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  1. SuperDave

    530i, 540i or 530d

    530d touring msport on 19s, easily get mid-40s mpg at motorway speed. Refined, quiet and smooth even on runflats. Only extra I'd absolutely want is a stereo upgrade, unless radio4 is your choice of tunes your ears will want to murder you if you have just the standard after half an hour. Cant imagine how bad 25k a year would be if you like tunes! Sports seats are pretty comfortable unless youre pushing toward the large side, when bolsters will dig your thighs. Get extended bluetooth coded in after purchase by a friendly forum member here or diy with a cable and software for not too much cash. Otherwise receiving text and email isnt possible.
  2. SuperDave

    E39 M5

    You cant just ebay someone elses M5 like that.
  3. SuperDave

    Text message on display

    Aside from Carplay itself, did you want second phone support? Should just be a few more simple coding changes.
  4. SuperDave

    Collision warning

    Mine hasnt braked as yet - it did flash up the warning yesterday, a split second after i got started to be told off by the wife!
  5. SuperDave

    Eibach spring kits

    How far has your f10 gone? Eibach FSD shocks were a great upgrade for my e39 - quick to change if youre swapping springs.
  6. SuperDave

    Eibach spring kits

    Id say touring version with only two springs as well.
  7. SuperDave

    Triplewax Isn’t What It was

    Just got some myself - hardly needed a wash after! Brilliant stuff.
  8. SuperDave

    Road noise

    Other thing, the underseat subs are also open to the floorpan - no enclosed pods for them any more so its possible more road noise is coming through that route.
  9. SuperDave

    Air auto circulation

    Tried an experiment today and with aircon on the recirc didnt seem to switch off. The coding ive been reading about is to deactivative the mist sensor in the system - guess it could be very sensitive to humidity if the AC is off.
  10. SuperDave


    Dont forget spreading a massive Burger King meal out on the table. Mind you, never had that issue in First.
  11. SuperDave

    Swap out the F10....?

    After driving mine the last couple of days my better half thinks the G is far easier/pleasing to drive than the F. "Doesn't feel like a lump of concrete" were her exact words!
  12. SuperDave

    Air auto circulation

    Mine too, annoying if you're in a tunnel that's any length - been reading thats its possible to code the car to allow full continuous recirculation and not the half measure we get. Allegedly its not even actual closed loop recirc from factory. Both the f10 and g31 didnt do proper recirc afaik - least i could always smell outside air when I'd switch recirc on way in advance. Still researching but will post if i get anywhere.
  13. SuperDave

    Road noise

    My g31 on 19" Continental runflats is some way better for roadnoise than my old F10 that had 18" runflats. Tyre widths are identical. Im not sure whether i can notice a bit more sound leak from the door or not - agree the seals seem poorer and metal probably thinner still for weight saving - the doors are also a different construction though - the 4" mid speaker is mounted onto the door itself with the back open in the g30 so theoretically noise could be transmitted via the speaker cone from the cavity to the cabin. On the f10 the speaker mounted to the back of the door card and the door panel behind was sealed and shaped to accomodate the speaker magnet.
  14. SuperDave

    Bluetooth upgrade

    With your chassis number check for software updates. https://www.bmw.co.uk/bmw-ownership/mobile/software-updates#gref
  15. SuperDave

    oil level when cold and hot

    Are you stopping the engine and giving it a minute to settle before retaking the measurement when hot?