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  1. roofer

    F30 330d Question...

    So much for pre sale check. Back it.
  2. roofer

    From E39 To E65 - anyone done this move?

    7’s are a good buy, and reliable. Lot of car for peanuts. New ones will piss all over an E39 from a handling perspective. [EDIT] E65 ? They’re shit !
  3. roofer

    F30 330d Question...

  4. roofer

    After 3 years with Mercedes..I’m back

    Put 20k on mine since November, no probs. X Drive thing with all the toys. I was going to get a 335d, but there’s no point with this in existence. Does about 500 mile for £60 which keeps fuel card dept happy.
  5. roofer

    After 3 years with Mercedes..I’m back

    I have a 17 plate touring, it’s not much slower than my M4 ! Enjoy!
  6. CSL versions are being re introduced, so nil.
  7. roofer

    Looking for a weekend convertible?

    Already have one
  8. roofer

    What about F30 335d xdrive?

    Check RFL. Kin £450 a year on anything over 40k new. Or it is on my M4. Bastid govt !
  9. roofer

    Bowel Cancer Awareness Month - please read

    Echo this. All the best fella.
  10. roofer

    OAP released on no charge

    Fair play to the old boy. They should now go and torch the pikey site the scrote came from to remove any threat to him. i suspect if HMG were in a stronger majority, the Home Office wouldn’t have instructed the CPS to bin it though.
  11. roofer

    Been dismissed at Work

    Exactly, move on. Chin up, bit of bollox and get grafting. I’ve been there, used to flip if someone looked at me the wrong way, but i always had the ability to graft, which i did. Dig deep, you don’t need sympathy, so consider this a kick in the bollox....chop chop now.
  12. roofer

    E28 527i / very special car

    Agreed. Timeless Classic.
  13. Had an Autowatch 695 fitted to the vert today, anybody wants to nick my nav and wheel, they can expect an axe in the spine. Treated the thing to a bath, might do the estate next month.
  14. roofer

    A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    I was impressed with it. I configured my required settings on it with laptop, then took about 3 minutes to fit. High quality loom bypass too, mind you, for over £300 , entitled to be i suppose.
  15. roofer

    A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    Yep, that’s the one. One touch on the button inside as well.
  16. roofer

    A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    That’s the one i have fitted.
  17. roofer

    A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    I’ve fitted a smart top module, i can put the roof up/down up to 40kph.
  18. roofer

    A sooper dooper alarm and a bath

    Works in conjunction, seperate siren, obd knockout, and perimeter sensor. Anyone peers through the glass, alarm chirps. Work with original keyfob, main selling point.
  19. roofer

    Opinions please....

    I have the new 3 in both formats 330d Tourer 17 plate. M4 vert 67 plate. A lot better screwed together than the E90 3’s. Had a 130 moons ago, it was then, and still is a budget entry into a quick car. I took my mates one out (135) when he bought it, and it was rattle free and went like shit off a shovel. For the money, hard to beat. Anything made by JLR is made of chocolate, BMW still use twice as many screws to fix things.
  20. roofer

    What would you do .. keep it or sell it - E39?

    Better the devil you know....
  21. roofer

    What about F30 335d xdrive?

    X3’s in your budget might be a bit....crap. I sat in the new model yesterday, it’s nearly as big as the E70 X5 !
  22. roofer

    Bye bye E39 !

    My XFS. Total Crapmobile.
  23. roofer

    Back in an ‘M’...

    Girlies 50 th next week, so being the kind hearted bast i am, i bought me her an M4 Vert. Should collect it next week though ragging will have to wait till 1st service is done. (23 miles on it at mo)
  24. roofer

    Back in an ‘M’...

    Yup, 50. My lil baby. Good labourer too
  25. roofer

    Back in an ‘M’...

    Of course...