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  1. Back in an ‘M’...

    Girlies 50 th next week, so being the kind hearted bast i am, i bought me her an M4 Vert. Should collect it next week though ragging will have to wait till 1st service is done. (23 miles on it at mo)
  2. Back in an ‘M’...

    Bloke put a d down and ordered at 68.5 k. Car turns up, he can’t get finance Dealer offered it to me last Saturday at 50k/3.9%. All the toys, and Carbon Roof. Had that Essex paint on it too. Bluey tint in the white.
  3. Back in an ‘M’...

    Indeed, only BRG one in the country afaik. Youngsters like the bling. I like stealth mode.
  4. Back in an ‘M’...

    Yes, i sat in this one while i was there, more wings to them. I would guess it’s because the vert seats need to tilt ? This one is new, 50k at 3.9% also...just saying Duncan
  5. Back in an ‘M’...

    Yes, British Racing Green. Last time i had a car that colour, it was a Triumph Toledo !
  6. Back in an ‘M’...

    Will put a set of 19’s on it i think. Too many potholes round here. Got 3.9% on it as well !
  7. Cracked alloys

    If they are the original wheels, they have lasted well. I would just get a direct replacement. 17’s are not common for cracking, or not as common as the 19’s/20’s.
  8. The grand tour

    I suspect the AM press office were shitting themselves when the cow got close to the paint !
  9. New Roof or Repair

    Eternit ar a GRP resin tile. Made by Marley. There were issues with them in the early 2000’s as they went chalky white after a few years. They tell us the new make up won’t do this, but i won’t hold my breath. Still cheaper to use your existing slate than eternits. Not sure where you are located, but we start a 70,000 slate rip off next month ( Penrhyn Slate) in East London. If you can get yourself there, i’m sure we can fill your boot up a couple of times.
  10. New Roof or Repair

    The time that roof was fitted, steel wires were all that was used. Now we use ally nails, or copper rivets for Eternits. I could have that entire roof stripped and stacked in an hour. Battens are also bigger now and treated, not something that was used back in the day.
  11. New Roof or Repair

    Re Roof using your existing slates. You’ll need to buy some more to match, but the slate you have is not only good quality, but one of the best there is. You can see how thick they are. The hips and ridge may go again also, if they clean off ok, but if not, can be found in salvage yards. Your current roof has nail sick, perfectly normal for a roof that age. Put decent underfelt and eaves tray in, and re point the chimney with new back gutter/flashing. Will last another 60 years with ease. Allow for some rafter repairs also.
  12. Apple Pencil - can ANYONE get it to work??

    Break it into 1/4 s.
  13. Early for a meeting Wednesday, so nips into the services for a wazz and Costa, walks through W H Smith, BMW car mag caught my eye. Fekkit, after a self imposed ban years ago, but it said it had a review of the new M5.... That was basically a re hashed BMW press release, and the rest of this comic sized tripe was equally dire. All for £4.75 ! Ban now back in place, and shall keep shitometer on when in smiths.
  14. FFS!

    Going countywide soon i bet ! https://saferessexroads.org/extra-eyes-will-help-keep-essex-road-users-safer/
  15. Yep, i did it again...

    PPC has always been a good bathtime read for me.
  16. Road Tax Fine

    Pay the fine, it’s not worth the agg.
  17. What about F30 335d xdrive?

    I have a 2012 X5 that I binned the runflats on, huge transformation in noise. Will probably fit Pirelli’s to the 3, have found them to be quite reasonable from a noise perspective.
  18. What about F30 335d xdrive?

    Hi, i get 500 miles to a tank, £60 to fill. Tyres are the main source of noise, being runflats. I’ll revert to normal tyres when they’re due. Engine makes a pleasing growl, not dieselly at all. All round, a nice place to sit.
  19. What about F30 335d xdrive?

    Recently bought this in 330d flavour. It’s amazingly quick and accomplished, and build quality is miles better then the E90 range. It has all the fandango brakes ( Brilliant) and pro media thing ( Excellent) Will light up all 4 wheels int the wet/Sport + ( Amusing) and handles really well. Heated wheel is something i would never have ordered, but i love it.
  20. Closing the tailgate? HELP

    It can be coded to comply.
  21. E39 M5 vs F31 330xd in the snow

    Same here with the F31. Gave it a drifting session in Sport + Highly amusing !
  22. So I been caught speeding :(

    It will come in the last week. I got 5 points for 98 on a motorway ( M40) and a £500 fine a few years ago.
  23. The grand tour

    Episode 2 is up. He has them in his phone as Vagina and Bellend
  24. So I been caught speeding :(

    I never go past them at more than 80 ( Got a totting ban last Jan for 6months) All from cameras. Hadecs can photograph all lanes at the same time. I pray for the day, that when the Koreans get fed up with hacking the NHS, they hack the bollox out of these revenue raisers.