upside down when turned!
  3. Road Tax Fine

    True enough, but hgvs cause so much damage to road surfaces vs a standard weight vehicle, they need to find a way to charge appropriately and keep British transport fleets competitive! Anyhow, did you know the post office is still involved with the RFL? Trying to get a refund of tax on mine due to a change in status of the vehicle and apparently the post office needed to update their database! Very wierd.
  4. Road Tax Fine

    Mmmmm, notwithstanding your little profit, that must have been triggered by an automatic process, which if it is the case is pretty shocking!
  5. Road Tax Fine

    Agree, but there are two drawbacks - 1) foreign companies/hgvs will carry enough fuel never to need to fill up here, however we could introduce an overseas registered vehicle charge 2) the roadtax process is a good way to enforce a check on insurance of those vehicles on the road, otherwise we dont have a central record that owners are forced to use
  6. Road Tax Fine

    You could try your MP, if you can make it a simple enough story to tell there's always a chance it'll come off well as a parliamentary question.
  7. Which music streaming service?

    Yes, you will need to connect with USB and i imagine fire up the Connected Drive app before launching Spotify, at which point it should appear as an available app with the right level of functionality. Hopefully. Fingers crossed.
  8. Road Tax Fine

    Well the BBC might be your friend - ripoff Britain or Watchdog if you want to escalate publicity of their crap handling of your case!
  9. What are you listening to?

    Rip Scott W.
  10. Road Tax Fine

    What a cluster fuck. So glad we wasted all that money switching to a massively more complex and expensive process. I'd pay the fine and get onto the dealer about it.
  11. Worth just checking the loom is plugged in securely to the light unit? And double check for water in the boot floor!
  12. Long-term test reviews

    New X3 is lovely but its now a very expensive compact SUV!
  13. What did you do to your F07/F10/F11 today?

    Mines still off awaiting much nicer weather!
  14. Upcoming Service

    Never had any luck haggling but get a written quote or have them add it to your notes on their system. When the final bill is more than the quote at least you have something to bat it back with - and in my experience they will try and add spare litre of oil and top up the washer fluid for stupid money. While negotiating on price make it clear you dont want those!