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  1. Pair of 245 45 18 Continental ContiSportContact3 SSR 96Y runflats. 5.5 and 6mm tread on either tyre, even wear. In very good conditions, removed from my f10 last year. £80 collected (Chester), £100 posted. thanks,Dave
  2. I wasnt driving through the Saltney on sunday, it was Monday! Mind you i dont have an e60. Is this a Chester car?
  3. Bump. SOLD on the forum, thankyou.
  4. Katalog Europa/Air Filter/C 51 001 Going begging, £10 posted! Garage clearance.
  5. Parking Master!
  6. Has the airbox moved on the later 530d engines? Mine was a few minutes to change, no strut removal for sure.
  7. Best to speak to someone at BMW Customer services and see whether they can do anything - it may help, it may not. Usually your contract is with the dealership though so get the dealer principles email address and cc em in.
  8. Built like a battleship (7kg!) and in excellent condition with no marks, I'm finally selling the CDP-XB930, one of Sony's best ever CD players. Great sounding onboard DAC with selectable digital filter as well as being an excellent CD transport - uses a fixed laser pickup with a stainless steel machined CD stabiliser. Rotating track jog dial, dimmable display, variable output volume, analogue RCA/phono, digital optical and co-ax outputs. In original packaging, also vgc. including Remote Remote is missing, presumed moved by the wife. £90 collected from Chester, will post for £10 more - weighs 7kg so not cheap! Reviews:
  9. RIP Keith. Sad news indeed.
  10. Why would you ask that question?
  11. Decent price, have paid similar at a good indy for front discs and pads. Stealer quoted over £700...
  12. I had the battery notice once on previous f10, was a false alarm fixed by dealer under warranty.
  13. Should be via usb stick in the centre armrest, check versions and download latest from bmw. Remarkably easy!
  14. Update your idrive software, seemed to help mine connect.