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  1. What are you currently drinking...?

    Yorkshire tea.
  2. The traction control makes a lot of use of the rear pads, IMHO there is almost a noticeable difference in mpg and response on uneven roads if you turn off traction control due to the reduction in over-computed "intervention!"
  3. Heated steering wheels, honestly, no one here just use some decent leather mits when it gets cold!?
  4. Bump, remote now found, price adjusted to reflect. Cheers for comments, will be up on Av etc shortly.
  5. Winters on - i think I’ll need them soon!

    Why not just buy a set of mcgards, that way you'll have locking nuts that might just not have keys that any tom, dick or harry looking to remove are likely to have. Bmw keys are far too easily available as i understand it.
  6. Am I mad thinking about a diesel?

    Just look at the dealer offers on 1series diesels, they've been caught out badly id say. Still, should make eu6 used 5ers quite rare items and more sought after once the budget comes in.
  7. 3.0 petrol oil consumption

    I'm glad to see even you petrol loyalists are actually secret oil burners too!
  8. Carly allows you to set the number of light sprays!
  9. Not sure you should let @Retset get involved, he'll just start wanting to choose a different sized alloy to compensate! 20 pages later Jon...
  10. I had a lovely 530d msport touring in white from Enterprise when there was the huge aircon condensor supply issue a few years after the f10 launched. Was very useful for shifting old kitchens and rubble to the local tip... lads there thought it was pretty funny. After 2 weeks sadly the 520d was fixed but by then i had the bug and it had to be the 6pot for my next f10.
  11. BMW F10 535d warning oil to high

    So much its not worth asking, probably. As you've checked the dip i dont see you have a physical issue with too much oil being in there. Diesel in oil can be an issue if theres a pump leak (£££) or if you only do short journeys(drive more!) Dodgy software /sensor is most likely if youve measured it yourself, and you can decide if thats worth getting taken care of. It may well disappear with a service reset anyway!
  12. BMW 535d 3l M sport 2007 (07)

    Very decent.
  13. Performance air filter

    530d is finger clippable!
  14. 520i SE or 520d SE? (G30 or G31)

    I enjoy your superior exhaust fumes
  15. F10 Wind Noise

    Wing mirror noise yes, windshield not so much. Non runflats made biggest difference. HK system helps in all regards.